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tv   [untitled]    August 20, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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underground. the green lines shows it proceeds along 4 hth street, and proceeds all the way for columbus where it will have an extraction shaft at washington square. the lower portion of the graphic is in section, and it gives you a graphic depiction of what the elevations of the track will look like and what the stations will look like. proceeding from right to left, you see s.p.f. then on to the bart muni tubes. the tunneling will proceed under those tubes, and then there will be a u.m.s. station at that location joining with the metro at pal station.
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it then proceeds on to chinatown station and then on out where we extract it. mosconi station will be the first undergration station traveling north. it will have a -- an entrance. we are acquiring the property. that property is in this area right here. this is where the surface entrance to the station is going to be. the station will be designed to have a concourse and a center platform designed to accommodate both two-car trains and the mosconi station will be located on 4th between howard and folsom. the union square market street
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station will be the second underground station traveling north. it will be the deepest station because of the bart tunnels that we will be closing. this station will be two entrances at the surface. one entrance will be near the existing apple store -- i am sorry. i am struggling with the mouse here but it is at the far left of your screen. but the other service entrance will be at the union square plaza. there will be direct entrances at the union square grand jury at the north end. our third station of course will be the chinatown station. the inset picture you see is the property we are acquiring to build the station. that hogan-vest property is in
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that location right here. this is where the station entrance been llt. >> that is at stockton and what? >> it is at stockton between clay and jackson. i believe hogan-vest may be at jackson, but i will have to verify that. >> ok. >> it is washington. >> ok. >> the final design activities, as i said earlier, we have one construction contract underway, and the design teams are providing construction support and submital and request for information review. those two pictures of of that 1250 utilities contract. one is of piling at 4th street and the other looks like an interceptor vault for
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communications. that contract is about 50% complete, and we expect to complete that contract in april of next year. the other activities underway by the designers as priorities are three main contracts. the first being the contract for the raineder of the utilities, major ilets up near the market street connection and up along stockton. that contract, 1251, will be advertised in september. we just received approval on the drawings and signed the drawings. we will be putting those packages out in september. we've completed all the work to obtain agreements on sewer relocations and property owners. contract 1252 is the tunnel contract. that contract is scheduled to be advertised at the end of this year. the designer has completed the 65% submital in may, and he has
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performed most of the required goh technical -- joey technical investigations. >> the next contract is also under way. it has gotten the latest start and getting geared up. the team has performed some final design strategic planning to coordinate the timing of the other construction contracts, and quantities are being prepared. just a snapshot at the future construction contract we have on our plate for central subway. one is under way, and we have six more planned, starting with the advertisement in september, which will be the utility relocation. then the tunnels, which we plan to advertise by the end of the year. then the three stations in succession, union square to advertise by the end of 2011
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and chinatown and mosconi advertised in the spring of 2012. the final contract will be the track works systems and the contract that integrates all of the other contracts. coordination, i wouldn't say it is going smoothly. i would say it has been going at a very rapid pace and making positive progress. we negotiated one agreement with bart, the cost sharing agreement. that was to be on the calendar today, but bart wanted to revisit some of the cost agreements, and they are going to get back with us so we pulled it from today's calendar. you can expect to see that at your next board meeting. we have got enunder way of the fworkses of the operations and maintenance agreement between bart and the m.t.a.
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the subsan joaquin basement up dates. we have held hearings for market. things are moving well. we have finalized barney's. it didn't want to move and was going to cause trouble. the central subway team did a very good job of negotiating their way through that with the tenant and owner. caltrans, we are negotiating agreements with them for encroachment as well as lay-down for construction, staging leases and a coop agreement. and then forecast, we have nuisance hearings and encroachments can go up for two locations. we expect those to be beginning in september. financial capacity assessment. staff has completed a state of good repair analysis in april.
