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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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get a chance to speak, but that would be up to you to decide because this is technically not the city and county. it is a separate agency, so you could follow that procedure or any other procedure you so wish. commissioner mirkarimi: all right. is miss pimentel here? i would be more than happy. if you would like to address us, please do, and then we will give the same courtesy to commissioner schmeltzer as well. >> can i ask that you speak a little louder? i have the hearing loss. commissioner mirkarimi: by all means, if you would like to take two or three minutes and address as, we would welcome that. >> ok, thank you. good afternoon. my name is leah pimentel. i have lived in baby-hunters point for 28 years. i'm a third-generation homeowner and business owner in bayview. i began my career in the bayview hunters point working green action for help and environmental justice, working
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on the debut hunters point diesel pollution projects, and from there, i began my work with my current position, giving low-income homeowners and bayview hunters point and potrero hill free-soiler panels and educating them on the benefits of going grain and how to install solar panels. it's that's the guts of what it means to be green, how this can help your family save money on your pg&e bill and also have clean energy. from there, i started my own nonprofit organization to help the ill, underserved, and homeless. there's many people within the city that cannot afford to go to high schools and colleges, and i stood on a foundation within my organization to help them and the homeless as well. i also reactivated the harvey matthews/baby-hunters point club to give the community a voice, an opportunity to speak and vote
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as well. i submitted my application to the commission. i feel i would be a good asset. i have a irapport working with -- a good rapport working with community members. i'm a very engaged person. i will be very hard working and learn from within. thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. colleagues, any questions at all? commissioner mar: thank you so much for your interest in lafco. i was just going to ask, what is the lee institute? >> it was a non profit organizations. it provided an opportunity to go into the community and really evaluate the sustainability areas within bayview that needed to be up kept, so if you work from bayview, underneath the bridge, it was a lot of dumping. people would dispose of their trash and what not, so we worked to clean up those areas that are dumped on -- sidewalks
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and what not in the community. commissioner mar: even though there's the question of which -- whether you have attended any meetings of lafco, to which you wish appointment -- >> i was part of clean power sf and one of the captains. i have gone out in the community, and whenever i do work with the community members, and educate them on the importance of clean power sf, and when they see the mailer, they ask and call me what it -- asked me what it means and how can the beneficial to them, so they know me on a personal level and feel comfortable and trust that what i'm telling them is accurate and that is good for their homes and then as well. commissioner campos: thank you. i just want to thank you for coming forward, and i had an opportunity to sit down with you, and i thought you were very well-informed, very
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prepared, and very thoughtful about the role that lafco not only currently place but that it could potentially play, so i just wanted to thank you for the. thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: i just want to echo the comments of my colleagues. very much appreciate your interest, your background and your commitment to san francisco, of course in the southeast sector of san francisco. i would very much and i think we would very much like to work with you in one capacity or another. thank you. >> [inaudible] commissioner mirkarimi: i tell you what, let's go ahead and hear from our other applicant. then i will bring up public comment.
