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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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21 and up. >> how much staff? >> 7. >> comments -- how long have you had seven staff? >> we have been doing that. >> how long have you been the manager of the club? >> i came and started helping her in the month of october. >> of 2009? >> correct. >> i am done asking my questions. commissioner meko: i do have a question for staff. conditioner 13 on these recommendations we have before us includes this statement.
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all outside promoters must have special event insurance prior to that event. can you tell us more about special event insurance? >> the venue has its own liability insurance, and there are insurance brokers who deal with specialty event insurance, meaning you are doing a wedding, you are doing a private party, what ever, and you can go to this relatively cheap, and you can actually get special events for one event, one night. >> in this case, our staff is recommending they obtain special event insurance. here is the condition.
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if a permit holder is using outside promoters, there must be a contract in place prior to the defense. also, all outside promoters have special event insurance prior to that the event. >> what we are recommending is we know the venue has its own insurance, but we are asking the venue to insure it. also to have the promoters inquire another letter of the insurance so not only is the venue injured, but is basically creates a stake in the eave vents. -- stake in the event.
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the deputy director and i work through these commissions, and this is something we talked about briefly, trying to create the situation where the promoter has a little bit more at stake in the venue at the time of the event, and this is one approach we are looking at, and that with the promoter has a contract with the venue, which this particular venue does use contracts, and on top of that, they would have to require special event insurance. >> it is a very interesting idea to pursue it. i would like to hear what the venue operators have to say. i would like to hear from my fellow commissioners as well. >> do you know if this condition goes on any other
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venue? i know you said another venue has their tactic. >> this commission does not impose on other venues, but i can think of four or five other venues in the city that do it. >> i agree it sounds like a record idea. -- like a good idea. i am wondering about the legality of imposing this. commissioner allan: a couple of questions. for the manager of the club, you indicate you were brought on in october of 2009 to assist the venue and booking the even. did your responsibilities
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include security as well as our staff? -- ba staffr? >> my main concern was security. i try to get security with previous experience working in clubs, so that is the number one focus. >> the law does require it. leading up to this question, according to the san francisco police department information we have received in our briefing package, from the time you took control of the van near -- of the venue to this current time, they have launched a serious incidences' at this location
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including shots fired, threats involving weapons, assault and shooting. all those happen while you were on watch, so i would like to know what your immediate response was to that, and secondly, if you could explain to me how this serious incidences' could happen under the watchful eye of someone like yourself, who was put in place to make sure these things do not happen. >> we do not have a record, so if you could be released pacific. -- relate specific. >> do we have an extra copy we can supply them? i cannot give of mine, because i cannot ask a question. >> it was in the briefing. it was in the place of entertainment packet we
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received. >> this was part of the public records request we had made. >> my question is going to the decision making that has gone on at the venue that has led us to this place. one of the key decisions was to bring you on board in october of 2009 to add a second and more professional level of management in promoter review, security management as well as staff training and all the factors that go into running for professional venue, so can you explain to me how it is there would be a series -- when an
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event gets to a report and ends up with a report, it is usually pretty serious, and the regular kinds of events that happened at a venue never make it to this the fox level of reporting, so when i look at these incidences, i have to wonder, how would you explain to may those all happened on your watch. >> i can say what i try to train my staff to do -- we want their support, and the best thing we try to do is if we see a possible situation that might happen -- i.t. admit we have
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been hesitant to call, because the clubs do not want us to call the police for every situation i am looking at some of these right here, and it could be from us to help us with the situation we see. we try to do the best we can as far as stopping a lot of situations. to really look at this, i would need a little more detail. >> i understand, and i appreciate the degree to which you need to respond accurately, so i am looking for more generalized responses, because
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one of the experiences i had in your neighborhood was in assisting in another venue and a couple blocks away wit, and durg the time i was involved, it was brought up as the next problem the neighborhood was going to have common -- going to have, so a year prior to coming in front of us, neighborhood groups and neighbors been bringing attention to us that there was a problem. that seems counter intuitive to bringing someone like you on board that would be there to forestall those kinds of problems, especially at a venue that hold 137 people. it is not a huge and venue, so
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it would seem someone who could be brought under control quickly. i do not know if there is necessarily a question. if you have any insight you would like to give me, i would be more than happy to take it. >> we understand that particular situation -- we are sorry it happened. what i try to think about and what we try to do is get immediate answers. one of the main solutions i feel we can do is find a way to higher on a regular basis. -- to hire a regular basis.
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it was three times a year, because we were having so many people of this particular event. one of the solutions to have -- we are going to learn from our mistakes, and we plan on hiring more 21 and up the events focus on making calls sfpd, even though it might get on record, but it is better to have that on record before it reaches the point where it is out of control. >> doesn't seem unusual that we would be wrestling with the level of problems we are?
