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tv   [untitled]    December 6, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PST

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>> ok. meeting is called to order. >> [roll call] thank you. item two," of minutes for the october 25, 2011 meeting. -- approval of minutes. >> motion to approve as submitted. >> second. >> motion is submitted. all in favor? minutes are approved. >> item 3, public comment on executive session. item four, executive session. >> is there a motion? >> so move. >> second. >> we will be in executive session.>> aye. k. of a vote not to disclose the
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closed session we just had a few minutes ago. i so move. >> all those in favor of the motion? >> please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at the meeting. by the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the reading of or use of cell phone, pager, or similar sound- producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has a to 3 minutes to make part of public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter time on any item. 7a, executive director's report. >> i see we have five items on the executive director's report. the first item are wanted to introduce -- as you know, the port has an annual legislative
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agenda that we used to focus on our priority projects. the special projects manager is responsible for that effort, and he has a couple of key introductions and acknowledgements that he will present. >> special projects manager representing a special project group. this year was a banner year for the port of in sacramento. it was really due to the efforts of assembly member ammino --
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ammiano who cared for two critical bills this year, one that allowed the poor to capture additional tax increment financing associated with america's cup sites to be able to help finance the cruise terminal project, which is our leading project right now. it was an extraordinary ask in a difficult year and tom and his staff navigated the process to get that bill over the finish line. and then we had ab 418, which was a bill initially to help pier 70, a project that many court staff were pouring their hearts and souls into. a 65-acre site at the foot of petraeus hill -- of potrero hill. there were some very complicated public trust issues that needed state legislative action in order to let that development
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will forward. tom and his staff carried that and late in the day helped us to work through some public trust issues associated with the america's cup as well. you may not all know, but i was staff to tom. he had to put up with me for seven years. [laughter] but i wanted to say to you, you are a dear friend, a mentor to me. it means so much for me to be able to work with you, even now while you are up in sacramento. on behalf of all ports staff and i'm sure the commission as well, i want to thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. i do want to tell you that in sacramento, the port is held in high regard, particularly
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because of people like mr. bentsen who come up and argue the case. sometimes -- republicans always professed love for san francisco, but when it comes down to it, they are quite different in their support. on this one, they came around, and we really felt good in it. i think what makes this a little specialist our previous governor vetoed the affixed bill rather poetically, and i rejected his veto and has offered. being a good san franciscan, like we all are, i came right back with the same bill. it has been my honor to continue to work with the port. this is truly a treasure of san francisco. it has been overlooked for a long time, and i know all of you are dedicated to making this a world-class port, and you do have the staff that can help you do that. thank you very much. >> before you disappear, we have
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a plaque. hope you have some room on your wall for one from us. in recognition and appreciation for uncurl of commitment to the port and 34th america's cup effort. as brad alluded, it really goes back more years than just this past year. i think we're very fortunate that when we sent you up to sacramento, we brought brad over here so you too could continue to collaborate. you have really been the dynamic duo as far as giving us so many more errors in the quiver. we really are grateful. >> thank you so much. it means a lot. >> [inaudible] [applause]
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[laughter] >> the thanks do not stop there. you know, at the port, we are working with a complex set of laws and policies that are really designed to make sure that we maintain a public waterfront, that it is here for not just san franciscans, but people are around the state to enjoy in a variety of capacities, whether that is recreational or maritime or the other endeavors along the port -- but people around the state to enjoy. there are two agencies with whom we have to work most with in order to accomplish our goals. they are the california state lands commission and, of course, the bay conservation commission. we have here today representing the california state lands
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commission grace kato, representing the executive director and the remainder of the staff. i want to emphasize that if we worked on ab 418 and looked at the issues pertaining to the pier 7 development and also the america's cup and how we could pull off the deal that america proposed to enter with the hosting the new agreement, we confronted some public trust issues related to the san francisco waterfront that were really new and different than we had ever encountered before. the creativity of state land staff, their commitment to help us to come up with solutions that would help the waterfront, the ability to help us navigate the legislative process -- they are really trusted by the legislative staff of in san
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francisco -- up in sacramento. really amazing and remarkable. we cannot thank you enough. grace, i would like to have you up here. so -- [applause] >> apologize for my voice. i am actually losing it on the drive down here today. but on behalf of curtis and jennifer, we would like to commend port commissioners and staff in regards to having a wonderful relationship with the state lands commission. we really chairs that relationship, especially in scenarios like ab 418, where there are some very difficult issues that come up for us, but i think our history shows that our relationship of respect and open communication has actually fostered some early positive development and redevelopment of the san francisco waterfront. we look forward to many more opportunities to work with the commission and with the ports staff and again would like to
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commend staff for all of the hard work that they have put into all of the issues around the waterfront and thank you. >> thank you. do not go away. we are an equal opportunity plaque-giver. in recognition specifically approved for jennifer and yourself for extraordinary creativity and waterfront stewardship. again, we also look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with you. i think we all have the same goal, and it is very rewarding and satisfying to have that kind of partnership, so thank you.
