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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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28 years old. these bison are descendants of a 1984 birthday present to them mayon-mayor dianne feinstein frm her husband richard blum. we will have costume bears to meet and greet zoo visitors. there will be a bear themed event and crafts at the zoo. in addition, on july 24, should you get hungry for ice-cream, the ben and jerr's scoop truck will be out there and an ice cream.
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why they learn how to take fish from the exhibit areas and then they wobble to penguin island to join the rest of the herd. that will happen on saturday july 30. that concludes my report. >> thank you. commissioner lee. >> are there any plans to replenish the heard you have lost? you have lost two out of the five, so you only have 3 left. i recall there was a donor who may have been interested in donating some buffalo to replenish their herd. >> despite the sad news about losing two of our aging bison,
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we have some positive news on the horizon in that regard. we are hopeful we will be receiving seven new bison sometime this fall. usda regulations have changed over time, so before accepting the bison, we worked closely with our zoo officials. we have to make some changes to the bison had it for better nearing care. as you recall, we brought to this commission six months ago with a very generous gift from dick blum, who is helping us fund the paddock improvements. that will happen early fall, the paddock construction. late summer. then we hope to have the bison in november, after they have fully weened from their mother's
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-- [laughter] >> so this would be a much younger population. you still have the three that are going to be the elders. the zoo will continue to maintain the herd? >> absolutely. >> is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. we are on item number seven. 2011-2012 deferred maintenance projects. >> good morning, commissioners. the item before you is discussion and possible action to approve the list of deferred maintenance projects to be funded by the open space fund contingency reserve and this fiscal year 2011-2012. back in february 2010, the
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commission approved the use of 50% of the available balance in the open space fund could it's a reserve to fund managed projects have the commission approve the ongoing use of the 50% annual allocation of this research in future fiscal years. so for the year just completed, fy10-11, you approved a list of projects that total $2.2 million, estimated cost in contingency. a progress status report of those deferred maintenance projects that you approve are in attachment a of your package. with your concurrence, i will brief you walkway through these projects to see where we are at the moment with the deferred. there are 12 projects. china's playground is complete.
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there was a bit of a cost increase due to a waterproofing of the roof which also serves as an outdoor court. that is now complete and open to the public. the park slope stabilization is almost complete. that has also incurred a bit more money than allocated, but that was taken out of the contingency. the pool planning is complete. . that will begin once the poll closes for its annual maintenance. roof work at garfield pool is complete. you had authorized a substantial amount of money to replace the deck at one property.
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the cost and scope of the project put that project into the ada realm. so it is now considered an alteration, rather than a repair. so we are removing this project and moving it back to rec and park planning to further address the ada requirements, the scope of that work, which may also require an accessible path of travel from the concert meadow to the deck. that money will fall to the contingency balance. balboa pool. the planning is complete. that work will start in september of this year when the poll closes for its annual maintenance. mayor llama clubhouse, the roofing is almost complete. a bit of a cost increase out of the contingency for hazmat and
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asbestos removal. union square. the replacement of the failed light fixtures in the pavement has been planned out. the department has, at the request of commissioner harrison, identified an alternative funding source. the downtown park fund can fund this work, rather than having it come up for a meet its budget. work will proceed from the downtown park fund, so that money will fall to the available balance as well. terderloin recreation center is open to the public. that is the update on the projects you had authorized for us in the past year. we are close to completion on
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all of those, with the two editions of the new square project and the park. the available contingency budget is about $213,000. if you add the drop in vero funding to that, union square funding, that will bring -- assuming there are no other draws on the contingency for the remaining projects, between $600,000 and $700,000. now to the matter before you today. 11-12, the total allocation of the open space contingency
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reserve currently is $1 million. half of that per your action is $500,000 for this year's deferred maintenance allocation. the difference between this fiscal year amount and last year's was that last year's was a multiple year some, which was presented as a onetime opportunity for us to do a large expenditure. this year's amount, the $1 million balance, the $500,000.50% of that, is more in line with the ongoing contingency fund balance. given the reduced availability of deferred maintenance funding this year, as opposed to last year, the department plans to devote the totality of the $500,000 to replace the entire civilian gym floor and fixing the water intrusion problem that has caused repeated buckling of
