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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 2:30am-3:00am PST

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of all i have at this point unless there are questions. >> commissioner? >> what were the numbers at the at&t park concert? >> it was a soldout show. 43,000. the show soldout about two months ago. and they did issue some last-minute tickets the day of which of course were snapped up within like an hour. so it was packed. >> i want to add, i was called at 9:30 and i called back at 10:30 concerned because the concert went about 15 minutes past the permit time. and due to encore wednesday night i called him back and he answered the phone and said, i can't hear you, there are 40,000 people singing "hey jude" so you have to call me back. >> thank you for reminding me. sorry i didn't bring that point up. the concert got a little bit of
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a late start and we ended up going -- the permit time was only until 11:00 and i consulted with deputy director king and we weren't getting sound complaints at that point so we ok'd them to go the extra 15 minutes which they did and the concert technically ended i think like 11:22. >> commissioner meko? commissioner meko: i was at last night's meeting of the south beach mission bay association. i think i might have met the one complainant who asked to turn up the sound a bit because she was on her deck and complaining she couldn't hear paul mccartney well enough but other than that there were no complaints from the neighborhood association either. >> yeah, we really got nothing. the other thing which was pretty amazing which i've never seen at any special event at at&t park before, besides the soldout crowd, inside we probably had another 1,000 people distributed around the park outside. commissioner meko: do you
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remember what it was like when the rolling stones held their concert? was it two years ago? >> i think it was longer than that. commissioner meko: boy, we've come a long ways. >> what part of it was again kind of gradually it was the show, the text on the show but we had four towers, not to get technical but four towers as opposed to three and each tower was a much smaller stack. they distributed the sound much better, it was clearer inside the park. they used a little bit of a different sound makeup and made a huge difference. >> two questions about beauty bar and majuly. are -- majewel. >> the beauty bar in terms of the hearing we had for them, have they not done anything since they last came here? >> when i was there this weekend, the issues we brought them up here was controlled sound, open doors, open windows, no crowd control. i was there saturday night at
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about midnight and it was open doors, open windows, no crowd control. it was exactly the same. >> director king, are we going to bring them back in or is this -- what is the next step with that? >> i think that we should absolutely bring them back in and at that point indicate complaints such as this will bring about possible suspensions. i don't think it's something they want to hear but we do obviously have to use the teeth that we were given, i think. >> ok. the second question with majewel, was that sound or n.o.v. for that, was that from the roof or coming from inside? >> it was sound and as the commission knows we've been getting sound complaints from majewel off and on and we'll get some and talk to majewel, as management of the space and
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they'll go away and then, you know, six months later they'll kind of creep up again, so we're kind of in a current upswing a little bit. and when i was there, not being able to get into the exact residence of those complaining, my guess would be it was predominantly from sound coming off the roof and then on the front door and balcony, if those doors are left open for any point in time we get what we call slap off the buildings from directly across the street -- across mission street from majewel and because of that slap or revirb or ricochet of sound, that sound will then bounce into the surrounding residence which is my guess probably what it was. >> commissioner? >> do you think there's a mechanic know logical device like a limiter or notch factor that could be used at majewel so this repepttive cycle of things get better and then
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slide out of control a little bit, do you think there's any of that technology that might be suggested to majewel so we don't have that cycle and neighborhood complaints coming forward from their operation? >> obviously there is a piece of technology that could be used, the filter slightly less, and not -- this comment will sound a little bit more smart, you know what than i mean to, the best thing they could use is an automatic door closer. >> that's part of technology. >> keep the doors closed. >> and i think that will take care of a big part of the problem. >> security is busy having the doors stay open a period of time is when we get -- >> would it not be appropriate to send those letters, making those suggestions to them and that would set them up should they not respond to a more formal process? but give them an opportunity to do the right thing? >> when we issued the notice of violation, i had a long conversation with the management that night and was some of the things we exactly
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talked about. we'll monitor and hope to see some change, i hope. >> thank you. >> commissioner meko? commissioner meko: refresh my memory with the legislation, the revisions to 1060 that were passed last december. has the city attorney provided the necessary guidelines for you to use the citation powers that are included? >> again, commissioner, i was able to get a legal intern in the city attorney's office to take this on as a summer project and i hope to have an update for you with substantial progress in august. that's the time line. commissioner meko: so the legislation was passed last december, but we still do not have the authority to actually issue a citation? >> we have the authority, we don't have the process. this is correct. commissioner meko: and without the process we cannot issue a citation? >> that is correct. >> i will say deputy director king has been putting the
