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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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of 2010. over this last year, web core has worked have been closely with the tjpa and with the design team evaluating the constructability providing input on the cost estimate, construction schedule, and value engineering efforts. the number of b that we will be preparing and the time period over which we will be preparing those bid packages has also extended out. so this contract modification is to increase the number of hours to reflect the additional effort from web core obiyashi over the past year, and through the bidding of the construction packages. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to take them. director cohen: what's the budget impact of the change? >> it's roughly -- i'm sorry.
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let me do the math real quickly. it's about $6 million of additional fees and that fits within our overall budget for construction services. director cohen: it's well within the contingency planned in the original contract award? >> question. in our program budget. the original contract award was for the base 45,000 hours plus the 7.8% mark-up on the value. it's within our budget contingency. >> you said 45,000. you meant 45 million? >> 45,000 hours. >> oh, ok. just had to make sure there. there's a big difference. >> motion to approve? >> moved.
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>> moved and seconded. madam secretary? >> no members of the public have indicated that wish to address you on this item. [roll call] >> item 15 is approved. >> now we're ready to move into closed session. >> that's right. at this time, you are scheduled to go into closed session. we have not received any indication that any member of the public wishes to address you on the item listed. we can go ahead and clear the room. >> let's prepare to move into closed session.
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>> counsel will report on the announcement of closed session. >> conference regarding portions of cal tran, there is no action to report. >> with that, we adjourn this meeting. >> thank you.
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supervisor campos: good morning, everyone, and welcome to the july 13 meeting of the transportation authority plans and programs committee. to my right is the committee vice chair, carmen chu. to my left is commissioner john avalos. commission members dufty and david chiu is en route.
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madam clerk, please call item 2. >> approval of minutes from the june 15, 2010 meeting. this is an action item. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion from david chu, seconded by carmen chu. without objection. if you could call item three. >> citizens advisory committee report. this is an information item. >> we have the chair of the committee. good morning. >> my name is peter.
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i and the former vice chair to the citizens advisory committee. as you were informed at your june 15 meeting, the cac chair had moved. i have been chosen to fill out her term. at the next meeting, cac will be collecting a new place characters he of my term. my report will be fairly brief this morning. the cac unanimously approved all of the items on your agenda this morning with one exception. on your agenda, item six, motion for funding on the trend it bay planning committee.
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the one item that had the most discussion and questioned once the better market street project. robert suggested a higher love love community involvement. he wanted to see the stakeholders, long term role would empower them to take ownership of project outcomes. ta staff claims there is a parallel effort working on market street that will ensure the sustainable project. dpw staff said there would be more opportunities for community involvement over the long term as the project continues. other questions were raised about safety, bart rates, safety
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practices such as mandatory right turns. all of these were expressed. finally, the cac received a request from an individual from alberta, edmonton, and wanted to talk about the city. as a cac member, former program manager, i met with him for about three hours and took him on a bicycle tour, showed him some of the innovative bicycle improvements we have done around the city. that concludes my report. supervisor campos: any questions? thank you. if we could open this up to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. please call item 4. >> recommend appointment of two
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members to the citizens advisory committee. this is an action item. >> good morning. we have an 11-member group in the cac. authority staff nor the cac may make recommendations to those appointments. on page 26 of your package, the current list of applicants, there are two current vacancies on the cac. one is the result of term expiration of brian horton from district 1. the second is through the resignation of jul lynn pasrsons. mr. larkin is here to seek reappointment. supervisor campos: thank you.
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if we could have mr. larkin come forward. good morning. >> good morning committee members -- good morning, committee members. supervisor campos: if you could make a brief statement as to why you would like to be appointed, we will take questions from the committee. >> i have been a san francisco resident since 1979,. i have been on the cac since 2004. i was the vice chair in 2005. this is the first year in a while that i have not been in either one of those positions. i am a transit professional, by my own admission. i continue to have been interested in this,
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professionally and in the interest of residence. i will take any questions. my life is an open book. supervisor campos: first of all, anyone who comes forward and present themselves for consideration, i applaud them for their willingness to go through this process and to serve the city and county of san francisco. i am familiar with your work and i appreciate you be willing to serve again. i know commissioner mar is supportive of your reappointment. i do not have any questions. colleagues? >> i think the committee, commissioner -- supervisor mar, and his staff for showing their faith in me. of a do my best to justify your faith in me. supervisor campos: i know there is a list of applicants. are there any other applicants that would like to make a statement? ok, please come forward.
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>> michael moss. i have lived on geary for about 10 years. mostly downtown. for the past few years, i have lived in the eldeouter richmond. >> [no audio[ sorry. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, my suggestion would be given there are still conversations with supervisor daly, that we move forward with reappointment of mr. larkin.
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seconded by john avalos. we can take that without objection. thank you, mr. larkin. >> item 5. recommend appointment of three members to the geary corridor bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee. supervisor campos: now we are on the right item. >> we have a citizens advisory committee specifically for thegeary vrt projects, and we are compiling and burned into reports. we have been meeting since 2008 when the board appointed 11 members to the cac. since then, two members have moved away, another resigned due to other commitments. we have three openings at this point.
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we said to have a notice to all of the members in our distribution list. we do have, at this point, 11 eligible applicants. some are here today to speak. i can take any questions that you might have. supervisor campos: let us now call the other applicants who are here. please make a brief statement as to why you are seeking the appointment. before you do that, i want to thank all of you for being willing to come forward to serve the city and county of santa scope. -- san francisco. >> my name is jason. i used to commute to work.
