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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2010 4:32am-5:02am PST

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those seem like big steps. >> good question. >> the next steps are the director of operation will work with stack to develop proposed improvements -- will work with staff to develop proposed improvements to develop or achieve some of these items. there is a lot of work to get there. what you're doing is accepting the findings of the report. this is sort of the first time this has been presented to the department. when i went to urban forestry council, we all looked at these numbers and they are tough to take, but they were all very happy this report has been done. it is a document that i think will be helpful as we move forward. so you're director of operations will be working with the general manager to come up with the implementation steps and a plan. commissioner bonilla: those are
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yet to be determined? >> those are yet to be determined. we would develop the plan, implement improvements, and that would be in the spring of 2011. commissioner bonilla: ok, which may include some of these elements. >> yes. commissioner bonilla: ok. >> mr. ginsberg? >> i just want to thank the team, danny and rick and caring and gm and kelly. -- and karen and jim and kelly. i feel like i am in class when i listen to jim. commissioner sullivan, thinking long term, echoing the conclusion of the report, is duly noted. i think we obviously have had a lot of conversations about identifying sustainable funding sources, but a subset of that, i think we need to come up with a strategy to figure out how to
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improve the work we need to do on this front. it is a concept that a lot of things come before this commission that are divisive. protecting our trees is not. i think if we take that sort of consensus opinion and figure out how to translate that into a policy idea, to dedicate funding for that purpose, i think we could actually take a very significant step in that direction. so i will do it to things, not remove the trap -- not remove the taxgs, and i will be thinkig about what this team how we can comeback with a strategy for augmenting our resources in this area. >> i think the good news is in the last fund, the first time, the city of san francisco was able to come before council and put $4 million in four major
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tree work. the most important properties that need this work will get a huge shot in the arm. that will start happening over the next year. there will be removals' and conversations and the public will become more educated about the parks. these are big, new efforts of the commission that will be taking place. commissioner lee: i just want to say the trees have a tireless advocate in commissioner sullivan. it is a service to all of us for the commitment you have to it. thank you. commissioner sullivan: thank you. thank you. >> on that note, there was no public comment? do we have a motion to approve the report? >> i would move. >> second. and all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? hearing none. >> item 5, general public comment continued at this time,
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addressing the commission on items within the future agenda. these are four items that are not on the agenda. >> good evening, everybody. i know you must be tired, having been here since 2:00, but for the benefit of the commissioners who did not attend the meeting on july 1, i will make my comments. there is absolutely no valid reason that a certificate of appreciation has not been presented to me to date for my priceless gift of the number one the prime location on the waterfront. it was $600,000. everyone thinks me for this fabulous popular park except reckoned park. the recipient. unbelievable. what is behind this? it is now approaching the 10th
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year. i want to know why. we must keep politics out of the commission, if that is what is going on. try walking in my shoes. how would you feel if you worked tirelessly for this project and then you get no piece of paper in return? it is not a big deal. it is just a piece of paper. but to me, it means a lot, so i can show my grandchildren their future. life is a two-way street. is give-and-take. think of it as a goodwill investment that will pay you big, big dividends. i know that. so a little kindness goes a long way. so guys and gals, please do it. please? it just do it. thank you. >> thank you. >> nancy? >> i will now put on my hat as
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co-director as the professional dog walkers association has to mclaren park. this may or may not be appropriate for mclaren, but it is definitely not compatible with the new outreach area where 10 of 18 holes are proposed. this would create conflict amongst dog owners and golfers. many professional dog walkers, in addition to dog owners, use one of the largest legal owned runs in the city. dogs being dogs will naturally want to chase the disk. people involved will be in danger of getting hit by disks weighing as much as one-third of a pound, averaging 25, 30 m.p.h. or more. that spca estimate is 40% of households own dogs. the need for this is critical. we, the professional dog walkers
