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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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our concept plan was agreed to. they are studying the options. the bridge option is very sensitive. we know that. but it is very essential. this is the main gateway to the shipyard. there was the mention of jobs. they have done a great job. [bell] they are working with us.
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it will be a tremendous benefit to the people of the community. this plan has been in effect for almost 10 to 20 years, so no the we have the opportunity to develop the communities, we can now focus -- so now the korea the opportunity. -- now that we have the opportunity. president maxwell: [reading names] your name? >> my name is -- i am very happy to see this. i think a lot of us, originally from low-income families, and we need opportunities, -- i think a lot of us, originally from low- income families. -- a lot of us come a originally
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from low-income families. we have someone who wants to develop the project, create opportunities, create jobs, make them a vital community, a community that we can all be proud of, with jobs, retail stores, making it look part of the city. that part of the city has been neglected since i was a little boy living on a street. this property will never be developed. but it will be years before it gets developed. please give us the opportunity so the begin of jobs, hope, we can raise our children there comet boat -- so that we can have jobs. we can raise our children there. we have done a diligent " job,
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and this is your legacy, sop hie, and each one of you can say, "we have done something great." you can be proud of it on a national level. please, do not let the train leave, because we will not have this opportunity for a long time. president maxwell: [reading names] >> supervisors, michael. actually, i have come up here with a different tack than i originally intended to. i had originally thought of
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coming here, swinging hard against these two organizations, to one of which i used to belong, the sierra club, and the other that i used to contribute to, but i will take to heart the possibility of turning down the rhetoric, and some people are digging in their heels, and i will wait to see what they will do. i think there is a real possibility of moving forward on this. president maxwell: all right, i will read some more names. [reading names] if you hear your name, come on up, and remember that some people may be in other rooms. [reading names] >> good afternoon, madame
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sophie. i have been coming here to these meetings for the last several months, and i know there are people who have been coming here for years. i strongly approve of the process in district 10. for many reasons. mr. mar, i heard you mention jobs. when you're in the construction trade, you work your way out of a job. you do the job, and it is done. there are social enterprises, retail services, new homes, recreation. management, executives,
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research, manufacturing, food, sustainable business, retail, enterprising, and retail service, sales, merchandising, property management, security, janitorial. in new homes, property management, maintenance and janitorial, landscaping, household services, maintenance gumpert programming -- maintenance, and he's good at up to thousands of jobs. -- these could add up to thousands of jobs. please, let's go forward. thank you. [bell]
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>> good afternoon. my name is -- i am here to support the project. it will bring thousands of new jobs in the bay view area. this will be were many people live. thank you. president maxwell: think you. >> i support this -- thank you. >> i support this because we will of more job opportunities and housing. the city is finally working with the navy to clean up the shipyard.
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i support it. thank you very much. president maxwell: thank you. [reading names] if you hear your name, come on up. first, , first-served. >> tim paulson. i am the executive director of the labor council. we represent 150 unions in san francisco, and many thousands of our boat members live in the bayview-hunter's point area. -- many of our members live there. there really is a path to getting this done, and as you know, the entire labour community supports the project moving forward.
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we have been working on it for quite some time. this really probably is a model project in many ways for the rest of the united states, the deliberations, the environment to review, putting affordable housing together at an unprecedented level, as well as the work force development, so i am urging you to obviously move this forward we will be tomorrow to hope we see this they move through the board of supervisors. so many people have been waiting on this in the community. they can finally see a true path to move forward, so we are asking you to support this through the move tomorrow. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am linda, were presenting a society, which is one of the organizations which have signed
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on to -- representing a society. we will see you tomorrow. i wanted to make a couple of comments. i appreciate the fact that they have expressed their thanks for the input which as come from the environmental community, and it makes me feel really, really good to hear that some of our concerns are being heard. i hope everyone understands, and i am not just speaking for myself, those of us who have filed an appeal, i do not want to be classified as an opponent to this project. i think it is a wonderful project, and the vast majority of it is just beautifully designed korea boat --
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beautifully designed. i would rather that people think that we have concerns. we are trying to make the project even better than it already is, and that is one of the things i wanted to say. i live in district 10. i do spend time in various cases in the bayview, and i am very, very concerned about the area, and i hope with all of my heart that the affordable housing and the jobs occur. i hope to live long enough to see all of these things happen. so i hope that everyone understands that, and i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. thank you. president maxwell: thank you. again, we appreciate all of these voices, and that is what democracy is all about. we tend to get a vote irritated, and that is ok, because that is
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all part of the process which we tend to get a little irritated. -- we can to get a little irritated. that is ok. >> i want to thank supervisor chiu for listening to us and for the group for looking at a possible compromise. it is not a compromise. it is still filling wetlands. the decibel level of golden gate park is around 50. the intersection at irving avenue and lincoln -- ninth and lincoln, excuse me, but was around 75, -- that was around 75 , so that is very busy.
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that is going to be the sound at candlestick park. it goes right across the nature area. the people who have been denied classic parks, yet is their chance. -- here is their chance. that is not a park. that is a city street. so for the people, it is a bad deal in. for the birds and the critters, it is a bad deal. we presented you with an alternative.
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we have given you evidence that it will only be a couple minutes difference. [bell] it still provides access in transportation that you can have without it. thank you. president maxwell: a am sorry. you are first. go ahead. -- i am sorry. but supervisors, mining is connie. i am with the labor council -- >> supervisor, my name is connie. -- supervisors. i think they look like they're moving in a direction, and it sounds very interesting. i want to spend my time addressing three issues. the first issue is in regard to the urban planners.