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lately, i've opened up my own business on geary. when i go to court, when i go around the city, and use public transit both of my clients are in the richmond district and they do not have cars. they rely on transit to come to my office. my wife also commutes on the 38. i am a business owner, resident, and i am interested as a transit user. i would hope my participation in the committee can help the transportation service improved and that neighborhoods and businesses surrounding will be positively affected. supervisor campos: questions? thank you. good morning. >> good morning.
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my name is joanne. this is the second year that i have applied for this. i just bought my first home on baker at geary, so i am right there next to the construction. i want to become more active in the community and recognize what the impacts could be in our neighborhood. i am an attorney. i represent labor, workers and san francisco. i feel i will be a good advocate of the geary citizens advisory committee. supervisor campos: thank you. no questions. next please. >> michael moss.
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i am and resident of the elgar richmond. i have lived on geary boulevard. i walk downtown to market street twice a week. i have observed geary boulevard in all its splendor early in the morning and late in the evening. i have taken the 38 for years and years. i love what i read from the feasibility study. it is just a great plan. i want to see it happen and i want to participate in it. supervisor campos: thank you. next, please. >> good morning. mike bishop. i recently moved from the inner richmond. i have been using the 38 for the
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past five years. i commute downtown with it. also am a bicyclist, and c have aar, and -- i have a car, and i represent a lot of stakeholders to have interest in this. basically, i am very enthusiastic in joining the committee. i understand three members left for whatever reason. i think i could be very dedicated and ceded to the end. i appreciate your consideration. supervisor campos: thank you. next, please. >> robert van ravensway. i am a resident of the richmond. the reason i am applying for this, i am an attorney and i have spent the last several years working on issues for a
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large developer. as i see what this committee is supposed to do in the near term, it is basically working on these issues. i feel i can contribute quite a bit because of my experience with how these things play out. it is not always intuitively what one would expect. i think that could be helpful for the committee. and i can show up for meetings. thank you for your consideration. supervisor campos: no questions. next speaker, please. >> jamie choi. current resident of the outer richmond. i have five years' experience in the affordable housing construction. i am interested in providing
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knowledge and perspective related to land use, planning, a transit use, to the process. supervisor campos: is there anyone else? >> just a couple of notes. we do have two positions open for the downtown and tenderloin area, and one at large. if you choose to appoint people from other areas, at large, or downtown, or you could change -- recommend that the board changes the structure. for the downtown position, we did not get any residents of downtown i know there is one resident in richmond who could be considered. supervisor campos: who is that? >> racel leonard. supervisor campos: thank you.
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why don't we open up to public comment. is there is a member of the public that would like to speak on these items, the appointment of these three seats? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have a difficult task any time we have more applicants than we have seats available. where it is clear, each one of these applicants brings a certain level of knowledge, expertise, interest, but it is difficult to decide. we do have to make a choice. i wonder if there are any motions. maybe if there is a specific individual that you would like to move forward, please make that motion. commissioner david chu. supervisor chiu: first of all, i want to thank all the applicants today. i know we have more applicants than our positions on the cac.
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i certainly hope all of you stay engaged. everyone who stepped up would probably have many good things to contribute to this body. and i will suggest, i have heard of miss jon through the work that she has done. she is the one person from whom i have heard feedback from before today's hearing. based on that, i would be happy to support her candidacy. obviously, i am willing to hear from other colleagues as to other potential applicants who you may have more information about. supervisor campos: and that would be for the at-large seat, and she would make the requisite qualifications for that. >> she would. supervisor campos: i would be happy to support that. i was happy with your
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presentation and your reputation is strong. so that is -- actually, commissioner carmen chu. supervisor chu: i was going to make the same suggestion. i am happy to support that. supervisor campos: a motion from david chuiu, seconded by carmen chu. without objection colleagues? thank you, congratulations. we have two remaining seats. the downtown appointments. you indicated the individuals that have applied, there is only one that would meet the qualification to your knowledge. >> as far as i know, we did not get any residentces from
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downtown. we did receive one from richmond. supervisor campos: would we be able to make an appointment of any of them, would we have to change the structure? >> you would have to recommend changing the structure to allow this. >> you can certainly recommend a change to the structure. you could also do another round of the outreach. in the committee would be able to function, quorum-wise, with two of the three positions are open today. commissioner avalos? supervisor avalos: avalos: justa question if there are any of the applicants who are also considered part of this pool? >> not to my knowledge.
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>> [inaudible] commissioner campos: you want to come up, sir? please restate your name. >> my name is [inaudible] and a lot of my clients work in the tenderloin, so in a sense i can speak for their interests. commissioner chu: thank you. it sounds like there is one individual, rachel leonard, who would meet criteria. she is affiliated with an organization involved with issues of transportation. that might be an individual we could put forward, and then i would be open to what my colleagues would say, with a little more time to see
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somebody from the area. commissioner campos: thank you. please come forward. >> thank you. i work at the market and take the bus downtown. commissioner campos: thank you very much. colleagues, we have the choice of proceeding to fill one or two seats or waiting to do more outreach. is there any preference? commissioner chu. commissioner chu: i would prefer to fill our seats as much as we can. leonard would be a good candidate to appoint and then we would have an additional seat. the purpose of having these
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positions are to provide a perspective, so my preference is to keep the other position open to allow for better improvements as we are allowed to. commissioner chiu: i would prefer if we could hear from ms. leonard, to have an opportunity to talk to her. commissioner campos: thank you. i agree with both comments. ms. leonard would be a good fit. i do think it is important for us to hear directly from the applicants, and you have other applicants who have taken the time to be here, and it is important for us to continue