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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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most of the honorable. poor women had an unintended pregnancy rate five times that of higher income women and an unintended birthrate six times higher in 2008. our campaign is confident that -- confidence and women will make the rich wises for themselves if they can find accurate information. san francisco's groundbreaking legislation will help to see that they get it. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is mona lisa wallace. i am on the board for the national organization of women, national, california chapters. on behalf of my organization, i want to thank malia cohen for this ordinance. this is fundamentally a false
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advertising consumer protection issue. an impact on consumers is tangible. it is the difference between taking a pill or having an invasive procedure. there is no time to delay. the resources already exist. there is the bay area project. there is planned parenthood. we have the resources to advise women through the full natural spectrum of childbirth, and that includes birth, medically- indicated miscarriages, abortion. the need to protect women from false advertising is very important, especially considering that in the united states, we have over 10,000 pre-teens who are impregnated every year in the country. the difference between getting her a pill or an invasive procedure is absolutely urgent
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and important. i urge you to vote yes on this ordinance. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is summer lohan. we partner with an organization called to get support for this ordinance. i just wanted to stand here in support of the legislation and say, at its core, this is a consumer rights issue. if a business does not offer a service, it should not be able to advertise for it. i also wanted to share my experience with first resort. 20 minutes before all of the clinics closed, i asked first resort to ask what kind of services they provide. the woman who answered immediately ask for my name and number. she said twice that they offered
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abortions. although she said that she did not know if it was a pill or surgical procedure because she did not know. i called the oakland and redwood city clinics and both times she answered the phone and told me that those offices were closed. the next morning, i received a phone call to set up my appointment. the woman who called said that first resort does not offer abortions. when i was told that i was told twice by somebody named amber that they did, she said that nobody by that name had worked there. she suggested that perhaps i had down the wrong number. they are clearly lying to individuals over the phone. supervisor avalos: supervisor mar has a question.
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supervisor mar: i am looking at the crisis pregnancy center web site. even a first resort's own web site -- i want to ask you a national trends, declines of planned pregnancy clinics, secular clinics, versus new ones like first resort, that have religious language and other things on their website. could you talk about the trend of the decline in funding for planned parenthood, another secular clinics, and then the rise of the so-called cpc's? >> as we all know, congress has made defunding planned parenthood one of their main issues. they practically shut down the government because they did not want to fund planned parenthood. this has been a core issue in many states. even though it has passed on the
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federal level, many states have to handle the issue. planned parenthood is routinely picketed. they are having their funding pulled from them. tax moneys are going to crisis program centers. i am not sure on the status of the ones in california, but there was an initiative with george bush. the special with a house of representatives, they are encouraging taxpayers not to support planned parenthood. supervisor cohen: thank you. i have two more speaker cards left. if there are any more members of the public, please get in line. supervisor avalos: if people are in the overflow room, please come upstairs. thank you.
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>> good morning. espinosa jackson. is it morning or afternoon? good morning. i was not going to speak until a young lady stood up here and said that the first resort offers abortions for young girls at 13. that is a lie. i am the mother of six, proud of. i have 22 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren. one of my great-grandchildren at 13 had a daughter. she was not told to abort because of the fact that she was 13. and i am a christian.
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it is not because of my religion. if it was because of my religion, she would not have had the baby. you brought up a good question, sweetheart, about declining monies. i am seeing all over the place -- and i am asking you all. if you have not been to the clinic itself, to not just be taking what people are saying. if you do not go in and as question yourself, you will never know. i am asking you to vote no on this legislation. >supervisor cohen: thank you. megan dorn. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i want to thank supervisor cohen for your support on this issue. i visited first resort as part of our research project into their practices.
