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tv   [untitled]    March 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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that's why i always say the whys cost more than the money. -- the lice cost more than the money. >> hi. by happenstance, i am here today. i didn't anticipate being here. the story is rather long. i first want to apologize for my dresms it's inappropriate for the sankty of this building and for the wonderful room. i have no prepared remarks and i am asking for help. i am going to try to be as brief as possible but if you would like to speak afterward as possible, i'm more than happy to. february 10, 2010, i noticed actually eight months ago some strange things were happening in my computer. four months ago i started screaming from the rooftops. if you're not really listening and not really seeing what you may think of is someone who's
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just crazy. those who weren't hearing actually listened, maybe indeed this person isn't crazy after all. three months ago i started complaining about some very big things on my notebook computer, carrying 500 gigabytes were taken. they were being taken by iproject through apple frameworks from russia, japan, korea, as well as italy. after i dismanteled the site, what was announced by the new york stock exchange was that the nasdaq was hacked into. i believe base on the times i was certified, the certificates by the department defense that it was me. no one heeded my call until i started getting calls from the nasdaq. i am now working with the f.b.i., agent jeff graham. i'm working with two people at the secret service. katherine pierce. i am working with -- i am talking to graham bowles at "the
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new york times." unfortunately, in this process, when the police come to my place and ask the things i'm doing with regards to unhooking cables and such, they took me for a 5150. president chiu: thank you. actually, everyone gets the same amount of time. but thank you very much. next speaker? >> may i speak in spanish? president chiu: you can if you want to repeat everything you just said in spanish. if you would like to trabs late into spanish, you can speak into spanish. [speaking in spanish]
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[speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] president chiu: excuse me. i understand that. you are not actually translating what you said before. you can provide your information in writing if you like. next speaker, please.
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>> i will return next week to my spears on the rent stabilization board, but the second body on my list was the police commission, and i would like to sort of talk about some of the issues that supervisor mirkarimi brought up. when we're considering hiring a new police chief, we have to remember that there will be a new mayor at the end of this year. and as a result, what we are doing is we are selecting a police chief to last only for a few months and potentially taking away the option of the new mayor to decide who he wants to head the police department. i think that is an error. i think it would be much more appropriate to let acting chief go down, remain as acting chief until the end of the year, and allow the police commission to make a decision on a timely basis. unfortunately, they say the words were open to public input, but their reality is not the same. they basically have not held a lot of the hearings, but if you watch, and i have attended each and every police commission
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meeting since chief gascon was moved over to the city attorney's office and i have watched a couple on sfgtv repeatedly, and they are constantly making comments about the we can be the have this we can't have that. the only person who can safely accept the job at this point would be members of the department because they have civil service protection, which means if they come in and they serve six months or whatever is left in the term and the new mayor decides he wants a new chief of police, they then have the protection to go back to their prior position with a police department. that immediately precludes anyone outside the city and some really exceptional potential candidates because who's going to leave a job where they have certainty in their life and their career to come here and take a job where potentially they may lose it in six months. the police commission needs to really be open and honest, holding these hearings but not deciding before the fact.
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>> good afternoon. ♪ you look a little sat there you're look for some steady change and you know the city it's not just fun and games so no matter where you are you can be a city guiding star and i hope that you go far one two three four tell me you want some city more five six seven eight all the time eight nine 10 11 i'm just going to keep on counting until the city's fine one two three four tell me you want some city more five six seven all the time
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eight nine 10 11 i'm just going to keep on counting until the city's mine one two president chiu they say you're running for mayor what's in store five six seven eight this time i know -- nine 10 11 yes gonna keep until the city's fine you're looking for the city best one two president chiu i hear you're running for city some more this time eight nine 10 11 i'm just gonna count on counting until the city shines one two three four tell me you want
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the city better some more five six seven this time i'm just gone that keep on counting until the city shines ♪ president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is herbert shiner. i am the social worker who worked for the department of human services here in san francisco. the workers of wisconsin have rebeled against the foolish governor who wishes to destroy the union and the economic safety net so dearly paid for by previous generations. they are an inspiration for working people and the rest of this nation, including san francisco. today our city faces the same agenda as the tea party, disguised as the public defender. he has his allies. matt gonzalez is now assistant public defender who was the former president of this board
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and vice-presidential candidate of the green party and conservative democrats who serve on this body. it is stated that the city faces fiscal bankruptcy and intentions and health benefits of public employees are the source of this. it has been conveniently forgotten that business, financial and real estate interests based in san francisco are responsible for the financial meltdown which has shrunken revenue to the city. these interests, who should be attacked by this board, point the finger at public employees active and retired who have contributed to this system in prosperous and bad years. from 1966 to 2002, the city contributed no money at all. the reality is that san francisco employee retirees system is solvent, has performed quite well in its downturn and it's actually robust. it is well-managed and does not make reckless investments that
