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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 7:18pm-7:48pm PST

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and ethics violations that allow them to operate with impunity and in secret. there have been no repercussions in city hall because city hall itself is unswayed by private money. are you prepared for a city hall where citizens cannot criticize corporations because the corporations paid for the chairs? that is what they do in the san francisco public library, and they will tell you sent to your face. increasingly, city hall politicians and bureaucrats and corporate interests see themselves as the only ones in the lifeboat, and the only ethics is lifeboat ethics. there is a difference between running society primarily for the rich and running society only for the rich to this extent, and the greatest harm of all, of course, is that the allies cost more than the money. -- the allies -- lies cost more
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than the money. >> i am a -- church -- registered voter in san francisco and have been for over 20 years. i am here on an issue of voting. in our democracy, i am really concerned about appointments. i consider myself to be a feminist. however, i voted on the recommendation, and i expect him to be in office. i do not expect him to be appointed by an appointed mayor. now, i imagine our mayor is doing a very good job, but he was appointed mayor and not really a voted mayor. we can contest that, but nevertheless, i did not want an appointed sheriff by an appointed mayor when i have voted in both cases. now, i realize that there are
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legal issues involved, and i will take my time in listening to them all. i know nothing about it, but i do consider myself a feminist. i am aware of the story that happens to many people, and i do appreciate what the d.a. has done for safety issues, but i do not want the sheriff to leave office until after he has been considered. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors and president chiu. did you see the president last week speaking? ♪ i am so in love with you
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it is all right by me because you make me feel so brand new i what do spend my life, thinking city -- thanking you city time, or budgets good or bad we will make it together, whether we are together helping whether times are good or bad, happy or sad and ♪ it is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday ♪ and this is the last day of the fast path. sail away. and ♪ i got the city on a
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string been sitting on a rainbow i have got a string around my finger what a city life in the city is a beautiful thing, as long as i hold this strain of if i would ever let this city go i have got the city on a string, sitting on a rainbow what a city i am in city love, city gov ♪ president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, i am peter were field with the library users association. we work for better libraries for everyone.
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i was glad to hear what supervisor talking about museum preservation and another one talking about honoring many types of music. and historical jon knight cultural society with a famed artist. latinos, african-americans, caucasians, and local community history sits on a san francisco public branch. and has for 30 years, since it was created in 1980 to 1982. the destruction of the mural is imminent unless you and other san franciscans act very soon to say it. i would like to discuss the closed and semi secret process that was created to pronounced this death sentence. let's look at this. one person appointed a leader- facilitator.
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that one leader appointed everyone of the dozen members of the so-called community group. meetings occurred without being publicly announced in the man's -- in advance, so the public was not invited. the agendas and music -- and minutes of any meetings both formally through public records or quests, and we have found none. this process was not a community process. it was a number of people from the community meeting, as i said, in closed and in semi secret sessions making a decision that is applicable and valid for them alone. please help save this valuable mural in san francisco. public library. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you.
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the afternoon. my name is william, and i am and outreach coordinator for naca. we were here a couple of years ago. we are bringing back to the cow palace this friday through monday, february 2, and a tour. we are bringing all of the mating lenders or banks in the country with this as well as investors anime and freddie mac, who own about 50% of all of the mortgages and the country. homeowners better in an affordable mortgage or a predatory loans, such as an adjustable rate or interest only, they can actually come out, sit down face to face with their bank, trying to get their mortgage is lowered to a more affordable payment. it is a free event, and we will be at the cow palace this friday through monday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. each day. if your mortgage is unaffordable
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for any reason, whether you have lost a job, lost a loved one, had increased medical expenses, or for whatever reason your mortgage is on affordable, you can come out to this event. you do not necessarily have to be behind. we use a term that is called house pork, and that is where all you can do is live within the four walls of your home. it is a free event, and we will also be having purchased counseling for those who are renting and would like to purchase a home. we feel we have one of the best mortgage products out there. no money down, no closing costs, and it is not based on credit. if that is the case, feel free to come out to the cow palace this friday through monday. the last time we were here in 2009 i believe it was at the cow palace, the lines were wrapped around the cow palace. people were camped out overnight to get in.
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there are also invitations for anyone to come out this friday at 10:00 a.m. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, president, members of the board. my name is david. a contest is equivalent to a right choice contest that limits voters to marking just one choice. the only difference is that using this tabulation explicitly recognizes be exhaustive votes. voters where people the correctly filled out their ballots are prevented from fully participating in the decision of the winners are. the repeal proposal uses -- in its first round. since there are two winners in that first round whenever there are four or more candidates, there will be exhaustive votes.
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it is ironic that be repealed does not repeal it. instead, it restricts rcd 21 choice, making elections wars, not better. under the appeal proposal, similar to the recent mayor's contest, the percentage of voters who did not fully participate because they cast -- ballots would have risen from 60% to 39%. likewise, in a contest similar to the most recent district 10 contest for supervisor, the percentage would have risen to 26% to 64%. in contrast, keeping this and using voting equipment that allowed right and file cabinets would have reduced those percentages to 0. this illustrates the point that while rank choice of voting may not be perfect, and no voting system is, it can be improved, and it is very difficult to find
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something else that is better. thank you. >> good afternoon, president chiu, commissioners. i am the president of the veterans affairs commission. i want to say thank you very much. in the past few weeks, i have met with most of your staff and has scheduled quite a few meetings already. i would like to thank supervisor campos, who has already taken a meeting with us. commissioners have met with him or in his district, and, president chiu, thank you for setting up the meeting this week. we need and the veterans building right across the
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street. our commission is about to become homeless next year, and i want to bring that to the forefront to you, and i will time and time again, because not justice commission but every veterans' organization that meets in the veterans building, whether it is veterans for peace, every post of the american legion, veterans of foreign wars, every veterans' organization that meets there has yet to find a place to call home next year, so i took forward to working with each and every one of you at your earliest opportunity to make sure our veterans of a place to meet and have a roof over their head to conduct the business that they need to do, and as we know, appear on peer pressure -- peer on peer pressure is what works. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen and the listening audience out there in cyber land. i am here on two issues today.
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upstairs at 4:00 will be the last meeting of the redevelopment agency. what a phenomenon. what a historical evening. also, look on here on the screen. i do not know if some of the supervisors and the mayor has looked into what the redevelopment has done to the western division. i do not hear it nowhere. in the paper, they talk about all of the other cities and counties in the state. they are not talking about san francisco. the mission area. all you have to do is check your history, what they have done, how they devastated the african- american community, and that is why i am here to the my horn. if you get a copy of this, it will say in black and white. no accountability. here you are just signing this
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to say no redevelopment. but i want you to know, "♪ who is in control in san francisco? i asked the mayor, but he did not care and he went out the door to sacramento the board of supervisors just a bunch of liars the redevelopment i am going to have to sue and make a settlement and tell the government all of the money they spent we do not know where it went and it was no accident just look around, ya'll and now they are gone the black people all gone ♪
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thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and on to the month of february. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i attended a meeting of the land use committee, and i try to point out that i felt i thought the agenda was not very clear. this is one of the agenda items, and if you read it, it is a bunch of gobbledygook, and i read them part of the sunshine ordinance that said it is supposed to be clear enough that the person -- a person of average intelligence should be able to read this to determine if they want to go to the meeting or to get information on whether or not they want to be more involved, and if you read this, you really cannot tell anything other than that it is for an outpatient medical clinic something or other. you have to go through the 62 pages of attachments before you find out this is a clinic to provide care for young people and children at risk in the bayview hunters point area. an area which we know
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historically, anybody in this chamber would have a hard time to nine have been underserved and underrepresented. and yet, the members of that committee were denied the ability to participate because the announcement that went out about this was so obscure and so are obtuse and so evasive, most of them probably had no idea. in fact, at least half a dozen people got up at the meeting and said "i only heard about this because someone told me to come." unfortunately, i am even going to go into the responses i got because they were kind of nonsensical, what i am going to say is that the buck stops here. i see the same attitude at the arts commission, who have seemed to have forgotten the fact that the arts commission is dealing with public art. i see the same attitude at the library commission, where the
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library commission fails to recognize the fact that they are dealing with the public library, and when you go to those meetings, what you see is in the chamber right now, most of the people not making eye contact, working on their laptops, working on their cell phones and doing everything but listening to the public. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisor chiu, supervisors. i am here with part of the tenderloin walking tours, and i wanted to let you know what is going on with the tenderloin. a fancy police station on sixth street. we were supposed to be getting a fancy shopping center, mid market shopping place, and it does not look like we are going to get it. that we -- three of the restaurants that moved in and
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have left because of violence. things do not look very good in my home town of the tenderloin. we have got a lot of new faces in the tenderloin because whoever is letting a lot of the convicts out, and guess where they are coming? the tenderloin. i live here. i want to be proud of my area. i want to be proud of the tenderloin and bayview, but we have got to do something about it. tenderloin walking tour from here to union square, i bet nobody would agree to go, and i cannot really blame you. things are looking real shaky right now. i talked to chief suhr and the captain of the tenderloin district, and they agree that we are starting to lose it, so i just want you to keep an eye down on downtown. this is steps from city hall. we are not talking about down in the boondocks.
