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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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units out of the rental market. please consider supporting a chiu davdavid chiu president for continued leadership. supervisor chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president you, and newly elected members of the board, and those returning to the board. i am a native of san francisco, born and raised in the mission district. i have raised four kids here. i am proud to be your to which all of you take your rightful seats here as leaders within our great city. let me say that the coming years are going to be very difficult for all buof us. we're going to need real leadership. i want to thank president chiu for his leadership during the years he served as president. i recently saw an effort by a
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supervisor avalos that was unprecedented. i saw the greatest coalition brought to bear around the local hiring residency legislation that we had all been fighting for for 20 years. as the brother before me said, we have been watching brothers and sisters in the black and brown community killing each other as a result of the fact that they have no hope. we need the type of leadership that is going to do things that are out of the box and courageous. i have to say that i saw supervisor avalos exhibit that type of courage. it was not an easy thing. [tone!] i think he did bring members of the board and community together around some very difficult decisions we have facing us. i want to congratulate all of
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you. i want to congratulate the city. we have great leaders here. i think we're about to do some great things because we have three great candidates before you. supervisor chiu: 80. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a resident of district 5. i would have loved to have supervisor mirkarimi as the board president. she has done that tremendous job in our district. thank you for the nomination. i want to thank all of those returning and congratulate the new ones. in terms of the board presidency, a supervisor chiu has done a great job as president. i would support for him to continue. i also want to give my support to john avalos. i think your both outstanding
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leaders and committed to important issues. i hope to see one of you as the next board president. thank you for always being responsive and caring about san francisco. it shows in your leadership. i support local hire . i want to see that implemented the sooner the better. thank you for all of your hard work and dedicated service. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> i am a resident of district 8. i support david chiu. we think he has a really good president voice when he says things like "please call the next item." he is very articulate. [laughter] i think elsbernd would be a great choice because he is all business and we would get out of here in 45 minutes to an hour
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tops. [laughter] it would save money on the lighting and stuff like that. either way, they are good choices. [laughter] supervisor chiu: 80. next speaker. >> i am the president of the black leadership forum. i want to welcome the new supervisors and welcome back the incumbents. i would like to speak to the principle of leadership rather than endorsing any one candidate. i hope that whoever becomes the president of the board will understand the principles that make san francisco greater. it is not only the diversity of demographics but our diversity of economics also. i hope that whoever becomes president will insure that those principles are moved forward and that we preserve the ethnic diversity of san francisco and the economic diversity and push
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for those types of legislation and laws that will insure that we do have this beautiful, progressive city that is known the world over for being a little bit weird and wacky but still a real front runner as far as human rights and equality of life is concerned. thank you. welcome. i hope you do a great job. >> i am mrs. jackson. i want to congratulate the newbies. welcome. my support would be primarily for john avalos. he has been very pro-active in ensuring diversity for hiring with contracts outstanding. he stood up to say we should get reporting and make sure that people from the neighborhood do not just start on the jobs and then end up leaving.
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he has been very pro-active in keeping the diversity aspect and in regulating that. david chiu, i have enjoyed working with him as well. there are several great candidates. it is hard to put one over the other. you are all fantastic. john avalos with his project of leadership with the budget finance and ensuring employment for minorities in different neighborhoods has been a wonderful support of measure for the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> i am peter were filled from the library users association. i also serve on the supervisor- created body but i am not speaking for the body. congratulations to the new members.
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banking to the current board president for his service for two years as president. -- thank you to the current board president for his service for two years as president. i think all candidates would be capable of doing the job but would like to endorse the candidacy of john avalos. there are a number of reasons for that. one of the simplest ones is the question of how public comment and the public have been treated by the board during meetings it has had. the current president unfortunately has continued the two minutes of public comments rather than the three minutes which under sunshine is required to be given to members of the public. he has instituted unfortunately a microphone cut off policy which i think is very disrespectful to the public and speaks of the difficulty or inability to handle public
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comment conclusions when the time is off. to cut off the microphone on somebody when they're speaking in the middle of the sentence and not even let them finish is a lack of respect for public comment and the concept. [tone!] i think it is important to have respect for the public in that way. on other issues, the vote for the community benefit district certain aspects of control for public streets and spaces, john avalos voted on the right side, which is no. the current president voted yes. vote john avalos. thank you. >> in a hospice r.n. and
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sometimes loudmouth. i urge you to support john avalos. he has a big heart and a lot of good ideas. i wish you all the best of luck. it looks like rough roads ahead. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am not going to sing. i am here to say that i am really happy to see the new structure. one time i came to this podium with president alioto. the sheriff was going to stop me. she said to let me say what i was going to say. we want the same kind of leadership that you had here. i think we have that here. i want to commend you. i support all the rest of them. you have done something that was
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astronomical when you did the 50% hiring situation. i have never seen the board of supervisors. you all look so beautiful. so fresh. [laughter] you will not have problems with me for a while. we have control now. i am really happy. we're changing. i am changing. i think san francisco is going to change. i am up here supporting -- supervisor chiu, you have done a wonderful job. you are definitely a good person. i am working with everybody. i am hoping we can all work together collectively. coexisting is what we need in san francisco. in the next few weeks, we will know who was in -- who is in control and san francisco. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> i am dr. john d'arcy from the
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united states air force academy in colorado. mr. chiu is u.s. support. he has been kind and listen to me. he has listened to the conditions of veterans and others who need desperate help in the streets of san francisco. i worked as a person who went into the streets with the attitude that we had to pick up the seniors. this was three years before they got the law, when the mayor put into effect care not cash. we put 178 people who were past 62 who are out in the streets into housing. we need this kind of concept again in san francisco to help the people that need the help.
