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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PST

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in some areas, do not have cars, so public transportation is the only way to go to the academy of science, to spend the day at ocean beach, where to go for a walk in golden gate park. this is, for us, a key issue, because we're able to provide that great city that we all fought so hard to maintain for the young people and the next generation when we provide these. it is not just access for school and bettering their opportunities and attendance, all very, very important things. some items were touched on, safety and security issues, but we're building a city for the young people, and we need to make that accessible to them, and that is really, really important, and therefore, we think you for your support.going forward. thank you. 2 supervisor avalos: thank you.
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next speaker, please. >> my name is -- i am a member of the parent advisory council. i am also the member of another group. i am here to support free transportation for students. education is a right, and getting to school should be, as well. there is an issue of safety, but each time a child does not show up due to lack of money, the school district loses so much money. multiplied that by so many students each day, and this should be the incentive to provide free transportation to all of our students in san francisco. san francisco is one of the biggest city in the united states. i am asking you to please be the voice of our children. thank you.
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supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> [speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the member of a group, and i am here to support this. i have three children who go to school, and this resolution will
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really help my family in order to go to school and to the kids doctor's appointments without me having to worry about how to get there. i am looking for a job right now, so this would really help my family. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is angela irca. i am here to speak on behalf of the three a hundred families that we help each month to get a pass from the school district. this resolution would help the families that are getting these but also the ones that are not able to. right now, the free bus passes -- the number to supplier families are limited, and some have to double up. when you're talking about some
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families who are not able to access that program who live south of market, so we hope that this resolution moves forward. it will really help the families not only get their children to school, but there are so many aspects of using the muni, and they would not have to worry about getting their families to other parts of their daily lives. we hope this means forward. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> i am with the youth commission. we are here to ask this to go forward and hope to the calendar tomorrow for the full board meeting. we hope that this committee and the full board tomorrow and i do
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the presentation from staff, it was really encouraging. we want to show the young people some love. not just the board but in part for city staff for various departments and the school district about why the commission has been advocating for this for over a year. the initial resolution that the commission adopted actually happens february 1, 2010. last year, asking about delays, and our steadfast commitment to the fast pass, charging the board of supervisors and the mayor on behalf of our young people. this makes manifest the need for affordable fussed passes.
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in the 2008-2009 school year, west and 60,000 schoolchildren qualified for the reduced free lunch. there was the great recession of 2008 that has definitely subsided. public agencies like the m.t.a. are going to be facing projected budget deficits in the years to come. families are facing the same thing going forward in the years to come. the numbers will go up. it will be higher. it is also worth noting, some of the young commissioners, some of the public comment by organizers from other community, organizers, there is a demonstrative need from young people who go to parochial schools. proportionally, more go to these
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types of schools. proportionally. this is not to say the all of these people are sitting pretty, so, perhaps, going for, there will be a way for the city to partner to make that happen. but i think it is worth mentioning that in a survey we conducted of over 40 hundred 50 public high school students, the vast majority of them procure all high-school students, more selective cheaper buses and trains. they would like to improve muni other than the other options they were presented with. i would like to thank the office of supervisor camps, -- campos, is deaf, and others. we have worked really hard to make this happen, and we really hope that, in fact, on april 1, they will get a fast passes.
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please go ahead and urge the mta board to show the low-income young people some love. thank you. happy valentine's day. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is lorielle, and i am also a member of power. i am here to ask of the resolution but. it is something we can do in april. " 12,000 kids. everything else that they have to do because they do not have the money to afford the cust -- pass. what it means to be young people
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who do not have 75 cents to pay the bus. you know what is going to happen, right? $75 from your family because you do not hunt of 75 cents. they want their friends to come to the library, but they don't have 75 cents. i am hungry, and maybe i have to pay this, it and i do not have 75 cents, even the small amount of money. that would be my fair -- fare. they have this feeling many,
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many days of their life. they live in a city with nice views, but i don't have 7 5 cents to be there. and i like to be in a place that is free, and there is supposed to be access for me, but i again do not of 75 cents. thank you. supervisor mar: thank you. next speaker. thank you for transmitting for all of the spokes. >> sure. >> hi. i am a organizer for power. first, i want to thank you for providing us for -- with this space today. we really want you to pass this resolution to provide more fussed passes -- more fast
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passes. it reminded me of how difficult it is for you to not only get to school, but it was mentioned about the fear that they have and experiences. a lot of them that have friends that have been ticketed, not once, but many times, and they have to avoid muni cops to get to school. "hopefully next time they will not catch me." it is really sad. having to do with these officers just trying to get to school. this is part of the reason we are fighting this campaign. we're working on a campaign to really focus on this and the increased enforcement that was happening on the public transit system, so a lot of our youth,
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as i mentioned, were not able to come today. they are just trying to get to school, but it is also an issue of criminalizing our youth, and i was told about different treatment on different bus lines. where do the buses go? they go to the fillmore and the intermission. some people get tickets, but they never get taken off, right? it is not just the financial burden but the treatments, the different treatments, in the way people are treated, so i just wanted to highlight that and think before hearing us, and i just encourage you to pass the resolution. banks. 2 -- thanks. aysupervisor alioto-pier: --
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supervisor mar: any other members of the public wish to speak? again, i went to thank you. to the many parents and children who have come out and spoken today, and in particular, to the organizations that have been organizing around this, the amazing work of the youth commission, and then cbo's, like power, thank you all. mr. chairman? supervisor avalos: ok. thank you, supervisor campos, and i want to thank all of the members of the public who came out today, the young people and their parents. i was particularly impressed with the leadership shown today by young people, and it makes me feel we good about this, and i
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hope we can create a san francisco where you can continue to live your lives here in this city, and i think a resolution like this and moving towards making muni accessible fully for all low-income young people and all young people and the school systems is part of the process of making san francisco more local it. like you have done today, -- more livable. how much of the city is represented here, chinatown, mission, all of the high schools across the city represented here today, and that just speaks highly of the work you have done in coordinating the efforts through the youth commission and working with the school system and with departments like mta and d.c. why of -- and dcyf, so
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i want to thank you for working to improve the lives of your peers and future generations. supervisor mar: chair avalos, i want to acknowledge the work done by supervisor campos, but i want to say for them to make further demands for freed me passes for all youth, and i think a good point was made about the next generation having full access with public transit for the whole city for everything that those of more affluent backgrounds have, so it is about equity, and it or them -- i encourage you to keep working on this. other groups should really hear about the organizing you are doing, multiracial, a cross-
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class lines. this issue be -- congratulations to the great co-organizing for all the organizations that were here, as well. supervisor campos: i also want to thank my legislative aide, sheila, who is in the audience for all of the work done on this. thank you for making all of this happen and for putting this together. it is greatly appreciated. thank you. supervisor avalos: very good. we have this before us. we can motion to move forward without objection, and it will be with the committee report, so we are taken the vote, and when i gavel down, we will pass this resolution. [applause] madam clerk, do we have any more items before us?
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clerk: no, mr. chairman. supervisor avalos: we are adjourned.
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