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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 10:44am-11:00am PST

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actually, in addition to that, we will be hosting some community meetings at the tjpa as well, next wednesday, the 21st, at 5:30 p.m. on a temporary terminal, and on july 26 at 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m., which will be voted on demolition activities so we can update the neighbors and folks who live in the area on the phasing. >> thank you, courtney. that concludes my report, directors. director ford: any questions on the executive director's report? yes, go ahead, director. >> quickly, if i can help in anyway, i am available. >> director, yes. director lloyd has offered to hold on any of the events. you are referring probably to commemoration events. yes. thank you, director. director ford: i know she
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stepped away from the podium, but really quickly, in terms of the ambassador program, a little bit more information on that. how many people aren't talking about will be staged at the temporary terminal. >> -- how many people are we talking about at will be staged at the temporary terminal? i just want to make sure i have a comfort level in terms of the number of people we are going to need. i know it is going to be a major transition for some folks. >> of course. we will have three employees on staff at the terminal during peak hours, said it will be there for a couple of hours in the morning and evening beginning the 21st, and going to august 12 -- so they will be there. in addition, we will have two managers on site, supplemented by tjpa. director ford: is there any staff from any of the member agencies, such as ac transit, the mta? i think all of us should probably have some folks there to help supplement this and just
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make sure it is as smooth a transition as possible. that is something agency-wide we're looking at in the mta to make sure. you are planning to do that, too? there may be some coordination needed of all of these volunteers or employees that are going to be at the temporary terminals. >> we are in close coordination with meany -- with muni and with ac transit who will be working with the program. we're working closely with our staff on what dates they can help supplement our efforts. we will have a terminal right inside the entrance, and then they will be there as well and walking through the site. also, i know that ac transit plans on having a table during the move once we are over at the temporary terminals for that week. at different times. an mta will have different staff available walking around. we have also created ambassador program shirts, so everyone will be easily identified. each transit agency will be
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wearing their on hat -- own hat. director ford: ok, all right. thank you. >> isn't there some greater thansignage -- soem big signage that will give information? >> at the temporary terminal side, once it is open, there will be real-time sign in addition signage within the terminal itself. director ford: thank you very much. that concluded your report? ok, let's go to the next item. >> item 6 is an opportunity for members of the public to address the board on matters that are not listed on the calendar. we have not received any indication any member of the public wishes to do so. director ford: with that, public comment is closed. >> we will go ahead and read the
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consent calendar were all matters are considered to be routine and will be acted upon by a single vote. [inaudible] director ford: ok, with that, read the calendar. >> and 7.1, approved limits of the june 10, 22 meeting. 7.2, authorizing the in 2nd directed to execute amendment no. 3 to the idea agreement with lou crane. item 7.3, authorizing the executive director to execute an amendment to the intergovernmental agreement with the san francisco planning department. item 7.4, optimizing the executive director to enter into a cooperative agreement with the state of california caltrans for design review and oversight services. [inaudible]
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that is your consent calendar. >> motion to approve the consent calendar. director ford: properly moved and seconded. all in favor? suppose? motion carries. >> thank you. calendar is approved. moving into your special calendar, items 8, approving the fiscal year 2010-2013 anticipated disadvantage business enterprise participation level of 18. our%. director sarah giulatti will report on that item -- participation level of 18.5%. then the directors, you approved the draft both the public, back at our april meeting. it went out to our public agencies for public comment. i also presented at the business outreach committee our region and in april, and we have additional public comment. i do believe, given our previous
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history of successes in meeting our goal each year, that our methodology is sound, and i can answer any questions you may have. director ford: no questions? >> i'm just going to move to approve. >> i will second it. director ford: let's do roll- call votes on this. >> and no members of the public have indicated they wish to address you on this item. daly aye. cohen aye. ortiz aye. ford aye. that is 5 ayes and item 8 is approved. item nine, authorizing the executive director to execute the temporary tamales with greyhound for bus operations through the year. indeed the year 2017. >> directors, andrew will report on this item. >> good morning, directors.