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i want to really two important things i cannot of my experience. the first is that i would highly discourage not to attend the counseling session with my friend. she was the one who thought she was pregnant. when i asked to attend with her to support her, they encouraged her to stay in the waiting room. it was only after my extreme insistence that they allowed me in with her. we also relate -- received a counseling session from one of the speakers that was here today. when my friend asked about receiving an abortion are getting a referral for an abortion, the counselors said that she could not do it because they are so dangerous. i want to state that for the record. she said that she could not refer for an abortion because they are so dangerous. as we know, abortions are one of the safest medical procedures in the country. this is soft and -- a false and misleading information. i would urge you all to vote yes
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on this. supervisor elsbernd: i have met with some folks on this side and i wonder if you could about for a couple of things, in terms of accuracy. when you went in, were you given a form that you had to sign, perhaps your friend, that what is or what is not done at first resort? >> this visit was about 18 months ago, so forgive my memory on the situation. i did not fill out a form. i believe my friend was asked to, i cannot verify what was said. supervisor avalos: if you could talk about the advertising that you saw that came from outside of first resort? >> i am familiar with some of the internet searches that have come up. they have been alluded to before. when you google abortion in san francisco, 1st resort is the
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first thing that comes up. >> at the time that -- supervisor avalos: at the time that you went, what were the advertisements of first resort? >> this was part of my research for my organization, but i did not look at their advertisement. i knew where i was going. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is jennifer messiner. i did not plan to speak today, but after hearing everybody, i needed to add something that was lacking in the discussion. i think we are assuming that women with unexpected pregnancies are walking into places like first resort and been disappointed that a dropper abortions. but how many people are walking into places that to cover abortions, feeling not supported, surprised that they do not have as many resources and how to carry their child to
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term? i just want to ask you to consider that women who have unexpected pregnancies have a range of where they are at and what they are expecting in terms of services and how that might impact your legislation and what they expect when they go to any center and what they are looking for and what each might provide or not provide. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is a valerie doyle. i am the director of programs for first resort. as others have stated, communications with our clients are clear, honest, and appropriate. i do want to address, a young woman claimed she called first resort at 5:40 p.m. and spoke with amber and said, with abortion services do you offer? amber is not on our staff. you probably called our third- party contractor, our answering
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service. she also said that when she spoke with a person from our staff first thing in the morning, it was corrected that when a client calls and says we want an abortion, we immediately inform the client that we do not perform or refer for abortion. when a client comes into our office, she is presented with a consent form and once again week disclosed that we do not perform or refer for abortion. our communications are clear, honest, and appropriate. i would not purchase a pit, nor with my board of directors, and being deceptive or misleading in any way. we maintain a high level of professionalism and treat women with dignity and respect. and respecting their toys at a crisis time. i ask that you vote no on this ordinance and we continue our uninterrupted with heavy-handed tactics from local government and those who have a preference
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for the abortion debate. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is emily lohan. my sister spoke a few week minutes ago. i have done investigations of first resort. i wanted to provide some information that we have found out. the first resort, in their statement of purpose, fought with the state, says that their mission is to make an abortion- free world. however, i went to google and searched for get an abortion, san francisco. the second advertisement was for first resort. i find that to be deceptive. i received an e-mail earlier in the year subjected urging prayers needed. the header of the ems as that creating a culture of life was.
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why was wondering why women who would take at planned parenthood would have an abortion would call an anti-abortion organization. i believe it is because of the deceptive advertising. they also said they were not affiliated with national avert -- organizations. however, issues for life put up billboards in open for african- american women. on the contact list, they are listed as a resource for pregnant women. also, if he called their 1-800 number, it is a resource number for those women who are pro- life. this national number only refers to pro-life clinics. i spoke to and the minister this morning and she said in order for us to refer, the have to be 100 percent pro-life. i support this legislation and i
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hope that you do, too. supervisor cohen: thank you. next speaker please. thank you, everyone, who took a timeout to lend their voices to a very heated debate. i also just want to remind people of the spirit and letter of the legislation is simple, to prevent pregnancy centers from purposefully and knowingly making misleading statements. this is a consumer rights issue. this has little to do with where people are on the political spectrum, if they are in favor, pro-life, pro-choice. if passed, this would hold all actors accountable. those members are also a part of the planned parenthood community. so this is not a piece of legislation that is ill-spirited or looking to smoke out, push
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any kind of political agenda. colleagues, to it -- thank you for taking time to listen to this public comment. once again, i asked for your support on this ordinance. supervisor avalos: thank you. this item is before us. supervisor mar? supervisor mar: i wanted to thank everyone for testifying. i know the various doctors from san francisco general and other the first testified, from the many people that testified about the need for more clinics, more support for women's reproductive rights, whatever they choose, is so important for our communities. i also want to say that i agree with the slogan, protect women's choices, which i see on many of you in the audience. i think this measure -- although one person claimed it was a violation of first amendment rights -- seems to me is the
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opposite. it is really promoting -- opposing misleading and inaccurate information. the most important thing for the public's help is for women and families to have the most accurate health and permission possible -- information possible. first resort or any other clinic is providing accurate information, what do you have to be afraid of? my feeling is i am supportive of the national organization of women and planned parenthood, and many of the groups that are simply asking for a reasonable measure of stopping false advertising and promoting the best possible options for women in our communities. i would like to be added as a co-author of this legislation. supervisor elsbernd: i am not sure if this is a question for the sponsor or city attorney. one of the points made in public comment, which also flushes with
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some of the press around us when it was first introduced, the notion that this is modeled on some other cities that have adopted the ordinance. the question i have, the key difference, and this legislation goes to the lessons facilities. i wonder why all the other cities only focused on the license, and why san francisco does not have the exception for licensed? >> deputy city attorney. supervisors, the city attorney's office is well aware of the ordinances in those other cities you are referring to. i think new york city, baltimore, and others. this is not modeled after those ordnances. instead, this address is false advertising by limited pregnancy service centers.