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>> thank you. and thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position again. i have been a public member on lafco for the last 80 years. i think almost as long as lafco has been around in this form. i am -- 19 outside of lafco, i have been an environmental lawyer and energy lawyer -- hawhen i am outside of lafco. work on finding an oval our sources and funding and enabling power to be distributed in a clean way during the power crisis. i was the environmental lawyer for the university of california system. i also worked on their sustainability efforts, which resulted in most of the canvases -- all of the campuses, creating
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sustainability efforts, including clean power and renew ability resources. just coming up with all sorts of innovative ways to try to make the campus is more sustainable. i am now the chief counsel of the california coastal commission, where i have been for the last four years, and the california coastal commission is very concerned with california's environment, with global warming, with sustainability on the coast in a particular. as a longtime san francisco resident, i'm very concerned with how all of that affects san francisco and with our opportunity to really look for and moved into a clean power in the city. so with that, thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. colleagues, comments or questions for commissioner schmeltzer? ok, why don't we open this up to
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public comment. ms. jackson, please. >> good afternoon, again. espanola jackson. i did not know that was one seat. i know that hope has done an excellent job, and i know you are going to have a hard decision to make, but i came here to support leah. i have worked with leah over the past year. because of her, i was able to get a loan on my home and make sure that other people of the view-hunters point, senior citizens -- i must ask -- i think i came before you before in stated since i have, my light bill went from $200 down to less than $4 and month. how about that? so i am for everyone getting
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solar on their home, especially the seniors on fixed income like myself. i think leah has done an excellent job, and i have not seen anyone on these commissions -- main reason i came is because i have not seen anyone from baby-hunters point being appointed to a commission that is so important, and i knew she would be an excellent asset to you, not only to lafco, but also to all of san francisco because she is a well-rounded young lady. at that here was a young woman. we are trying to push our young people to come forward and be participants in the politics that go on here in san francisco. thank you very much. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you, ms. jackson. any other public comment, please,. >> thank you, commissioners. i'm here in support of ms. pimentel and the work she has
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done. i think she would be a valuable asset. not in one of the seats, perhaps as an alternate. several months ago, when we were in the debt grows over prop16, i was approached by some members of the sierra club, and it will looking for someone to be part of their clean sf campaign. am sure many of you have seen this. she has been a whirling dervish in this community. she understands these issues, and i think she would be a valuable asset. the second thing i want to say as part of my late-night habits is watching channel 26 and channel 70, and i happened to come across the rules committee, where supervisor campos was speaking about this appointment. he mentioned that you all were going to look at more applicants. you wanted a diverse pool to choose from, and i thought ms. pimentel might be a good
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possibility. i mentioned that to work, and i think she threw her name in there. i would urge you to look at her closely. i do not know what knowbornstein is going to do. he has been a fantastic asset, but there's a spot for ms. pimentel, i hope you will consider her. thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. any other public comment? >> good afternoon, again, supervisors and commissioners. san francisco green party. as far as i know, i'm still with the community choice and its alliance. i want to speak strongly in favor of this pimentel for this position. lastl meeting, i raised a concern about good alternatives and relationships with pg&e. i did a little homework after the meeting and found out is really not an issue. and i do know leah personally. she is very knowledgeable about the industry. she has been directly involved
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in it. the fact that we have a chance to get a woman of color from the bayview on to this body is absolutely crucial, especially when we look at the fact that as the shipyard project moves forward, we are going to have public power, hopefully, in that area, and we need a representative of that area to be here, speaking for the community. so that is really crucial. i do not know what his status is, but i would hope because of his extensive knowledge base and experience and advocacy for community choice aggregation, the mr. bornstein might be considered for the alternate, but i think we should really go for putting leah on. that would be a huge asset to the lafco. thanks. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. >> i wish i had 10 minutes to go on about what i want to say,
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which l which leah pimentel must be teh lafco public member. i cannot say and in any less forceful terms. her leadership, not only her existing skills, but her potential and where she is going to go in terms of her leadership for the community is incredible. i have known her for a year-and- a-half at this point. we met over the campaign to get solar panels on ms. jackson's home and tried to raise solar awareness in the community. she lives and breathes environmental justice. she lives and breathes renewable energy, low-income affordability, creating solar and green advocates in communities where they have not been our traditional partners in the traditional environmental stewardship. she is incredible. i could go on about how in january, she won the jefferson award for doing work in the community. cbs did a profile on her, calling her solar girl of bayview-hunters point.
