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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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>> covering the meeting, tom gardner and thomas to work. we thank them for their work. please call item number two, madam clerk. >> approve the menace of the march 22, 2001 meeting. supervisor campos: colleagues, you have before you the minutes of the march 22 meeting. is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have a motion on item number two motion by
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supervisor avalos, seconded by supervisor wiener. madam clerk, call item no. 3. >> citizens advisory committee report information. supervisor campos: thank you. now we will hear from the citizens' advisory committee. good morning. >> i am the former chair, but in the absence of the chair and vice chair, i am here. we had three items on our agenda that were also on your agenda. two of them were action items. your item number four, about the bikeway in golden gate park, it was approved unanimously. i do not remember particularly who -- i'm a member of the bicycle coalition was wondering -- i will say the park commission, but we had to
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revisit this. there were areas where the road was not wide enough to accommodate the design. anyway, we approved the measure unanimously to read your measure no. 5, we also approved unanimously. one of them with some changes to the university communications station and replacing the liner at tel street station. you've got to do that. you cannot have puddles of water on the floor. first time there is a lawsuit, you will lose. we recommended that one in light of those factors. supervisor campos: colleagues, and any questions for the citizens revisory committee? we thank you for your work.
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great. thank you. is there any member of the public would like to speak on item three? seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk, call item four. >> item four, recommending the san francisco mta jfk drive parking buffered by way project to revise the scope, schedule, and budget and change the funded phase of work from contract to planning and design. supervisor campos: great. good morning. >> good morning, supervisors. the item i will be presenting is on page 17 of your packet. it is sfmta's proposal for the jfk buffered parkway project -- buffered by a wave project. in july 2010, the board approved funds for the project.
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the project included bike lanes between the curved lines and the -- i am sorry. between the curb and the parking lanes. it would be the first of its kind in san francisco. over the course of the summer, there have been refinements of the preliminary design. several concerns were raised, including rhode accessibility, safety, and design. as a result, sfmta has proposed an amendment to allow for additional planning and design work. with the amendment, mta will be able to develop additional design options and a new planning process. the planning work would include conceptual drawings, project evaluation, in addition to receiving necessary approvals from the recreation and parks
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commission and the golden gate authority. the final design would be completed by october 2011. the cost of implementation is dependent on the final design of the project and the decision on using colored pavement on the bike away. in your packet, there is a projected costs of implementation. the project will also have to be weighed against costs on a timeline for project implementation. we are also recommending the obligation of approximately 50,000 -- de-obligation of approximately $50,000 in prop k funds. we have also included a provision that we not incur expenses for the planning phase until it is completed.
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with that, i just want to point out, other members as -- other members of sfmta are here if your questions. supervisor campos: colleagues, any questions on this item? any questions for mta? no questions? is there any member of the public would like to speak on this item. please come forward. you each have two minutes. >> good morning, a chair, members. in a community planner with the san francisco bicycle coalition. i strongly urge you to approve this amendment for planning of a better jfk drive. we support a whole network of streets to make it safe and comfortable for everyone to bike. i believe that has created 1.5 miles of bike way on jfk drive. we see a lot of families biking
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with kids to school. a lot of people who might be afraid to bite could visit the attractions in golden gate -- afraid to bike could visit the attractions in golden gate park. a week ago, i've participated in sense francisco's bike to school that -- san francisco's back-to- school that. as the parents biking with their children to get to school. we will be seen situations like that in a lot more kids choosing help the present -- transportation. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. is there any other member the public would like to speak on this item? seeing none, we have -- public comment is closed. with item four will for us. motion by commissioner of los, second by commissioner david
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chiu. please call item five. >> recommend allocation prop k funds. this is an action item. >> good morning, chair campos. the memo is on page 56 of your agenda packet. we have four prop k requests. i will request the board of requests, and then the mta request, after which, we will present the remaining requests. the attachments include the estimated total cost. you can find that table on page 61 of your packet. first one is the bart request to
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repair a leaking waterproof covering. this will prevent slip and fall accidents. the black dots on the graphic our water intrusion. the blue ovals are water leakage within the station. there is a joint station agreement between sfmta and bart that covers station improvements like this. sfmta will reimburse for the approximately $680,000 for expenses related to wash -- to water prevention. repairs will be done between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.. construction will begin in july 2011 and be completed august 2012. my colleague is here in view of questions.
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the second item is sfmta -- the implementation policy -- project for the bicycle fund grants. as the implementation of five new bike lanes on your screen, 7 miles totaled. all projects will be done by sfmta. except for one project, they have all been legislated by the sfmta board. quick update. since the park is uplifting in injunction against the bike plant, we have since then partially or fully completed 18 bike projects. please open to page 18 that shows the projects completed since august 2010. one will be completed by the end of the summer.
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the bay shore project will allow transportation fund for clean air, which the authority program in 2005. finally, on implementation, the grant includes design and constructor -- construction. sfmta will seek matching prop k funds when the work is complete. the last one i will be doing is the merina close krauss opening. this is more of the top-10 projects. it includes new signals to promote time changes. work will be performed by san francisco in 7 on your side.. -- sfmta. the authority funded the regional bike program. regarding implementation, the design was complete by june 2011
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and will completed by december 2011. for all these projects, we are recommending that we will not release the design until it is completed. with that, i will pass this to my colleague who will discuss the three-seat facility project. supervisor campos: great. good morning. >> good morning, supervisor combos. my name is luis. i am the project oversight manager for the authority. [unintelligible] sfmta's facility on lennox way
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dates from the 1970's. it is quite old and has deficiencies. the resources are inadequate. anybody who has visited has actually marveled at the fact that mca can actually run a system from that facility. -- mta can actually run a system from that facility. it was selected by sfmta management as a location for a new operation and control center. however, because of funding and schedule issues, they decided the project is on hold. meanwhile, they need something urgently to improve the command and control facility. so the near-term goal is to equip this facility as an interim primary control center.
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eventually, there will be a secondary. let me just make the point that temporary as relative when we are talking here. this facility is going to be designed and built to last a long time. should the facility at the transgendered they come to fruition, this will then become -- at thetransbay come to fruition, this will become the backup facility. it has the backbone and infrastructure that is needed. it can be developed faster at much lower cost than a grass- roots facility. here you have a list -- i am sorry. >> [unintelligible] >> i am putting them here.
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but there is something different over there. >> [unintelligible] >> ok. here we go. here you have the critical command and control functions that would have to be moved through the control center, the line management, security and dispatch. all of these are functions scattered all over the city. they will all be in one place, taking direction and communication. if the basic budget for the project is $32.5 million and the funding plan shows the project is fully funded. the total of $26 million in prop k funds. the schedule is critical.
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this is being coordinated with another project which needs to be a new place by october 13, by federal mandates. this will mean changing the wavelength they operate under. so, the improvements will be done by 2012 and will take about six months. this is silly needs to be ready in advance of the central subway. -- this facility needs to be ready in advance of the central subway. the will be substantial improvements. it is going to do design and construction. the funds the landlord provided for improvements must come from local funding, not just prop k. and the funds need to be done by this june. back on in may 2010, the board approved the allocation of $15.4
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million. now, there is a request for an additional $14 million, too. the reason for the supplemental action is basically it was off fund swap. sfmta shifted some funds that were planned for the control facility to the central subway to fulfill the funding there. so, there was a five-year privatisation program approved friday board. -- priortization program approved by the board. the project manager is here. this will probably be her last appearance before this board, as she is retiring sen. if you have any questions. supervisor campos: commissioner uighur? supervisor wiener: thank you.
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i have a question about how the improvements are being serviced once this happens. i know we have had the many problems with the subway, having to do with it out dated central control system and we have seen some of shutdowns of the system, basically. and also getting the lrb's behind the portal at church street, church and market safeway. it is painfully slow. independents point that we have with lrb's getting to that station because of the merger of multiple lines is also painful at times. i would just like to have a better understanding of how this will tangibly improve the functioning of this system. >> the expectation, of course,
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is for the system to improve the service. the efficiencies will be involved in it. i would like to talk more about what that would mean. supervisor wiener: thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. we are bringing in the central control project when what you have before you is really a facility control project. it has to do a lot with consolidation of functions. we're going to bring together these functions of transit and dispatch and security monitoring in the same place. we love the actual functions for -- we will have the actual functions for data control and have a pr manager so we can manage it the data in real time.
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we will have an improved situation room and something happens. we will bring managers in. companions of this project -- there are a couple of major systems upgrades. we will be replacing the epa -- the pa and platform designs in the subway, and also putting in new fiber-optic spirit all the infrastructure in the program is going to improve the capability of the agency to provide more expedited service. we also are going to see a major upgrade to the train control system at the top layer. we're going to do a lot of improvements that should improve the agency's response. supervisor wiener: will it result in an improvement to the entry in the portals specifically? i know it is a really broad
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projects. >> c3 by itself, i do not think it would improve the entry at debose, however we are making other improvements that would do that. we have made improvements to the successful in trees to debose to other initiatives on the train control project. i think he will start to see that. we've seen already. we should see steady improvements in that particular problem way before this goes into effect. supervisor wiener: ok. >> it will not be faster, because there is a speed limitation. but a more reliable entry. supervisor wiener: what about coordination? that causes a lot of delays. >> no. the system itself, the train control system is basically something we need to operate
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optimally. we are not going to improve. it is a matter of utilizing the system, maintaining it better, better training for the operators, utilizing these features we already had. but the system itself is not going to undergo any major upgrades to improve or expedite the injury itself. supervisor wiener: thank you. supervisor campos: colleagues, any other questions? thank you. anything else? why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, this, too, is an action item. can we have a motion by commissioner of the lows -- supervisor avalos. it is seconded by supervisor wiener. without objection. madam clerk, call item no. 6.
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it is an informational item. >> item 6 -- update on initial vision scenario of the bay area sustainable commission's strategy. >> good morning, chair campos. this item begins on page 69 of your packet. we are here before you begin to talk about the sustainable communities strategy. this refers to the initial vision scenario, which is the analysis of the metropolitan commission and various governments, looking at the ideal land use and transportation vision for the region and how that would perform against a number of measures that have been set up from the scs. we have been here before you describing the scs process. i have colleagues here to present the analysis of the initial vision


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