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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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chair, the term of the existing contract expires this year. under the contract there is an option to renew for an additional two years. the board needs to notify the budget analyst by august 1 if the board wants to exercise that option. as long as this gets to the board for action by august 1, you will have enough time to act. so i would think the continuance to the 12th would probably give you enough time. >> ok. even if there's not a meeting on the 12th, if it's on the 19th, there would be enough time? >> the 12th is the day the budget is at the school board. if we are talking about a different date -- >> we are talking about to the budget committee. >> two options. send item out without recommendation, which would allow us to have a conversation still before make a decision at the full board. another option is to continue the items to call the chair until we have a date certain on
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a meeting date. >> i would be fine with the second option. >> any thoughts, colleagues? >> so continue this. >> if that would be the case, to the budget analyst, we look forward to working with you and we will continue that item to the call of the chair. >> the final item we have on our agenda is the proposition j. supervisor kim? >> thank you. i know that we worked really hard all day on the budget to put ourselves in a position to put the budget that the f-word right now than has a balance of cut registrations -- to put the budget that we're moving forward right now.
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agreeing to continue the item to the call of the chair in discussions, because there are multiple stings we are discussing along with proposition new jersey, another issue important to me which would be the issue of des killing. i would recommend a second. >> i would support supervisor kim's motion. this issue and of proposition j is not something any of us take lightly. in part because of the challenges that happen if we were to move forward, but also in part because given the budgetary challenges, we do have to figure out where we might continue to find additional savings. i had a good conversation earlier today with the head of sciu who reiterated her commitments and everyone commitment to continue to find budgetary savings we can all
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agree on. given the various issues out there including what supervisor kim mentioned, it is appropriately continue this item at the call of the chair as a potential option. but one that we do look for to input from neighbors so we can see if there are any other ways for us to find savings of that is possible. >> thank you. we have a motion to continue this item to the call of the cherokee. that has been seconded. to the call the chair. we need to look at this proposition j. it would result in no layoffs. it was a significant bubble of savings for the city to the tune of $6 million per year. there are many issues that are outstanding, whether it's budgetary pressures or the issue of the wage issue at sciu. so i want to make sure we are fully evaluating and vetting
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these decisions. i'm proud we have a budget that is balanced currently that we can send to the full board that accomplishes many of our shared objectives. can we take that motion? >> yes. >> i'd think we are finished. >> i want to confirm that items 1 and 2 are recommended as amended. items three and four of the 1:00 agenda are recommended. >> correct. >> that completes the agendas. >> thank you. we are adjourned. thank you so much.
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