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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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consider jenny lam. she was well spoken, and she does seem to have the elements of community interests. also, rachel ebora from district 9. i appreciate the questions about mr. hogarth, but when community interest, the works for both parties. it works for both sides. then we get different kinds of supervisors, and while it is kind of dis-uniting, we actually let the board of supervisors decide things at the board of supervisors and work and out there. supervisor kim: thank you. any other public comment? >> good morning, supervisors. i am a resident of district 11.
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i applaud everybody for being up here because it takes a lot of guts to get up here in front of you all, in front of supervisors, and just put it out there and at times get grilled. i am speaking on behalf of -- i am really supportive of maria and lupe. this task force is the right place where we could have new blood, new insight, a new generation of community activists that really want to contribute to our city. me, myself, personally, i can understand and feel a lot of their inspiration and vision and their roles on this task force coming from immigrant families. families that are not politically engaged because the
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countries that our families come from, you get disappeared. we get killed. to us being the new generation, me on the older cusp of the new generation, the being engaged, being out there. cutting their teeth on community campaigns, building new parks, curbing youth violence, clamoring for affordable housing. i see juanita taking that next step. to see her mature politically and mature as a civic the engage young woman, it fills me with a lot of pride. this would be a perfect place. she might be green in some areas, but that is what is beautiful about this task force. learning from older activists to sickly engage people because she has a perspective that you are not going to hear. so thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you so much.
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any other members who want to speak, please line up. >> hello, supervisors. i wanted to voice my support for jenny lam and mr. james tracey. we believe they exhibit the independence and ability to work with communities of interest. i also wanted to speak on a more personal note for jenny. i have known her since first coming to the bay area six years ago. i have seen her in action and believe that she preserve the ability to both be able to voice her opinion and take a step back in discussions, and i think that is invaluable with a task force that is likely to be very controversial and in a lot of ways require a lot of work and collaboration between the other colleagues. again, wanted to strongly voiced my support for her and mr. james tracey to be appointed. believe it will be independent
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voices on this force. thanks. supervisor kim: thank you. seeing no other public comment, public comment is now closed on this item. we have actually been in session for a little over two hours, and i was hoping you will forgive my colleagues if we took a five- minute break. if there are no objections, we if there are no objections, we will take a five-minute break. supervisor kim: thank you for our recess. we are reconvening. we are an item number four, the redistricting task force. one of my colleagues has said elections commission has appointed three appointees and there was a question.
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reno -- we know mr. shiber is in district 7. district two? >> [unintelligible] supervisor kim: we want to get confirmation on that. we want to know there is a breath of diversity, and we know the mayor is concerned of the equitable distribution on the task force as well. at this time, we will open this up for board discussion, and also if there are any of further questions for applicants? supervisor farrell: just to check, has anyone come up that has not applied? supervisor
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farrell? supervisor farrell: it is important. as supervisor kim mentioned, it is important we have diversity on this commission as with everything in our city. is all important. another example of when we have an incredibly high number of qualified candidates and a few slots to put them in. i will just make a comment about people we have strong opinions about, and then we will have our discussions. 3 people i was impressed with -- although, with some line of questioning around potential conflicts related to receiving money from the city -- on the
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margin, i think i have a problem with that. as a lobbyist, i do not know if we should be pursuing right now candidates with those potential conflicts given the breadth of people we have here. i think they are all great and that would have no problem with them otherwise. i just wanted to mention that in our dialogue. the people i thought made great presentations and i really liked their backgrounds, mr. e lmendorf, ms. leblanc. anna yee, i can testify to her genuine care of the city. mr. baraka, mr. mcdonnell.
