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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2011 5:30am-5:58am PDT

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not only in san francisco but to let the country, in terms of some of the actions taken by target, a corporation which has benefited from the patronage of the lgbt community. this boat is not about target today. -- this vote is not about target today. it is part of a larger process. but there is a connection to target. i will be supporting this with the understanding that target will continue its work as it tries to reach out to the lgbt community. as supervisor weiner has indicated, he and i, along with former supervisor dufty, have met with target and community leaders to discuss how target can frankly makeise to -- is not franchised will be
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able to occupy that abandoned and lighted building. i appreciate the conversation amid the different districts that straddle this area of masonic and geary. i believe there is strong support for the target, which is great. as a harbinger of things to come, i was concerned when target needed to do better outreach. when i asked about their knowledge of the geary bart program, they had no idea what i was talking about. when i talked about the traffic going into trader joe's on masonic, they had no idea what i was talking about. at trader joe's, where we have had a bicycle incidents and fatalities, this is going to be an area where there will be an increase in traffic. hopefully transit will be the
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way people go back and forth from this area. i think this is a step in the right direction. those coming to san francisco need to do their homework, making sure it comports well with neighborhood needs. supervisor mar: i wanted to thank supervisor farrell for his work. i will be supportive of this zoning change. i think this proposal by target and adam miller from the property group will increase the visibility of the signs and will better about traffic flow. i know there are 6 lots that exist within the property. it is often difficult on a one- way street like o'farrell and masonic, where people pull in
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and do not know where to go afterward. that sign is an important one. the blade design they have shown at land use committee -- they walked me and my staff through the different proposals probably about a year ago as well. i think they make a lot of sense. i think it is an important change that will improve the site. i also am concerned about labor conditions on the site, but that will come up later. i also am glad that our former colleague, mr. dufty, and others have held target accountable to their financing of certain campaigns. i also want to say from the target representatives that flew out to our land use committee meetings -- i think they have been very transparent. most of the residents from the richmond district, which is on the edge of the site on geary
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and masonic -- most people are supportive. a handful are concerned about the attack on a box scores. i hope to work with them on looking at economic impact reports on large for miller retail sites like this. as a former sharper at sears when it was there, and toys r us when my child grow up, i see that it is a sight that can be used by a set like target. it will also help the office depot, the subway, and the smaller stores that are there. i will support this. like supervisor mercury me, my hope is to hold target accountable -- like supervisor mirkarimi, my hope is to hold toward accountable. as far as transit issues, target and their representatives have been meeting to address traffic safety issues.
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my appreciation to target for reaching out to parents as well. i will be supporting this legislation. president chiu: any additional discussion? can we take this item same house, call? -- same house, same call? >> roll call for introductions. supervisor weiner: i want to briefly acknowledged that today marks the end of the "don't ask, don't tell" legislation in the united states. it is a massive step forward for civil rights in this country. it is pretty shocking in this day and age that we would have a policy of excluding lgbt americans from serving in the armed forces. i just want to thank all of the
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advocates, including many of them who live in my district who have been working on this grass- roots effort for many years. i know it is not fashionable to do it these days, but i want to thank president obama and our democratic leader in the house, nancy pelosi, for making this a reality. it is hard work. we all want things to move faster. but this congress has passed several pieces of lgbt and civil rights legislation, and the president has worked with them and signed them. it is a great day, and we should all celebrate. the rest of submit. supervisor cohen: good afternoon, colleagues. today, i am introducing two hearing requests. the first is a request for an update on the school improvement grant, also effectively known as sig grants.
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they have been received by the san francisco independent school district today. i look forward to hearing a robust discussion on how moneys have been spent, and future planning for how these grants will be allocated. the second is a request to discuss school safety procedures. i want to learn about the programs that ensure the safety of students on campus, protecting them as they come to and from school. this is in the wake of another school shooting that happened in bayview, in front of an elementary school. supervisor farrell: colleagues, i just wanted to invite you and everybody else out there to the inaugural marina family festival we are having this saturday, september 24. i am proud to be supporting it. it is by the marine a community association.
