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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> if everyone could please take a seat. president buell: we are going to number eight. >> we are now on item #8. >> let me just get this up. in an ideal world, this presentation would have come before item 10. we took it out of order because some many people were waiting. this is a reminder for you and
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for the public and for the community about, frankly, some of the real issues we're facing as a product of our budget. we did remarkably well. we are going to be providing recreational programming, we didn't have to lay off gardners. we got through this budget. but there are some changes that have happened as a result. we want to come back and provide an overview. the resources we were given to not allow us to staff the clubhouses with some exceptions. we are, as you have just participated in, looking for community partners. but that as a context, i will turn it over to nicole who is going to take you through the clubhouse overview, and it should be relatively brief period -- brief.
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>> i will set the context for the conversation that will follow about clubhouses. this is just a reminder for a lot of you. the city faced a general fund shortfall at the beginning of the budget process. in order to help close that budget gap, the mayor's office ultimately required the department to reduce our general fund budget by $11.4 million. after many meetings with the public and with staff, we were successful in proposing $8 million in revenue generation to solve 2/3 of this problem, something we're very proud of having done. $3.4 million of our solution had to come through expenditure reduction. $2.5 million of that reductions resulted from the restructure of recreation and our new
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recreation service delivery model. that new model focuses almost exclusively on the department's 25 full-service recreation centers and nine aquatics centers. our fiscal year budget simply does not include the funding to staff our clubhouses. there are some very limited exceptions to this. the budget does fund staffing for six clubhouses to maintain existing after-school enrichment programs. the criteria that we used for deciding to maintain these programs included the fact that they are well attended. they are geographically diverse programs. they were not close to other recreation centers providing similar programs, and the club
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houses are close to school. a key factor in after school programming. clubhouses that are also exceptions to the rule, those that are near recreation centers that are closed for renovation, like the club houses near the chinese rec center will remain staffed. as of august 16 when we implement our new recreation model, the department will only be providing programming, we will only staff 11 of the 48 club houses. that begs the question, what are we going to do with the remaining clubhouses. nicole was going to walk you through our plan for those. >> thank you, commissioners. as she stated, our model is based on the fact that many of
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our clubhouses will be leased to community partners to keep them open and vibrant. this is not a new idea. the department has been working with partners for over 30 years. we have a number of community partners that are in our spaces, but these have included self help for the elderly for over 15 years, the nurseries school that has been there for over 30 years, rainbow montessori preschool that has been there for 25 years, the rocky mountain and a preschool, city college for more than 15 years. others have been there for four years. it is something we have done quite a bit of over the years. this model we are instituting is not new.
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all of our partners that we're proposing falls into one of the competency areas. the general manager describes those in a little bit more detail. community services does include early childhood development. the partners we are proposing for the 2010 and 2011 year includes several mergers schools, and rainbow montessori school. and other partners that we think are a good match. the boys and girls club, self- help for the elderly, the inner city youth that you will hear more about, and the tentative partners.
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the next step to prevent the other clubhouse closures, in total, 11 will have recreation and park department programming. five will be closed for renovation, and 18 have confirmed partner programming. options for programming include community driven and funded programs such as that that don green mentioned. we have a gardener program, we have a recreation center program, and if a community is interested in coming together, we would be thrilled. the community would be asked to provide services for the four clubhouses.
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and more comments that will be done through the pier process. i would like to note a couple of things. we have an number of ongoing public commitments with respect to the clubhouses. playgrounds will remain open to the public. the park will remain open to the public. the exterior restrooms will remain open to the public. as far as indoor space goes, we intend to negotiate with all appropriate partners to allow community meetings and programs to take place during non at occupied hours. our clubhouses will still be available for rental and they will be eligible for a facility scholarship program that i am about to talk to you about. >> is it appropriate for npc to
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assist in the out reach of these facilities? >> very much so. a very appropriate. >> we are never going to get it right because somebody will not hear about it, but we have to use all of our allies. any other questions? thank you very much. >> we have public comment. is hiroshi here? anyone else that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. this was discussion only. we are on item number nine. >> i wanted to talk to you about a proposal to be eligible for a scholarship program.
