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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2010 2:00am-2:30am PST

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i do not think it was enough jobs for the community. i think if this goes forward, there will be enough jobs and transportation funds. i feel everyone is coming in talking about what is being done. if you have not inspected, i do not think you have our right to go against it. i think everyone should meet somewhere in the beginning so we can argue what we want and need. we see every day stores, up -- come up. they charge our black kids $600 a month to go there. this project is not fair, so i
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strongly encourage you to think about it. this will be a good project for san francisco and hunters point. >> next speaker please. >> i am here to talk about jobs. see for this happened, it was like we could not been jobless -- before this happened, it is like we could not get jobs. [list of names]
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>> could afternoon, supervisors. i want to thank you for trying to move this forward curator of -- move this forward. there are a lot of points that are true. is this necessary? i was born and raised in san francisco. we need that bridge.
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i will not go to santa clara. second of all, it is going to make it a lot easier. mark felt a community garden on an empty lot -- built a community garden on an empty lot, and he is sending that every day. a lot of my members live in district 10. it is time to go forward, so i hope you guys decide that.
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>> i do not live in that district, and i am going to speak about one thing, and that is rental housing. how are they going to be a vote to save and pay for a mortgage. the majority is for high and housing. we want to see the development now go forward. i think you have not addressed currently the issue of rental housing, and if we do not see low to middle level income affordable rental housing of the same size and scale, we are not seeing a positive future for
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this community. 1000 units is not going to do it. i did not see 1000 units being sufficient for this plan. when they tried to get that housing or try to get someone else, they are not going to be able to afford long term, and you have to seriously consider. of that mortgage money is going to disappear, and people are going to be in the same predicament. they were auctioning off holmes, so you have to seriously consider where the money is going. how can these people have long term stability and this community? >> next speaker please. >> we are of is the sponsor of public policy advocacy organization. about one in five of the
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private-sector work force works for one of our companies, and i am representing those member companies, asking if they support the project very dead -- support the project. we took them back to washington, d.c., next year, met with the alliance. this project was one of the vendor projects to show them what we are doing with the example of sustainable development they can replicate across the country, and it was reviewed highly. it was a banner project we will be very proud of once it is completed. you reference concerns, and those have been echoed. the ladies said we were not fair to speak, but we are -- thought
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there is free, but we are. -- not there to speak, but we are. we are going to have up to 12,000 new jobs. the bridge is vital for traffic circulation and development. it will be of vital and economically sustainable part of the city. the gentleman from the sierra club was complaining about the noise. that is the noise of people going who work. that is what it sounds like. if he wanted to be like golden gate, so be it, but that is the sound of people going to work, and we would like to see people going to work. we urge you to support the project. >> thank you.
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>> the afternoon i am here today without many. manny is sitting by a full having a cheeseburger and a club soda, and he is watching on his laptop. i want to says i have heard somebody talking about a missing a train. that is what is going to happen. if we do not get on board, we miss the train. we build bridges. we build the floor as we walk on. we build the roof that keeps the elements away. this job will keep people at work forever. once we are finished with construction, people can go to work forever, which is something
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they cannot do now. we hope you will see it that way and let this bill go through. >> [list of names] >> greetings. i am a community organizer for the san francisco who organizing project. i am going to be delivering this for deakin davis.
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he served in the community as a beacon for the last 30 years. this is faith-based organizations working in schools, and it is district 10, and our coalition was able to negotiate the best in the nation we just wanted to share a few comments. we live in the community. we worship there, and we send our kids to the schools.
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we see for ourselves. you do not need to go outside of the community to get an analysis. you have devoted tell you about the community. how can people in l.a. give you a better perspective than people right in the community. we believe this is a bridge to success, a bridge to a better community, and it will bridge to the rest of san franciscans after decades of political and neglect. it is only fitting that an actual physical bridge be built to connect the new housing to the new job that will be created. we would like to give you community support, and we urge you to move this forward.
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>> i am of radio residence. please let -- i am of bay view resident. i am a single mother, and i do not want my child to grow up in violence. this point is poverty-ridden. look at this. we deserve that, to very good we do not deserve to see -- we deserve that, too. we do not deserve to see people sleeping on the streets or our buildings to look condemned. i am not a resident, but i see that. yet i have been there a couple
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times. we do not deserve to live nothing like that. we deserve it. >> i am from the merchant association. a lot of stuff i want to say has been said already. one concern is the bridge. this is necessary for our protection. why don't you multiplied that by 50 companies to be affective.