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it should be a great day for family and kids, with great weather. i hope you will come out and join us. supervisor chu: i have one item to submit. >> thank you. supervisor kim: i just want to congratulate st. anthony's and the tenderloin for their 60th year anniversary this week. there will be celebrating this saturday at 10:00 a.m. they have long been an institution serving our poor, our seniors, and our disabled by serving breakfast and lunch every day in our tenderloin neighborhood. the rest i submit. supervisor mirkarimi: madam clerk, i have 2 the wall in memorials -- i have two in
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memoriams. one activist died from a heart attack after being diagnosed with a large aortic aneurysm last year. his last months were spent in the pursuit of his pleasures -- translating ancient greece, -- ancient greek, playing chess, or spending time with his friends. arthur was a renaissance man. going october 12, 1942, he played an important role in the nascent deliberation movement. in 1969, arthur and others founded the gay activists alliance in manhattan. in november 1970, arthur and other alliance members appeared on the dick cravaack show. there were among the first
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openly gay activists to be featured on television. arthur had many works with the groundbreaking of witchcraft and a counterculture. he critiqued -- he wrote a critique of the patriarchy, which he gave me, a nine year project of philosophy which he captured. arthur is survived by his brother, joe evans of michigan, his best friend, and those of us devoted to him in the haight ashbury area, who appreciated his steadfast activism and ability to really push buttons. i am sure that arthur will be missed. the next in memoriam is one i gave attention to a couple of days after it happened. the family is not getting the
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attention necessary. on july 17, a 20-year-old was shot to death outside his hayes valley home. this might have been one of the stories people scanned by in the newspaper if it was not for his family and friends. the seven tepees family organization deals with young offenders. they are stepping forward to make sure he is not forgotten and does not become another statistic on the homicide list. going june 16, 1991, he was one of the seven tepees success stories. he graduated from high school and was preparing to move to college in los angeles this month. he worked at abercrombie and fish as manager -- and fitch as manager. nothing got to him.
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employees remember him as a happy guy. he leaves behind his young son, three younger siblings, and his loving mother, who i have talked to since his death. to date, san francisco police have not solved his murder. i am sure the city family will continue to do everything they can, as i have insisted before that we get answers to these tartarus questions. the rest will submit. president chiu: today i have two items. i am introducing a legislative draft and request to help us address the frustration that impact san franciscans when their cars are towed. nobody that parts in san francisco wants to be towed, but it is easy to miss the posting of a temporary or permanent towaway zone. i am requested that legislation be drafted to require the
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creation of a toe when notification system for san francisco, which release of allied data streams on temporary and permanent toeing restrictions. this would help people avoid getting towed by using technology. i will be asking the mta and dpw to create a notification service which would include special events such as parades and construction zones. live data streams could also help encourage application developers to create user- friendly apps. through an opt in system, residents could sign up for alerts by e-mail or text within the boundaries of their regular parking areas. cities like boston, denver, and chicago have similar notification systems during street cleaning. in boston, events are sent the day before st. occupancy permits go into effect.
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the current fee for a typical towing is close to $400, with additional charges for storage, and approximately 150 to 160 cars are towed in our city every day. my second item is an ordinance that could serve as alternates to the amendment to the health care security ordinance proposed by supervisor campos last week. before i describe the alternative, i would like to emphasize first how much i appreciate the work of supervisor campos and his office, as well as the broad coalition of workers and advocates that have brought the problem of the existing a teresa -- exissting hra accounts to our attention. i support closing the loophole in the existing legislation. i am proud of living in a city where our employers have a legal
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obligation to provide health care to their employees. i believe the alternative amendment i am introducing today helps accomplish the main goals of the amendment that was initially offered, without dramatically increasing cost for businesses struggling to stay afloat during this economy. my ordinance will eliminate the "use it or lose it" nature of hra's, and take care of the supposedly january problem, where employees try to take advantage only to find it expired at the end of the year. the ordinance also strengthens notification requirements, demanding they occur on a quarterly basis. they must be properly posted. this also addresses what happens when an employer says they
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charge a surcharge but do not spend it on health care. the ordinance also has a provision that says that if the amendment is challenged in court and a court in joins changes, it will be referred back to his supervisor -- back to supervisor campos's language. i want to make sure the health- care needs of our workers are taken care of, and do this during these difficult economic times. supervisor campos: thank you very much, madam clerk. i want to join supervisor mirkarimi in his in memoriam for arthur evans. arthur would be surprised to hear me say this, but i welcomed his involvement and input, even though often i was on the receiving end of his comments. i always appreciated his
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commitment to the city. i think public involvement is something we should welcome and be proud of. may he rest in peace. the second item that i have is -- i usually do not say anything about this, but it is something that relates to the implementation of the health services master plan which we as a board passed last year. what this money will do is it will allow the department of public health to continue to build on its already excellent work in the creation of a very inclusive process that is ensuring the health services master plan legislation that triggered it is as inclusive and transparent process as possible. the department of public health has formed a 40-member task force that represents a wide variety of health care