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association, are in support of shared use, shared space with other recreational users, and many people without dogs walk in these areas. but disc golf is not a good fit. thank you. >> can i ask a question? are you just post to that one area? otherwise, in mclaren park -- >> definitely, we are definitely opposed to it being with that area. and the majority of it is in that area. >> you have an opinion on other parts of mclaren? you don't have to speak for the group. and i personally? -- >> personally? no, i don't. i don't have an opinion. i am very torn, because i know some of the disc golfers and i have had discussions about this,
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and they are nice people. on the other hand, they already have one course in san francisco, and there are other courses throughout the bay area. i am not sure. >> ok, i did not need to put you on the spot. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else would like to comment under general public comment? ok, public comment is closed on the item 25. item 21, public comment on all matters pertaining to closed session. it is there anyone who would like to comment on closed session? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, we need to vote on whether to hold closed session. >> motion? >> so moved. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? none. >> we need to ask everyone to >> we need to ask everyone to please leave while we
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>> we have reconvened into open session, and you need to make a motion whether to disclose any or all of the discussions that were held in closed session. >> i move that would not disclose. >> move and second. all those in favor? >> aye. >> we are now on items 6, commissioners' matters. are there any commissioners' matters? >> hearing on. at any public comment on this? public, disclosed. we are on item 27, which is new business, agenda setting. comments from the commissioners? >> none, but i don't want to lose sight of commissioner
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bonilla's, about moving toward a committee structure. i want to direct staff that you work with the commission on directing how that will best work. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public, disclosed. -- public comment is closed. we are on item 28, communications. is there any public comment on this item? marilyn, are you coming? ok, sorry. it is hearing on top -- seeing none, public, disclosed. >> item 29? >> item 29, adjournment. >> so moved. >> yay!
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>> this is a dpw corporation yard. i work for the bureau of street environmental services used to be street cleaning. we are a new age. >> here we are. >> here we are. >> clean. >> these are our communications dispatchers. hi. okay, no problem. you are welcome. bye-bye. >> all the information about
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the location, the nature of the complaint and we dispatch it. >> near the steps. >> by new they have started a hundred calls for dispatchers. >> once a get a request if they are not on the air i will page that unit. these are the radio channels. we have 14 channels. i will give a service request. >> there is a lot of expertise that goes into a call. i think we can have you dispatch and track. >> 448. >> 448. >> 19th at california. >> can you give us a little bit of a view. >> we have the city broken up
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to different districts. we will go to zone e. we will go to iowa street. put me to work. >> okay. >> bend it over like that. we chop it. >> while you do this if you come across something that looks hazardous, material wise, >> like this paint? >> you can't take paint. >> that gets dealt with by? >> we have a patrol truck thal pick up the paint.
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>> we have tv monitors and tires. you want to look for needles we don't mix needles with the garbage. >> you have to be a positive person in a way to deal with this job. you are dealing with areas you know it's been cleaned. >> basically it happens a lot where you clean up an area. you come back a couple of days later and it's back to that again. we more or less are used to it. that's -- it's our job. you have to get used to it. it's a fact. that's the way it is. >> sure. yeah. >> okay. >> what do you think, are you
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ready to sign up? >> totally. i'm over dressed. >> a little warm? must be the sweat. >> part of the daily routine is george our steamer. you see the wall people urinate on the and the sidewalk. a trick. i get it up like this. somebody got to do it. the bigger they -- >> pull the trigger. >> careful, the water's really hot, too. >> i have been on a packer truck. i painted removed graffiti.
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my favorite. >> what's that smell? pine. one of my favorite, a guy got his head stuck in a trash can. we had to get vasoline and rub his ears. [laughter]. what goes on here we will empty out and clear this area. >> ever find stuff like drugs or anything? do you deal with that. >> i don't know, do you find anything? >> everything's trash. >> dave, let's get a little of that. >> the way to do it easier without opening the can is push off the debris off the top and you are topping off the can.
