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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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president chiu: good morning, everyone. welcome to the thursday, may 26th meeting. i'm joined by supervisor marc farrell the board president david chiu. i want to thank everyone for their service. madam clark, do we have any announcements? >> yes. turn your volume off on that cell phones.
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if you wish to speak during public comment, please place your card to the right of the podium. all documents will be presented as part of the file. items will appear on the june 7th board agenda unless otherwise stated. >> could you please call item no. 1? >> ordnance to -- supervisor campos: this item has been introduced by the mayor. we have a staff presentation. >> and the department of health and human resources. this is a three-year labor agreement we reached with the interns in residence who, as part of their training rotation, go through the general hospital. this is a three-year agreement that goes through june of 2014. i'm happy to take any questions. >>supervisor campos: i major-
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general question. i have visited with the interns and residents in the past. one of the things that was a concern at the time was we have highly educated folks doing a service to the city and we want to make sure they are adequately compensated during the process. i'm wondering if you could say a little bit about that? i imagine this is a mutual agreement, i imagine this addresses the needs and concerns raised in the past. >> absolutely. we have a longstanding relationship with the residents and a settlement agreement was reached in which we agree the wages of interns and residents while they rotate through san francisco general will be the same as they are at ucsf.
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they will be at the same wage rate. >supervisor campos: why don't we open up to public comment? we will have to limit public comment to 2 minutes. if you have comment, please come forward on this item. >> good morning, supervisors. i worked at san francisco general hospital for 20 years. i would like to thank the mayor for sponsoring this item. i would like to thank this committee for hearing at this morning. especially as item number one. i would like to credit sentences -- the "san francisco examiner" for the recent front-page stories that dealt with this subject specifically. they pointed out by sleep that the city and county of san francisco and the department's public health would have to pay a few extra million dollars per
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year in order to carry out this agreement. from my 20 years at san francisco general, i'm all in favor -- all in favor of improvements at the hospital. i feel certain people have been taken advantage of for a long time. something like this is way overdue. i would urge the three members of the committee to read the recent examiner article, because it does point out of the facts that i am not sure you are aware of. i do not have the article with me today, but it was roughly two weeks ago and it was a cover story by the "examiner." i would also like to bring to the committee an article that was worked on by channel 4 news yesterday titled "san francisco city attorney sues three insurers for underpaying public
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hospitals." of course one of them was san francisco general hospital. i hate to estimate how much money the city lost by continually delaying the efforts of myself and others to point out this longstanding problem. i am glad the city attorney has finally done something. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public like to speak? seeing them, the item is closed. -- seeing none the, the item is closed. we have a motion by supervisor farrell. madame clerk, can you call item no. 2. >> a resolution to approve the second amendment to the memorandum of understanding between the city and the san francisco that establishes governance structure and procedures for application. >> on from the department of emergency management. this is a request for a second
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amendment -- an extensive and on the second amendment on the memorandum of understanding for the urban areas securities and a shift. we represent the city of san francisco, the city of oakland, the city of san jose, the county of alameda and the county of santa clara. we request you authorize us to go forward with that second exception. supervisor campos: we have a second extension. i don't know if you have any question or comment, colleagues. thank you very much. why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public like to speak on this item? seeing a nun, the public, disclosed. i have a motion to -- can you call item no. 3? >> a motion designating the
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examiner to be the newspaper of the city and county of san francisco for all official advertising. >> good morning. i'm from the office of contract and attrition. the situation with official advertising this year is the same as that has been for the past several. we went out for a bit and we got to bids, one from the "chronicle" and one from the "examiner." the bid from the "examiner" was responsive and the "chronicle" was not. we could only recommend "the examiner" in that resolution. what the board has done in the last several years is to award the contract to both papers. in which case, the office of contract administration has divided the fiscal year into six-month hlves and each paper
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has the contract for half the year. supervisor campos: president chiu? president chiu: i recommend we follow the practice of the years passed, splitting the contract between the papers. we do not have in the proposal today specific outreach opportunities for the african- american and asian and specifically the chinese communities. in years past and, in addition to that, newspapers that have submitted bids from the african american community, that -- the san francisco bay view has been designated in years past. that china press and others have been publications within that community and i would like to propose those also be included as far as the outrage that we do