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we have this debate with other commissions. when people show up, what do we do? -- when people don't show up, what do we do? with that, i will go ahead and say, to start the discussion, i would like to throw my support behind mr. baraka, [unintelligible] i think that is important as well. i would move those three forward. supervisor kim: thank you. supervisor elsbernd: well, i can
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see we're going to have a bit of a discussion. just the three i would put forward are not any of those three. [laughter] the three that i thought stood out -- i like the combination of these three -- mr. elmendorf, mr. mcdonnell, and i it likes the greens of -- and i liked the range of practical experience. professor elmendorf is no political affiliation to the city whatsoever. >> supervisor, there is an
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overflow room. that room is available. supervisor kim: thank you. >> [unintelligible] supervisor elsbernd: mr. mcdonnell, the demonstrated commitment to the city through his resonate, and his work with his current occupation. and i just think the threat of not knowledge -- the brat of knowledge, and he is clearly a man of integrity. and it is that kind of integrity, from what i have heard, and will spread out amongst the community. i think it shines through. it is something everyone else
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will benefit from. mr. alonso stood out to me as someone who would bring a breath of fresh air to something that was highly political. he would be the everyman at this committee. i think that would be very, very helpful with the group, and i think that group of three brings elements of diversity which we are striving to strike. it matches up well with the three who have already been appointed by the election commission, and it leaves the door open for few appointments from the mayor. so, those would be my top 3. supervisor kim: i think i concur with my colleagues that that wek
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at balancing the other three members, to make sure there are a variety of perspectives and keep in mind those already appointed by the elections task force. given who has been appointed already, a heavily lean towards an asian-american and latino, as well as members from the east side of the city. i was very impressed with our candidates. i was also impressed by mike alonso and maria arreola. it is also important that we have an asian-american representation. anna yee was not able to make it today. i would strongly support miss jenny lam as well, who lives in
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district 8 and works in district 3. i know and have worked with, to various expense, james tracy, mr. hogarth, and mr. mcdonnell. i think that they would be very fair. we do not have any lgbt task force members as well. and think it is important that that community is represented in this task force as well. the individuals i would consider in terms of supporting -- not because we do not have many other great applicants that would serve our task force well -- but given who has been appointed thus far and fun to come up with a balance. there are a number of folks here i would love to work with
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in the future to my office to get acquainted and through a variety of other commissions. i know this is decommissioned that you all wanted to apply for, for many of you, the only commission you apply for. i know that folks have talked about ms. morales, and i know she has been active are around mental health and residency issues. i would love to work with her in district 6. supervisor farrell: we need to get three names out of here. let me bring a little experience to this. i was not on the committee 10 years ago, but i served a member of the board to was on the committee 10 years ago, and that was shared by my -- shared by my
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then-employer. those three were in the same boat when they each have 3 folks that wanted. each server -- each supervisor put forward one named. collectively, those three names were submitted to the full board, and the full board approved. i recall supervisor sandoval had one name, the other two supervisors had to other names. we can move forward. of is that sound to my colleagues? -- how does that sound to my colleagues? supervisor kim: in terms of my personal vote, i am more than happy to send this out of committee that way, but i mean not be able to support all three that come out of this committee. i am not sure who each member will pick. i am willing to do this to get
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this out of the rules committee. >supervisor farrell: i spoken about mr. mcdonnell before, and both of you mentioned him. we played for the same grammar school baseball coach. i, too, would be very happy to support -- this would be a great non-political point of view in the process. however we want to pursue this. i am happy to support those two. supervisor elsbernd: i think the thrust of the history lesson is that nobody got everybody they wanted, and it worked out as a compromise. this is a board that means to serve everyone, not just one particular group of folks.
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so, maybe trying to work this out, hearing supervisor farrell's comment -- how about mcdonnell, lam. supervisor kim: ok. we have alonso, lam, mcdonnell. i am happy to put out these three individuals since they were on my list. supervisor farrell: that is fine with me. as it relates to ms. lam, but i have a concern -- nothing against your personally -- the conflict. i think that is real. i think she is a woman with
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young kids. that is great. we need that in the city more than anything. i was very ready to support the three i mentioned in the beginning. but i do want a strong stand from us going forward. and i believe those three would be terrific. supervisor kim: all right. we cannot forward these three with recommendation. we have mike alonso, jenny lam, and eric mcdonnell. we do have to make this decision by tuesday, june 28, which is why we call the special meeting today. really -- >> really quickly -- supervisor kim: i really want to thank our 23 applicants. it is great to see the breath of
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leadership and the passion. this is very important, one of the most important task force appointments the city is going to be making this year, and i want to thank everyone for the time it took to apply. we really appreciate that. i am happy that we have come to a consensus around three appointees, and we will be forwarding that to the full board with a positive recommendation. thank you. madam clerk, please call item no. 5. >> item 5 -- charter and and and to amend the charter of the city by amending the provisions adjusting retiree benefits and health-care benefits. supervisor kim: my apologies. the chief sponsor of the
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amendment is supervisor elsbernd and so i will turn the chair over to him. i may have to leave and attend the budget committee, which is another committee i am a member of as well. supervisor elsbernd: we can do that real quick. we can do it real quick. two minutes. supervisor kim: my apologies. we do have a item number four, which we moved over so supervisor weiner could attend the budget committee meeting. i just wanted to open that up for public comment. many members of the public may have expected the item to come up now. we did want to give everyone a chance to speak on the charter amendment.
