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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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thank you very much. >> with respect to item 17, the housing element, as indicated, i strongly support the housing element. i am going to move to continue item 17 for 3 weeks until june 14 to allow for some additional conversations to occur. that should not be interpreted as a lack of support on my part. >> the supervisor winner has made a motion to continue. this item will be continued until three weeks from today and that is june 14. without objection, that shall be the case. >> item 18 is the improvement of a sale between the municipal
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transportation agency and the avalon ocean avenue and the bus loop. president chiu: this resolution is adopted. why do we not skip over to 3:30 resolution. >> item 23 was considered by the public safety committee on may 19. it was recommended on the committee report. president chiu: supervisor mirkarimi. supervisor mirkarimi: colleagues, i would like to bring up somebody from the department of emergency management to speak to this item. it was waived on 30 days that we entertain this at the public safety committee at the urgency of the head of department emergency management. we had a very comprehensive hearing. there have been some concerns by constituents regarding the case. i wanted to make sure that we
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continue to be thorough so i asked the department of emergency management to address that concern. so that we stay on schedule considering the sensitivity of the timing as to why this came before our committee and before us for a vote. >> supervisor mirkarimi, i am sure with the department of emergency management art director is on her way over. we started moving a little bit quicker than we realize. i am happy to give you a quick overview and tell you a little bit about the project. we have had specific questions. there was a little bit of an issue early on with this particular project. there was a difference of opinion between san francisco and some of the east bay and
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other counties in the region. those stories have been resolved for quite some time now. all of the counties and cities in the region are now on board with this particular public safety initiative. i do know that the santa clara county, there board of supervisors passed this earlier today. i believe san jose has it on the agenda for later in the month. it is a project that i think has no downside. it will be of tremendous value to the public safety officials in this region. particularly in the event of a disaster or emergency.
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it is very important that we have these communications. we have the ability to communicate. the fire department in san francisco with the fire departments in the south bay and the east bay. it is critical information that needs to be transmitted. this will be the first steop to creating an interruptible -- interoperable regional broadband network. this is to get us off the ground. once this is established, we can move on to develop the product on a regional basis. >> mr. president, could you be more specific with what the concern was? >> the concern was that there were issues -- there were questions about motorola's
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selection of projects sponsored. under the federal grant that it received. those questions have been answered. those questions have been reviewed by the state. they have been reviewed by the department of commerce. there was an investigation by the office of inspector general with the federal parliament. everything has been found to be acceptable and above board. with all of the standards under the grant agreement and the procurement processes that would be required to select motorola. there really are not any outstanding issues that are
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still apparent. they have all been cleared up. >> i just wanted to make sure that we tie this up. there was concern articulated, concern about an investigation of the office. they knew that $6.2 million in federal funds was supposed to be received by dem. they were moved to a regional government body. >> the money was resolved regionally. they were revived -- a resolve to the satisfaction of santa clara county. i cannot speak to the details of this. that was not directly related to the federal stimulus plan.
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i cannot really speak to the details of of that except to note that we have been in contact with the officials in santa clara county. this issue has been resolved to the best of their satisfaction. >> can we take this item? without objection, this item is adopted. >> item 24 was considered by the rules committee on thursday, may 19 and was recommended as a committee report. this amended the campaign and government to conduct code to include the redistricting task force. supervisor kim: for the sake of letting the public know, i want to let the public know that applications are now open for the redistricting task force. we really encourage as many san francisco residents to apply to
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a very important task force. >> before we proceed, i understand that we may need to divide a file. we could explain the procedure on that. >> the deputy city attorney. most ordinances are a -- are subject to a 30-day referendum period. this ordinance does two things. it creates the redistricting task force, which is required by charter and is an administrative action. it also places people in the task force under air conflict of interest code. that would be an action that is subject to referendum. given that we understand that there is a desire to get the task force convened quickly and up and running and doing its work, it seems imprudent to have
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that piece of it tied to legislation. what we are suggesting is to divide the file. i have done that for you already. we have copies of it. we could divide the file and create to get be of different ordinances. one would reconvene the districting taskforce and one would designate the members of the task force under the conflict of interest code. convening the task force would not be subject to referendum. then the task force could be up and running and conducting its business without delay. >> our city attorney has proposed that we divide the file. in motion by supervisor mirkarimi. sentiment by avalos. s --econded by avalos.