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have playinged other municipalities and corporations. while the city's contribution to the retirement fund may grow, so will the overall budget of the city in future years, exclusive of the fund. the predicted future percentage of the city budget for employees benefits is based on this year's budget and not on following years. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i am leslie. this month, associates completed a smart meter report. im just read a little bit of the summary. no positive assertion of safety can be made by the f.c.c., nor relied upon by the cpuc with
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respect to r.f. radiation. when exposures are chronic and occur in general population. indiscriminate exposure to environmentally ubiquitous posts are from smart meters will mean far greater general population exposures and potential health consequences. now, without the help from our city officials, the public is left to taking on this themselves. i and a number of other people today from 8:00 in the morning to 2:00 p.m., we went out to the marina district. there, pg&e, which is contracting wilmington, they're installing smart meerts. we went out to the marina district to stop the installation of smart meters. we stopped one installation, the landlord came out, he knew about smart meters. he learned a bit more from us. and he told a wilmington
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installer that he does not want a smart meter, he does not want to see a smart meter installer on his property again. you would be surprised at home city residents, once they learn about smart meters, they don't want a smart meter. please pass an ordinance, an emergency ordinance to smart these -- to stop these smart meters. president chiu: next speaker. >> i just want to pass these out. good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for this opportunity to speak. my name is jay crawford and i'm a resident of san francisco. as you know, over the last -- as you know, the fuel mine has been impacted by the urban renewal. thousands of families have been displaced from the neighborhood. simultaneously, hundreds of millions of dollars have actually been spent in the neighborhood to stabilize and reverse the displacement of residents. it is in my opinion that a dent
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hasn't even been made. and that opinion is backed up by the report of the human rights commission unfinished agenda and the mayor's office migration report in 2009. the reason why i'm here today is i'm asking in particular the land use and economic development committee, and in general, the board of supervisors, to sponsor an emergency hearing within the next three weeks. to discuss the impact -- discuss basically the impact of these 16 housing communities in the western edition. it is my opinion that it's possibly up to 70% of community long-term residents of the neighborhood is actually concentrated in these housing communities which wasn't always the case. but i believe that these housing communities isn't doing what is needed to be done to reverse and stabilize the displacement
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that's happening to residents of san francisco. there's also a lot of other developments that's taking place in the western editions. so i believe that it's critical that a hearing takes place in order that we determine what impact that our public land and public dollars, what impact are they having to reverse the government -- the displacement that is taking place on behalf of government activities. thank you for your time. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> a couple weeks ago, we mentioned some of the good works that would be associated with a politician if they became a christian. i mentioned how hillary clinton would certainly call for a 9/11 investigation, it would be her duty. she should do it even though she's not a christian. there was a third building that fell that day. it was owned by larry silversteen, and we're blaming
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this guy named ca leak shake muhammud? follow the money, hundred. -- khalid sheikh mohammed. follow the money, honey. there were some jews in on it. had to be. co lynn -- co-lynn powell mentioned it. he said, i refer you to the state department. there's a powerful internet movie called fableed enemies. he gets into this stuff. and this building fell at free fall speed and even larry silversteen admitted that it was controlled demolition. but you know, folks, i'm telling you, 9/11 could not have been prevented. it was the sixth trumpet. it is stated as happening in the book of revelation after a so called 1263 1/2 days. each one of those so called days can be defined in realtime as 1.55 years.
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from the end of the 70 weeks of daniel, or we could say from jesus christ. and i wish i had an hour really. but jesus is coming back very soon. so the question is, are you saved? now, jesus said don't let their record of myself, yet my record is true. because i'm not alone in my judgment. i and my father. testify. i am one to bear witness of myself and my father that sent me bears witness of me. it's written in the law that if the testimony of two men, everything is true. he was referring to deuteronomy chapter 17. president chiu: thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. colleagues, why don't we go back to item 37.
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>> item 37 has already been called, mr. president. president chiu: supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: thank you, president chiu. i do appreciate the work that's been done putting this ordinance together. i would like to -- despite that, i would like to continue the item so i can have a conversation with mayor lee and bring it back to you, president chiu, so we can put a little more spontaneity into our marle appearance at the -- mayoral appearance at the board of supervisors. i think it's worth the effort. i think people would like to see something a little more spontaneous. i don't think that needs to be changed very much. i did have a proposed amendment that was made more or less on the fly. but that's the intent and mayor lee has already offered to meet. i told him the nature of my request and amendment. he has offered to meet with me
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in the next week before next tuesday. president chiu: supervisor avalos has made a motion to continue this. seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues, can we do that without objection? i understand it's to marchle, -- march 8. one week. if we could take that motion to continue without objection, that should be the case. and if we could now go to the adoption without committee reference calendar. >> items 52 through 55 are for immediate and unanimous adoption without committee reference, these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote, unless a member requests discussion of an item, it will be called separately and the matter considered. president chiu: colleagues, would anyone like to receiver any of these items? supervisor mar? maroney item 52. president chiu: and i'd like to sever 53. >> on items 53 -- 54 and 55.