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right now, san francisco residents are eligible for programatic scholarships. eligibility has allowed for clients to receive 60%-100% discounts. it is not allowed for folks to provide scholarship eligibility towards facility rental. in 2008 and 2009, we had 729 families that were eligible for scholarships. of those, 501 took advantage of the eligibility. in 2009 and 10, we had 1045 families eligible for scholarships, 820 of those took advantage. those are terrific numbers, because they show a 64% increase over the last year in the use of our scholarships.
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we have got a variety of facilities that take many forms. there are recreation centers with clubhouses, community meetings around -- community meeting rooms, and the fees range from $25 an hour to $75 an hour. there are certain criteria when staff need to be on the premises for events. what we would like to do is amend our scholarship policy to include those individuals that are eligible for scholarships to also be eligible for facility scholarships, and there are couple of things that are to be determined. we will come back to you and ask you to amend the scholarship. just a heads up. the total amount is still to be determined as well as the amount and the frequency at individual
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is eligible. when we come back to you in a few weeks to amend the policy, we will have those numbers. i wanted to give you a heads up. president buell: thank you very much. commissioner harrison: you were talking about the cost of the clubhouse. i remember one time my family rented the house down there. there was a custodial person present to make sure that they followed the agreement, you know. is this going to happen in any of the clubhouses? will someone come back to make sure that the folks are closing up and cleaning up, doing whatever they do? >> she permits our clubhouses, so she can tell you specifically. >> it is a little bit different
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in terms of the cost. we do have a policy for when you have to have staff on site. basically, events that have children, there is a staff see that would not be scholarships because it is an out of pocket expense that we pay. you would pay the fee for that. if you are using a facility where no one is present, we would have to have somebody there during the event. that person was supposed to be there the whole time. >> they were, upstairs. >> we have staff as an additional fee, but we would be covering the clubhouse ft. if there is staff on duty, it could be highly subsidized. >> commissioners, i know it has been a long meeting, but i want you to know what we are
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presenting to you here. we will come back to you with specific amendments. this is a big development for us. we talked a lot about the scholarship program, and the numbers have been release spectacular. for the first time ever, this department will provide scholarship funds for people to use the facility for birthday parties and events. this is a very new and innovative development. i just wanted to make sure that it was not lost in all the discussion. this is very exciting. >> public comment? >> i just wanted to take a couple of seconds to answer your question. yesterday there is a community meeting that i actually organized in terms of planning we are going to do on the land. i had to absorb the cost of the
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staff, but the staff person was there. he even arrived before i arrived. he was there before the time on the permit. understand that we had this meeting, we had 18 people, which was lucky, because there were only 19 chairs. anyway, at the end of the meeting, we decided we would test and not be charged any thing.
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when you say it is free for the community, it was an out of pocket expense, and it means that our next meeting won't be held there. i don't begrudge that, because i think everybody can employee -- i am all for allowing people to keep their jobs. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. president buell: i think we have a staff comment. >> just be clear, we have a policy adopted last year, that is what this was covered under. i just wanted to remind you. >> i would like to say that this is a terrific opportunity for families without opportunity. >> we are now on item number 11.