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the people that need the help are going to be those veterans coming back from trauma of war who will be trying to find work and in getting the benefits they deserve. i am looking forward to doing that and pursuing it. with david chiu, i trust the man. thank you. supervisor chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am the executive director and founder of the inner city adolescents network in the baby- hunters point. i am also the treasurer for the african american democratic club. i would like to say congratulations to all of the new supervisors. i would like to thank supervisor mirkarimi for his support of the
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youth. i owe a big debt to supervisor avalos. i went to him speaking about the need for jobs for young people transitioning out of the custody settings and re-entering the community. he was able to send someone out to our office. pip's and our needs -- he listened to our needs. i am so grateful for the jobs that will result from the jobs bill. i pledge my support for supervisor john avalos. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i want to thank all of the supervisors for what you did yesterday. during a very hard process, you showed incredible professionalism for the city. i want to first thank you for
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that. today is a hard one. if this were the world series, it would be very easy. the giants. today, we have three giants up for the presidency. it is difficult. i admire all three of you. sean, i know you have done an incredible job for the city. john, you are always prepared and have your heart in it. david, you stepped in at a time -- your brand new. you brought a whole new level of leadership here. i think it should go to the incumbent simply because we want the continuity. regardless of which of the three you end up with today, we will have a great leader at the board of supervisors. good luck with today's decision. i think will be more difficult than the one you have to make yesterday.
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>> i am really honored to be here. it is a wonderful day to senior leaders coming on board. i want to thank everyone for the work they have done. president chiu, thank you for your work. i want to thank my supervisor, a supervisor mirkarimi. it is an honor to volunteer in your office and see what you do in our community. i was sad that he declined the nomination for president. i am really excited to support john avalos. on tuesday, i spoke and encouraged action. i did not get behind any one. i regret that now. you have had a really tough week. thank you all for the work. i am not going to speak in support of continuity at this
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point. i think the board needs a strong, progressive leader. i encourage you to vote for super buzzvisor avalos. >> good afternoon. supervisor chiu: it is the microphone to your right. >> my name is malcolm young. i am here to support the presidency of the incumbent, board president david chiu. i want to go back to some comments that one of the speakers made earlier. david has stood shoulder to shoulder with us on tenorite issues. david has enacted a powerful piece of legislation in his district that will limit land
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use entitlements to people who have not acted badly in the context of tenant evictions. i look forward to working with you on further pieces of legislation like that. we're going to protest another eviction in the district at five under 25 greenwich. we hope to see you there, david. we hope to see the other supervisors there. nobody wants these kinds of evictions in our city and district. we invite everybody to protest the kind of speculators that would enact this kind of stuff against low income tenants. david, you have been a stalwart on tenant rights issues. you have stood shoulder to shoulder with us on several over the past five years. the president of the asian american bar association -- you
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also have our strong support. you have supported api lawyers and lawyers coming into the profession. we appreciate that an expected to support us in the future. thank you, david. hopefully the rest of your colleagues will support you as well. [tone!] supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> i am the president of local 87, representing janitors in san francisco. i am also the secretary- treasurer of the san francisco labor council. i want to congratulate the new supervisors. i want to thank the current supervisors. i want to be able to thank you for demonstrating your leadership in the city of san francisco. i want to speak on behalf of and in support of david chiu as the
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current board president. we need to make sure we have leadership within the board of supervisors. these last 10 years, we were hit with a huge economic gap in our city and in all industries across the board. there was not one community in san francisco that the economic downturn did not affect. the proven leadership of david really held leadership in the challenges we were facing. it also takes people who can bring everyone together. that is the biggest challenge everyone can rise to. he has been a huge leader with the labor community. he has helped the janitors on the recycling issue. he has been able to bring the communities together when we have been hit with tenant rights issues. you are really bringing in a
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whole new chapter in san francisco politics. these people are young, vibrant, and ready to lead san francisco to something. as far as mr. avalos being president, i think san francisco deserves a new president that will not be influenced by the likes of donkey kong. [laughter] supervisor chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speak on the nominations? simenon, public comments are closed -- seeing none, public comments are closed. unless there is further discussion, we will proceed to the roll-call vote on the election. the names of supervisors nominated are in the following order. supervisor elsbernd, myself, and supervisor avalos.