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[roll call] >> there are 11 ayes. president chiu: those resolutions are adopted. >> item 52 is a resolution urging the governor of california to protect proposition 10 county funding by not sweeping $1 billion in proposition 10 funds from local first 5 commissions reserves, and urging a permanent diversion of 50% of all future proposition 10 revenues. president chiu: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: thank you, president chiu. i'd like to thank laura for being here. she is the director of the first 5 commission in san francisco.
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colleagues, i've just introduced several minor grammatical errors that are amendments, they are not substantive. everyone has a copy of the amended version. again, they're merely grammatical changes, and i would strongly urge support of this to protect our state's funding from the most vulnerable population, babies, young children, and families in california's counties represented through our first five commissions, which i sit on. thank you. president chiu: supervisor mar has made a motion to amend. is there a second to his motion? seconded by supervisor elsbernd. if we could take those objections without objection. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: the reason i have continued this item and the reason i'll oppose this item, i certainly do not like this cut. but here's the thing. i think we could pass probably 100 resolutions urging the state not to make a certain cut. and i think we should be a responsible legislative body.
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urge sacramento don't make a cut, well, do the other side. this is what we would suggest you cut in its place. this is the revenue we wish you should raise to make it up. when we get letters saying don't cut this, don't cut this. when we get letters that say don't cut this and here's how we think you can fix things, those are the ones that really mean a lot more. and i think if we want this institution to be considered respectable up in sacramento and this institution to kind of have a little more gravitas and to be taken seriously, that would be the responsible way to legislate. and i have a suspicion there's going to be a whole bunch of these resolutions argue against various things in the state budget. and i think we should do it the right way. let's not just take the easy route. if you really want to engage in the state budget, let's engage in the state budget. let's not just do the simple piece. so i'll be voting against this one and i'll be voting against all the others that come down the line unless they're a complete piece, and this to me is incomplete. president chiu: supervisor chu?
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supervisor chu: thank you, president chu. thank you to the sponsor for bringing this item forward. i did have a conversation with laurel about this item. i do not plan to support the resolution, but i do want to explain why. i think that none of us here would like to see any of the proposition 10 reserves being taken away. clearly for us it's a matter of being able to fund future budgets. one thing i do want to point out is that first five in one way really has been responsible in keeping some levels of reserve in anticipation of future revenue losses. i want to say that that's something that is commendable, it's something that we could look to doing in terms of the city and being responsible about our reserves as well. but the reason why i won't be supporting this is because the same as we're asking all of our city departments to really take a look at the tradeoffs and to provide some level of help and support to make some levels of cuts that would be possible to make without drastuckly changing things in some departments, we might need to get a decision point to be made.
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i think that we've got to be responsible with this item as well. we're seeing no cuts at all. but if we are able to provide even a little bit of help to help prevent or forestall cuts in other areas, that might be priorities for the community. so that's the reason why i'm voting against this, just as we would ask our departments to all pitch in and help, i would hope that we would do that the same way at the state level. president chiu: thank you. roll call vote on this item, please. >> on item 52, as amended -- [roll call] >> there are six ayes and five no's. president chiu: this resolution is adopted.
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given that this measure would have taken eight votes to pass, the resolution is not adopted. supervisor elsbernd? supervisor elsbernd: so supervisor mar can still pass his resolution, i move to rescind the vote and then move to send the item to committee. >> second. president chiu: seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. if we can take that without objection, the vote has been rescinded and supervisor mar, i understand -- supervisor mar will make a motion to send this item to committee. seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. and if we could do that without objection, this item will be sent to committee. item 53. >> item 53 is a resolution urging the california state legislature and the governor to
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enact sb-223 to allow the board of supervisors to ask voters to consider restoring its vehicle license fee for the 1948-1998 level giving vote erts the opportunity to preserve local services, public transportation, and critical programs. president chiu: this concerns the vehicle license fee, which i think many of you know was in place 50 years until governor schwarzenegger rolled it back when he took office in 2003. that rollback has cost our state about $6 billion a year, or the equivalent of around $50 million a year to san francisco. at this time, senator mark leno has introduced legislation so turn back what governor schwarzenegger did, and we are hopeful that governor brown will agree to allow localities to determine whether we want to be able to collect the vehicle license fee. i want to thank the wide spectrum of co-sponsors that we have for this measure that i think reflects the full
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diversity of this board, assuming that this change is able to happen up in sacramento, i think here in san francisco their support from the business community, from the labor community, and really the entire political spectrum here in san francisco, that if we were to collect the fee that had been in place for 50 years, we would have an additional $50 million for transit activities and all of the other activities that our city government is involved in. so i would urge you to support this resolution and hopefully sacramento will do the right thing. supervisor elsbernd: can we have a roll call? [roll call]
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>> there are 11 ayes. president chiu: this resolution is adopted. madam clerk, could you read the in memoriams today? >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals. for the late mr. lawrence, joseph chucky armstrong. president chiu: madam clerk, is there any more business in front of this body? >> that concludes our business today, mr. president. president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a
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ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >>