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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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city-wide policies for parking meters that are broken, giving you a parking cap. for example, if there is a 30 minute time limit in the city, this is particularly important for the areas that will not have time limits to create a use for a citywide policy to show that there is free parking in some of the areas and to issue fairness. we are asking for approval on this policy. we had originally recommended a 1 hour time limit, the board suggested two hours. supervisor avalos: was there
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discussion over this being implemented only in areas of the city where the park program was in existence? >> there was some discussion, but we have expanded the citywide time limit. we have moved at the city wide standard to two hours across the city as well. we are trying to give citizens more time to do what they need to do. right now the city wide standard is two hours. supervisor avalos: under the current parking meter program that we have, outside of park sf, how long does it take for a leader to get fix medicared? >> it depends on the exact
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meter. it takes us about 24 hours to 48 hours, once we are notified that the meter is broken. right now we do not have the backup software to tell us, in the background, and someone has to call us to tell us that the meter's broken. on sf park we can tell immediately. timing for those are much shorter. for the other city-wide meters, it takes 2448 hours. supervisor avalos: how often according to a collection? >> it depends on the routes. some routes we go there daily. other routes, we go there less frequently.
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we deploy the forces as they fill up. supervisor avalos: so, generally it is about one week? when does that go citywide again? >> we are working currently from project experience. that should be out in the next 12 months or so. we expect to see this parking program in the city as consistent within the next 18 to 24 months. supervisor avalos: what about a system without meters where there could be ways of paying online or with your credit card? where you would not have a physical leader doing the work,
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monitoring how long you are staying parked? how what with this policy interact with that system? >> there are some areas, particularly england, that have experimented with broke ringleader -- removing meters complete. a space where they would propel through their cell phone. the important feature is that an individual must have access to a cell phone. so, it would have to be an area where individuals would not have that be available. it would be significant work for the citizens as many of them do not have the technology available.
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supervisor avalos: what is the -- i do not know if it is an estimate, but the expectations of the mta of how many meters will be out at any given time? you have factor that into the cost of the program and what you can expect to get in terms of revenue in the change in law? >> what is so much better with these leaders is that you can tell easily when they are broken. the frequency is less and we are expected to see a much higher frequency. we actually have a pretty good track record of broken meters. several years ago there were a
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lot, but technology and the infrastructure has changed. 1.2% of broken meters is not a lot right now. in we do expect that to go down over time. supervisor avalos: the most common ways that one will break down? >> the most common is someone puts something in their that does not belong. paper or some other kinds of calling. the biggest issue is someone putting something into the slot. not allowing anyone else to put anything into that leader. supervisor avalos: the meters in the program, do they have other common things? i have had some difficulty at some of them. others are fairly
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straightforward. >> i think that that is one of the things we are seeing. the sensitivity of the meters, the credit cards, we have had similar complaints. there seems to be a jiggling of the card in some of the meters. this is why a pilot is so important. if you do want an upgrade program, we want them all to recognize credit cards affectively. the meter being tested right now is the only single space meter. vendors are working to figure out what is causing this sensitivity. hopefully that will be resolved by the time there is procurement. supervisor avalos: ok. supervisor mar: thank you for the proposal. i know the the december
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decision, you look at other variations and i am glad we are not taking a los angeles approach. sounds like a los angeles bars people from parking at broken meters. we are taking a more san francisco approach. but i know it will have to be a cultural change. myself, like other drivers, i know that i feel like i have hit a jackpot when i come to a meter that appears to be broken. but i think that this will take a decent amount of education. i hope that there is a good community process that allows neighborhoods to know that this is a new policy. >> this was posted on various web sites. we have to find and of real estate on the meter to posted,
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but it will have a uniform policy. right now it could be a half- hour, two hours, three hours. supervisor mar: i agree that this seems to be an equitable and fair approach that will help to bring in the revenue for the mta that is sorely needed. from the supervisors mentioning of the broken meters, most common experience is that it is the card slot that is getting jammed for some reason. so that using my mta card or credit card, sometimes it does not work. it is less of a cooling problem and now it is more with the cards. supervisor avalos: it is always something in san francisco. ok, we will stop for public comment.
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any member of the public? please come forward. seeing no one, we will close public comment. this item, i would like to move forward with recommendations. without objection. madam clerk, are there any other items before us? >> no, mr. chairman. supervisor avalos: we are adjourned. thank you.
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newlin: welcome. this is the tuesday, may 10, 2011 meeting of the entertainment commission of san francisco. would our executive director please call the roll? >commissioner benetti: here. vice chair joseph: yere. commissioner meko: yere. commissioner perez: here. president newlin: here. >> we have a quorum. commissioner roja as an excuse absence and we are unsure about
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commissioner cavellini at this point. president newlin: thank you. a wonderful roll call. [laughter] i was reminded by crystal that it will help the filming of these meetings if when commissioners want to speak that in addition to me recognizing them that i call their name so they can properly adjust the cameras. if i fail on that, i hope the commissioners will assist me in that endeavor. item one, public comment. members of the public might address the commission on items of interest to the commission that are within the jurisdiction of the commission. members of the public might address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such order is called. is there anybody that wishes to make public comment on any issue that is not on the agenda? yes, sir?
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>> barry toronto. i have not been here in ages. we have had town hall meetings with taxi drivers paying exorbitant fees for credit card charges. i would -- i thought i would come here and catch you up on what is going on with that bill. anyway, i will say two things. first i want to say that i have been really delighted in watching you, president newlin, as chair. i think you have been fair and allowed everyone to speak, and have let everybody have their say. i appreciate your personality as president. i have barely been impressed with how you have progressed as the person who run these meetings. -- i have really been impressed with how you have progressed as the person who runs these meetings. also, i really enjoy hearing officer masius -- matthias give
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his presentations. unfortunately, officer dawson has presented cases where he presents all the information at the last minute and does not give the permit applicants a chance to address these issues before the meeting. it is not fair. i have been told maybe these issues could be addressed. i did bring in before the police commission 13 days ago, and i am hoping that had some effect. i watched the "save the rave" hearing. i suggest you do a resolution supporting how the legislation should be written. it is a state issue. it is not something you have control over. you could endorse what parts would work for you or would not work for you. there have been some compromises.
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it would be great to get an update about this compromise is as well. i don't know if you have won tonight, but it would be great to get an update on what is going on with this legislation. the next point is about security plans. it has been written in a lot of different places about how they are trying to force these venue owners and promoters to do things that could be against people's rights. and i am glad that -- i believe commissioner joseph has addressed this as well. thank you for doing that. i still think that you can still do security without having to force people to have to completely out themselves and they go to certain clubs. most people behave themselves. i worked at a club. it is only a few people that
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caused this problem. to paint everybody that way by requiring expensive additions is wrong. thank you for your time. president newlin: just to clarify, neither the police department nor the entertainment commission has taken any steps forward to infringe on anybody's rights. there were just some ideas floated that maybe at some time will be aired. there will be analyzed. will see if there is any merit to any aspect of them. but as it stands now, it is unfair to characterize what the police department or the entertainment commission has been doing that -- has been doing as trying to take rights away our come down unreasonably on clubs, hindering their operations. ok. >> mark downey. i was quite surprised when i was on a national website that basically the stock trading and
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gold buying. all of a sudden, they were pointing out why new york is going to hell in a handbasket. there were cooking the entertainment commission. -- they weren't -- they were quoting the entertainment commission. i thought it was really uncalled for to cast aspersions on the entertainment commission, because they have never, ever done that. they put forward some ideas that were raised, and also the police department, from certain large clubs. there were putting forward things for consideration because of certain times those id skinner's work. i do not think of was ever anybody's intention to force that down anybody's throat. i think that when viral on the entertainment commission and i felt bad for you.
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president newlin: any further public comment? item two, review and approve the minutes of march 22, 2011, april 12, 2011, and april 26, 2011. >> i would move that we sever april 26. i do not think we have a quorum to move on that. otherwise, i would move that we approve the other 2 the rosettes of minutes. -- the other two sets of minutes. >> i was here on the 22nd, but not on the 12th. could we take those one at a time? the minutes of march 22. president newlin: public comment? no public comment on the april 12, or march 22?
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>> i am calling the roll. commissioner perez: aye. commissioner meko: aye. vice chair joseph: aye. commissioner benetti: aye. president newlin: aye. >> march 22. vice chair joseph: move to approve april 12. >> i can't do some house. commissioner perez: aye. commissioner meko: aye. vice chair joseph: aye. commissioner benetti: i cannot vote on this. president newlin: i. >> i move to continue the minutes of april 26. vice chair joseph: i second. commissioner perez: aye. commissioner meko: aye. vice chair joseph: aye.
