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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 2:00am-2:30am PST

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this without any recommendation to the board. >> well, i don't exactly feel comfortable amending the list. i could look at adding the question. it would trigger a hearing on this item again in committee before we go to the full board. this seems like where i would feel the most comfortable. i did not see this as the right
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way to go. >> i have information about amending the organist for $1.6 million. -- amending this for $1.6 million. do we do this together or separate. we wanted to advance this with the recommendation to the full board. >> supervisors, usually there are multiple ways to move what you're suggesting.
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obviously, there are not available sources for that property tax. if you amend up the supplemental, it has to be continued to a subsequent date. just something to think about. >> i don't want to do that. >> alternately, we could prepare a supplemental appropriation for you to introduce shortly that could be considered by the committee in a subsequent meeting. >> this is part and parcel to the discussion. >> on tuesday, of course the board has the ability to amend the budget. you have the full budget before
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you. the only thing there is that the general fund reserve, you cannot reduce the general fund reserves in the adopted budgets given the policies that have been adopted. you can spend the funds throughout the years, this does need to repeat annual. >> what if we were just to move forward to amend this now? >> that if we what you have before you is a supplemental appropriation. >> can we open this up for public comment?
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this is an item related to the appropriation to make sure that our budget is balanced. >> i wanted to encourage you to pass this. i have heard nothing but praise for this committee. i have heard it from contractors and they want to thank you for your restoration. there were signs of all the tables talking about meals on wheels. hopefully, this will be done in a positive manner. everyone was overjoyed that the mills would continue. i am sure that you will be getting more thinks later. -- thanks later. i am sure you will hear more of
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that. >> thank you. >> i also want to thank you. i hope that you to restore the hospital beds. if you don't do this now, maybe the next meeting. that is ok with us. >> thank you. >> [singing] please release the item. show the children and youth and their families that you care. please release the money and i know you will be there. they will use that and only frye
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and care. please release the money general fund. let it go. you will see how far they will go. we will be in aware of how budget and finance really cares. >> we will close public comment. >> in know how we were perpetrating an expected property-tax is which would fall under the definition of one time.
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>> this is a very high property- tax. it states that any requirements is not effective. that is circumstance we are and. although this is a revenue that
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we are perpetrating, that is really the result of the extremely abnormal month of june. that might have been required to deposit the stabilization reserve because you are eligible to withdraw. >> we are allowed with the supplemental to take money from the general fund reserve. the reserve policy that applies year round, this does not apply to the budgets. >> the stabilization reserve and to transfer tax apply the whole year. >> that is not a budget specific policy. > ok.
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colleagues, and motioned to move this forward. we will take this with the objection. okay. madam car, do we have any other items? >> no, mr. chairman. >> we are adjourned.
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>> please turn off all cell phones. deputy director king, call the roll. >> commissioner newlin? >> here. >> commissioner joseph? >> here. >> commissioner alan? >> present. >> commissioner mecca? >> here -- commissioner meko? >> here. >> i believe neal cavellini is on his way and commissioner perez will not be here this evening. >> right. >> i'm here, too. >> excuse me? >> oh, sorry, president roja. >> number one, public comment, it's the part of the meeting where members o public can address the commission on items not on the agenda this evening.
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do we have any public comment? wow. seeing none, public comment is closed. item 2, review approval of the minutes of march 23, 2010 and april 27, 2010. we have a motion? >> so moved. >> do we have a second? >> second. >> do we have any public comment regarding the review and approval of the minutes of march 23 and april 27 of 2010? seeing none, public comment is closed. director king? >> commissioner alan? >> aye. >> commissioner meko? >> aye. >> president roja? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner newlin? >> aye. >> finally. >> ith 3, report from the
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deputy director, ms. king. >> thank you. commissioners, find among the pile of paper, the report to -- follow along with me, if you might. the first thing i need to update the commission on is something that was not agendized as it occurred after the agenda was published but it is obviously very relevant. there was a shooting outside of jelly's nightclub at pier 50 on late saturday night, early sunday morning of this past weekend. the entertainment commission staff met monday, july 12 with the owners of jelly's, and issued a seven-day suspension of their place of entertainment permit. the suspension is effective from 7/12 which is monday and continues through next monday, 7/19 at 5:00 p.m.