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this floor and is negatively impacting the gymnasium's use. our capital division presented a report on the over all conditions of the pavilion. with your indulgence, i would like to have rick come up here to give you a synopsis of his findings. >> good morning, commissioners. keysar is well known for its rich sporting history and unique atmosphere. the facility is loved by many who have played and watched
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the games there. built in 1986, the facility has hosted a diverse set of jr., high-school, collegiate, and professional sporting events including basketball, indoor hockey, soccer, boxing, etc. from a programming perspective, the pavilion has traditionally been used for games and leads, although an number of organized practices have been permitted. this is a heavily program facility each and every aspecatc season. this facility should be completely remodeled or replaced. the cost for that is estimated to exceed $45 million. the original building was built prior to existing seismic codes
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and major changes are needed to meet those correct codes. the surrounding concrete and asphalt paths and front plaza, as well as the addition, broken plaints of glass, rusting, exposed to three bar were painted and the roof was replaced in 2009. the interior of the pavilion has hardwood floors in the gym. the gym floor has been stripped, sanded, and resurfaced multiple times. the floor surfaces at the end of its life span and cannot be sanded again. most fishes to the building should be replaced. -- finishes to the building should be replaced. heating is provided by a gas boiler. plumbing fixtures and piping are generally failing, non-ada
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compliant, and would require a complete renovation. the electrical distribution including panels to theaters are usually passed through useful lights. the facility has no fire sprinkler or fire system. emergency lights have been added in the past 15 years. according to work orders provided by structural maintenance, there have been 550 work order requests from january 2005 through september 2010, totaling over $44,000. the requests range from changing light bulbs and for the paper to roof repairs and electrical issues. keysar is a well used facility. the facility should be replaced or model. from a capital perspective, we need to develop a long-range plan to develop this structure
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because it has many needs. >> thank you. with rick's at intermission as context over all, as you can see, the capital need there is immense, which we cannot address in the deferred maintenance budget. however, to use the building until such time, there is a solution. that is the gym floor. the majority of the tongue and groove floor existing is the original to kezar's construction, circa 1925, with various sections replaced over the years. the floor and replacement sections have been sanded and finished multiple times over the last 86 years. to the point that the original
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floor board thickness has been reduced to a point where they can no longer sustain any further sanding or refinishing. the original plan for was three- quarters of an inch. through repeated standing and finishing, it is down to reporters. the floor board thickness has also increased its susceptibility to buckling due to humidity and water intrusion. this has also increased the occurrence of floorboard breakage, as basketball or volleyball, or other athletic endeavors play on the surface. that being the problem, our proposed deferred maintenance projects would comprise the following. we would have a complete floor board replacement in stands over the original structural joist so that kezar's floating floor is
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preserved, which all the players like so much, and we are proud of ourselves. with that project, also, repair any damage to a structural joists. excavation of the south exterior wall of the pavilion for extensive waterproofing and installation of drainage some great materials such as base rock or gravel to facilitate groundwater flow away from the building to mitigate any further water intrusion. also, roof repair or roofing of the south section of roof to restore water in permeability. i do not have a detailed cost estimate of this work currently for you because we will not know what level of structural doors repair is necessary or what degree of water intrusion is occurring from this, until we
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have remove the existing floor. so the informal cost estimates we have in the case of the available 11-12 funding should be sufficient for this repair. however, if the deferred maintenance funding is approved, and once the project is commenced, the department will provide an update to the commission on the subflooring findings. additionally, if, at the completion of last year's deferred maintenance, to -- which i just updated you on -- the department will return to the commission with a request to reallocate any of last year's fund balance and deferred maintenance projects, including the billion project, should it need additional funds. with that, the staff recommendation is approval of
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the 11-12 the third made its funding from the open space contingency reserve for the replacement of the kezar floor. >> thank you. i am going to ask commissioner lee to weigh in on this. >> i am in agreement, this work needs to be done, given the very busy schedule that is kept there at kezar. a lot of our programming cannot take place, given the size requirements of some of our programs, cannot take place without kezar being there. i do believe we should approve this. it is a stop-gap measure. great deal of work.
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at least, if we can get the floors redone, we can continue to program. i have a question also related to your update. regarding the question on the downtown fund, would the open space fund have to replenish the downtown fund for any funds drawn? no? so this would be a straightforward withdrawal. in the future, if we could continue to draw from that for any future capital needs. >> to answer your question, the answer is no. on further expansion, i would have to defer to td.
