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tv   [untitled]  SFGTV  January 21, 2012 11:48pm-11:53pm PST

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the 2.6 needed for phase 2 that we still have 1.9 or nearly 2 billion of tbd and given the larger dynamics with regard to high-speed rail, i am wondering if we should have a broader conversation here about what is happening with high-speed rail and what the impacts are for this project, what the more and that the outlook for phase 2 funding and how these things relate? just like the redevelopment dissolution was the internal inject that change our assessment if high-speed rail were not to continue as planned, that would change the context and assumptions under which the project is moving forward. >> with all due respect, that
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would not change the assumption. senator feinstein is working very hard to preserve the 3 billion that the federal government awarded to the state of california. she, along with nancy pelosi and senator feinstein are working closely with the governor at making sure that happens. having said that, the high-speed rail project is a very long- term project. high-speed authority was first looking to target the central valley as the initial segment. they are still undergoing environmental review on all components. that is when to take some time. and -- going to take some time our project is designed under state and local law to accommodate a future extension to the east bay.
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it is also designed to accommodate and track to southern california. -- amtrak to southern california. as you know this is only 8 billion or 9 billion for the entire state of california. 950 million was going to other projects of that connect light speed rail. we were not going to get the money we needed from that pot of money. the 400 billion we a gone from the federal government is committed to the project. we have contracts. and the real money is we are looking at to fund the cities to ouare u starts. we have talked about being next
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in line to qualify for new start. it will take a collective approach in the support of the city and county of san francisco to help us in those efforts, because as you know, to build a new rail extension you need a new start. that is the only large funding pot you can go to. there are numerous states where the city has more than one that new start in the pipeline. so we are looking at new starts now actively as a source. we are exploring a number of other options which will not materialize until after the presidential election other categories such as funding for intermodal facilities across the
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country. in order to raise the 2 billion, and the mayor has been very supportive that he is going to work very closely to help fund the hon -- fund. he is been very supportive. now the central subway will beginning the money soon. i think the next logical project would be the real extension. -- rail extension. we are mandated by as they and local law to do that. -- by stae and local law to do that. director ortiz: we are designing that with high-speed in mind, correct? if for some reason the high- speed rail were to go away, can we switch to accommodate amtrak
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and the other things you are talking about? >> we would say this, for example right now the project has -- in order for that to happen we will need a clear direction from the president of the united states that he were no longer going for high-speed rail. a practice like this takes years to build. assuming we had a clear direction that it is not going to ever happen, and i remind everyone that politicians come and go, political parties and come and go, so it is always important to keep in mind you have to think for the long a-te. assuming what you're saying were assuming what you're saying were to happen, we could phase of to happen, we could phase of


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