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umar you will have as many as 100 people who have special deals with the navy, where they include it as a part of the working property, and for them to go have a minute domain -- in its domain. when folks come in and talk about trying to save the black community, and they are trying to do that and that, the gentrification is not the same of people from the suburbs talk about. the gentrification for people on chinatown, there are no loans to sell in chinatown, and for people in the mission, there are plenty of homes in bayview where you can buy property, and this is the kind of gentrification.
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most people feel they do not get enough money, so they moved out. we have all sorts of people were they cannot afford housing, and we have special programs we want to implement and talk to your about. >> thank you, and if there is anybody else i have not called to would like to speak, please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is mitchell, and i am a student. right now i have nothing to do. i have no school to go to because it is summer, and you
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say the train is going to leave, but we want to train tuesday. i want work. ahead region we want the train tuesday. i want it -- we want the train to stay. i want work. this is good for me to get experience right now we need to create and jobs, what ever is. i need to get experience before i can get a bigger job. thank you very much, supervisors. >> any further public comments?
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>> [speaking foreign language]
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>> my name is lawrence shoe. -- lauren chu. i strongly support this project, because this project will bring benefits to our members. we have several hundred members, and our board strongly supports this project. >> thank you.
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[speaking foreign language] >> i am translating for mr. lee. i move to send francisco in 1976. i used to take -- to san francisco in 1976. i used to take the kids to school, and i knew what it was like. i urge you to support the project because this will provide more access for the kids. >> next speaker please. [speaking foreign language]
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>> lauren chu, translating.
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i come from vietnam. i have been living in sentences go for 27 years. i have seen very -- in san francisco for 27 years. i have seen the profit. it would be good for tourism. we have high unemployment. we need help for seniors. i hope you will listen to the public and support the project. >> next speaker please. >> you need to move the microphone up and speak directly into it. >> i support the project. >> our next speaker please.
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>> i know this has been a long hearing, but to remind to please take the progress of physician to outweigh the offending sentences go from long term gentrification and to preserve the low income -- to take this to out way pushing san francisco to long-term gentrification. this will have an impact on the day vera -- bayview, as we have seen with concrete evidence of what it does sioux communities. thank you very much.
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>> i am a mother and grandmother. i am amazed we are still here at this time and juncture, knowing all the miscommunication with promise and hope that has been thrown out here. i am sure you know the difference i am going to ask you to know the difference within yourself. do the right thing, and that is to not move this forward. if science is going to make a determination, allow its to make a determination -- not some person on the payroll, but true science.
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we were forced to bring true science see you. listen and heed the words. >> any further public comment? public comment is closed. before us is a set of amendments. let me reiterate we will be sending these forward without recommendation. two of them will have public comment tomorrow, and we will hold those items until july 27 so everything hand edge of and we can move these forward as a package. we will not be making a decision today, and there will not be one tomorrow. on the amendments, i think we should take them individually, and there will be a roll call.
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the e-2 amendment, without objection? >> testhe first item is for the ceqa findings to insert a new clause. >> why don't you continue? we will move that. >> the second amendment is to the interagency cooperative agreements. but this would be the redevelopment issue. >> should we do roll-call on
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that item? >> the motion to approve the amendments. supervisor mar: no. >> the motion passes to recommend the amendment. >> next item. >> the next item is for the community benefit plan. >> i know somebody brought up there has already been as the day, and i think i read a study it. >> if i may respond, it is absolutely true there have been studies that have demonstrated a need for the center, but the
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language proposed that the to enter $50,000 would either go to expanding the health center and the ongoing needs of residence and also to pay for pre development expenses. there still may still be a little bit more stress of this update as soon what will be entailed as well as broader city concerns for health care access, etc., so this would be some money to figure out how the health center fits into the broader picture, what needs to be in the health center, and the remainder of money would go to the project. >> without objection?
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[inaudible] >> what i would like to ask, we have mr. blackwell hear from the agency, and i know these are topics that have been discussed with you. i am wondering, would it be proper to frame a motion that says we would ask the redevelopment agency to incorporate this or do we want to register our support, or is it sufficient for the head of redevelopment to know this would be an acceptable? >> i do not think you can take action on these, but you can certainly ask the redevelopment agency what their thoughts are
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on what you are proposing and what they intend to do about it or if there is any interest in pursuing those, and if it is something you wanted to take further action on, it would have to go through the normal process of getting it up and in front of the board. this is part of an agreement, but it is not included in any of the materials before you today, because it is not an item for board approval. >> i understood it would be reflected in documents. i think it is important if a plan is going to move forward that the southeast health center be part of that, so i would like to get guidance from you as to how we can insure that would be part of the binding agreement with the plan.