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[applause] >> commissioners, the next item is also related to america's cup here and i guess where beginning to see some of the benefits of having the race here in san francisco. the america's cup event authority has selected aquarium by the bay as well as other leaders in the estuary and ocean conservation research and sustainability as partners in their healthy oceans project. there was a kickoff for that on october 17. this is part of the america's cup effort to indicate that this is more than a sport. they want to build on the
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reputation the san francisco has as a model of sustainability by putting this program together, and they have the ambitious goal of a multifaceted outreach program related to it. that would involve public service announcements, identification on all america's cup votes, and also, multiple out -- events -- multiple outreach events. it relates to clean regatta standards as it relates to the base as well as environmental stewardship. the program will be part of all america's cup events and will be prominently -- the paraphernalia will be prominently displayed with the world series in san diego that will be held later this month between the 16th and the 20s.
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sad news -- we have lost another of the icons along the waterfront, and i did want to speak to that. captain richard frost died on october 29. he was born in arizona, lived on a cattle ranch until he joined the navy in 1939 at the age of 18. in the navy, he was given the nickname jack frost and used that name for the rest of his life. he was aboard the battleship tennessee when it was bombed at pearl harbor. he also served on aircraft carrier and salvage tugs in the south pacific during world war ii. after the war, jack was a tugboat captain as well as a docking pilot on san francisco
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bay. he was a partner in the american navigation tugboat company and eventually started his own company which we know now as they dealt a marine. to this day, they are a poor tenant. he retired in 1993. -- bay delta marine. to this day, they are a port tenant. he was one of the most respected pilots on san francisco bay, always demanded by agents and owners for the most difficult and challenging jobs on the day. he is survived by his wife, magdalena, and his daughter. our last item is related to bicycle improvements along the waterfront. i think you remember a few weeks
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ago, the staff made a presentation on bicycles share and other buy programs. we have planning development staff here to talk specifically about bicycle safety along with one of our partners, the san francisco bicycle coalition. >> thank you. afternoon, commissioners. today, we wanted a chance to address the concerns raised by the port commission regarding bicycle safety in the ferry building area and along the embarcadero. we have been working with the municipal transportation agency, who are the city traffic engineers and by planners for the city, on measures to address safety in the ferry building area appear these measures include repainting area crosswalks, installing signs on the promenade that say you should share the path, and optimizing traffic signal timing along the length of the embarcadero to approve crossing
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time and give trends a priority. staff are also considering options for improving the bike lane right in front of the ferry building area, such as adding green paint or other alternatives. in addition, staff have been discussing ways to add additional safety warnings, education, and enforcement in the area appear as part of the effort, we have invited the executive director of the bicycle coalition here to present the persistent and growing demand for bicycling in the area and sfpuc's safety and outreach program. we also invited peter albert to respond to questions about the proposed america's cup transportation improvements should they arise. if you have questions about the mentioned measures, i am available for questions now or after the presentation.
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there you go. >> good afternoon, commissioners. thanks so much for the opportunity to share with a little bit about our work in partnership with the port and other city agencies. i am the executive director of the fact -- of the san francisco bicycle coalition. we are a 12,000-member nonprofit in the city. we are the largest bicycle advocacy organization in the country at either the local or state level. that may not surprise you since bicycling is such a growing topic in san francisco. i appreciate the opportunity to share with you our work and our partnership with the port in making sure the waterfront and all your resources and services that you all offer are as safe and accessible as possible. a large part of our everyday work at the coalition is making our streets safer for the growing number of people walking, biking, taking transit, and getting around our beautiful city. i am going to share about eight or so slides with you very
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briefly. you may be seeing more people biking. you are not making that up. seven of 10 san franciscans bike in the city. it may be a family on sunday streets. you remember the picture from last year, folks coming out to ride recreational or to explore the city and waterfront by bike every now and then. there has been an increase here official counts showed a 58% increase in the number of people biking just in the last four years, and we are really noticing that. our bike lanes are more crowded, and we're working with the city on that. if you do not mind going back a couple.
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thank you. and just a little bit about what we do on bicycle safety and education, which is really the focus here. we hold popular sessions around the city, free bike education class is for adults who want to learn to ride safely and responsibly. this is a picture of one held two or three weeks ago. the portico hosted this -- the port co-hosted this. you see in the picture it was actually fall. we had to bring some chairs in theory that was wonderful. these glasses again are free. they are sponsored by the mta and the transportation authority and led by as of the bicycle coalition. this year already, we have taught more than 600 adults how to ride safely and responsibly. we've taught more than 2000 children, and this is part of
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our school program again in conjunction with the mta, the police department, the school district, and department of public health. there is a real emphasis in the city on making sure people are learning to get out, get physically active, whether that be walking or biking, and to do so safely and responsibly. this is a picture from one of our family events. this is a picture of back-to- school day -- bike-to-school day. just an example of some safety information. this is from our web site. we put some information right outside, information that we give out free to the public. tens of thousands of folks are receiving safety information about how to ride safely and responsibly in the city. the darkness is coming earlier in the days here last night, we give out 400 or 500 lights for free at the corner of market and
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octavia. we will hold six more sessions like that in the next two weeks. this is again giving out free front and back lights for people writing about them, which is unsafe and illegal. we want to make sure people are well lit, visible, and riding safely. and one of the most important things we are working on with the city is how to build the city out in a safer way. briefly, our vision of 100 miles across town bikeways that are safe, comfortable, and inviting for the growing number of people riding, and it helps the city its goal. a mayor and board of supervisors have set a goal of 20% of trips by bicycle by the year 2020. at our last count about terribly ill years ago, we were at 7%. we set an ambitious goal of 20% of trips by bike, so we do need to be preparing and making sure our roads are ready.