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in dealing with false advertising, as opposed to having a broad-based posting requirement, as those ordnances did. the ordinance more appropriately should capture both licensed and unlicensed medical centers. supervisor elsbernd: a discussion point that was not in your memo that i thought of that i was curious about, following up on this license issue. as a licensed facility, are there additional state requirements imposed on them, versus unlicensed? >> the state's prohibition on false and misleading advertising applies to medical facilities centers as well as any other business. there is also a separate provision on false advertising by licensed medical professionals.
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supervisor elsbernd: so walk me through the pre-emption argument then. if we have state law on this point, what more are we doing with this ordinance that is not covered by state law? >> what this ordinance does that is not covered by state law is two things. first, it makes clearer and the end of the release to the court, if the court finds false and misleading advertising. is much more specific than state law. in addition, in a section that is not in the business code 17500, the false advertising statute, the ordinance requires a letter be sent 10 days before filing suit with an opportunity for the limited services pregnancy center to cure any false or misleading advertising before a suit is filed.
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that is a provision that is not in the state law. supervisor elsbernd: ok. colleagues, i will be dissenting on this. after reading the memo from the city attorney, it was clear that we needed to have established for us today some sort of legislative record demonstrating false and misleading advertising, demonstrating the evidence. and not so much nationally. we are the san francisco board of supervisors. we needed to see a presentation of that within sanfrancisco. we have two facilities within san francisco. one of the facilities, there was not an ounce of evidence. nothing has been submitted about them. frankly, i came in here thinking that there would be an abundance of things on them because they were the unlicensed one. regarding the licensed one, 90 percent of the comments were based on yelp reviews.
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google searching -- i did that myself, and it comes up. but i do not think that warrants the city asking for an ordinance. i recognize there are some key differences -- and there are differences. i very much recognize that. but the legislative record here, to me, is empty, and we would not be able to successfully defend this in court. i do not want to see us pursue this and have thus lose. so i will need a roll call on the motion. supervisor avalos: thank you,
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supervisor elsbernd. i am wholeheartedly in support of a woman's right to choose. i looked at the memo that we got from the city attorney. i was expecting that we would have more information about what kind of advertising we see in san francisco before us, but did not see that. i think it puts at risk our ability -- since we do not have a record -- to prevail in court, if there is an appeal on this legislation. but i do believe -- i need to see evidence for myself whether there is value. i was wondering why we were getting yelp produce more than anything. just like when i pick a restaurant, i do not always pick
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those reviews to be gospel. wondering that i would like to do, and i hate to delay, but can we have another hearing where we can get more information to do that? i would love to be able to support legislation supporting a woman's right to choose, but i cannot tell actually what the experience here in san francisco is of people receiving false information. i had expected it would be clear, from the memo that we got, that we needed to provide that to strengthen it. if we provide that record, -- and i am likely to support anyways. but if we can provide that record, i can support that. a record of false advertising.
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so in a new motion is to send a support without recommendation and provide that evidence of false advertising to the full board next week. can we take that without objection? thank you very much. colleagues, can we take a 10- minute recess before the next item? thank you.
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>> the san francisco cons tri of flowers in golden gate park is now showing a new exhibit that changes the way we see the plants around us. amy stewart's best-selling book, "wicked plants" is the inspiration behind the new exhibit that takes us to the dark side of the plant world. >> i am amy stewart. i am the arthur of "wicked plants," the weeds that killed lincoln's mother and other botanical atrocities.
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with the screens fly trap, that is kind of where everybody went initially, you mean like that? i kind of thought, well, all it does is eat up bugs. that is not very wicked. so what? by wicked, what i mean is that they are poisonous, dangerous, deadly or immoral or maybe illegal or offensive or awful in some way. i am in the profession of going around and interviewing botanists, horticulturalists and plant scientists. they all seem to have some little plant tucked away in the corner of a greenhouse that maybe they weren't supposed to have. i got interested in this idea that maybe there was a dark side to plants. >> the white snake root. people who consumed milk or meat from a cow that fed on white snake root faced severe
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pain. milk sickness, as it was culled, resulted in vomiting, tremors, delirium and death. one of the most famous victims of milk sickness was nancy hangs lincoln. she died at the age of 34, leaving behind 9-year-old abraham lincoln. he helped build his mother's casket by carving the woodallen petition douche the wooden petition himself. >> we transformed the gallery to and eerie victorian garden. my name is lowe hodges, and i am the director of operations and exhibitions at the conls tore of -- cons tore of
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flowers. we decided it needed context. so we needed a house or a building. the story behind the couple in the window, you can see his wife has just served him a glass of wine, and he is slumped over the table as the poison takes affect. a neat little factold dominion about that house is actually built out of three panels from old james bond movie. we wanted people to feel like i am not supposed to be in this room. this is the one that is supposed to be barred off and locked up. >> the ole andersonner -- oleander. this popular shrub is popular in warm climates. it has been implicated in a surprising number of murders and accidental deaths. children are at risk because it takes only a few leaves to kill them. a southern california woman tried to collect on her


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