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president buell: we have items 21-24 as a closed session. i will ask now that general public comment be put in front of that session so that anyone who wants to comment won't have to wait for us to come out of executive session. >> we are now on item number 11. >> i am not going to preface what we're releasing this clubhouse, but i would like to tell you a little bit about the proposed tenant. actually, these folks came to us on the recommendation that they had outgrown their space, zero of the community partners. their goal is to provide a safe haven for san francisco used. they have provided work study programs, after-school tutoring, an intern program, and
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employment for youth yearly. it will continue to offer these programs, and i should point out that this is an extension of programming that is very similar to the type that they used to offer at the clubhouse. the programming that will continue will be things like to bring in our assistance with community clean-up programs. the key lease provisions, in the first year, they will pay the department more than $12,000. this is subject to increases. any improvements or alterations will be approved by us and the cost will be incurred by inner- city youth. i wanted to point out a couple of small least amendments. the phrase "monday through
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friday of each week will be deleted to eliminate -- of each week" will be deleted to eliminate discrepancies. i want to talk a little bit about our reach. -- outreach. it was administered simultaneously. we have posted notice of our intention to lease the space and it was in newspapers on june 25. inner-city youth was brought to us, and has the support of dcys as well as our neighborhood based manager for the area. everybody believes that it would be an excellent tenant. they have done a terrific job of serving the youth and the community. it is supported by the community
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center, our neighborhood services manager, and many members of the community. president buell: maybe we will find out now if anybody disagrees with you. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. president buell: i think at reach worked on that one. >> the chief operating officer is here if you have questions. president buell: i think in the interest of expediting matters, i will ask for a vote. president buell: i was going -- commissioner bonilla: i was going to make the motion. >> for god's sake, somebody make the motion. president buell: all opposed? hearing none, unanimous.
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>> item number 12. >> are we using the power point? i am also not going to go into too much detail about why we are choosing to permit food carts. you have heard that from the. i am delighted to tell you about the san francisco car project, a rotating market operating in the park. what is exciting is that it will enable the committee to assist mobile catering and entrepreneurs to grow their business through increased knowledge of marketing and mobile catering permit standards. it is a job development organization in addition to getting food trucks on our streets.
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but also incubates new technology systems. using twitter to let you know where your favorite food court is going to be. we will get you on that, commissioner. it is taking a lead by getting some good critical maps. and also building a larger market. the lease provisions, we are commencing this lease. we would like to commend it today and have it expire in october 31 of this year. there'll be a one-year extension. the locations and operating hours would be civic center plaza, the coast portion of waller street, mission playground on saturdays, and we
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can ask folks to come around as required for special events. there are a few land lease amendments we would need to make. we would change the name of the park. in the section for a primitive activity will be changed to require the commission's approval rather than just the general manager's approval. this is just a sampling of some of the innovative cuisine that will be served from the parts. we're not just talking hot dogs and pretzels. we have korean barbecue, indian food, kung fu tacos, and some really great food coming out there. the committee will be required to pay minimum based threat, a percentage of based revenue or
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$18,000. the first year will be 40% of gross revenues. in year to, it would be 35% of gross revenues, it 25% of the base revenue paid by vendors or participating in the program. this is been supported unanimously by the committee and our staff. president buell: i assume this is something the vendors are interested in because they don't know how the markets are going to work out yet. >> we want to be sensitive to merchants in the area, the community, and we wanted to get a sense of the impact the market will have. we wanted to give ourselves the leeway to evaluate the program after five months. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioners? president buell: all in favor?
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all opposed? it is unanimous. -- passes unanimous. >> we are here to approve the selection of a vendor for an ice skating rink in the civic center plaza. as you know, we have been looking for ways to activate the plaza, especially given the seasonal nature of the ice skating rink. there was only one respondent, they are experienced respondents, so that is good. they have had 38 years of experience. their mission is to provide a fun, friendly, and state recreation for children,
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adults, and families. not only have they been committed to providing recreation, but they make a special effort to reach out to underserved populations through providing discounted or free opportunities to skate, and they do this by partnering with the school districts and religious organizations. they see their role as getting folks out and exercising. they also spend a lot of time working with local adventures to employ the underserved use. the eyes -- is 120 feet by 8 60 feet. -- the ice rink is 120 feet by 60 feet. it will be managed on a fee-only basis.
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the infrastructure is estimated to be $500,000. they have proposed securing grant funds to cover a portion of the infrastructure necessary. they have had a number of conversations that they believe is very achievable. if they are unable to sort the commitment, they will postpone the opening until the 2011-2012 year, at which point they will be able to obtain a low-cost loans. the department will work with the civic center community benefit group as well as