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the clerk will conduct a roll- call vote. each of us shall cast a vote by stating the name of your preferred nominee. any questions? please call the roll starting with district 1 and then an alphabetical order. supervisors mar voting for supervisor chiu. supervisor mirkarimi voting for avalos. supervisor wiener -- supervisors campos voting for supervisor avalos. supervisor david chiu.
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supervisor david chiu voting for david chiu. supervisor chu for elsbernd. supervisor cohen chiu david -- for david chiu. supervisor elsbernd for elsbernd. supervisor farrell supervisor kim? supervisor kim: supervisor david chiu. clerk clerk supervisor kim voting for supervisor david chiu. supervisor elsbernd has five -- four votes. supervisor chiu has four votes.
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>> no. clerk clerk hang on one second. >> supervisor elsbernd has four votes. supervisor david chiu has four votes. supervisor avalos has three votes. president chiu: at this time, there shall be additional roll call votes until a nominee does receive a majority vote, at which time the roll call will cease. any nominee may withdraw his or her name or emotion may be seconded and approved by a majority to reopen nomination. any discussion? i see supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: thank you, mr. president. first, let me thank supervisor chu for nominating me. thank you very much for your support. i truly am humbled by that and i do very much appreciate it. thank you for the three of you. this is the fourth time i've participated in a presidential
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election. the two previous times i sat in this row here as an aid, and in observing and participating in those six elections, i learned a couple of things. first, when you've got more than two candidates, the math just doesn't work. there just isn't a way to get to six. more importantly, i think the thing i learned, particularly in those elections when we had more than two candidates, is there can be a tendency to let this go on and on and on. and when that happening i have seen elements of discord and other negative feelings result, not just on the day of the election, but sometimes play their way through the entire two-year term of the board of supervisors that takes their oath. and much more importantly, i think you also see this
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institution itself take a bit of a black eye. i think round after round after round does not do this institution the proper service that it deserves. and most importantly that the city of san francisco demand of us. and so, while disappointed, i do think in the spirit of moving this meeting forward, in the spirit of collaboration that i think we struck yesterday, and that i would expect we will strike unanimously when we elect our interim mayor on tuesday, in the spirit of setting aside personal ambition and really focusing on why we are here, which is serving our institutions and serving those who put us here, i would ask that my name be withdrawn from consideration. [applause]
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president chiu: at this time, supervisor elsbernd has withdrawn his name from the nominations. there are two names that have been nominated. mine and supervisor avalos'. is there any further dissuggestion? supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: thank you, president chiu. supervisor elsbernd, i want to thank you for your graciousness in stepping down, and i think the reason behind it about making this board chambers and this legislative body be at its best and knowing that it's going to take good relationships to make it work effectively, especially with each other and with room 200, this is the kind of board that we need to have, especially with the difficult challenges that this city faces, so i really -- i appreciate your graciousness in stepping down. i do want to continue to push forward for the board
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presidency, and i do feel that based on my experience here, budget, on local hiring legislation, on those two efforts that take a great deal of effort to work effectively with colleagues, city departments, insiders and outsideers of government, i've shown a real leadership, a real integrity. i have worked to make sure that we work for the best of our city, not just one side or the other, that we have a balanced approach to how we meet our challenges and our budget, and i hope you can consider that. often i think that, you know, i believe that my record really speaks for itself. the challenge to be able to create the local legislation with my staff and with city departments and with people in the community and mobilizing the community part of that. that is the kind of work that i
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really believe makes government work. we have a way to develop participation, develop our public policies, and move them forward. it's how i want to work with you colleagues, and i bring a great deal of integrity to make that happen. i hope whatever happens, though, i intend to work with you to the best of my ability, to strengthen our relationships as we move forward, and i hope that you can vote on your conscience. thank you. president chiu: thank you, supervisor avalos. colleagues, any further discussion? madam clerk, could you please call the roll on the remaining nominations? >> supervisor mar? supervisor mar is supporting supervisor david chiu. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: supervisor john avalos. >> supervisor weiner? supervisor wiener: president david chiu. >> supervisor avalos?
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supervisor avalos supporting supervisor avalos. supervisor campos? supervisor campos supporting supervisor avalos. supervisor david chiu? president chiu: chiu. >> supervisor carmen chu? supervisor chu: supervisor david chiu. >> supervisor cohen? supervisor cohen: supervisor david chiu. >> supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd is supporting supervisor david chiu. supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: supervisor chiu. >> supervisor farrell supporting supervisor david chiu. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: president david chiu. >> there are eight ayes and three no's for president david chiu. [applause]


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