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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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millions of dollars in rebates. in 1972, ronald reagan appointed her to the bench, and after five years serving there, she was the founder of the san francisco crime lab fund, which brought one of the first san francisco for in the print commuters -- computers. she was a member of the san francisco bart an advocate for women's rights all of her life. she is survived by her daughters, her grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. thank you. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor chu. supervisor daly? supervisor dufty? supervisor dufty: i have an in
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memorian, someone who collapsed and passed away at while jogging. he grew up in los angeles and completed his undergraduate work at the university arkansas in the medical education at the university of arkansas medical school. he came back to california it, and he found his spiritual and professional home. he joined the emergency room staff part-time in 1987, and soon, he joined full time in the emergency room and then begin the medical director of the emergency room until his passing. he was known as someone that was loved by patients. he was always someone to help a patient with a challenge that they faced, and he is someone
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that i knew well. he was an avid runner and a member of the san francisco runners for a very long time. they were together as a couple, and kevin is also a great individual and a great friend, and so i submit this on behalf of brain for a community who loved him and will mess -- miss him. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor dufty. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: to reduce our carbon footprint and our paper usage. i know a great efforts have been made by our founding was madam clerk and others in city hall, but yet, there is a reliance on
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a preponderant of paper, where i think there should be an opt in or opt out policy about information and getting those forms as opposed to having all of these documents with duplication to all of love and of us. so i'm going to ask the city attorney to help us draft -- duplication to all of us. this is to shrink the amount of paper that comes to us. he knows? mets unpleased find a way to economize and be smart for the environment, and then also, we should fix the a little rule that came up earlier that a los -- that allows the board of
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supervisors to be managed in a way that does not necessarily reflect the intent of what the law, i think, ports, and the rest i will submit. thank you. madam clerk: f.a.q, supervisor mirkarimi. president chiu -- thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. president chiu? president chiu: there are dozens of bodies for which we as the board of supervisors make appointments, and only a small number of others make appointments to. at this time, there are an unknown number of vacancies on these bodies because there is no
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place where all vacancies are compiled for the public. for example comte at the clerk's office, we posed -- for example, at the clerk's office, we post items online. there are vacancies at the planning commission, and mta, the port commission, the police commission, and many important commissions and bodies in our city. it could be very difficult to determine which seats are available. years ago, they called for increased diversity. there was a study every few years. i was recently approached with an idea that i think will make voters who want to make this more a reality, and the
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legislation would call on the city administrator to establishing centralized online database of information regarding our appointments, and it would require providing on a quarterly basis information to the city administrator, who will then update the information on the website. from my perspective, this legislation is not intended to interfere. it is intended to create a simple tracking tool to make it easier for interested individuals to find opportunities to participate. this is about transparency. it is about openness, and it is about good government, and the rest of my items i will submit. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor chiu. supervisor avalos?
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supervisor avalos: it is jerry garcia date coming up at the park. if you're driving, it is a fabulous event. great music. there is someone who actually played with jerry garcia back in the day. great music. a fun time will be had by all. i want to thank tom murphy who has put this event on for the past eight years. this was considered to be -- this year will be no less. the public can come out and enjoy the day. madam clerk: thank you, supervisor avalos.
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supervisor chu, you want to be re-heard? supervisor chuy: i went to amend my in memoriam. president chiu: so move. next item. madam clerk: if a member would like a document to be displayed on the overhead, please do so, and please remove it. president chiu: each person will
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have two minutes unless you speak in a foreign language. >> i would like to give a thank you to bevan dufty. dufty, thank you for that. we have never seen a real giant. [speaking foreign language] san francisco [speaking foreign language] igavin newsom.