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supervisor elsbernd: differ -- item four, supervisor weiner's proposal. >> i thought i watched this on tv earlier this morning. i was not aware he would be switching things around. i am asking you not to put this charter amendment forward. and think there are ways established to deal with changing these things, and i hope, maybe perhaps this will focus people's attention on us and a specific way to review a voter past initiatives and to see if there's a need for review and to bring them back to the voter.
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i think this is not a good policy. it is basically not a democratic way of handling the situation. we have really excellent alternatives. thank you very much. >> judy berkowitz. passed a resolution urging you not to pass this on to the full board in any form, including the latest amendment. however, i do congratulate supervisor weiner for accomplishing what heretofore only the planning department has been able to accomplish, and that is to unify many different
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sectors of the public behind something that does not serve the public well. the voters will. -- the voters well. i appeal for you to appeal this to the call of the chair or defeat it sammy write your. supervisor kim: is there any further public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. i believe there is such a consensus from community members -- i just wanted to say i do have concerns about this, but i appreciate supervisor weiner came in on items of ballot initiative to the voters. this will not impact any initiative or ballot measure that voters have already voted on, and i think voters can
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certainly decide whether our perspective on measures in to dozen 12 should be able to a bent -- should be able to be amended by the supervisors. i am ready to for this item to the full board. colleagues? supervisor elsbernd: this recommendation? >supervisor kim: without objection, we will move this on to the full board. thank you. we will now come back to item 5. i defer to you, supervisor elsbernd. supervisor elsbernd: i do not need a big introduction. i am going to turn it over to micki callahan. this proposal has received a lot of attention, but it is 250 pages, and we have not had a good opportunity to walk through all of the. i have asked her to educate all
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of us and the members of the public. the floor is yours. >> thank you, madame chair, supervisors. i am presenting an overview of the consensus measures initiated by supervisor elsbernd. i am also prepared to answer questions with respect to the technical amendments, the version that you see today, which is not particularly a substantive. however, i will review the general elements. first of all, we have elements that applied only to new hires. these are employees not currently in city employment and would not start until july 20 -- july 2012. for those employees, we have a tiered retirement plan. currently, our retirement plans, as of several years ago, are based on a two-year final
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average salary. this is intended to address to spiking. additionally, we are capping the potential salary at the irs cap, or a lower number. the cap is 85% from the total and 75% to keep them comparable in terms of the reduction. note that in addition, a lot of attention has been paid to the idea of premiums and whether or not they are pensionable. premiums will not be calculated on hand pensionable salary. that is already the case for overtime. supervisor elsbernd: it has changed from 24 months to 36
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months? >> yes. supervisor elsbernd: can you point to other jurisdictions that are beyond 36 months? >> no, i cannot. in on aware of any jurisdiction that has more than 36 months. supervisor elsbernd: that would be the high-end? >> that has been the standard. most of these plans are created with a three-year final salary. there was a move to go to the current city employee is -- city employees, with the addition of those who have a two-year. for the maximum for miscellaneous would go from 2.3% of salary at age 62 to 3.3% at age 65. to not only -- they do not only
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decrease our costs, but it reflects the fact that people are indeed living longer and longer working lives still. supervisor elsbernd: can you talk about the benefit of the change and what that means on the retiree health care side? >> absolutely. we have a comprehensive retiree health-care program. the most expensive retiree are those who retire early, that is before they are eligible for medicare. medicare provides a significant offset for as. goes to stay longer have a higher final salary, -- those to stay longer have a higher final salary. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. >> for police, fire, and chirac, the safety groups, -- and sher
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iff -- it drops instead of the current 2.4%. the maximum stretches out, again reflecting the fact that people have long working lives than they did when this was still first to establish. and in addition, it is helpful to us for reduction in our unfunded health-care liability. miscellaneous safety is a small group. on the left hand of the slide. typically, they are juvenile counselors, district attorney investigators, etc., and they are described correctly as somewhat in between the two groups. and their benefits are accordingly sculpted. supervisor elsbernd: is this also reflective of the pers


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