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as a city. >> the outreach is the next item. we did that last year. i will get to that in a minute. supervisor campos: do we need to make any amendments to this item more can we wait for a debt next item? president chiu: i think we need to make the amendment before the next one. supervisor campos: is there any member of the public who like to speak on this item? >> i'm with the "san francisco chronicle." we appreciate your support. as you consider the advertising, i would like to bring a couple of things your attention. we reach an audience print -- in print and online. we are good citizen and we sponsor a lot of events in the city. one of the things we are very
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proud of is our season of sharing we put together every year that raises $6.3 million with the food banks, san francisco being one of the biggest beneficiaries. i want to let the supervisors know we have really listens to the requests from the city as it relates to type 1 and tied to advertising. we have invested heavily in technology that allows for placing of this technology directly into our system for distribution in print and online. working with the office of contract administration, we have appropriated "-- appropriated appropriate feedback and meets the city's needs. this allows us to publishes these notice -- to publish these notices without permission of third parties. because the technology lower cost of doing business, we have passed the savings on, an estimated savings of a 16% as opposed to the volume last year. we paid -- we appreciate your trust and we are here today to
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ask you consider awarding "the chronicle" and -- we are confident we can serve you well, say the money and help you fill the tremendous responsibility of keeping the residents of our great city and formed and engaged. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public who like to speak on this item? mr. washington? >> my name is a.c. washington. -- my name is ace washington. [inaudible] you mentioned the african- american community. when you did that, my flags went up. right now, the african-american community is in a state of emergency. that is what i am doing here, a lobbying for the african-
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american community. you might hear some chuckling in the background and that's ok. the -- we have no advertisement for the black community. we have the sun reporter and of the new baby, we have the paper i used to own called the western addition. all of them i worked for at one time or another. but there is no clarification on how the city administrates into the black community. i would like to make sure you have these, that we have some advertising in some of the black-on the papers. i will be putting together a black paper to talk about the experience of the african- americans here in san francisco. not only that, i'm getting ready to write a book so you can take a look. just one page you have to read
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and you will be hooked. i am up here definitely lobbying. i am appear showboating and all that because i have this opportunity here. what is coming up to you in a couple of other issues, i want to go on the record that we, the african-american community, in san francisco, the population is going down. my question is who is in control right here in san francisco? [tone] supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. i know that you would like to make an amendment, president chiu? president chiu: you have a motion on the table to make an amendment and we can take that without objection. supervisor campos: we have a
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motion and we can take that without objection. can you call item 4? >> and resolution designating outreach advertising and neighborhood outreach advertising for fiscal year 2011 and 2012. supervisor campos: this is the outreach part of the prior item. i don't know if you wanted to add anything? >> thank you. things are a little different this year from last year for outreach papers. for last year, we were able to recommend a paper for the hispanic community, one for the lbgt community, but there were no response of bids from the african community -- african- american community and the chinese community. we were also able to recommend a neighborhood paper, and in
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addition to those papers we recommended, the board added the "bayview" for the african- american community and others for the asian and chinese community and the western addition as the second neighborhood l reach newspaper. in addition to the bidders to bid last year, we did it additional outreach to neighborhood newspapers, the central city extra -- the "west side observer" andy -- and of the "single side light." we received one new bid in day hispanic community -- they did not bid last year but have been in prior years. we did receive for new bids for
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a neighborhood outreach -- we did receive four new bids for neighborhood outreach. we are pleased to recommend the response of bidders this year and the new responsive better was in the neighborhood area, "marina *." and the company that bid for them and the "no. * san francisco." there is no change in the reasons and the other communities were unresponsive. for all of the non-responsive bidders last year, the board chose to add them to the resolution as well. supervisor campos: colleagues, any questions? supervisor farrell: in order to
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add "marina times" have to have a motion to amend. president chiu: i think it is important to have specific outreach to the african-american and asian communities. i would be willing to make a motion which designates the papers that were designated last year for the african-american community and for the chinese community. i think as far as the neighborhood papers go, i'm open to come serving what we may want to do. it does seem to be a fairly random lust and i'm not sure we are going to be doing outreach to all neighborhoods in the city by the folks that applied, but i understand the newspapers you want to apply at applied and that's what we've got. supervisor farrell: i would be prepared to make a second to that motion.