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you see them born with a gold spoon in their own mouths. where we come from and where we survive now. i am here, and i would like you to know -- [unintelligible] [speaking foreign language] isan francisco
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ladies and gentlemen, let me talk to you about the english language. to see how much money we can bring to this city. this is going to be another city. [bell] thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> do not accept money from
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foundations. private money is given by those that are peddling influence and vanity to those who cannot get it any other way. it always depends on lies in secrecy. it is important to realize how minuscule that private money is. i could tell you that the public budget is over $83 million. the contribution of the so- called public-private contribution is less than 1%. an enormous effort has been made to make sure it is publicly supported so that it will reflect the first amendment, freedom of information, and democracy. this is betrayed for a fraction of a penny, let alone
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accountability. not using the slightest bit of honesty. the public is entitled only to be good slaves and expressed gratitude. the point of my presentation is what happens to institution when maintaining class barriers .becomes more important than the truth itself? what they have done to the library can be done to what you care about. it makes sense to do this to the library first because the library involves the public right to know. without that right, democracy has no power, and if the people do not have the power, and we are all just slaves to those who control what we know, that is why i always say the allies cost more than the money. president -- belies -- th lies
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cost more than the money. [bell] president chiu: winning is everything, and ♪ when your bridge is weary when feeling small when it is in your eyes it burns, and it is dry i wish you luck that you will fix the talks and the bridge and friends just cannot be frowned -- found
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like a bridge over troubled toxic water i would like to make it better soon when it is really sad when you cannot believeb -- reathbreathe i want it better soon and i won it now on the bayview fix it up because like a bridge over troubled water fixing upf -- ix it up when you're bridge is sinking, and it needs to be fixed
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and it is all around you please pick it up -- fix it up ♪ [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> talking 4120 seconds, and i hope you listen to me. there was a profit in israel by the name of elijah, and he was told by god to when i did character -- who did -- and he was told by god to anoint a character. over syria. when the problem elijah came to him and started crying, and he was asked, "why are you weeping
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?" he said he was weeping because he knew what they would do to the city israel. you will kill people and take the children. and i thought, why did they not kill this man? because god had told them to anoint him to be king. god is all powerful. there was dick cheney this morning on youtube. we learned about david rockefeller's business, where he said he was basically pro of being charged with destroying the united states of america. god is sovereign, and he is using these people to destroy
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the united states because we have forsaken god. we have. we have forsaken god. this city is a sanctuary city. i ran for city council. [bell] president chiu: amen. any other public speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk, can you read the next items? madam clerk: these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote, unless someone has discussion, at which time it will be acted on separately. president chiu: if we can take a roll-call vote on the balance of
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the agenda? madam clerk: [reading roll] excuse me, mr. president, we need to take off items 63. president chiu: my apologies. colleagues, should have mentioned that i would like for us -- >> we can continue it later. president chiu: if i can also pull item 63 for separate consideration. roll-call vote. president -- note madam clerk: [reading roll]
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vierra a 11yes. -- there are 11 ayes. president chiu: those are passed. someone has been waiting to comment on this item, and i would like to ask him to come today. i would like to ask if you have anything to say. >> thank you. i was drawn to this meeting because this was on the agenda.
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the board of supervisors, total support of this resolution that seeks to advance governor schwarzenegger, the proposition that would include a pardon for eddy zheng. i am spent nearly 40 years in the profession of probation. civic redemption. in my 5 plus years here in san francisco, come across and had the pleasure -- i have come across and had the pleasure to work with eddy zheng on behalf of you, so my support on this resolution comes based on my belief of the value of second chance and the example but eddy
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zheng sets for youth in san francisco, by him korean a pathway for his own redemption, and he service for the young in san francisco, and it would be a loss -- by him setting a pathway for his own redemption. so i am just lend my support for this resolution and hope that it is advance. thank you. president chiu: thank you, and 84 being here. supervisor -- and thank you for being here. supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: this
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would be a full pardon, nonetheless, and i wanted to do due diligence, and i would be happy to support this. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: i have participated and watched eddy, as well as many others, part of the city family in non-profit family, etc. his contribution is invaluable, and i am really pleased to see the way we are rallying around. i think it is an important message for governor schwarzenegger in the state to understand just how important this case is. -- and the state. president chiu: i think all of the co-sponsors for supporting that.
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particularly a chance that he does not get deported. actually, if we could take a roll-call vote? madam clerk: [reading roll] there are 11 ayes. president chiu: this item is adopted. next item. madam clerk: the draft environmental impact report for
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a minimum of 90 days. president chiu: supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you. i introduced this because we have a very controversial plan. they have actually agreed with our proposal with respect to the additional time, so i am willing to have a motion. president chiu: colleagues, any objection? without objection. please call item 63. maddon: clerk -- madam clerk: item 63 is four arguments for submitted for the 2010 election.
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president chiu: the dust has settled on the items we would move forward, so i will ask that we can continue this next week so we can figure out who wants to write to various components and argument. it is my intent that the main proponents -- what i intend to do in working with the clerk's office is to have a version for us to consider next week, at which time we still have time for that to happen. so unless there is any discussion, if i can have a motion to continue, by supervisor avalos, seconded by supervisor mar, so this will be continued. item 64. madam clerk: item 64, a motion
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directing the budget and legislative analyst to on this in the fiscal office of public defender. >> this board, the public defender's office, and the budget analyst, the budget, how it relates to the superior court budget, and i think that i mistakenly -- as a budget chaired deferred out of respect for the public defender. we do have openings in our budget analyst schedule this year, and i know that supervisor alioto-pier is moving forward to
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look at children's programs in san francisco, and it seems that it may be a good use of our schedule to perhaps once and for all end the debate, the dance of what happens with the public defender's budget every year. there was a response this morning which talks about a review, and i would like to thank our budget analyst for staying around press to and to questions -- around perhaps to answer questions. how the budget analyst would differ from the reviews with the fiscal audits that the
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comptroller's office has done. >> mr. chairman, mr. president, and members of the board of supervisors, a comprehensive performance of the defender would consist of reviewing the complete operation of the public defender's -- whether or not they were operating in an efficient manner. there is a difference. i would be glad to respond to any other questions. president chiu:


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