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we have been discussing this project for 15 years. now, these community planners from the outside of our neighborhood, out some of our city, they come in a in a couple of months -- they come in in a couple of months. i challenge many of their comments. we have a letter from our attorney challenging many of the comments that these three people who studied it for a very short period of time, so i want to read that letter in question the validity of the statements. the second day of winter dress is something that i hear over and over again, and it really is upsetting -- the second thing i want to address. it is about gentrifying the neighborhood.
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african american families have been leading the bayview in huge amounts of numbers. -- leaving the baby -- bayview. one of our goals was to stop the process and to provide work force development so they did not have to leave the city in order to function and raise their children. so i urge you to consider this plan is a good plan. we need to go forward, and we need to go forward tomorrow. thank you. president maxwell: [reading names] just one more name petco -- one more name. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for hearing from some
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many of us. i am a director, and i am here to support moving forward with this project. this plan has been debated for a long time, studied a lot, and it has been a true san francisco process that you can either be proud of or not. it depends on how you think of the process, but it has been through the process, and it is time to move forward. this is a testament, i guess, to the work you have been doing with the developer that it will, in fact, make a difference. this is going to mess it did in environmental and economic benefits for the city. -- this is going to have significant environmental and economic benefits for the city.
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one of the major sticking points, an observation on this -- my observation on this, with every public transit improvement that ever gets proposed, you have residents trying to stop high-speed rail from coming to san francisco. korea residents trying to stop rapid transit. like at market street, that is being fought. -- we have residents try to stop rapid transit. -- trying to stop rapid transit. this does not mean to diminish the there are local impacts. it is like the the transit will work better in the future. thank you. president maxwell: next speaker,
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please. >> karen, can i represent a group. president maxwell: speak directly into it -- and i represent a group. >> my name is karen, and we are working to create something where it is also an arts district. i have been there about 15 years. along with others, and it been very involved in the planning process. -- i have been very involved in the planning process. this is what san francisco is known for round the world. -- around the world. we want to bring this to a wider range in san francisco. we think we can have a positive impact on the city as a whole by
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creating a facility that will be a destination for the visitors to come into the city as well as offering education and training programs in arts-related work -- and arts-related work. so we are very much in support of this project and would like to see it move forward. thank you. : president -- president maxwell: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i am with the sierra club, the local president. the first thing i want to say is that the sierra club is in full support of the redevelopment of hunter's point, and we do not want to stop it or slow it down. we have been hearing the message from the environmentalists as we have been in communication with you over the last four months
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and much further back. it seems that the sierra club is the voice of know, and in this particular case, we are not the voice of noten -- o. voice o region we are not the voice of -- we are not the voice of no. this will destroy many of the note wetlands we have left. certainly, the wildlife in the area is better off without the bridge. there are better viable options than the bridge, and we hope that you will consider those other options. we are grateful to your supervisor -- to hear
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supervisor chiu's amendment. please, do not slow it down, but, please, reject the bridge. the president maxwell -- president maxwell: next speaker, please, and i want to thank the sierra club. >> i also work for the sierra club. i want to say that i have spent a lot of time on this project, reaching out to all of you. i have grown to really feel passionately about it. i want to reiterate what we are not against this project. we just want it to be the best project. -- i want to reiterate that we are not against this we do not need high-rise housing -- not
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against this. and we do not need a bridge. that is the bottom line. thank you. president maxwell: and before you speak note -- before you speak, [reading names], they he. -- thank you. >> ok. hi, my name is mike. i in the president of californians for renewable energy, -- i am the president. first, i would like to say that lanar is one of the biggest
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ponzi schemes in history. in fact, all of you are going to be in the movies, and if you vote for the project, you will be the focus of the movie, and if you would like to see the trailer for the movie company go to this website. if you go to this website, you will see a trailer for the movie. it is a ponzi scheme. anyone who aids and abets them in their ponzi scheme will be prosecuted. please watch this trailer, because the feature film is supposed to come up in the next few months. we are appealing the certification.
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there was an appeal that identified five fatal flaws in the eir. the plan is inadequate. the commission failed to mitigate or avoid impact. in 2000, san francisco voters approved by over 80% to require the shipyard to clean up to a level that would enable unrestricted use of the sides, but the pride it contravenes the intent. the navy returns jurisdiction. the preset goal of maintaining the 49 years -- 49 years4 -- 9ers has clouded the situation -- maintaining the 49ers. president maxwell: next speaker,
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please. >> [speaking foreign language] >> my name is wu. i am the president of the chinese club. i am supporting the shipyard. this project is the biggest for centuries. >> [speaking foreign language] >> there are 10,000 houses. 32% of it will be lower income. >> [speaking foreign language] >> most of the chinese are
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living in the sro now. >> [speaking foreign language] >> it also benefits the hunters point and benefits the chinatown. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i want my children to be owners of a home. >> [speaking foreign language] >> i urge you to do this program, and i also support it. thank you. >> pinkett evening, good afternoon, supervisors.
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-- good evening. we have 70 people, 70 families here, and they support the building program, and the program is good for our city, good for our families, and good for the community, so we support it. ok, thank you. president max " -- president maxwell: mabel, could you have the people in your group who
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supported just raise their hands? -- who support it? thank you. excuse me. mabel? mabel? mabel, why do you not have them go out that door? all right. why do you not come out? t