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supervisor campos: we have a motion -- excuse me? >> i don't know if that would add at the hispanic community -- it did not happen last year because this paper did not submit a bid. supervisor campos: we will incorporate that into the up motion. were there other ones that you mentioned that were not responsive? >> the response of ones are the ones that we've recommended. the others were non-responsive. supervisor farrell: i know that those papers are very highly
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read. president chiu: are these prices -- >> it is the price to run and at once. supervisor campos: can i ask how is we have non-responsiveness in some cases? what's the level of outrage that happens to make sure the papers know that this is happening and to make sure where possible that there is a submission of proposal? >> the non-responsiveness here is -- it happens mostly because the neighborhood -- the outrage papers are required to be printed in san francisco. they all know about it and are
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familiar with the process. we have been getting their bids for years. for that new neighborhood papers, that was my fault. i did not realize until late in the process that there were so many neighborhood papers interested in doing business with the city of san francisco. our outreach will be much better next year. i take responsibility for that because i did not notify them as early as i should have. supervisor campos: can you say more about what the level of outrage has been? i'm surprised to hear that. there have been sullied neighborhood papers in san francisco, that is what -- there have been so many neighborhood papers in san francisco. there have been so many as one of the great things about the city. what the plan to do going forward that has not been done?
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>> the way it is announced is it goes on the internet, it goes to our historical bid list which gets larger from year to year. i became aware that there is an association of san francisco newspapers, and they will be on the bid list next year. that is what we have done up until now and next year, we will be better. president chiu: these ad prices seem to be all over the map. do they reflect the different ad prices -- to reflect circulation sizes or is there a way for us to treat all of these community- based papers equally? >> i do not have handy and correlation of the bid price with circulation. i could put something like that together but i do not have it with me.
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president chiu: i don't know of that makes a difference to you, we have one paper that has at prices almost three times the size of others. i'm trying to think about the fairest way to sway distribution. i do think for the couple of papers for him the bid was late, because of the fact oca notified them after the bids were due, that should not be reason to not consider those papers. supervisor campos: -- >> as i a understand it, occur -- a clerk places ads in these papers generally twice a month. it would be twice those prices per month. but that is my guest. the clerk's office would be able
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to get the better information. supervisor campos: why don't we open it up to public comment? is there any member of the public would like to speak? >> good morning. i am the publisher of "the marina times." i can answer some questions about the rates for you. our bid for the -- we are published monthly. most community newspapers are published monthly. so those prices are just for the month of the publication. i don't know if that is helpful. circulation is the driving force for rates. when you see a higher rate or
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lower rate, it generally speaks to the circulation of that publication. it is proportionate. that is how the rates are determined. supervisor campos: what is your circulation? our circulation for "the marine at times" is 15,000 and for the other, it is 40. we are delivered door to door and every domicile in our community. that is how we are distinguished from the other publications. they are subscription, newsstand or rack distribution. we reach everybody in our target market area. president chiu: i don't know if anybody knows with a circulation sizes are for the other publications. >> i cannot speak to that. supervisor campos: is there any other member of the public who
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like to speak? >> my name is ace washington. i'm happy and delighted we are bringing this up. history was made here at city hall for the first time. i pull together the black alternative press to meet with our current mayor in february. sec -- as you see, [inaudible] i am appalled and i'm glad you're mentioning about the african-american community. the outreach, the man admitted himself that there was an oversight. there is always oversight when it comes to the african-american community here in san francisco. if you ask me, i think it is a conspiracy. the thing what i am saying to
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you is it is showtime right now. we in the african-american community have no time to waste. i am going to stand up with a bold stance. the black press needs to sit down with whomever is running this ship pier that does not know -- this ship here that does not know about oversight. anything other than that would be in dignity. here you have a department head saying it is an oversight. there has been an oversight on the african-american community for 40 years. my name is ace and i'm on the case. i have been here at silly call for 20 years and i have experienced the indignity of the african-american community. in the media, particularly. i meeting today with the city and county. i am in the city hall and now they are trying to get rid of me, y'all.
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but i done made history. never, ever has there been an african-american organization here. [tone] supervisor campos: next speaker, please. >> i'm the publish -- the publisher of the "west portal monthly" newspaper and the chair of the san francisco neighborhood association newspaper. if you have any questions regarding some of the neighborhood papers, i can answer that. ida's want to encourage you to continue your our reach to the end -- i just want to encourage you to continue your outreach to the neighborhood newspapers. we are reaching people in your district and they read the neighborhood papers. as a way for the city to reach out to the community, there's no better way to outreach to communities than the community papers. also way to support the merchants. the neighbor had papers are some of the only vehicle for local merchants to advertise and help build the community, to have
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city hall support the neighborhood papers is an outstanding way to get your message out and help the neighborhoods. did you have any specific questions about any particular publication i might be able to -- supervisor campos: i completely agree that these are terrific publications for the whole city. i love our neighborhood papers, but there is obviously a wide disparity in terms of ad rates. how do you think about, as an owner of your paper and representative of the collective body, what is your view on how different neighborhood paper's price them and as we think about a city paying ad dollars to these newspapers? >> i think they are the best bargains around. if you are looking at "central ci