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part of our vision is connecting the city. that means literally connecting neighborhoods, a regional transit, business corridors, and our threat in waterfront, of course, with safe, comfortable, inviting bikeways. pedestrians have their own save space on the sidewalk. this is one of our divisions near the stadium. one other is the embarcadero, sometimes known as the embikeadero. we are exciting -- excited about opening up the bank, making sure that the walkway is dedicated, said, uncomfortable for those walking. we see an opportunity with the america's cup coming up, trying to find opportunities to open up the waterfront more positively. this is the goal we are really working for with the city, to make sure that we do have a city that is healthy, sustainable, thriving economically, and we really are making sure that the
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sentence and skins of today and tomorrow of grade, healthy -- the san franciscans of today and tomorrow have great, help the options. >> i have a comment. it seems like we all, motorists, as well as pedestrians end markers -- bikers, are wondering if you can use more psa's. i often see bikers the not observe all the traffic rules. i think that is the biggest safety issue for everybody. obviously, motorists have to also respect that. if you could use more radio, tv psa's. to get the message out. >> we are very good at reaching bicyclist. we are the folks on the street handing out the fliers. we are the bike to work day sponsors. we hold the bike education classes. it is great if we have media to
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reach the larger population. things like psa's are usually a procrit and popular. we would love to work with the city to find ways to reach the bicycling, walking, and driving public more effectively. we have to do this as advocates, be promoting safe and respectful behavior on the street, no hat -- no matter how you get around. sometimes i walk commentate transit, rie, and sometimes drive. we will look to be creative and put our resources together and how to reach the most people. part of that is working with the police department. they're very good and forces of that. so we need to keep doing that. >> thank you for coming. having worked with you years ago on the original 14-point bicycle plant, i am excited to see you here bank and see how far we have come. to that point, i would love your thoughts, as we look, and it has
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been included in the people's plan bank in terms of transit, but how you envision -- it would be great if you can talk about how you envision working with the people coming to san francisco and encouraging them to ride their bikes for the america's cup and what steps he might take for the bridge. is this something you would envision along the ferry building as well? any other thoughts. that is also a good opportunity coming to your point about psa's, taking advantage of the various modes of transfer that will be employed during the america's cup to educate the cyclists, maybe not your usual cyclists, but motorists as well about safely to sharing our system. >> thank you, commissioner. thank you for your early leadership of the board of supervisors. we are really excited about america's cup. i want to recognize peter
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elbert. he is somewhere in the audience. he has been a godsend for us on these issues. we know we cannot move tens of thousands of extra people around the city by car. we cannot do it only with transit. we're going to need to count on bikes as an option. i commend the mayor's office, the port, and the mta for thinking ahead on this. they're already thinking about bike-sharing program. they're thinking about secure bike parking valet. we want to make sure they're parked safely come out of the way of pedestrians, and not in the way of reviewing our commerce. we are excited about finding those locations. what is the most appropriate place for bike parking? we're going to have to think about these things. these are going to be a lot of folks who may not be used to riding. it could be some of the coming in, taking barred from the east
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bay, and then jumping on a bike share. we want to make sure there said, confident, knowledgeable, and respectful. one idea that we have is an idea of creating a bike ambassador program. might we have folks out there who are trained volunteers to answer questions along the bikeways, to direct people and give good guidance, to make sure people are behaving appropriately. i think there's a lot we can do with on the ground in education, with good infrastructure, and really making sure that we're forward-thinking and prepared for this. we look forward to working with you on that. >thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i wanted to see if peter had anything to add. >> good afternoon, commissioners.
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yasser from mca. she did a great job summarizing it. especially the credit safety. in the people planning, we have some pretty clear divisions for how we can approach this in this extraordinary time of managing of boards of about 350,000 people. some of the provisions in the people planning that call attention to review would be separating pedestrians and bicycles on the embarcadero sidewalks in front of the ferry building. for the peak weekend days, there would be a temporary provision for more safe places for bicyclist. there has been concerned about the full closure of the embarcadero. our plan been >> carving out space for bicycles and a right away and configuration. sidelocks then become the realm of pedestrians. if we can work closely with pco's, as you're doing,


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