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providers, consumers, and other stakeholders. between now and may 2012, this task force will meet at various locations throughout the city to obtain community feedback on the issue of the health needs of san francisco and how to make sure that we have access to health care services for all san franciscans. for those of you who might be interested, the first meeting of this task force will take place this thursday, september 22, in my district, from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. i think it is important for all of us in san francisco to be involved in this process. it is truly an exciting process because it is the first time we as a city are thinking in a comprehensive way about what our health care needs are, not only today, but in the near future
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and long term. again, i want to thank the department of public health for its work in that effort. the third item that i have is a resolution that i am introducing. there was a press conference held today on the steps of city hall. i would like to begin by thanking my colleagues who are cosponsoring this legislation. it is a resolution that calls upon the city officials and the various agencies, local and regional, to explore the possibility of having free public transportation for all youth in san francisco. this is an issue we have been looking carefully at for some time. i especially want to thank a member of my office who has been doing tremendous work in making sure that as we push this
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issue forward we put forward a comprehensive strategic plan that ensures we achieve our goal without undermining the overall objective of making sure that everyone is served by public transportation. the reason we are here is that this issue was brought to us by many members of san francisco's of first communities. we heard from many parents about the difficulty they are facing in paying for a monthly pass for muni for their children. from july 2009 to this year, the cost of a fast passed for a young person has gone up by 110%, from $10 to $21. this has happened as we are facing a tough economy. because of that economy, we know the number of children in public schools who are now living in
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families whose income is below the poverty line has gone up. 61% of all san francisco children in public schools qualify for free and reduced meals. that means the family is at 130% of the poverty level. to get a sense of that, that is a family of four making $28,000 and surviving on that salary here in san francisco. something needs to the city of new york is providing transportation. why should we not take this effort as a challenge. a report outlines what the challenges are. we have been working diligently
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with and our region to find sources of funding. even though we have a tough economic challenge, the fact is there are potential sources of funding that could pay for this and in the process, we have to think big picture and think about the need to make an investment. not only in public education, in public education -- transportation, but i and our families. this impacts certain families. the impact can be felt more so. that is the case in district 9. my colleagues have experienced that in their districts as well. i hope we have a meaningful conversation in the near future. we want to see this program implemented and i would respectfully ask this board of supervisors support this proposal. i also look forward to working
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closely with mayor lee and our partners at the mta and the transportation authority. the municipal -- mtc and other partners, including others in the private sector to see if we can find a way of making this happen. the leslee i would say with respect to president -- last thing i would say, i will look forward to finding out more about the specifics of the proposal. some of your ideas you mentioned are ideas that chamber has raised with us. we want to delve into the specifics as to introduce your legislation. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: i am introducing an ordinance that would require commercial buildings to allow access for
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bikes through creating a secure space to park or allowing them to except bikes into the space. this ordinance has been vetted with building owners and there could be some amendments if any about moving this ordinance forward. this is important in a number of ways. often cyclists will go downtown with their bikes and do not have a place in a building to secure them. will lock them up on the street and putting up some of our sidewalks base, making it less accessible. we want to bring these bicycles into buildings, we can free up that space on the sidewalk. we also have a bike theft problem. it happens everywhere in major cities. i have had one bike stolen here
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in san francisco and four bikes in my life. to got stolen different places. -- two got stolen in different places. we will be able to and have it -- inhibit greater theft. overall it encourages commuting by bicycle. which is a goal we have, president chiu has targeted 20% bicycle trips by 20/20 and i support that effort. this is a good way to get their way encouraging cycling in san francisco. this has been co-sponsored by supervisor kim and supervisor mar and supervisor campos. i want to thank you for your co- sponsorship. the rest will submit. >> thank you.
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supervisor mar. supervisor mar: thank you. it is a pleasure to sponsor this. i had my bicycle stolen the first day of middle school. i let a number of people know. so the trauma of that. it is break legislation. -- great legislation. it is also part of the broad transit movement. the young people are in the lead of fighting for free youth passes and this is an effort that will grow and will spread to other cities. i also want to thank carlos garcia and the mta board and the community-based groups and the young people who are taking a lead. i want to let people know that there is a bunch of city council people from all over the country that are participating in the
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california league of cities conference. they hold this each year in this year it is called "cities standing strong for city's." i will be participating with others. the conference goes on wednesday through friday. at the moscone west conference center. also just applaud again for sunday, september 25 from 2:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m., there is a memorial celebration for a colleague who passed away recently. on saturday, september 24, the japanese community center in supervisor mirkarimi's district is celebrating its 24th anniversary. i spend a lot of my saturdays there. the amount of events and classes that come out of the japanese
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community center is awesome. it is such a great anchor for the


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