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they have completed a state of good repair training, made a submission to the f.t.a. and an interim report. the f.t.a. is very pleased in the direction we are moving with the agency to focus the plan towards a state of good repair and less enhancements. the county transportation authority has revised their modeling, and with the new numbers, that ridership will be used in our numbers this year. we started a mind the gap committee. the mind the gap committee was established to address two key funding issues. the project funding shortfall and the cash row crop we are going to experience several years from now. the mind the gap committee has representatives from the mayor's office, the board of supervisors' offices, transportation authority,
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commission, spur, chinatown community development center and sfmta staff. it's a very robust committee that is looking at finding ways to patch our funding deficit or our funding gap. in july staff submitted a response to the financial capacity assessment. we haven't gotten anything back yet, but the response is that it was looked at favorably. on the financial capacity forecast, staff is working on operations maintenance cost update. we are expecting to submit that to the f.t.a. later this month as well as the draft state of good repair report. in september we have to submit our financial plan to the f.t.a. under real estate acquisition, there has been a flurry of activity going on. we've made submissions to the chinatown property owner and
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mosconi propertier own, the two sites we will be building on in june. we made suggestions to the last resort housing plan in june. that actually was approved by the f.t.a., or they gave us favorable comments back july 13. and then resolutions of necessity of board and supervisor packages for both the mosconi and chinatown sections. the board of eminent approval was given approval july 27, just last week. so we are moving now to submit that to the f.t.a. to receive federal approval. i believe the next step, since we now have board of supervisor approval on those properties, is then to get the superior court to weigh in. you see the last two bullets are submitting the tenant relocation plan, which is what
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is before you today to the board of supervisors for approval, and then the board of supervisors tenant re-election plan approval. just to give you a snapshot of what i just quickly explained, there are five takes in total that we are taking. if you take a look at the chart, the red letters, the mosconi and chinatown locations, you can see where along the problems they are. and then the blue areas indicate where the subway is going to need access for operations and maintenance, and venting. so we have three underground easements for the tunnel in those locations. all in all, the central subway team has been doing a superb
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job of making great strides to make this program a huge success. the two calendar items before you today represent two key elements requiring your approval to maintain the momentum on the program. as mr. ford has spoken earlier, calendar item 12 requests your authorization for the agency program controls, and item 13 requests your approval of the central subway relocation impact study. we have staff here today, and so we will be happy to answer any questions with either of the two calendar items or the brief i just gave you. >> thank you mr. rohan. a couple of questions about the actual tunneling. in the double slide, it seems like the construction there has been about three years as well. are you familiar with that project? >> no, sir, i'm not.
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>> it appears to be a much easier project than going under all the stuff in the city. >> that is the complexity, doing a subway in a city that has utilities, sewer, water, electric, you name it. there is a whole host of things in this city, and in some cases we have found some of it as we have gone on. we have had to find ways to deal with that, which are far outside the engineering realm when it comes to remains and things of that nature. it is very complex when we are talking about a tunneling job under a major urban city. >> do you have a time frame? >> they are doing samples, but you are always at risk of something that is not there in the drawings or the historical documentation. there is some risk in terms of crog across something that we didn't plan to. i think we have built in a certain amount of contingency
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there, and hopefully that is enough to cover it. >> chairman, we are very comfortable with the schedule. i would submit to you that the greater risk is going to be on the time lines of actually constructing the underground stations. the tunneling itself is going to go very smooth. if we hit something like an arc logical find, it will stop us in our tracks until we clear that. >> so the last things that goes in is the tracks? >> we are staging the contract that most of the material can be removed through the tunnel. so there will be subbays and temporary track put if for those contracts. >> and those projects could go on? there is nothing to preclude that? >> the actual exit is in north beach. >> this contract includes a
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tunnel bore machine retraction shift. we go all the way to washington square, and that is where we take the machine out. and all we have to do is close the door over it. if we ever decide there is a phase three, it will be able to spring from that. >> when there is a phase three. >> you mean spring from that, building a washington square station? >> anything that is designed. >> director? >> i think you forth greats presentation. it is very helpful to see this all laid out. a couple of service-related questions. the south terminus at king and 4th. does the t lee keep going down the existing line? >> no. it is going to connect both phases. the terminus would be visitation valley for the t-line. the t-line would continue
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straight, not make that right-hand turn. >> so someone there chinatown could keep going to what is the current end of the t-line? >> yes. >> and is the current t-line around the embarcadero going to continue as well? >> no. >> so that is the end of that one? >> yes. >> so then my next question is -- and i am sure you guys have thought of this, but my limited exposure to this in my real job suggestion -- suggests any time you go to digging up a gas station, there is a lot of remediation? that is part of it? >> yes. that is in our plan. we have that contingency in our plan. >> you touched a little on this, about the laying down of temporary track to remove
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debris. what is the sort of anticipated disruption for the union square area associated with this project, and how much of it can be done underground to avoid strupting what is obviously a commerce center? >> actually, each of the three stations will be excavated differently. mosconi will have the more surface disruption, because it is a cut and cover. we'll bore down and then squa videogate back up. there will be a lot of disruption around that one. our utilities contract that is going to be going out in september will uncover and reroute major utilities, and then place back so that we can restore traffic on a temporary means. then we are going to mine from there down and then build back up. now the struppings will be mitigated considerably, but there will be some surface
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disruption to make the final closure and initially to make the utilities opening. the chinatown station is going to be mined completely. we'll bore through and then set up and mine inside. >> so we could probably come back to you with specific time lines in terms of how much disruption at each location, if any. for example, minimal at chinatown, but definitely at union square. we have a very healthy community relations group as part of this project. there are a lot of elements that are working with the union square merchants and dealing with those issues. but we can come back with more of the details on that because those are questions that we had to answer a couple of years ago when we went through this process. but i don't recall the exact -- >> one would be to minimize it during the christmas season, obviously a busy season for them. as long as you are doing the outreach with the community, that is excellent.
