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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 5:00am-5:30am PST

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>> item six. possible action regarding application for permit jurisdiction of the commission. item a, marco vazquez doing business at key ultralanguage. >> commissioners, this is a -- this has come before you twice. sorry, for a placement or entertainment permit, which is previously -- which is previously was a social club trying to turn this into key ultralounge, again 48 abc license tuesday through saturday 8 to 2:00. i'll get a motion for the current update. previous commission -- the -- the commissioners were interested in speaking to marco vazquez or steven cook, the
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owner who was listed on the application as opposed to -- to just the manage war had appeared before you twice -- he requested that they be at this hearing. commissioner allen wanted more documents to indicate who was actually in charge -- in charge and i believe that the applicants have given you a flowchart to indicate levels of responsibility and who owns what in the business. in addition the commission wanted to give additional time to southern station as its new commander was put in place. the application and the conditions. i did receive southernonditions hopefully you have had time to take a look at them. their recommendation is approval with these conditions. so, at this time if you would
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like, i think that all of you are here. they can come up to the microphone. i think officer canyon is still here to talk to the conditions if you have any questions. >> i'm general manager of the lounge. behind me are the owners of the lounge. just to get approval for the application of -- of place of entertainment. >> could you talk about the document? >> it tells you what are the positions we're going to hire. also it tells you the chain of
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command -- what the functions are. and who has the authority and who doesn't. >> commissioner? >> have you had a chance to look over the recommended conditions from southern station? >> we have and we accept all of the s. >> i see, okay thank you so much. my only question was going to the heart of the matter of authority and to ask the question of the general manager, yourself who would be on staff during an event, correct? >> correct. and maybe absent both of the -- of the managing members or owners, you would be there operating soley -- solo or would there be manage be -- managing
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member owners. >> one of the managers would be present, this is only in case of emergencies only. any other days there shouldn't be no owners present. there should be an owner there at all times. >> great thank you. >> commissioners. jake canyon southern permit officer. the southern station recommends the approval with the following s. you have those conditions before you, going to read them quickly. number one is entertainment and dancing. allowed five days a week from 8:00 to 2:00.
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it is exclusive to patrons 21 years or older. the permit is valid for one pool table. when they hire permit holders, they take control of the nightclub and operations and bar tenders and cocktail servers and security personnel. if using outside promoters the head of security much contact southern station one week prior with the calendar of the event. during hours of operation, at least one manager shall be on the premises. one person should be inside the nightclub for every 80 patrons. the front door of the premises shall be closed or covered with a sound curtain during hours of
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operation. all beverage servers and entertainment and dancing shall cease by 1:45 a.m. the soft clothes and all patrons shall exit by 2:00. all managers and bar tenders and cocktail servers and security personnel shall complete lead training or similar within 90 days of granting of the permit. all security personnel must be 21 years of age or older. security personnel must wear distinctive clothing so that -- police and patrons of the nightclub know who the security personnel are. permit holders shall provide sufficient security personnel to insure patrons arrive and enter and heave the premises in a safe and ordinarily -- orderly
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manner, including monitors. the -- they provide a person to check i.d.'s and to insure 21 years of age or older. c, monitor premises interior and ex-terror to facilitate the safe and ordinarily conduct of the patrons and conduct patdowns and use metal detecting wands at the door, prior to allowing patron entry. screen and turn away any toyeder. s rather than allow them into the premises. the -- monitor the lines to insure it does not block the sidewalk or entrance to the cw hotel above the -- above the premises. monitor the line so it does not exceed in width and spill out into the street from the side walk. security is responsible for 100
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feet surrounding the club. security to advice -- advise patrons they're not to loiter in front of the club. they're to notify s.f.p.d. if an incident occurs at the club. security must document this incident in addition to calling the police department. patrons must be visually recorded as they enter and exit the club. permit holder agrees to install and maintain visual recording cameras to monitor the entry and exit door. visual recordings must be retained by the club for 30 days. the reporting must be available to s.f.p.d. if they're requested for an investigation. video recording will also assist the club owners for the purpose of liability claims.