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or am i not hearing this correctly? >> i of looking at less than 10. -- am looking at 10. to say that we change our policy, and we are doing the best weekend with the best priorities. -- the best we can with the best priorities. >> we have about 400 venues, and we rarely have the history of recurring problems, so it has brought us to the point that
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forced the issue upon us, but it is following a long litany of problems that never seem to get resolved. now we are at a point of having to do substantial work by giving you concrete guidelines as to how you can operate if you were going to continue, so in answer to your question, it is a little odd for a venue of its size to be in a situation where we are having this many incidences coming to our attention. >> maybe if we had more time. we apologize for that. commissioner meko: we have two directions at least that we could go in. the police department is recommending we begin proceeding to have the permit
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for this venue 3 vote. the legislation is still in progress. staff on the other hand has argued for re-permiting the place. there are 13 conditions before us tonight. it is the licensing scheme which explicitly regulates activity protected by first amendment's, because the ordinance requires a person who wishes to engage in activity to obtain a permit and bears a
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heavy presumption against its constitutional validity a. what specifically is your take on the 13 conditions before us tonight? do we have any objection to that? >> they can answer that question.
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11, i just received a notice that she did just purchase of video camera that will be installed next week, so we have no problem. >> one camera? >> 8 gigabyte hard drive, yes. >> 12 seems unusual to me. if they did not schedule anything, something comes up.
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if they had not submitted it, what are the ramifications? 13 is a red flag. >> 13 is a red flag to you? >> to require them to acquire outside insurance. >> you realize this is something that does not cost the vendor anything. >> me just looking at it, i am not sure they have the authority to do so. that is just my five minutes of looking at this, and that is my gut feeling that something about
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13 may be unlawful. >> 1 through 12 you have no problem? >> we briefly looked at this together with the owner and manager, and i was pleased to hear this. first i thought i would have a problem. >> you are simply asking us if they violate that, what are the consequences? >> an event is not on the calendar, and then it happens here reagan -- then it happens. maybe they have worked with him before.
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>> what are the consequences of violating the condition? >> commission and no. 12 is actually something we used as a condition for the city, and generally what happens is it is two weeks from the beginning of the month. if any event comes in at the last second, and generally what happens is they call the prospective station and say, we just got any event at the last minute. once the relationship is established, every condition we
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have put on. what happens if they violate it? i am not able to answer that. you are subjects to punishment due to that. we have yet to have an issue. we found it very helpful. >> i was going to us that you expand on that condition, because i think the value goes beyond the objection and goes to
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relationship-building we fill is critical -- we feel is critical, especially in a venue trying to change the position in the community and the neighborhood. >> basically, when of the most important things is it creates an open line and dialogue between the permit holder and office. they talk every few weeks. did you get the calendar? it looks good. they can explain, it was this promoter. he can then go to the officer and say, we are trying them out.
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we have had the example of the permit officer saying, i will tell you what. we will have a unit check in on you, but one of the things it does is create a dialogue, creates a working relationship that is important to the department and police officers right now. i know that is one of the more important aspects. we get the calendar, too. if we have questions about any event, we get the call. we get to find out what is going on. they think i can speak for the police department generally.
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no one likes to be surprised. no one likes to find there is an event going on where there could be possible problems. it gives us the opportunity to plan ahead and do have the resources to help the actual permit holders say, i understand this event. you may understand this, but we do not. we recommend you should think about getting extra security. it allows us to have that dialogue between the permit holder and themselves, and which we found leads to a safer environment. >> you can understand what these are intending to do is to the permit the -- permitee.
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they are intending to establish these relationships, which is greater transparency and operation and a greater understanding of what doesn't the pipeline so it can be handled and to give you an added set of eyes. >> i do not want to interrupt, but let me clarify. entertainment is regarded as free speech. you do raise issues of prior restraint. they are requiring the report the schedule to the police department, and you may argue that may require restraint.
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no matter how much i have argued with supervisor chu commohe is t sympathetic about providing more time. do you feel permit owners will send a venue to the permit officer every three weeks? does this require prior restraint. >> i will certainly investigate that with people who do have law degrees if you wish. >> this is not any legal comment, but i do want to make a comment. that is very interesting what you just said. .
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providing public information does not necessarily in for a prior restraint. it can, but they are not required to inform anyone. i do believe when you have a public assembly order, you have to have an order to operate. if the gentleman would like to stand and sing, he cannot even do that. that is the entertainment committee. the occupancy permit goes to public safety, so there are constraints that can be put on the venue.
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that is an interesting question. >> i was surprised when i heard the police department was soliciting and of plan of how they were going to engage in the protest and that the police department actually reach out to say, can you let us know what you are going to do. the idea was not to constrain that from happening, whereas if there is no planning, there is a
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greater opportunity for there to be a problem. i understood this was in the spirit of keeping everyone saves. >> >> i will leave it with that. >> i think the commissioner made the point. they are ready and willing. my concern is what would the ramifications be. i am wondering what could happen if they miss this.