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-- katie. >> we have been doing cleanup of park projects which created some additional fund balance, which would allow us to make this swap out of the open space contingency reserve into the downtown park fund for this particular project for union square. there is some additional fund balance available in the downtown park fund. as development occurs in the downtown core, there are developer fees that are exacted. that is how the downtown fund is funded over all. as revenue flows into the fund, it then becomes available to spend on parks projects that are within the downtown area. >> is this downtown fund included in your financial? >> no, we spend out of it on
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such an irregular basis. to the extent that there are capital projects that are funded by the downtown fund, -- for example, su berryman park repairs, that was included in the month reporting. but because the revenue flows into the fund on such an irregular basis, because it comes from development projects, which lately have been few and far between, we do not report on it regularly because we use it pretty rarely. >> how many other similar funds are there in the city? >> for the rec and park department, this is the only one. >> how much is currently in that fund? >> we will know better at year end close. the last time i looked, a couple
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of weeks ago, available fund balance was about $700,000. >> it would be helpful to know -- obviously, any fund that can be drawn from downtown four union square, because it is for the expressed purpose of the downtown fund, would preserve open space fund for other projects. >> downtown fund is actually designed for creating new parks within the downtown core, which are meant to serve the downtown population. the idea is there is not a lot of open space in that area. the goal was to create new open space and renovate existing -- >> but with such a small amount of money, you are not going to be able to acquire land for that. >> sure. as money accumulates over time,
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we get a fund balance that is of some significance. then we expend it on things such as the renovation. >> those funding allocations, they come back to the commission through capital? it is specified as a downtown fund project when it comes to capital? >> we can only spend the money as it is appropriate through the budget process. what happens is, the budget would include funds from the downtown park fund, and are permitted in the capital budget. >> thank you. one other question. the rossi swimming pool. i know there was an intense fund-raising effort around this some years ago.
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i have heard from a number of community folks that the pool was one of their projects that they wanted. are we doing any additional work, other than what is planned? are there other planned renovations at the polls, other than this? >> no, this project will replace the filtration ponds, sanitation system. some work in the locker rooms. i believe reroofing as well. >> so there will be some work done on the locker rooms. >> it will be somewhat cosmetic. we were just through last week during a site visit. of all the work that needs to be done there, this money cannot get to that.
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i do not have the project scope in front of me, but i believe we could be putting non-skid down on the floors. >> that is one of my projects. maybe we can see if we can get funding in the next year to maybe work on those locker rooms. they are in pretty dire need of some renovations. anyway, that is something for future meetings. >> commissioner harrison? >> commissioner lee took a lot of my thunder here. would the downtown park fund replenish? i notice on the open space fund, we used $2,600 so far. would the downtown park on the polish that?
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-- fund replenish that? the second question is, -- >> i am sorry, commissioner. what' $2600? >> in the opening page of the report -- union square. >> generally speaking, commissioner, any amount that the department is going to spend on the union square project, the lighting project, the entire amount would be covered by the downtown park fund. >> ok, thank you. the other question i have was, since we passed this in 10-11, do we need to amend that in
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order to use this downtown park fund? >> i do not think so, commissioner. i am not sure that you need to necessarily take action. certainly, as part of your motion for approving this item here today, can note that you would like us to make that change to the funding source. but from a legal standpoint, i do not think you must. of course, here i am offering legal advice and i am not an attorney. >> well, we all do that. i am curious about this downtown park fund. i do not know about it, i do not know a lot about it. i would ask, with the deference of the president and chair of the capital committee, that we get a full report, what has been spent in the past year, how we
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get the money and so on. perhaps at our next half august capital? >> so ordered. >> commissioner, just two quick comments. i guess we are going to fully discuss the downtown park bond in august. this issue actually came up last year when you approved the deferred maintenance projects. there was some discussion about whether the union square project should have been funded out of the downtown park funds. at that point, it could not have been because we did not have the money. it was because of the work that katie did this year, closing out projects that were done. i think there was another source or two -- it was mostly project close outs. just to remind you, you raised
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this issue last year. we will use the downtown park pond when we can for downtown corridor projects. the second point i want to remind you, frankly, to thank the commission for their leadership -- we have been struggling to find dedicated sources of funding for deferred maintenance. i want to bring us back to a significant decision that the commission made last year during the 10-11 budget season, which was to dedicate 50% of the contingency reserve open space fund to. this is an ongoing revenue stream to attacked revenue stream projects. i just wanted to thank the commission for their work. commission for their work. >> i just wanted to ask, how


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