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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2010 1:30am-2:00am PST

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thank you. all right. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is wanda, and i was born and raised in san francisco. i am a bayview resident. the reason i am supporting this project is for affordable
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housing and better jobs and health care. i am a mother of seven children, and at one point, it took all five of us working just to pay rent for three bedrooms in the bayview. it is not only one of us in san francisco who had to live like this. there are people out there who have to work two or three jobs just to live and survived. -- survive. i like what this project has to offer, real living wage jobs, health care, in real affordable housing for people like me and my family -- and korea affordable housing. please vote for this project -- and we'll affordable housing. r regioneal -- real affordable housing.
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president maxwell: [renames] -- [reading names] >> good afternoon, supervisor chiu, supervisor maxwell. thanks for david chiu. i know you love been spending a lot of time on the project. -- you have been spending a lot of time. you have really been working very diligently , so the thanks to the three of you. this shipyard is the future of san francisco. i tell you, it will be the future of san francisco. san francisco depends very heavily on this development of the shipyard because it brings
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jobs, and jobs and housing. supervisor david chiu, 32 affordable housing, and i know in your district in chinatown, a lot of people live in a single room. they have to shared toilets. they have no kitchen. .-- they have to share toilets. they are suffering, and this plan is going to help them. it is not only for the bayview. it is san francisco in the whole. 3000 houses. 3000 families will be better because of this project. think about this. teachers, policemen, firefighters.
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is so expensive, they have to leave the district. -- it is so expensive. [bell] they can benefit from this project. if you say note today, what will happen tomorrow? are we going to wait another 30 years? -- if you say not? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with the alliance for californians for community empowerment. i did here in support for the project moving forward. -- i am here in support. we believe this is an opportunity for the residents of bayview hunters point. with all of the agreements that have been negotiated, there is a path of success built into it for the residents of bayview hunters point.
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bbq hunters point community has an opportunity to ensure -- the bayview hunter's point community has an opportunity, so we fully support this, and we ask you to support this moving forward. supervisor mar: i want to say that, from my understanding, you check in with a door knocking and engagement with residents around the area, and a lot of your kids about organizing people to speak for themselves, -- i know the a lot of your work is about organizing people. i know that also you are involved with the environmental justice and health care and the informative protection, as well, so that i hope that a court or a sick continues to organize. -- that acorn or ace continues
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to organize. i just wanted to ask you to respond to the criticism. >> at the beginning of this process, we reached out to over 100 organizations in bbq hunter's point. many of whom signed on note -- in the bayview hunters point. many of whom signed on. they also supported supervisor daly's measure that would have brought in 50% rentals into the bay viewb -- ayview. i am trying to find the right words here. the idea is that what we proposed was not only -- our
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goal as an organization is to empower people to move forward. we do not want them to stand still. we want them to have the ability to move forward economically, socially it, in every way possible. we want them to continue to move forward korean -- socially, in every way possible. we want them to continue to move forward. the units in alice griffith were fixed. there were horrible conditions. we fought for that. we went to the residents there, and we talked to them over and over again, "what is it you want to see come out of this project ," and they gave their input. we were willing to walk away from the negotiation table when that project seemed we were not going to get what we wanted,
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which was what the residents told us to negotiate, and seeing that we were that determined, there was an agreement that was reached to be done the way that the residents asked for it to be done. ace is not working note to take from the community. we but is not working to take from the community. -- ace is not working to take from the community. we are working to give to the community. we do not do anything outside of that. from the top down. president maxwell: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here in support of the project, and there was a community benefits agreement that was worked on, note --
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worked on, particularly the group now known as ace. i just want to commend each and everyone of you for the work you have been doing. i think this is something that supervisor maxwell is fond of saying. it does not have to be either- or. i think you of all demonstrated a degree of thoughtfulness, sensitivity for the community, to arrive at a point where we can all support it. thank you. president maxwell: next speaker, and then these people. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your time. president maxwell: we need you to speak directly into the
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microphone. >> can you hear me now? president maxwell: yes. >> i do a lot of work for the city, including on some of van ness. -- south van ness. i am a at the south terminus of the rail. my wife is a deputy city attorney, who worked with crack houses. my mother-in-law, a superior court judge retired. i believe i can speak above single interests when i say that the rail spur is not a realistic route to that part of the city. it was established prior to any of the businesses occupying the
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area. it creates a bunch of unusually shaped properties occupied by those who could tolerate irregularly shaped lot street note -- shaped lots. i encourage you not to take a satellite view of the situation but a street-global view of the situation to realize that it is not attractive -- a street-local view. it is not expandable without impacting numerous businesses that employ numerous employees. i 25 employees. -- i have 25 employees. they have health care. if we are removed by eminent domain, this will be gone. once again, i am fully in support of this program. [bell]
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but i think this is a better choice for the city of san francisco. thank you. president maxwell: thank you. these next people. >> my name is marshawn. i am a member of a subcommittee -- marcia. i'm here to remind you boat -- to remind you that we support this project in 18 to go forward. -- and want it to go forward. i'd like to make a cautionary note in relation to the bridge, which is a hot topic. there is a group that has never been represented here and will not be, a group of individuals,
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and they have a great deal to do with whether or not the jobs or economic part of this project will succeed, and these are the ceo's of companies looking to relocate in the bay area, and access to the highways is tops. the idea that this bridge -- it is a mistake. this bridge is necessary to support the kind of access that real estate decision makers and companies and small and medium- size companies are looking at for new locations, so i urge you to take that into account. i am having trouble here.
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those kinds of people are not here. they are not up to this. they are not going to come before you and i urge you to their cause. they will base their decisions, and if they do not like what they see, they will simply go elsewhere, so competitive advantage is a very key issue. [bell] thank you. president marshall -- president maxwell: thank you very much. next person. >> i am a big year resident. -- a bayview resident. i am a resident. i live there, it is not a pretty sight. we want our conditions to be better. we want to have jobs. you know, we want to be able to make sure our kids are safe in the neighborhood.
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you know, we want the killing to stop. if you change or reform it, you are going to change our way of living. i am also for the shipyard. i ask you to consider this, please, please, and we all voted for you, too. president maxwell: supervisor mar would like to ask you a question. supervisor mar: one of the comments that hit me hard and one comment that hit me hard was the analysis the african american population has been decimated by different developments over the last generations and the this product
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will have a gentrifying impact so african americans will be pushed out of the city's in even higher numbers, and i am just wondering what you are thinking about that. >> i am here tuesday, and i know we have already started an investment club. -- i am here to stay, and i know we have already started an investment club. we represent some of the women who start their own businesses. they move because they want to move. one-for-one, you are here tuesday. >> thank you. -- you are here tuesday.
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>> thank you. -- to stay. >> thank you. >> our group of eight ordinary people are currently creating opportunities to earn income and creating structures to support active members as well as the community. we are investing to create opportunities for ourselves and the community, and this project is something we wholly are in agreement with. it is something that will enable us a place to put our businesses as small business people. i live right outside success
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community. i am one straight away, and i just know we can go so much further with this project, so we support the project going forward as quickly as possible. thank you. >> next speaker please. >> i am a member of the business investment co. i support the community, hoping they will have an opportunity to
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advance their careers so they can bring better security to their children and families, so i am hoping this is going to give an opportunity to advance themselves so they can feel more comfortable and go to school feeling fairly good about themselves and be a success. a dead if this is going to be able to give them that offered to -- if this is going to be able to give them that opportunity, definitely. >> next speaker please yhuri your -- next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am not in favor, and i will tell you the reason why.
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everything that glitters is not gold. all the promises that are being made, and i saw in the paper with articles all last week about the shipyard. we know people need homes. i have my own home, but i am in favor of people having homes. i am in favor of the shipyard being cleaned up completely before the houses are built. i was there before the shipyard caught fire. it is almost like the gulf of mexico where it took so long to get the oil out.
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also about the colleges. they're asking people, they are sending out requests all over the world, not as california, but all over the world. they mentioned jerusalem, egypt, all around, to bring people into the city colleges because they need money, and these people will pay more money if they come in here and are educated, so i am not in favor of it. i am in favor ofs people's health. i want to see the shipyard built, but i want to see it clean of also. >> -- fiducia cleaned up also.
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-- to see it cleaned up also. >> good afternoon, supervisors to reagan thank you for listening to us. as i have been before you numerous times, i am here today. i have sat here and listened, but i've never heard you once say anything about the families, the elderly in hunters point, where i live, when they started turning the dust in 2006, my family was affected. other families were affected. there were nosebleeds, and i stand here and tell you no lies.
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my children went to the medical center for the doctors to tell them they did not know what was wrong with them. my son works right downstairs, but i am a grandmother, and this is a superfund site. you are still not listening to us. our children need to be tested. i sat here a few minutes ago and heard the man they 30 years. it -- heard the man say 30 years. it does take that long. they will be and therefore the costs, but they will not have anything to reach out to to say, why does this thing happened?
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it happens because of all the chemicals in our neighborhood, and we've read it in, reaching we breathe it in, and i cannot understand why you would even -- and i cannot even understand why you would do this. thank you. i wish you would look inside your heart. >> if i read your name off, thank you for a much. >> good afternoon, supervisors for. i have a staff to give to each of you. there are 1000 letters from people who are for this proposal. i am here to say in san
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francisco is broke, who else do they have to put in? jobs, municipal transit -- we know that muni used to be at an all-time high. now it is low. it could be used more if we expand our areas. i am also asking for of the residents that are and have a call living conditions cease. -- asking for our residents that all activity conditions cease. some of them call us flyers if you're a dead -- call us liars. ia lot of african-americans to have asthma. asthma is sued do all kinds of things -- those big diesel
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trucks did go through that area. i am just asking that you leave a legacy that you did something while you were here, to not just sit there and let our districts -- most of the people do not live in this district, and if you do not, shut up. >> next speaker please. >> i want to speak on the condition that everybody wants to say something about, do not do this or do not do that, but we wake up with roaches. we have to wake up with possums and everything else coming across the street or whatever. we do need this, and i hope you put so we can have it. -- you push so we can have it.
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>> i am strongly for this being opposed. the housing project is a part of the city and county of san francisco and is in need of redevelopment. we need to change the bleak outlook. you cannot overlook the communities that need it the most. i urge the supervisors approve this project. please pass this project. >> next speaker please. >> i am speaking, being a resident, i need to know, what needs to be decided? you have multiple generations maybe somebody is taking care of somebody else's child, but that
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is a lot of people that will be disappointed if this does not go through. what will they do? go back to the street and continue criminal acts? you have parents taking up carpentering projects, thinking this is going to come through. what is she going to do? get back on drugs? what is that going to do for the child? it is not a grand thing. it is a chemical situation, but that is the chemical situation in itself. is the bar going to get all that money? they have been out of work for months. what is going to happen with that? it is the true nature of what this is for periods of -- what this is for. we are supposed to live where friday or saturday the water is cold.
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do we have to continue to live like that. when we have the power to educate ourselves and become citizens of san francisco, this reminds me of a biblical situation. this is going to save our community. the decision is going to determine how my little part of the world is going to survive, so last time you saw what happened. we crucified jesus. let's not crucified jesus. >> i just feel the project should go forward because it will give an opportunity for jobs. it will give a chance for a lot of people to