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this is a suspension of entertainment activities and does not impact their food or beverage service. i've also required a full permit review as jelly's place of entertainment permit was issued in 1994. this review requires a substantial commission of -- submission of new information including a security and business of operation plan. this will be available for all agencies to review once it is submitted to staff and clearly reported to san francisco who is their landlord to check for consistency of lease conditions. the entertainment commission will review the documents at their public meeting july 27 in this room at 6:30 p.m. which is two weeks from tonight. we will post the billion at peer 5010 days prior. the city of san francisco has also put out a notice as well. this hearing will be an opportunity for the public to express their concerns and all
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other city agencies to submit recommended conditions to the entertainment commission for the imposition on to the revised place of entertainment permit. so i'm going to move on because i want to again reiterate, as i did last meeting, or the one before that, it's important that the commissioner's refrain from discussing among themselves or publicly as this issue might come before you in some kind of appeal process or other suspension activities. so that's all i'm going to say. i just wanted to update the commission as well again on something that occurred after the agenda was published, but is relevant to a request you had made to bring the event that was scheduled, the regency, under the promotor's name skilled d.j. workshop for july 31 back to you. i was notified very late last
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week and given written documentation that that event has been canceled by the regency and i basically just cut and pasted it into your memo what the regency let us know that it was canceled. they terminated the agreement due to a breach of contract. so i don't have any other information for you in that regard but i did want to let you know and update you that the security plan review we had planned to do is no longer necessary. next, i wanted to let you know if some of you were there and some of you were not there that the night life safety summit, number two, that took place on june 30 at the auditorium at the public library i think was very successful. it was something that we did as the entertainment commission with the help of the mayor's office of public safety, the small business commission and the san francisco police department and the theme of the
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amount was safe venues and safe communities. there was approximate 150 people, attendees, the speakers included the board president david chiu, supervisor bevan dufty, steve hardy of beverage control, and commander crenshaw. there was some from the sfpd command staff and permit officers which i was happy to see. there was a panel we put together that consisted of a venue owner, head of security, a promotor and a member of the police department and it was moderated by myself and commissioner joseph. and we covered security plans, best practices, promotor issues, we handled some questions from the audience as much as time allowed. there was a break and then we went into breakout sessions to discuss some of the safety issues in more detail with each other and with facilitators helping to document some of the
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things that came out of the meeting. so feedback from sfpd and the industry was really, really positive. as it was two years ago, and we're hopeful to do this annually as opposed to every other year, again, sort of staff time allows us to do these things. the fourth of july holiday came right on us after that happened so we haven't been able to get back together with command staff and some of the other people who helped us facilitate to talk about the outcomes but we hope that we will end up with some possible pieces of legislation to remedy some issues or policy directives that you might want to take up as new or, you know, consistent conditions and permits and other things like that. an issue that also came up that i think i'm going to pursue where we discussed the possibility of doing a night life summit or meetup but
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focusing it on neighborhood issues and industry as opposed to simply the safety summit because obviously a part of what we do here is interact with neighbors and industry. also need assistance in doing that the best possible, so hopefully my neighborhood representatives on the commission will help me do that as well. the permit for the new face k-box, if you all remember, was one at 870 caravel was withdrawn and i wanted to bring it up because it had been continued a few times because there were issues around ownership and issues around code enforcement with the city attorney's office. they have withdrawn that application in numerous ways in writing to staff and we have notified caravel station of that. here's a fun project i want to let you know about.
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777 valencia, if you're familiar with the new college building center out there on the mission on valencia street. we've been following the progress of a project that is being planned there. the owners of preservation of new orleans has chosen this building with its chapel. it's a really cool chapel space in one of the buildings and what we hope will be a long anticipated second site for a preservation hall venue in the united states. the building owner is a local bay area restaurant tour and a live music enthusist. this is really exciting for san francisco, people have been asking for a long time when are they going to open another preservation hall. so if the project is approved, obviously the planning department and building permits and all that fun stuff that it has to go through to move from a school, which was quite some time, to a place of entertainment and obviously the permit would come before you.