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screws to the city attorney most feverishly in the last few months to try to get some forward progress moving forward. and i've also been in contact. we're trying to get it sooner than later. commissioner meko: would you provide a regular update to supervisor david chiu regarding this because he seems to be impatient for us to use the authority and yet we're not able to. >> yes. commissioner meko: ok. thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. president roja: any public comment regarding the vote from deputy director? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 4, review and possible action to review and change the conditions of the place of entertainment included but not limited to sound for manor west located at 750 harrison street. ms. king? >> commissioners, i think i'm going to turn this over to inspector granelli, but i do
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want to have you sign the permit that we're talking about in your package. it does not say manor west but says saga. can everyone locate that? ok. >> commissioners, as you know, i'm going to give you a little bit of history here. first off, in your packets there should be an email that lists the owners and bar managers and general manager of manor west and this is the information we requested to be updated and they sent it into us and we wanted you to have it as well. you'll see a series of emails, some of you may have seen them before from a neighborhood representative from a building very close to that particular
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location, and his reports, sound he's getting from tenants in that building, in complaints, so i just wanted you, if you have a chance, commissioners, to look through that. it gives you a little bit more history and a little firsthand experience there. history, that particular space was first initially known as saga and then remodeled and became boss and then it was remodeled again and became maynor -- manor west. during the tenure as boss we had few sound complaints but we did have crowd control complaints and complaints from people who live in the area as far as people going to and from their cars, drinking by their cars and other issues. working with sfpd last year, those issues were all but resolved. we were able -- sfpd was able to change some nighttime deployment and we were able to work with the management and neighbors all went well and
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those issues were pretty much taken care of. the club was then reclosed and remodeled and reopened as manor west. as manor west is open, we have yet to have any problems as far as what was going on with boss as far as control or crowd control or issues in the area. it's really come back to just pure sound. we've met with the owners of manor west once or twice in the field doing sound tests on the may 8, 2010 with sergeant yarmagucci from southern station who is here to talk on this issue. he and i were able to go into the residence, take some basic sound readings and look around and what we determined at that time is we believe that actually one or three of the sky lights were probably leaking sound that may have happened during the remodel. we met with management that night and told them that
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basically cover the sky lights, redo the soundproofing there. they agreed that's what they were going to do and look into. as far as i know, the sound got better for a little bit. the club was working with the neighbors, and that relationship seemed to be pretty good, things seemed to be going pretty positively. and as i reported before the last commission, we reached a point where the neighbors were feeling they were at a bit of an impasse and the sound was starting to become more and more of an issue and that issue wasn't getting resolved and it was at that time that we felt that it was time to bring manor west before the commission to kind of answer questions and then have the commission decide whether or not, just as we said, possible action if they wanted reconditioned or what have you. i think i'll bring sergeant yamgucci and he can talk about
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his experiences. he has been there more recently than i have, as the commission knows, i've been pulled because of the series of incidents, i've been pulled into mission and other parts of the city and haven't been able to spend the time in southern so i'm a little bit behind the ball but fortunately for me we have sergeant yamgucci there who has been active in this issue and other issues there so he can talk about what his experiences are. >> good evening, commissioners. in order to try to have better relationships with the nightclubs and the police department, the captain has directed me to go out and do nightclub inspections. i go out through the entire district primarily on friday and saturday nights. i try to change that up so i don't set up a pattern. i have gone directly to manor west about five times since inspector granelli and i have gone out. during those five times it's usually about three times per
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night on each of those five nights that i've gone and checked. i really haven't found any problems. there was one occasion where one of the upstairs windows were left open, at which point i was able to hear the sound, and i directed them to close the window, thus eliminating that sound. i believe that the sound, if there are complaints from the neighborhood, are sounds going up as opposed to out along the sides because my inspections are at ground level, not going upwards, not to in no way dismiss the public complaints that there are sounds coming -- i believe they are from the upper levels as opposed to street level. at street level i don't hear any noise leaking from manor west. >> sergeant, have you had any opportunities, visa one of these complaints to be able to
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go into a unit where the sound is alleged to be audible? >> i have when inspector granelli and i went to one of the apartment houses that was making a complaint. we went on three levels, and we actually at that point, when we were on the roof of that apartment house, able to determine the noise was loudest at that highest level and why we recommended the soundproofing on the roof be done. >> so your observations are consistent with vajra granelli's observations that was coming from the top and that would be consistent with not hearing it because you were on the ground. >> yes. >> thank you. commissioner joseph? commissioner joseph: they're mentioning the ventilation shafts in the bathroom, they heard sounds coming from that. were you able to determine if any of the ventilation on the roof or anything was vibrating?
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>> no. by looking at the roof, there are large windows. i believe they were at one time windows that would allow noise to leak out. commissioner joseph: how far up in the apartment house building were you able to go? >> we went all the way to the roof. commissioner joseph: what about the roof of the apartment building, does it have ventilation shafts on it? >> no. commissioner joseph: so you think the roof of manor west had previous sky lights or there are sky lights there now? >> i believe there were sky lights there and then they were covered. commissioner joseph: was it bass sound? >> yes. commissioner joseph: thank you. >> when i do the inspections we try to walk to the apartment houses, there's a city owned parking lot that abuts up against the apartment house, so i will step out of my police car and turn my radios off and stand there and try to listen to the noise as well as walk
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around the building. commissioner joseph: was it noise that you heard or vibration that you felt? >> it would be more noise than any type of vibration. i've never felt any vibration other than when i've gone inside manor west to do inspections. commissioner joseph: great. thank you. president roja: commissioner meko? commissioner meko: the inspections where you've gone in the condos or apartments, how late in the night have you gone? >> it was about 11:30 in the evening. and when i do my inspections, they tend to start about 11:00 and then they'll go about the midnight, 1:00, and certainly towards the 2:00 hour. at the 2:00 hour we try to look for crowd problems, crowd noise. commissioner meko: that's fine. president roja: commissioner
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alan? commissioner alan: this is a deja vu moment for me hearing the story and listening to the sky light problem and remembering, wait, on 11th street we had a venue with sky lights where the previous user had removed the soundproofing and the sky lights created a sound problem, a new venue user went in and completely blocked off the sky lights for soundproofing and the problem went away. so based on the testimony at least it's going to come out of my lips that we need to make recommendations to this owner that they go through a similar soundproofing scheme in their light wells and in the sky light area. >> i will have to say i absolutely agree. i think that through previous visits, through any visit with sergeant yamgucci and he and i, our communication, again, it seems to be not coming out of
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the sides, i think we're definitely dealing with problems and soundproofing in the roof and those could be the sky lights an obvious one, ventilation, which can sometimes be a hard culprit to nail down. >> the good thing is we've dealt with these and can offer guidance so the venue operator isn't completely without a plan. >> absolutely, absolutely. commissioner joseph: i've never been inside the venue, how many floors does it have? >> one floor. commissioner joseph: the sound level is located on the street level floor? >> yes. commissioner joseph: i guess i'm asking the question because as far as i know, bass sound falls, it doesn't rise so when it falls it's a very powerful signal and if it falls and hits something it bounces up. so there are some remedies for
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sure they can use. >> sorry, just to add to what you just said, commissioner joseph, the other issue to remember is that bass frequency -- you're absolutely right, bass frequency does have a tendance i couldn't to fall and what we might be dealing with, a big might, with the construction as a giant concrete box with a concrete floor, basically you have the bass signal that not only falls but turns the entire building into a bass speaker. commissioner joseph: if it is concrete and bass falls because it travels through concrete it falls and goes into the ground and then will travel through the concrete, go up the concrete walls and go to the roof. and that is kind of what it can do. one of the things that definitely they can do is put the bass speakers up on isolators and soundproof their roof and put some kind of treatment on their walls. >> which was all as commissioner alan said was
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almost exactly identical to what we ended up, the process we had to go through on 11th street. >> i think the roadmap is there, they just need to get the encouragement from us with i guess their have ticket behind -- their have ticket behind the polite encouragement to get this done. >> after meeting with director king what we're recommending to, kind of as we learned in the past -- not to be ambiguous about these situations needing to be fixed. staff at this point is recommending giving them two weeks to finish after meeting with their representative. i was informed this evening right before this meeting, they're in the process and about to do a little more soundproofing but we're basically recommending giving them two weeks and if at that point the sound issue isn't remedied, to follow that two week with a seven-day suspension. president roja: mr. meko? commissioner meko: you
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practically answered my question for me. but this is a permit that we issued in 2004, that was before you were even on the staff. >> correct. commissioner meko: the venue has gone through three different incarnations. >> same owners, just different, i guess different remodels and branding. same owners. commissioner meko: what was the difference between boss, the most recent incarnation, and manor west, the latest? >> we actually have representatives from the club here who can probably testify to that in more detail but what i've seen from having been inside both spaces, when they redid boss into manor west, they did a beautiful job. the space looks great, but i think they cleared out the -- the ceiling in boss was much lower, so i think they had better insulation. so when they opened the
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ceilings up, which looked visually great, i think what happened is because of the lower ceiling you had a natural air gap which creates, which this commission knows from hours of testimony, natural air gap, sound barrier, air, sound barrier is the best sound of -- kind of sound insulation you can have and that basically was removed. >> that would be my observation. commissioner meko: that makes good sense and a better question for deputy condition. in 2004, they still would have been required to have us sign off on sound -- is it still in the hands of the police department at the time [ >> officer anzar. commissioner meko: they cleared their sound inspection in 2004? >> yes, they did. commissioner meko: but i think the remedies that you're proposing, a two-week time period to actually do something
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about it pretty well i think addresses where i was going to go next because if the venue is leaking sound into the recent dense next door, unfortunately whether the club was there first or the residence was there first doesn't matter, the zoning allows residential, and so they have to be prepared to deal with that. but yeah, so you basically have answered my concerns that something will be done about it. >> it's also important to say and fair to say that after that initial meeting with the sergeant, myself and the management there, they did start and do some soundproofing, additional soundproofing on the sky light, so they have done some work already. i think they just need a little more. 's president roja: thank you,
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sergeant. >> thank you. president roja: any representatives from manor west like to speak. please state your name. >> president and commissioners, my name is mark renni and am here today with the owner of the club, daniel kim, the original permit holder from 2004, shawn park who is the general manager is with us, also. we previously handed out a file folder that just says "manor west," letters, i believe. and in that packet is four letters from various residents. and i will call your attention to megan burwick who lives on 617 harrison street which is the cubic building that seems to be the issue of this noise complaint. she states that basically she can't hear it in her unit. she went up on the roof and
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didn't hear it. there is a freeway next door that tends to dominate the sound escape -- soundscape and enjoys having them in the neighborhood because it makes the neighborhood safer. there are similar letters in your packet. the packet also contains some community involvement information specifically fundraisers held for the food bank and basically my client is a good neighbor, wants to be a good neighbor and firmly believes that being a good neighbor means keeping your sound outside any residential unit in the neighborhood and this is our commitment and our pledge to the neighborhood. the -- after the first sound complaint, as i said, we did take these sound complaints very seriously and at this
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point responded to approximate 30 emails. we hired a sound consultant, bay area, sound control, and per their recommendation have done specific sound etienne situation -- sound aten, ation in the building and moved the speakers away from 766 harrison address and pointed them the other way. we actually performed three sound tests in that cubic building, and used that to help with our additional sound atenuation. and mr. granelli can certainly say this is not a first but there is an email i believe in your packets, and i have a copy if you don't have one, concerning sunday, july 4th where mr. wayne canon who lives in the cubics building states that at -- there was, quote, very heavy bass sound around
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8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on that particular evening, the club opened its doors at 10:00 for the first half-hour, it's very low volume but there was no sound system at all in operation on july 4 when there was a complaint from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. so we may have a situation here where, you know, locked buildings in the area, it seems like the sound is coming from a certain place but may be coming from somewhere else. after the sound tests were completed between mr. granelli and officer yamgucci per the recommendations of inspector granelli we built soundproof boxes over the sky lights and think if there was a leak that was probably where the leak was coming from. it is our intention now to auditional soundproofing --
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sound atenuation to those sky boxes and get back to bay area sound control to see if there's anything that can be done to keep the diaphragm of the roof from pushing sound out into the neighborhood. in close, i'd like to reiterate -- i'm sorry, i'd like to introduce you to daniel kim who is the permit holder, has been the permit holder all along because i think there was some issue with the commission that because of the name changes, they just wanted to make sure the owner was still the owner, and i rest assured he's still the owner. in closing, i'd like to say it's our intention to be a good neighbor, being a good neighbor means keeping your sound within your premises, among other things. and we're here to answer any questions you might have. president roja: commissioner meko? commissioner meko: the one letter you pointed out from the resident of the residential building next door, you do
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notice that she moved in on june 30, so she's only been there for 15 days. >> if i could, my client would like to address that. >> commissioner meko, she also writes she was there for two weekends in a row and -- does send an email out in the early part of the week, recapping what the sound situation was at the nightclub. on the weekend, for example, she writes on the email she was having a barbecue on the rooftop of her building in the common area, at midnight or so, heard no sound complaints, according to wayne's report. but on tuesday there was heavy bass from the club. it's a conflicting story. i don't think it exists at this point because we have numerous -- commissioner meko: let me interrupt you here because this