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we are not supposed to empty the can. there is a can on every corner. sometimes we get calls the majority of my work is done on eyesight if i see it i do it. downtown we fill up 3 or 4 times a day. >> daily it could change and be various different assignments that come up. we can swing by, we see some of the trucks unloading in the area. >> this is our dump site, this is where we dump the debris. we come twice a day to unload all the trucks. i need you to go on up there and he will assist you to unloading the mattress and the futons. >> okay. okay.
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>> sometimes you see it popping out. you have to be very careful. pushing in and down. pull it out. >> you have been here once earlier? >> did you have as much stuff? >> more. >> oh , my god. >> did you survive your day in dpw? >> i did i learned quite a bit. the packing truck. shovelling stuff. the steamer i thought i was a candidate for an industrial accident. >> we have 340 employees. most of the people out there do it every day. >> i'm ready to turn in my
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vest. >> did a good job today. >> would you pass him on probation. >> yes. see you tomorrow at 6
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>> the san francisco arts commission's public arts program made a big splash in the civic center with the world premiere of three heads, six arms. the artist came from shanghai to help us celebrate the unavailing. we had a chance to speak with him about his work. >> the san francisco arts commission is pleased to be celebrating their relationship
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between san high and san francisco. the shanghai and san francisco. this is a 30 relationship that stretches back to win dianne feinstein was the mayor of san francisco. we premiered a new work of art here in san francisco called the three heads, six arms. welcome to san francisco. thank you for bringing your extraordinary sculpture. can you tell me about what inspired you to create this sculpture? >> this started with some trips that i took years ago. i went to to bed and i saw a lot of statues and i started to
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really feel the spiritual life of people in tibet. it really inspires me and i went back to shanghai and i started the creation of this. >> we see that one of the heads of the bullet it is your face. can you talk about the significance of that? -- we see that one of the heads of the buddha is your face. >> i started doing public art almost 10 years ago. what i want to express this as an extension of my our practice.
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this is an accumulation of my own experience as a performance artist. >> we see that the scale is very important. we have seen other works where a limb of this culture is on the floor but everything is very big and large scale. what are you trying to accomplish with expanding the scale of these images to such a great size. >> i wanted to make large scale art and see how this plays a role in contemporary society.
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i think that is the mission of contemporary art, to serve as a social critique. >> when the mayor knew some -- when mayor newsom join you in dedicating this, they wanted to find a work that was big and bold. he was so pleased with your participation that he made you an honoraria citizens of san francisco for the next 18 months. the public reaction has been very positive. what is your reaction of how people receive your sculpture? >> i think that san francisco has a long history.
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this gigantic sculpture is in front of the civic center. i know that that is not the kind of a go with whole environment. there is an exchange with the american culture and the asian culture which has created this very strong power. this power was created by east meets west may be is exactly what our mayor or the public wants. they will start to be curious and wonder how this is here and how we look at the asian culture. >> you have lived internationally, you have lived in cities like new york and beijing, now shanghai. you made a very conscious decision to lend this culture to
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san francisco as opposed to having it premier as an exhibition at another museum. >> i am very satisfied with the turnout and i lived in new york for 8 years and all of my children were born in new york. i already have the american spirit. i am proud to be here and i really appreciate the spirit of committing to things and being honored and being collaborative. when i flashed back to my career, i think about what an artist can do is a teeny tiny thing. i want to contribute to the hall human society. what art can do is just this
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tiny bit. >> your invitation has already proven to be a great success and we really look forward to spending time with your sculpture. thank you for being part of "culture wire." >> thank you for being part of this project. >> thank you for watching. join us for future episodes. you can
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supervisor mirkarimi: welcome to the transportation authority meeting. i would like to say welcome to everyone here. thank you also to sfgtv. would you please read roll call. >> [roll call]
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we have a quorum. item two, approval of minutes of the june 29, 2010 meeting. >> any comments seeing none, public comment is closed. without objection. please read items 3 and 4. >> cheers report. this is an information item. the executive director's report. supervisor mirkarimi: colleagues, it has been an extra busy month at the authority, so keep your commentsd4&