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commissioner benetti: aye. president newlin: aye. >> those are continued. president newlin: item 3, report from the executive director. >> good evening, commissioners. i would like to introduce you to nicholas king, who started as the deputy director and permit and the stricter about a week ago monday. he will be presenting you with your permits tonight. let us see how he does. he is learning very quickly. he has been in the government for some time, doing a number of different positions at the board of supervisors and the mayor's office. i have the expectation of him hitting the ground running. do you want to say anything?
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i guess not. president newlin: it was my request to have you get up and introduce yourself. >> with that, i will start with the legislative policy update. i have given a couple of times to you guys what is called a legislation creating a limited live performance permit. it was introduced april 26 formally. it has a file number now. i forgot to attach it. i do have one copy here if you need to look at it. but, again, this was just introduced on april 26. ã9qj? arçj÷ category of permit for limited live performances at a variety of the news -- a variety of
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venues. the small business commission took part in drafting the legislation and has made it a priority. the entertainment commission may look at this as a separate agenda on may 24. it could go later. the june 13 is the soonest it could possibly be considered. i have not been given any instruction from supervisor mirkarimi's office. in any event, the commission might consider putting this on a separate agenda to have a fuller discussion a to its hearing at e board of supervisors. i will leave it at that. if you do want to take a look at these, i have given them to you
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previously, along with the legislation itself. i can for the electronic copies if anybody needs that as well. president newlin: what did you hand me? >> is the legislative digest and a summary of what it is like now. president newlin: i see. i assume the commission would like to review that on the may 24 item. should we discuss it now or do that under item seven? under item seven? that is what i thought. >> in the staff and office update, i introduced neck. i did not get a chance to talk much of the last couple of meetings. we were busy with full rooms and hearings. so i did not get to do a director's report about the neighborhood summer -- the neighbor summit. i want to think commissioners perez, meko, and joseph for
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being involved in helping with that event. it was the first neighborhood summit. the were 100 people there. we led a discussion with members from all of the city in south of market. it took place a month ago now. it was a lively discussion. i know all of it was captured on video. i got a d.v.d. of it, but it is not ready for general viewing yet the, that i know of. but hopefully it will be soon and you guys can take a look into where we have some work to do. i wanted to update the commission on our ability to accept credit cards. we take in huge amounts of money in checks and cash every day in the office. people use plastic. that is what happens. we have not been able to do
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this. we made a big stride forward. we received a written proposal back after a meeting in mid- april about how this can happen at no cost to the department. obviously, people are used to convenience fees. with a permit fee of $2,000, a convenience fee of a small amount should not be a problem. so we are likely to go with that methodology and have an on-line system. that would not be in the office. it would be all on the internet. we would be able to confirm payments and send receipts. i think it will be a really modern -- i think it will really modernize our department. we will still have paper. i will keep you informed and let you know. maybe you can give us a donation and see if it works.
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[laughter] i wanted to update the commission on the update of the promoter registration. legislation was passed at the end of 2010 to create this registration. my hope is we will be able to see the implementation. i met with the designers of the site. it will be called sf promote. it is going to be simple. we are working with staff in supervisor chu's office to make sure the explanations are clear, it is easy, it is accurate, and there are no excuses for not having are using registered promoters. as you might recall, the legislation does allow us to run the gamut of corrective action
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all the way up to revocation to discipline permit holders if they don't do the right thing. now we can actually use administrative citations on promoters as well. there is a monetary consequence on them. so we are hopeful that this will be another tool, essentially. i wanted to let you know the entertainment commission was involved in an event, basically, a workshop for health care for musicians in san francisco. that event was at the bottom of the hill at the end of march. we're recording and music program -- we were recording a music program and put together to a session on how the obama
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health care program will impact decisions -- will impact musicians in san francisco and how our universal care here in san francisco can cover musicians and try to make their life healthier. we hope to do some more of those. obviously, most of the work was done outside of the department. but i got to be involved in that. probably about 50 musicians attended. little by little, we can do some good. lastly, i guess the gnarly details on the corrective actions we have done administratively to the office since basically the beginning of march. i have not had the last two meeting is to update you on what we are doing. i wanted to take that opportunity. we did a safety suspension on el rincon, another one, march 5
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through 7. it has been a while. this was related to an event that began on friday, march 4, and ended with a stabbing early saturday morning. in the end of the day, that was public safety, which is what we call emergency suspension. that is something we felt was necessary. the updates since that time was that el rincon was evicted from their premises on wednesday, april 6. as far as we can tell, the sheriff did their job and there is no more el rincon to speak of. i do not know the context behind this eviction. it was not necessarily related to our corrective action at that time.