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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 12:00am-12:30am PST

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supervisor elsbernd: captioned by the national captioning institute the more supervisor avalos: 9, this is the budget and find that -- good morning, this is the budget and finance subcommittee. madam clerk, do we have any announcements? >> all persons attending this meeting are requested to turn of cell phones. if you are presenting documents, please provide copies of a clerk for the file. if you wish to speak during public comment, please put your
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name on a card and place it to the left of the rail. supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, we have four items related to puc. madam clerk, please call item no. 1. >> item number one, resolution authorizing the general manager of the san francisco public utilities system improvement program- funded professional calaveras dam replacement construction management services, with black and veatch, for an amount not towith a term of up to five years and six months, pursuant to san francisco charter section 9.118. >> good morning, supervisors. i am the senior project manager and also the regional manager of the water system improvement program.
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approximately 85% of the water at in the reservoir, along with 15% in the existing are key components of the regional system. the water is mixed, delivered to customers in the east bay. the largest local reservoir and one of the most critical components of the system. the existing scan reservoir of the left is in need of replacement. , approximately 210 feet.
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completed in 1925 as a hydraulic damn, modified in 1974 and originally constructed to last for about 100,000 acre feet of storage. coming from local runoff in the county. the largest local reservoir replaced the damage in the improvement program. gyprovement program. providing specialized services. it was a competitive process by
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which we received three proposals. black and beat was the highest ranking proposal in the process. agreement for the construction? replacement project in an amount not to exceed $38 million for the duration of five years in six months. to successfully plan and design such complex projects, the city needs to hire a construction contractor and manager essential to the overall completion of the project. the day to talk to the construction management consultants helping the city
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would work processes, as long as -- as well as quality assurance plans and vendor construction administered by construction contracts and in charge of quality assurance, conducting environmental compliance on the project and prospectus to deal with the issue of the project. just an update on the project schedule bob, we plan to bring before the department this fall. , we look forward to certification in october or
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november. i of turk -- in the terms of maintaining permits, as construction begins next spring. supervisor avalos: you are in the comments period? >> we are. we are responding to comments. supervisor avalos: concerns of the construction management project looking at issues during the construction phase, is that typically what we see in terms of comments? >> the majority are related to the fishing issues in the watershed. we have been speaking with regulatory agencies in response to the process and it is going
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quite well. supervisor avalos: is there more to the presentation? >> that is it. thank you. mr. oath? >> mr. chairman, members of the committee, the only thing that i would add is that the recommended award was based on a process and we recommend that you approve this legislation. supervisor avalos: supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: forgive me for not remembering, was is the project with the issue of liability with the project manager? >> yes. we made the decision that we needed to test the waters with the community. there were five firms that had expressed interest and we wound up with three proposals. supervisor avalos: thank you for
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your flexibility in that. public comment, when any member of the public like to comment on item number one? seeing no one, we will close public comment. the item is move forward with recommendations. madam clerk, if you could please call items two through four? >> item #2, resolution approving and authorizing agreements for the acquisition of the following real property rights required for the sunnydale sewer improvement project no. cenmscic2362 (the "project") totaling $2,459,664: (1) permanent subsurface sewer easements over portions of san francisco apn 4991/24 and 4991/65 comprising 11,677.7 square feet, (2) permanent subsurface sewer easements over portions of san francisco apn 5100/3, 5101/7 and 5102/9 comprising 24,468 square feet, (3) a temporary 18-month license with a 6-month option term over san francisco apn 4991/24, 4991/61, 4991/65 comprising 47,568 square feet, and 22,215 square feet over the contiguous brisbane apn 005- 153-030, and (4) a temporary 18- month license with a 6-month option term over portions of san francisco apn
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5100/3 and 5107/1 comprising 24,613.7 square feet; adopting findings under the california environmental quality act ("ceqa"); adopting findings that the conveyance is consistent with the city's policies of city planning codeauthorizing the director of and take certain actions in furtherance of this resolution. item number three, resolution approving and authorizing agreements for the acquisition of permanent subsurface sewer easements required for the sunnydale sewerno. cenmscic2362 (the "project") over portions of san francisco4991/7/8, 4991/9 and 4991/68 from recology properties, inc.recology san francisco (fka sf recycling & disposal, inc./fka sanitary fill co.) totaling $174,001, comprising 31,826.19 square feet; adopting findings under the california (ceqa); adopting findings that the conveyance is consistent with the city's general plan and eight priority policies of city101.1; and authorizing the documents, make certain actions in furtherance of this item number four, resolution adopting findings under the california environmental quality act, ceqa administrative code chapter 31, including the adoption of a mitigation monitoring and reporting program, related to the funding of project no. cenmscic23, sunnydale sewer system improvement project, in the visitacion valley and sunnydale neighborhood areas, and directing the clerk of the board of supervisors
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to notify the controller of this. supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. >> i will address any questions that you have and i am joined by staff to handle any project questions you might have. taking a look at the map on the screen, it shows the areas of the project about roughly parallel to the san francisco county line. the bay is on the right and those colored parcels are the parcels we will be dealing with. the first item, item number two, is in red. the second item, 3, in green and yellow. so, i would like to take the opportunity to use the excellent report from the budget analyst
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to guide us through these packages of acquisitions. with respect to item number two, this is a purchase of easement and license agreements improvement project, as the name implies, constructing sewer facilities to improve storm water and wastewater collection in the area. so, this first item is a purchase of easements and licensing agreements with universal paragon and several other entities, including two permanent sub-seasons, as well as two temporary licenses with a six month extension. the figures in the chart assumed the full 24 months. the total purchase price for these rights is just under $2.5 million. just a couple of the anomalies
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on the chart, one quick explanation is talking about the acquisition of easements or license -- easement or license rights. so, the rates that have been applied reflect a reduction of the percentage. because it is less than complete the ownership of the properties. the $654,000 purchase on the chart includes severance damage calculation, the impact to the remainder property that is not physically a part of the underground easement, but there might be an impact with rides the future potential residential development density. so, the independent appraiser looks at that as additional compensation elements.
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when you look at the price per square foot, i know that what i looked at the chart those numbers jumped out as different. the reason is the severance damage calculation that has been blended together. that is why the numbers are just a bit different. probably a legitimate approach when one considers the impact to the rest of the property. there is a $1,020,000 purchase on the chart, including negotiated severance damage for $675,000 in which the owners are rich -- initially claimed $900,000 based on reports that we generally concurred with, but after speaking with ownership and removing pretty much all of the soft cost claims, we felt that a
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legitimate amount of severance was $675,000. below that you see the license costs, which are fairly straightforward. replacing the 24 months when they only needed 18 months. item #3 was a purchase of permanent subsidies and easements. we had some different ownership levels in their, split by those parcels. the combined purchase price was $174,000 representing fair market value and are discounted value from fee land ownership. probably more than you ever wanted to know about real estate, hopefully addressing the questions you had about these easements.
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project managers are here to take you through any program question they might have. >> thank you for your presentation. we will hear from the budget analyst and if there are questions we will go on to those. >> members of the committee, real estate has represented all of these easement acquisition prices are representative of fair market value. on page 6 of our report we have a series of recommendations, the first is to amend the title, 100688 to include the rat -- reference of permanent subsurface easement, included in the body of the resolution and excluded from the title. the second recommendation is that we recommend that you approve all 10 as amended.
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we also recommend that with regard to the file, adopting the findings of the california environmental quality act, that you reference the appropriate ordinance, placing the funds on reserve. so that it is a correct reference. our suggestion is to delete the paragraph beginning on page three, line 14, adding more with the language stated on page 6 of the report, out with our recommendation of the approved a resolution as amended. >> thank you. do we need a presentation on item number four? supervisor avalos: colleagues,
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any questions? supervisor elsbernd: they are ok with this sequence? supervisor avalos: let's open these items for public comment. would any members of the public like to comment on items two through four? seeing no one, we will close public comments. supervisor elsbernd: i move all three items forward with recommendation. supervisor avalos: seconded and moved with recommendation, taken without objection. madam clerk, if you could please call item no. 5. actually, madam clerk, why not call the treasure island related items next, that will go pretty quickly. that would be items 8 through 13.
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>> item #8, resolution approving the twenty-sixth amendment to the treasure island south waterfront master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number nine,resolution approving the thirty fourth amendment to the treasure island land and structures master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 10, resolution approving the fourteenth amendment to the treasure island marina master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 11, resolution approving the sixth amendment to the treasure island childcare master island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 12, resolution approving the sixth amendment to the treasure island childcare master lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy to extend the term. item number 13, resolution
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approving and authorizing the treasure island development authority to enter into a modification to the cooperative agreement with the u.s. navy to extend the cooperative agreement from october 1, 2010, to september 30, 2011. supervisor avalos: thank you, welcome. >> in the science director of the treasure island operations. the first four amendments speak to the navy's amendments that we have before you now, taken separately as separate issues the development coalition became the caretaker of the island after the base closed one decade ago. because the change in the property has not taken place, they are allowed to lease the buildings at no cost, of these
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buildings and properties are sub-leased to create special years, becoming the operating money of the agency. these additional buildings and properties, amendments are required. they have been amended numerous times over 10 years, generating operating funds for the authority. some of them are for public use and do not generate income, other sub-leases are with non- profits. in the course of amending our agreements with the navy, section 9.118b is triggered if sublease exceeds the 10 year threshold of the charter, coming before you annually to and given
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the consistency with 9.118. you have proof before those immense action while it -- that counseling legislators subsequently approved of the treasure island conversion act, designating treasure island as a trustee and redevelopment agency. concurrently with operational closures, the city and county of san francisco entered into a cooperation with the navy where the city agreed to assume responsibility for various services and treasure island. the first was maintenance of storm water and electric and
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gas utilities systems. two, utility and public health safety services. 3, street repair. four, property maintenance. they have two principal residence is in their municipal responsibility, generating housing and commercial leasing facilities and two and come from this special events. other than that we can give any reimbursement to the navy. in the cooperative that expired in 2011, requiring agencies
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with the amendments to the mastery wrote leases. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you for your presentation. mr. rose? please share your report on these items. >> except for the requested one- year extensions of elises, there are no other changes to the existing provision. this is something that has been approved each year for several years. the only other thing that i would point out is that we know that for the past 10 years we have stated that treasure island be transferred from the u.s. navy to title within one year but the transfer has been
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repeatedly delayed. transfer taking longer than anticipated, the status further explained in the report on pages 5 and 6. mr. sullivan advises, as the director indicated, that treasure island is anticipated the transfer. that is the current situation between the spring and fall of 2011. these leases that are before you in the cooperative agreement with then terminate upon the transfer from the title. we recommend that you approve these resolutions. supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. rose. would you concur that is the timeline for review? >> it is true, it just came out on monday. we are moving forward and anticipate the come before the
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board of supervisors next spring for development agreement. that is when the transfer will happen. supervisor avalos: all right, thank you very much. these items are open for public comment. seeing no one, we will close public comment. approval for recommendation. those items are being sent to the full board with a recommendation. madam clerk, the last item on the agenda is item number 14, could we do that first? >> item number 14, ordinance waiving the street encroachment permit processing fee in public works code section 2.1.1(j) for signs related to bus service for the golden gate bridge, highway,
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and transportation district. supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor elsbernd: the staff asked me to introduce this legislation to have the city wave the fees to the department of public works for basic sign image. the bridge need new signs for the bus stops, about routes and all that. it is not a significant amount of money in it with very great deal getting people to end from arrangements in other counties. supervisor avalos: thank you. supervisor, let's open this up for public comment. we will close public comment on
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item number 14. motion to accept and approved taken without objection. madam clerk, could we now go on to the mta related items? we will call them one at a time. no. 5, resolution approving amendment one to the agreement for advertising on san francisco municipal transportation agency property between the city and titan outdoor, llc, to allow advertising window wraps on up to 5% of the san francisco municipal transportation agency's buses and up to 10% of the san francisco municipal transportation agency's light rail vehicles and to change the approval requirements for advertising in parking garages. supervisor avalos: thank you, madam clerk. representatives from the eta? >> thank you for scheduling this
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item today. the city currently has a contract that allows tighten to sell advertising on mta vehicles and other property in exchange for minimal annual guaranteed payment or ratio of revenue. the board approved the contract of this year but has agreed to does not allow for advertising to cover all windows or vehicles as there was concern from some members of the public.
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the mta has put the money into the budget for fiscal year 2011 and 2012. they did approve this item and have reservations, but given other options before them they felt it was a better alternative. the budget analyst made a comment that i can respond to after he is done about guaranteed revenue, but this would not be allowed in all mta vehicles. 5% of bosses, tighten does not -- titan does not think there's that kind of demand to sell that many. questions? supervisor mirkarimi: = i have a couple of questions, please.