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with regards to the separate file, that would amend the city's conflict of interest code. that should be the case as well. why do we not now move to roll call? one special commendation that i will offer. if we could move to roll call. >> you are first on a roll call for introductions. supervisor wiener: thank you. i am calling for a hearing related to the epw order issuing the excavation permits on public rights of way. i think we have all gone through the last number of months with ceqa and the at&t boxes. even though we have a better street plan, even though we have
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an order dealing with this, we put utility boxes and other items on our sidewalk. we do not really have a really great coordination among our city departments. protector late, ordinations that dovetail with these items with our better streets plan. i am requesting that the department of public works, the mta and the planning department come talk about what kind of system we have in place. this is in terms of making sure we are maintaining our streetscaping and public rights of way and whether legislation is appropriate to achieve that goal. >> thank you. supervisor farrell: thank you,
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madam clark. just one in memoriam today. she passed away on the age of 94. she was born on april 8, 2004. she was married to james flood in 1938 at the mansion. she and mr. flodod owned a ranch where she was an accomplished equestrian. she volunteered for several organizations. she served at a dining room. she volunteered for the salvation army during the holidays and for the red cross during world war ii. she spent time is visiting friends throughout europe. during the conference at san francisco, she and her husband hosted several foreign dignitaries during the event.
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she had a confident style, renowned beauty, and a sense of humor. she is survived by 22 grandchildren. she will be loved by all those who adored her. >> supervisor carmen chu. supervisor chu: two items from me. one is the inquiry to the public parks to discuss their long-term plans c for theamp. many of our district and city camp residents go and frequent this. we are looking for the needs at the facility, five years' worth of data on the facilities including the discussion of the department's plan to meet the capital needs of that facility. the second item is a hearing request. many of my other colleagues have
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seen this as well. many of the other ones in my district have seen about services in recent weeks and months. this will look at performance data for the months of february and april. this is the on-time performance and a number of switchbacks. and the steps taken to address these performance issues. >> supervisor mirkarimi. supervisor campos. supervisor campos: i have a couple of items. the first is the city's progress on augmenting recommendations by the city comptroller. as we are conducting hearings on audits that have been performed, that we also take the
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time a few months down the road after the hearings have been completed to follow up to make sure that the recommendations have been completed and that will ensure that we make the most of every audit that has been conducted. this is a hearing on the standards and malls and ethics rules to govern the war down by regulators at the department of public health. when it comes to the review that may have environmental health impacts. it is important for us to have a better understanding of the rules that govern the performance of these regulators and asked that these matters be heard of the government audit and oversight committee. >> supervised mar. supervisor mar: i have a sad
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news. a close friend of mine passed away. his family is from the richmond district. i ask that we closed the meeting in his honor. he was born in hong kong in 1964. he emigrated when he was four years old. he was 56 when he passed away. he attended st. mary's elementary school and uc- berkeley. he was the oldest child in his family. they often relied on him for translating for his parents, who did not speak english, as well as introducing them at his siblings to american culture. i attended the funeral on sunday in the richmond district. i had that mr. yen when he was at the uc-berkeley. we work together have the
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pacific islander organization. and the california progressive student alliance on many different campaigns in the 1980's. we studied computer technologies at uc-berkeley or he received an award for outstanding achievements. he was an it support specialist. he also worked for the san francisco unified school district as well. when he was 10 years old, dave became disabled by severe rheumatoid arthritis. he nevertheless remained a strong person. i enjoyed spending time with him at the civic center plaza. he was a great lover of all kinds of food, especially san francisco food. you live life to the fullest and never let his disability defeat him or get in his way. he has been a devoted san
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francisco giants fan. he left as way too early at the age of 46. i would like to express my condolences to the yen family and many close acquaintances that he has built up over the years. it is a tremendous loss and i am really sad. he was a great friend and on spiring brother and extraordinary son and great person. david's friends and family will always cherish him. >> thank you, supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: one item today, a big item along with the mayor, actually for the mayor, and definitely his leadership that brought us to this point and along with president chiu, supervisor avalos, supervise chu, cohen, farrell and wiener.
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i am proud to introduce a charter amendment that is much more than i or the sport have done in the past in terms of retiree health care reform. this is not a proposal that is a baby step that i have characterized some proposals in the past. this is real reform. this is also real sacrifice on behalf of our current city employees. this is not simply a proposal but is about new employees and the lighting savings 10, 15, 20 years out. this is a proposal that produces savings in the first year of its passage. this means that current employees will be sacrificing. they will be contributing more to the pension fund as the taxpayers contribute more to the pension fund.