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do you remember that? i saw that. constantly, she joined us in the final stages of dealing with the peters, at some point last year. she will these halls trying to advocate for her community, once to learn about environmental injustice. as soon as she started -- i found this in the chair's office. eric smith put it up there a second ago, but -- like how the thing? that is not her. wait, where are you? it is in spanish. that is the only copy you had, but people know her. she came into their houses to advocate clean energy. i spent so much time with her. she said she wanted to know everything about the program because she wanted to sell at in our region and create awareness and advocacy in her community. she has resurrected an important political organization. you cannot say political stuff
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during public comment, right? a very important political organization advocating for one of the political parties in bayview hunters point to create awareness for the importance of a certain process with selecting a supervisor. you know what i'm trying to say. she is just an incredible person, and i cannot say enough why she has to be on this body. we do not have enough women on our bodies. we do not have enough women of color. especially at a moment where there is a rumor that we are going to lose commission a juliet ellis from the sfpuc, something we're not going to let happen, by the way. leading more women of color. we need more residents of our disadvantaged communities. i did not say clearly, please appoint leah to this body. thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. the matter is that before this
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body. colleagues? commissioner dufty. commissioner dufty: thank you. i just wanted to express my appreciation for commissioner schmeltzer's service and tenure. i do believe, as ms. johnson and reggie jackson, did, she has contributed a great deal, and i would expect i would welcome the opportunity to continue her service and to add ms. pimentel as the alternate member. that would be all right, i would make that motion and discussion. commissioner mirkarimi: very good. motion made by commissioner dufty. seconded by avalos by with the reappointment by commissioner schmeltzer for seat 6, and attached motion for the alternate seek a seat 74 ms. pimentel. commissioner campos: if i could simply add that i also want to thank schmeltzer commissioner for her service. if this goes forward, it means you would continue to see ross mirkarimi. commissioner mirkarimi: i have
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to confess, she creates all of us. commissioner campos: i'm really excited about what she brings to the table, and i think that the combination of the two is a very powerful combination for lafco. commissioner mirkarimi: i agree. i think the synergy would be beneficial, not adjusted lafco but to the city and county of san francisco. everything i have known about ms. pimentel and what i have seen on the flyer -- by the way, really nice flyer. it went really well. together, quite a dynamic duo. i think it would work very well for everybody. colleagues, can we take that? >> mr. chairman, shall we have a motion to recuse commissioner schmeltzer from voting? commissioner campos: so move. commissioner mirkarimi: so move. commissioner avalos: i wanted to echo the comments of my
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colleagues here on lafco, and supervisor bevan dufty had actually taken the words out of my mouth. i was going to make that recommendation as well. i keep apologizing. there's no need to do that. commissioner, i wanted to thank you for your eight years so far, and they do look forward to continue to work with the. for ms. pimentel, thank you for applying, and i look forward to working with you, and i think you could bring great perspective to lafco, and that will strengthen this commission and be a great thing for san francisco. i hope you can be here every meeting as well as an alternate and contribute a lot to the discussions that are here, and i welcome that. commissioner mirkarimi: this is what we were asking a staff earlier for process and procedure, because they're actually has been some time on
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the consideration for vacant seats. does ms. schmeltzer have to leave the room? you're technically still here. commissioner mirkarimi: just go over here. what about in the audience? does that make a difference at all? can we take this without objection? very good. i would like to congratulate commissioner schmeltzer for reappointment le and reappointment lah pimentel in seat 7 -- welcome alternate leah
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piment. -- pimentel. trust us, this is not an irregular or passive action. you will be working regularly on the body. we look forward to it. >> item 6, public comment for items not on the agenda. commissioner mirkarimi: for anyone who has not had a chance to express themselves. >> just real quick, quickmar had just stepped -- commissioner mar had just stepped out, but many commissioners are aware that some months ago, there was a hearing called about local hiring, community hiring a particularly on the sunset boulevard, particularly on the underperformance and community jobs. as a result of the hearing, we learned about some of the issues and challenges around that. things that members of this
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commission in their capacity as supervisors are challenging as we speak. through that hearing, we actually learned about some of these issues, and community hiring hit the 30% requirement which was attached to the private, and they did 50% overall. the point i'm saying is i think it would be very appropriate if the experience, expertise, and work of the commissioners on this body to perhaps at some point -- maybe in the near future -- to have a hearing on how community hiring, local hiring is going to work on the rollout of cca and the development of in-city generation and renewable energy. the challenges around us are fairly complicated, but they are in a position where the resolution is achievable, but this has to happen in public. to the chair, to the idea of perhaps a hearing of perhaps this rollout of solar distributed generation and energy efficiency, it makes a lot of sense with the