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but the idea is that it would coincide with the 50th anniversary of preservation hall in new orleans and it would be really great thing for the valencia corridor. so we were able to last week issue a one-time permit for this space in conjunction with mission station and the fire department to have a performance by the preservation hall jazz band and the dell mccurry band who are well known bluegrass, and they played together. it was really fun. they never recorded ever together and it went great, so i hope that we will be hearing about that for some time. on to a legislative alert. we haven't done this in the past but i think it's important that you guys, even though it isn't legislation coming before you necessarily, know about a piece of legislation that supervisor avalos introduced that will create a new fee on
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all alcoholic beverages sold in the city and county of san francisco. this fee charged wholesalers will be approximate five cents per standard drink and costs will be passed on to retailers, bars, restaurants and other businesses which sell alcoholic beverages in the city. in your memo i gave you the file number for it as opposed to giving you a piece of legislation. the small business commission discussed the proposed fee last night at their meeting but i wasn't able to find out exactly what came out of that discussion but it's something to just keep on your radar because it's moving along and does have an impact on our permitees. and lastly, i wanted to make sure that you were aware that staff furloughs are the way in which some of the budget gap was plugged, if you will, this
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year and we've been asked, obviously, through g.s.a. to make sure we let them know whether the office will be closed or minimally staffed the day before thanksgiving and then that week between christmas and new year's. and it is our intention right now to keep the office open on those days. we're always at minimal staffing, let me just say. so we'll continue to be staffed, but what that means eventually is that our office hours will remain the same, we'll be open for business and we expect to be fairly busy. those are times when we are generally also very busy because new year's is a big night for parties. so we'll be in the office. and with that i'm going to conclude my report and hand it over to inspector granelli. >> hi. first i want to say this is one of the best director's reports
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we've ever had, clear, concise and easy to follow along with. >> thank you very much for that. >> you're welcome. i just wanted to make a few comments, first on 777 valencia, i don't know if you guys know but the preservation jazz band is amazing. they perform at stern grove very often, and having them have preservation hall here in san francisco would be a boost for the city and a boost for culture just generally. also, k-box is closed, as far as as you know? >> k-box is closed. >> is there any way that we know they are closed and are going to stay closed? >> we'll continue to keep an eye on them and watch them, so we'll check in on them from time to time to make sure. >> ok. and lastly, my last comment is in addition to the night life safety summit, we are going to go ahead and follow up, going
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forward i know commander crenshaw and myself are going to meet and follow up on the safety breakout group. so i just wanted to say that as well. thank you. >> inspector granelli. >> thank you. commissioners, i have a lot of information, so i'll try to keep it brief. first, just as we do every meeting now, the notice of -- three notices of violation were issued recently, one was to majewel for containment of sound, one was cafe kokomo for containment of sound and one was for eddie's cafe because they had a band and no p.o.e. it was a band of 14-year-olds playing guitar but we informed them that would be their last performance of said band until they got a p.o.e. moving forward, this commission has been told already in the past, once again, i want to cite a few different clubs, bubble lounge, hustler club,
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butterfly, pier 23, to name a few which why i bring them up is these are clubs we recently had to kind of -- an increase of incidents of violence that security was directly involved. and i know this officer mathias at the last meeting talked about incidences that happened at butterfly and why i'm bringing it up is i think it shows once again one of the jobs of the commission is education. i think we really need to just as during the safety summit, commander crenshaw and commissioner joseph are meeting about safety that we need to push kind of education for club security more out there. i think these are problems that can be very easily solved and think it's something we've addressed in the past and we need to readdress again and start to really try to get more education for club security out there. which is why i'm bringing it up.
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moving on this year pride was -- i know it seems slow but we haven't reported on it yet. pride came through the city again and did well. it was a big year for pride. we did have more incidents than we've had in the past. i think part of that had to do with just the sheer crowd size. i know with city resources being stretched as they were, sfpd did a very good job with the limited resources they were able to bring to that particular event. but we did have some incidents of violence we never had at pride before. pink saturday, everyone knows about the tragedy that happened at pink saturday but that is an ongoing investigation and we can't really comment in too much detail about that. i will say that that night it was bigger -- probably the biggest pink saturday i know i've ever seen in the last 10 years and that the crowd makeup was looking much more like
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halloween -- right before halloween, to really have major problems. so the tragedy that happened is an awful, awful occurrence, so unfortunately we're going to have to move forward and look at how this event is planned and the logistics behind it in the future. but again, it is an ongoing investigation so we can't comment on it too much. but, you know, we had a few things go on. we had loss of power, we had lost part of market street because we had so many people having to walk from church street all the way up into the castro because transportation was no longer available which stretched thin resources even thinner. so it's unfortunate what happened but we definitely do need to look at this event for the future and look at the best way to plan it so it's safer if we're going to continue to see that growth in size.
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deputy director kaine already talked about jelly's so i don't need to follow on that. bloom mccause, we checked on recently and everything seems to be good a and they're adhering to their new conditions and moving forward. it's looking pretty good. beauty bar unfortunately has had no change since they appeared before this commission and we're still having the same issues we had before when we brought them before this commission. little bobab which is right next door is getting much better for sound but needs a little bit more work as far as crowd control. kelly's mission rock had a big party saturday night, 18-plus, which i was there, able to stop in and talk to them. it was well-staffed, they had it well-oregon niced -- well-organized and as far as i know they had no problems, it went well, which is good to see. on a positive note, i want to talk about the paul mccartney concert that happened this last weekend. paul mccartney, they did a sound check on friday night. the sound check was exactly --
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it was more of rehearsal so it was about 2 1/2 hours, we didn't get a single sound complaint during that. and during the concert on saturday night we got three sound complaints, two of which were from the same person that lived a block and a half away and we received one call from someone requesting if it was possible we could turn the sound up so they could hear it better. which was a new one for all of us at at&t park, it was a little surprising. but overall, it was great. it was a great show. it was well organized. at&t park did a great job as they always do, sfpd and their deployment for special events at that at did a great job and we didn't have major issues. the crowd came in and saw a great show and they left, again without incident. it's a good example of what can be done at at&t park, what's possible, and you know, can really do a lot of good as far as bringing business into