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they must provide good lighting on the property lines. permit holders shall establish a telephone line dedicated as a community hotline that shall be promptly answered during operating hours to the you were of fielding and acting -- acting upon complaints from the neighbors. permit holders shall comply with s.f. good neighbor policy and all all license conditions. there's ga neighbor policy attached to the permit recommendation. to this application rather. the permit holder shall comply with all conditions of san francisco fire department, occupancy requirements. permit holders shall comply with all other agreements, made with s.f.p.d., san francisco fire department, and -- regarding business operations. the permit holder has read and
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shall abide by san francisco municipal code 100e, 100e, 1022 code 1036, 1037 and 31026 also. they shall comply with 100922 of the san francisco health code which has become effective on april 24th of this year. regarding hoking outside entrances and the effect on -- on munes al police code 121 d in the outside of the nightclubs. nightclubs of the southern district bring patrons from both sfrap as well as surrounding cities and it is important these
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conditions are ad hered to so they could be safer places for all of the visitors in san francisco. signed by captain greg mccutchen, our new captain. >> officer? any questions? >> just, just one. when you say that the line shall thought exceed the width, this still has been to sidewalk left for like wheelchairs to get by. >> yes. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> do we have any public comment regarding 6 a, and vazquez and the ultralounge? seeing none, further comment closed, commissioners. meko. >> i like to move to prove, with the police s added to the application. >> i second that.
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>> alan aye meko aye joseph aye newellen aye, roja aye. good luck, guys. item seven, police department comments and questions? no? there aren't any. none. anyone else want to shake the happened of the person? hand of the person? the report from southern station, sergeant, anything? we -- we been this touch with icon. i know it has been on the radar for a little while. i -- i -- i spoke to commissioner meko.
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we do have their calendar of events. -- owner mitch, he has agreed to -- to -- this was his decision, to cancel the sunday events. because if -- it it, you know, the the crowds that are congregating in the area on that particular night and -- so i think that it was a good move on the owner's -- on the owner's part to to cancel these events. like i said, at the last commission hearing, anything we could do, if -- we're going to continue to work with icon and their security teams and -- the owners to insure that that the southern district is safe for
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everybody. that's our prime marry focus. whatever we could do to. it to help. help the people at the icon do this and accomplish this and this is what we strive to do. officer canyon, the closure of icon voluntarily on sunday has that improved the overall situation around in and around the neighborhood? it is yet to be seen. he just contacted me and those event that is were scheduled to sunday are now canceled. >> okay. we'll watch with you. thank you.
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commissioners comments and questions? just real briefly, i know we can't comment on the event that is were in today's paper, i just want to recognize that -- with -- with full knowledge how understaffed our unit is and -- i think they're doing an admirable job. they -- in the way you handled things and the way it was written up in the press was favorable i think. in what we're accomplishing. i want to give credit to -- to all of you and especially the way you have taken over in this -- in this emergency situation. i'm sure you owe it to the fact that you were my executive assistant years ago and learned from me. [laughter] i really think you're doing a great job.
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>> i know almost everybody is too down most audience is gone. the dirty secret that is going to -- to be very obvious in a couple of months is that we don't have the budget for the city attorney time that we require. tonight's spectacle of all of us, you know, up -- applying for our law degrees and doing the constitutional issues and everything like that can't go on much longer. and -- i brought this up with supervisor chiu when he was before us on revocation, and he seemed to just pass it off with comments like, the more we crack down on clubs, the less necessary suspension or revocation hearings are going to be known, unfortunately the more we crack down on club, the more
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we're going to need advice from the city attorney in order to give everyone their due process. so, staff, if you could pass on a request for -- from at least one commissioner, i'm sure it is probably all of the commissioners that they're going to have to take into account the fact that we need more city attorney time, if we're going to do our job right. i think i resolved that problem. i want to direct the acting director to buy an eight ball, you ask questions to. >> you mean a hanl i think eight ball? >> yeah. >> there are other kinds of eight balls. to answer all of our questions. >> that it would. so just really quickly, i wasn't here at the last meeting because i was in preproduction for -- i'm going, i'm going to shut up real quick here. about the preproduction for main
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stage pride, i want to tell you that during pride weekend, virtually every major hotel room was in the -- in the city was sold out. it was the biggest crowd that they had in years there were very few incidents and everybody loved it. i want to say the city did great business that weekend. so there. >> new items? oh. all right. thank you.
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