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composition of this commission and the work that you all do, to have a hearing to know as you are looking at this inventory how we can dovetail the work that is happening on local hiring reform and some of the challenges exposed at the reservoir to make sure we can deliver jobs to our disadvantage communities through cca. just a thought. commissioner mirkarimi: and that is a very good idea. >> good afternoon, commissioners. one more bite at the apple. i know that it is kind of a distant curve you for this body, but i think something that joshua mentioned on an earlier item is a matter of pretty deep concern. that is there is an attempt under way to remove juliet ellis from sfpuc. she has been a champion of local hiring. she is a woman of color. it is a really disturbing development. i know you are the lafco, and the mayor's office is the
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mayor's office, but i would urge the members to do anything they can to try to make sure we retain ms. ellis on the san francisco public utilities commission. thanks. >> just briefly, it is really a pleasure to see a commission do wonderful work and great things, made up of a body of good people. i just want to thank you all for the work that you do. thank you. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. continue that to the call of the chair. next item please. >> future agenda items. commissioner mirkarimi: colleagues, any future agenda items? commissioner schmeltzer: i do not know it is technically counts, but i'm wondering if we might be able to try and at
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least tentatively scheduled meetings more than one meeting out. there have been, i think, some scheduling conflicts recently, and possibly, we might be able to avoid those if we were able to try to set a meeting a little farther out. if the chair is amenable to that. commissioner mirkarimi: absolutely. just because a leading up to the twin challenges of what was on the june ballot and ask racing to deal racingcca required more -- to deal wiht cca. we would like to get back to a normal routine of scheduled meetings. why don't we make a recommendation to executive council and staff and do that with everybody and get back to a normal friday for a month kind of schedule, and we will float that to everybody -- does that sound amenable? ok, why don't we give that a world -- whirl.
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i agree, it would be nice for the rest of the year that will at least know the next four or five meetings in advance. very good. any other agenda items? >> this is more of a question to staff with the potential, i think, for there to be a future agenda item, but i'm wondering if the proposed ballot measure to suspend ab 32 and the potential effect that might have on local efforts to create more -- to create more local power and more renewable power and what effect that might have, and i do not know the answer to that, but i'm wondering if perhaps staff could look into that. commissioner mirkarimi: perhaps in the september meeting. would that be possible? >> in short item because again, perhaps there is something we
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might want to look at. commissioner mirkarimi: puc might have some assessment of this as well. >> we can certainly set that up as an agenda item, and we can have speakers available to you as well as our own analysis. i would assume sfpuc has may be done an analysis. i'm hopeful that it would not be a great amount of staff work or something that is too involved. in a stand there is a lot of constraints on staff time. >> right, and they have a huge coalition on the impact of this, and it is educational, so we will be able to, i think, find someone to talk about what they think the impact site. >> -- commissioner mirkarimi: there is a several-week recess mid to late august. anticipating we do not need an august meeting, or is there anything that has been
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stipulated by the actions of the rfo and rfp process that requires us to come back together? >> i do not believe there is any reason for the commission to meet at all in the month of august. we will provide the final rfp to you, and i suppose at that time, if somebody wants to call a special meeting, they would have the prerogative, but there is no other need than that. we would typically meet later in some timber. commissioner mirkarimi: again while we're on the subject, when will we know the results of that particular rfo? he said october, is that right? >> we are planning to give two full months for firms to respond to the rfp. we're issuing that next week like we planned. that would be the first week of -- i think that as october, if i'm counting months right. commissioner mirkarimi: since we
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are on the subject, why don't we then calendar a joint meeting between puc and lafco so we can hear the results of that? does that seem practical? >> sure, we will schedule it after the bidding has concluded. we're talking about october. commissioner mirkarimi: so we just know in advance that we can begin to coordinate again. >> right, is just the date would follow after bids have been received. commissioner mirkarimi: very good. colleagues, anything further? seeing none, any public comment on future agenda items? seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clarke? >> there are no further items on the agenda. commissioner mirkarimi: i would like to thank our illustrious staff, sfgtv. thank you, puc.
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thank you to miss pimentel for being now part of lafco. meeting is adjourned.
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