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andrew schwartz. this is the temporary term lease for greyhound. currently, they are leasing 20,000 square feet of covered space in the transbay terminal. they are paying $20,000 a month rent. this lease would have greyhound renting approximately 7538 square feet of space in the new building the temporary terminal. the annual rent will be $20,000 a month. the terminal lease with the seven years. the basis of the $24,000 ranch was that it would be similar to the rent that greyhound is currently paying at the trans bay terminal with an increase of $4,000 a month, and under
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greyhound's business model, they are paying approximately 4% of their gross sales for similar markets as san francisco. this lease would have been paying 6.7% of their gross sales. for the year space at the temporary terminal. they would have exclusive use of the western portion of the building at the temporary terminal and shared use of the central space with another carrier that the tjpa may choose to put in the eastern side space, 1022 square feet. greyhound would have exclusive use of four of the eight bus bays an exclusive use of two of the remaining four. outside the 3:00 to 7:00 peaked period on week days were those
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buses would be used by other carriers, similar to ac transit. greyhound would have use of the two remaining days only with tjpa's permission. there are " parking spaces, and greyhound would have the use of six of them, and transbay would control the other six. the rest of the space would be shared with other carriers. greyhound would pay all the utilities for the building and be responsible for maintenance and security on the interior building. tjpa would be responsible for maintenance and security on the exterior of the building. i'm happy answer any questions. director ford: any questions? >> i will move the item. >> second. director ford: it has been moved and properly seconded. >> no members of the public have
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indicated they wished to address you on this item. daly aye. cohen aye. lloyd aye. ortiz aye. ford aye. the item is approved. item 10 is authorizing the executive director to execute contract modification #one to modify the contract to provide additional services associated with phase one for a maximum additional compensation of $320,320. >> directors, i sent you a report on this item. >> good morning, directors. the item before you is a contract modification mcguire hesster, the temporary contract on the terminal, in the amount of $320,000.
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the majority of that is for a disputed item for windscreens that go beneath each can of the structure. there was some discrepancy on the plans, the architectural trying to the details of the screen, showing account, so there was a discrepancy, and we have a lot of negotiations with the contractor where we move toward middle ground, and the item before you includes that. that item is actually a unilateral change order because we never reached agreement, but this was an amount that we felt was fair. the other major component on that -- there was a time extension for the project that included contractors' overhead and trailers. the schedule pushed out approximately a year, and there were a number of other small
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items, including some ada modifications that the mayor's disability office had requested. any questions? >> motion to approve the modification. >> i will second. director ford: [inaudible] >> daly aye. cohen aye. lloyd . ortiz aye. ford aye. item 10 is approved. item 11, authorizing the executive director to execute a minute 1 with elizabeth transportation agency to add temporary traffic control services and corresponding not to exceed budget of $997,690,
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increasing the total not to exceed budget to $3,280,677. >> good morning, directors. the item before you is -- provides parking control officers for the start of operations at the temporary terminal. as you know, the buses will operate on the street, so it will be critical that we maintain the bus route, primarily on fulsome, went on to the bay bridge, so we need parking control officers to make sure that key intersections are maintained an open access, primarily during the pmp. >> i will move the item. >> second. director ford: item has been moved and seconded. >> and no members of the public indicated they wish to address
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you on this item. daly aye. cohen aye. lloyd. aye. ortiz aye. with the chairman abstaining and four ayes from the rest of the group, the item passes. item 12 was optimizing the executive director to issue the second notice to proceed under the tjpa contract 08-08-dm-000, existing terminal and rams demolition to evans brothers for hazardous materials abatement and physical demolition of the terminal, rats, and select buildings upon satisfaction of certain conditions.
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>> thank you. the mtp for the demolition contract -- we brought evans brothers on board. we receive a bid in october 2009 and brought them on board in january of this year to begin the process of coordinating with the city agencies with mta and th