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it is a fair and equitable float of those employee contributions. not just a fai from ar point of view, but from a legal point of view. in those cities when the city has a booming investments, employees will also benefit. there is a fairness in that. that is the crux of this proposal. that said, it is not the only piece of this proposal. a new tier for all employees. we are addressing things that others have mess. we're talking about over 1000 employees who are in koppers. we talked about vesting
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retirement, a proposal that allows employees to get a very large annuity, even if that have not reached retirement age. most importantly, this is not a pension proposal. we are also addressing retiree health. there is a piece in this proposal that the men's competition from the current board. supervise chu is our current rep. i sat on that board for five years. this is the proposal i am most excited about in terms of producing fair and equitable results. we also have mandates for current employees making contributions to the retiree trust fund. they may recall that mandated that employees hired after passage have to make employee contributions. they are stepping forth and
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saying that they will make contributions as well. this is a comprehensive proposal. i cannot emphasize that enough. comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive. to throw out some numbers, the controller's best estimates, this will save us between $800 million and $1 billion. last year when we were debating the merits of proposition d, a proposition about two or three- year vesting, that was $40 million over 25 years. this is $800 million to $1 billion over 10 years. that does not get into what the t newier saves us or what the contributions will do for us long term. this is a measure that i could not be more proud of.
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i want to thank the mayor for his steady hand in guiding this process. warren for his steady hand, president chiu for participating in those meetings. i had to the attorney's office and to those members of the board who co-sponsored it. that is a great sign for the electorate. they recognize a comprehensive consensus approach is the best approach. to those of you who are not yet there, i look forward to seeing your names there come the day wwe vote on this. supervisor avalos: by will like to congratulate supervisor elsbernd for his great work on pension reform as well as the mayor and staff.
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it is significant that we are able to get where we are at on this measure. a consensus approach is the right way to go. we need to make sure that as we are making our prospects for covering our pension obligation much more sound, that we could have broad support of the board of supervisors. we could show that to the electorate. i think the process has been a difficult one. that brought out some of the greatest talents we have in the city to make that happen. at nciu, they are not quite on board. we can help bring them in. we can have the courage -- a true consensus that we want to have. we have time to do that. i want to thank the mayor for his openness with that. supervisor elsbernd's as well.
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supervisor elsbernd, since i first got on the board a couple of years ago, you have been talking about this issue. it is a looming problem. for the first few months, we did not pay as much attention as we probably could have. you suffer from a cassandra complex. you spoke about the doom and gloom that is coming and people were not paying attention. it is going to have the support it is going to need to pass. thank you for your work on that. in other matters, i had a resolution to receive statewide program grant funds to support the development of the easement adjacent to the library. supervisor elsbernd will be cosponsoring this because it is on the border of both of their
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districts. a couple of years ago, i worked to reprogram these so we could develop this easement so that we could have really could landscaping between the library and a part of this project. the community groups have been working together on design, which i think is significant. it is going to make a great improvement when we see all of the great st. worked in that area. we can see ocean avenue coming into its own. lastly, i just wanted -- i am an old fogey in a way. i listened to bob dylan once a week. today is his 70th birthday. he turns 70 today. he is like the picasso of the united states. i thought i would embarrass myself by reading a song.
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sin sing it. i might add up singing it by reciting it. and myth that the waters around you have grown soon you will be benched soon you will sink like a stone the rock -- the times are changing do not speak too soon the wheel is still spinning. the loser now will win the times are a changing their is a battle outside and it is a raging the times are a changin
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do not criticize what you cannot understand your sons and daughters are changing the line that is drawn and the curse that is cast the slow 1 now will later be last the order is rapidly fading the first 1 now will then be last the times are a chaning. >> happy birthday, bob dylan. supervisor wiener: i neglected to say this before. i think he left the room. really acknowledging and commending supervisor elsbernd not just for two years, but for
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years and years of latching on and not letting us forget about this issue. he saw the coming when a lot of people did not see it coming. he would not let it go. a lot of people contributed to a very strong pension reform measure. supervisor elsbernd, we cannot give him enough credit for keeping the momentum moving forward. thank you, supervisor elsbernd. >> thank you, supervisor wi ener. that concludes roll-call for introductions. president chiu: why do we not moved to our 3:30 special accommodations? the first will be offered by supervisor kim. supervisor kim: