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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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>> we are moving very quickly. >> good afternoon. at present the request for a conditional use to allow of our doing business as the secret of wine shop in the mixed views -- to allow of bar known as the secret wine shop in the mixed use area. the project is located at 1097 howard. commissioners, the proposed project is found to be desirable because it is independently owned. it is anticipated many patrons will not use private
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automobiles. the planning department is unaware of any opposition to the project. i am here to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor. >> my name is christine. i am the project sponsor. i wanted to say a little bit about myself and three reasons why the secret wine shop will be great for san francisco. first, i am pretty much a native californian.
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i grew up in northern california on a farm. my father was an agricultural professor. i studied mathematics at uc- davis and as a graduate students. i worked at ibm a lot of years and a couple of tech startups. in 2000 i moved to france i learned about wine. i just started drinking wine there and learning about it, so when i came back to the u.s., i took some classes at uc-davis, and i also work of a bunch of different local wineries. last year i was an intern.
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that is when it really hit me that california wine is not well-represented in california. there is a lot of wine documentary's out there, and they portray european wines and the time-honored family-owned wineries. that is not the case. there are a ton of small wineries out there. we hear more about french wine than local wine.
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this is something i can contribute. i am keeping wine shop hours. it is local, small production lines. i feel for the project to succeed, i really need a tasting room, because it is probably something they have never seen before, never heard of before. that is how i got to the point where i am. in terms of why it would be good, i have a lot of community support. i am not sure if you got these letters, but i have letters written in support from one of the oldest businesses.
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from michael, who is an administrative of the center, and i have records. i also have support from the businesses in my building. there are a police 10 of them, and i got support from the leadership council. -- there are at least 10 of them, and i get support from the leadership council.
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i have a lot of community support. i am hoping i can get it open so i can become part of this community. another benefit will be for those small businesses of local industry, so you tend to bring some foot traffic. mi5 already over? that is it. this for business and do for artists. --? i already over it? that is it. this is good for business and food for artists. >> is there any other public comment.
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if you could see into the microphone. >> i will try to keep this short. i own a small winery. we make about 800 cases a year with comparison to a large commercial winery -- that would represent a 22.5%. our winery as supportive almost exclusively -- we have learned about small local wine shops. they have suffered immensely, and the conglomerate have taken over. almost all the wineries are owned by conglomerate is. our business model is based on
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local businesses. having been to the secret wine shop, it is an intimate, a small business. it is very much based on the same office as model we have, which is non-intrusive. i would say the hallmark of what makes sentences so great is local support, and i would say that my winery would fit in perfect with the spirit of san francisco. >> is there additional public comment? if not, public comment is closed. >> i think this is a good project, and i am fully in support of it. part of what prompted my support is that i talk to people in the community, and i have to thank
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you for doing the of reach. frequently, small businesses go into the market, and i spoke with others, and they felt really good about their interaction with you, so i wish you success in this venture, and i saw a movie recently, "bottle shop." i thought it was kind of cute, about the wine industry. i was not aware of any of that. i would like to move to approve this. >> second. >> i think this is a good project, and it is doing if the right way. it is coming forward as an on and off sale, and sometimes it
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gets confusing as it has in the past with some wineshops the region wineshops better only off sale, and this is because we are starting at the very beginning has what it intends to be, and it sounds like it will be a very good market that is not properly addressed at the larger wine stores, and the deli is in favor of it, too. it must be good. >> i just have a quick question for the project sponsor for the designer. maybe it is just a drawing, so maybe you could clarify.
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on the proposed floor plan? >> we are not going to do any construction. >> this is just to indicate the area available? >> the intended area. >> so the kitchen is going to remain? >> yes. >> thank you. >> on the motion to approve -- [calling loaf -- votes] so move. you are now on item 13. to modify the approval of a planned unit development. >> good afternoon. before you i present a request for a conditional use offers --
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conditional use authorization to expand an existing clubhouse to enclose an existing swing tool. the proposed inclosure would be to expand its approximately 6600 square feet resulting in approximately 8700 square feet. it is part of the development granted approval under resolution 5452. the proposed project is a modification of that approval. the planning department recommends approval of conditions. the proposed project is found to be desirable because it is a -- it is an expansion of the community. it is to be open to the residents of the planned unit development exclusively, and it is anticipated most of them would travel by means other than private automobile, because it
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would rehabilitate our recreational space currently not in use, and because it meets planning code requirements. staff has received one letter of opposition. the concern is around the boat can show negative affect than the proposed scale of the condition. staff recommends approval of a conditional use authorization with conditions. i am here to answer questions and provide verification. thank you. >> thank you. project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners and the president of the homeowners' association. i have with me my secretary.
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she does not want to speak, but she is here in support of the board. we have of board of seven people in the community. we have 189 town halls, parking lots, play areas, and we are very unique in the city and county, and this facility we want to enclose is our olympic- sized pool, which we have enjoyed for many years, but because it is an outdoor pool, we have been vandalized, we have been subjects of all types of safety to our home owners, because people have climbed our fans, swam in our -- climbed our offense, swam in our schools,
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broken our windows, all sorts of things you can imagine, and for the safety of our community, we have been renovating our property for the last 15 years. we started out with the lights in our parking lot, and mrs. r. last large project. we have done many small projects in our community for many years, and this is just a culmination of the long years of work by our board of, our current ford, because previous boards -- the place was in neglect, and since we acquired a project manager to help us manage our property, we have had much success, and we have a lot
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of admiration for the neighboring communities surrounding us, and we get a lot of compliments on how we have relief renovated and repaired a lot of things that originally were there, -- how we have really renovated and repaired a lot of things that originally were there. we're asking for approval so we can enjoy our amenities. this is a private homeowner association supported and maintained by the association. thank you for your time. >> thank you.
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>> i am all homeowner of 56 garrison avenue which abuts the area of the proposal is being asked to expand. i argue the quality of life will suffer during and after the construction of the facility. it will potentially increase criminal activity. our homeowner covenants do not allow homeowners to modify town halls, increase the design in any way, yet they are asking that of the community building. the current building should be preserved as an historic vote very, and i am going to read a letter i have -- as the historic building, and i am roid to read
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a letter i have. -- going to read a letter i have. the structure would not slowly beef for use of the residents of the association. this is a parent -- apparent as i watched the residents. it does not insure unrelenting members of the comment will not gain access. maybe some of you could remember the days were -- the days when on wanted people did not walk into our home. -- unwanted people did not walk into our home. the site in scope of the building seems much too large for the building. the plan for the proposed
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structure are designed in isolation because there is no schematic it does not fully determine how the structure will impact the surrounding area. this side will affect the trees surrounding it because there will be less access to sunlight. the plans do not reflect the townhome surrounding its, but rather mammoth the heritage home -- mimic the heritage home across the street. i do not agree and expansion is necessary to impose a swimming pool. we can dispense those swimming pool. we are in three blocks from the swimming pool paid for by our tax dollars, and as a community, we do not need to take on the
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cost of liabilities of the zoning conflict. in these economic times, it is fiscally irresponsible to consider such a project that will have a significant financial impact on the homeowners. thank you for your consideration. >> could afternoon. -- good afternoon. i prepared the drawings for this facility, and i want to take a few minutes to talk about the facts about the project. this side was first constructed
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in the early 1960's. for the last 20 years, we have not been able to have the approval. they have to leave it the way it is. in addition, the bathrooms do not meet guidelines. if you go there now, you will find on the face of the swimming pool. we are enclosing a swimming pool. we are not constructing a new swimming pool. i think that is an important point for you to note. in addition, we have a fitness room within the building that will help a lot of people who do not have access to the facilities. we also have send in ground spot. the owners have demonstrated a very good sense of responsibility in taking upon themselves to expand and in
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close the pool building. the existing community does not have any heating or cooling facilities, so we are going to be cooling the existing building, so it is very clear the project will actually result in better use. it will result in less violence, and it will be a community benefit for the 189 homeowners but surrounded. we do not have one-story buildings around it. if you take a look of the site plan, it is surrounded by two- story townhomes, and there is a good offer, so we do need a decent ceiling height when you
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have a swimming pool verses a diving board. that diving board allows for whoever wants to use the diving board to be able to jump of and get in the pool. the second thing is that for cooling, we never really have a pool with a low ceiling height. otherwise, it is very difficult in terms of the temperature you have. i would urge you to take into consideration all these factors as you approve this project. >> is there additional public comment on this item? you have already spoken. thank you. >> [inaudible]
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>> you have already spoken. thank you. is there further public comment? if not, public comment is closed. vice-president olague: i would like to move to approve. comissioner antonini: second. it sounds like by enclosing there may be opportunity for more security, but if it is not enclosed, there is none. comissioner sugaya: i would like to have a condition. i would like to of the staff work more closely on the design. particularly the corner aliments seem a little heavy-handed, and of the whole structure could be likened of a little bit in some way, i think it would make for a better project. >> yes, definitely. >> perhaps we could move it into
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a slightly more modern vernacular. if looks so traditional it almost looks phony. >> i have a problem with the four corner thing. >> commissioners? >> they work with the staff and architect. >> on that motion to approve the conditions including working with staff to prove the design. [calling votes] so move, commissioners. you are now on item 14 for mandatory discretionary review of the planning commission, requiring review of all the conversions. >> this afternoon. i present the request for
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discretionary review on the . recommend is to not take discretionary review and approve conversion to a dental office. the basis is as follows. there will be no tenants evicted as a result of this conversion. the project promotes small business ownership allowing existing small business to relocate its operation within the mission district. the proposal will ok conditional use on the ground floor in a pattern common throughout the city and particularly within this stretch. the proposal is located within a relatively transit rich area of san francisco and as as much it is not anticipated many of the patrons will not impact parking or traffic.
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lastly the department is unaware of any public opposition to this proposal. this concludes my presentation. i am available for any questions. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am representing the project sponsors. there is little to say about this site expect for the fact that it is the only residential unit within at least four blocks that is located on the ground floor. the conversion to a commercial unit would bring it more into compliance of the master plan. as a footnote i would like to add that doctor fox and his wife have owned a dental office just a few blocks away from there at the corner of 25th and mission street. this is basically their lifelong dream after being
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there for over 20 years to be able to own nearby property they would be able to utilize as their main business as well. thank you for your time if you have any questions. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? if not, public comment is closed. >> move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner moore. >> can we get some instructions from the department relative to dwelling units, we are always very concerned when we have three bedroom units. i would like to get a reading from the department looking of how should we deal with this. there are many neighborhoods which have the conditions, very
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similar to what is on this picture. i look down powell street, at the edge of china town where there are small businesses right next to residential buildings, almost identical to what i see on this picture here, looking at the photo on the inside of this package. could the department give us an explanation of why we should be supporting this. in light of the fact that we are continuously being confronted with the issue of preserving particularly three bedroom dwelling units. >> certainly. if you look within the draft motion the general plan does address some of these questions and outline a number of thresholds for yourself and the commissioners to determine. i tried to address these issues as best i