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the one thing i note on this map which is an excitement to me, you have in here a possible future line which appears to be running along eerie. am i reading the map correctly? >> which page is that on? >> possible future muni line. >> this map was taken from some of the earlier preliminary engineering drawings, which had geary in the concept stage. at that time we didn't know if it would be a connection to the subway or a b.r.t. this man shows that potential. >> all right. >> but it is not part of the program now. >> i understand that. great next idea though. and the stations, the connection between powell street and union state stations
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will be at subground level so someone can walk from station to station? >> no connection at the platform. >> are there still plans for moving side walks? >> we actually abandoned those ideas about two years ago when the cost of the moving sidewalks became an issue. when we went through our risk mitigation program -- f.t.a. has a risk program you go through where you take a look at enhanced elements and what they would cost. when we went through that, we threw it out because of the huge cost. >> another item we need to follow up with this because this has come from the public in terms of the length of time of transfer from our platform to the bart system. carter, i don't know if you have that in front of you, but
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i want to make sure we give you as much as we can in terms of potential issues. that was hot button a few years ago. >> we are not talking about a major league distance. >> maybe not for you and i? >> but it's about a block's worth of distance? >> yes. where someone of my age would ben at this time from moving sidewalks. >> and you are the one who threw it out, >> and you are not going to be any younger when it gets through. that concludes that. >> no one has registered as a speaker card, and i don't see anyone in the audience who is appearing to desire to address you. >> so we can take both at once? >> ma i -- you may. >> any discussion? the ayes after it.
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>> number 14, fixing the wage schedule for transit operators at $29.52 per hour as of july 1, 2010. >> what is the pleasure of the board? >> move the staff recommendation. >> second. >> all in favor say aye. the ayes have it. >> i'd 15, discussion and vote whether to go to closed session and invoke the attorney-client privilege. prosecutor moved. >> seconded. >> all in favor say eye. >> for the close the session, we >> the board met in closed session. the board of directors took no action. directors, do you want to disclose or not disclosed? director nolan: i think is
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important that we may be just indicate who was the present -- who was present at the meeting. and yes, mr. chairman. in the minutes, we are required to reflect who is involved in the closed session, the minutes will reflect that. director nolan: on the basis of that, is there a motion to disclose or not disclose? director oka: move to not disclosed. director nolan: all in favor? we were not disclosed. with that, we are adjourned. -- we will not disclosed. with that, we are intent. -- adjourned.
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>> good afternoon, fellow commissioners, folks in the gallery. the date is august 10, 2010. it is 1:35 p.m. >> [roll call] i might note that commissioner ellis is excused from this afternoon's meeting. she is out of town. commissioner crowley: all right,
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3. >> i might call your attention to approval of the minutes of july 13. commissioner moran requested modification of two -- actually, three places. on page 8 in paragraph two in the beginning of the middle, he requested minor clarification of the language here, and on page 9 at the bottom, it said it could be accepted without objection. >> i do not seem to have a copy of the minutes. commissioner crowley: i will give commissioner caen a moment to look at that.
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>> if you could entertain a motion. commissioner crowley: as amended by commissioner moran, entertain a motion to accept. it has been moved and seconded. all those on the question, please signify by saying aye. >> we had a speaker cards on this item. commissioner crowley: -- we had no speaker cards on this item. commissioner crowley: 90. we now open public comment. members of the public may address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction but not on today's agenda. with that, i would encourage folks to come to the dais and state your position in no more than three minutes each. thank you. >> good afternoon. i work for the san francisco electrical construction industry, part of a labor- management cooperation committee
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here in san francisco looking out to preserve the electrical industry. i work. ibw local 6 -- i work with ibw local 6, electrical inspectors, and the fire department. i just wanted to talk about two items today, specifically a letter that was submitted from the office of labor standards enforcement concerning electrical work and solar jobs here in the city. it is an understatement to say there is a little bit of drama going on with some of the solar jobs in san francisco, but as an industry person, i would like to take this chance to get on the record as saying these are electricity producing solar panels, and it is in the best interests of everyone to have responsible contractors using trained electricians.
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every panel is an electricity- generating device, and these panels can generate upwards of 600 volts, which is extremely dangerous, so we are looking out for a person here. i have a packet of letters i submitted to the sfpuc regarding in city hall job. i have more copies if you need them. basically looking at the scope of work that is defined through the state, and i would be happy to answer any questions after my time. but we are in corroboration of the letter submitted from the sunset reservoir for the wage determination on these projects. i cannot get into jurisdictional issues. those are between contractors and labor unions, but legally,
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this work needs to be paid at a specific rate, and that is dictated by these factual documents. once again, the office of labor standards enforcement has, in our opinion, for our industry, done a great job objectively analyzing this type of work. also, on a lighter note, something we have been working on, too, -- something we've been working on to get rid of these issues, we have been working with the california solar energy industry association, which is the solar contractors association, so what we're doing is trying to get union and non- union contractors and labor forces to work together, creating green jobs for san franciscans and free apprenticeship programs. that is my three minutes. do you have any questions? commissioner crowley:


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