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we are losing the area right behind city hall. we are right behind the hilton. we need to be proud of this city. this is one of the greatest cities in the world. and, supervisor kim, i commend you for your visit next door. that took a lot of heart. president chiu: thank you. if there are any more people for public comment, please line up. >> zechariah, i will overthrow the kingdoms and destroy the kingdoms of the heathen, and i will overthrow the chariots and those in them, and their horses and riders will come down, everyone by the sword of his brother. i have heard a lot of sermons, but i have not heard one point out that we are going to have a civil war before the end of the world before jesus christ returns, but that is what is happening in our families and in our nation right now.
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obama has the audacity to actually run for president again. everyone, it was agreed that want paul was slam dunking everyone. ron paul would make it in there so easy, but i know that god is in charge of everything. i kept going back the last few times i was here, to mention the terrible thing in oklahoma city, how we learned that it was an inside job. you can go to a website to get a dvd for $19 and learn more about it. it is hard to see what is god doing exactly, but as i mentioned before, and daniel 9, gabriel appeared to daniel and told him that the 77-year cycle until the first coming of jesus christ, and that is why jesus said "here i am." he is referring to that before
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the 90 years was up, and when oklahoma city happened, it was it interesting idea that when the 70 weeks of daniel started, it started in proper sequence. there were two 490-year cycles prior. looking at it from a different perspective, there were 7490's -- there were seven 490's before oklahoma. jesus is coming sen. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am here to say that the paper today talks about the bridge, but i want to thank the city and county of san francisco because, you know, right here, this shows you that
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god, jesus wanted us to have this. you can go on-line to a website and find out about what you are really doing, because the news is talking about drugs and pills. there are a lot of people in pills and drugs, and there are people in sro's going through breakdowns. it is affecting me and caseworkers. even to the castro people. to stop hunger. we are in a good thing. rainbows. common save san francisco county. i am a patriot for marijuana and the rainbow. did you know that rainbow grows in a rain -- marijuana grows in a rainbow perspective before it
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turns green. it grows everywhere except antarctica, which is the bottom of the world. san francisco, you have done something great not only for california and the proposition, lgbt, straight, everyone. god will use this to stop hunker. so today, i am right here. collectives are for people you have no money, poor people cannot afford it. thank you. and i have to say to thank america's black madonna for performing at the super bowl. president chiu: thank you very much. any other members of the public want to speak in general public comment?
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step up, sir. >> this is what i would say. jane kim, everybody talked about you visiting a shelter, but when you look at the reports, there are shelters that were not monitored at all by the monitoring committee, which is their function. they are on a new quarter and a. we also have a problem because i believe the local homeless coordinator and board -- i do not think they are even trying to monitor the quarterly reports, or talk about it, or read about it, or anything. i think the other problem i am having is -- is the community
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partnership healthy? it seems like every time i have a problem, i have to call the department of building inspection and the department of public health to get something done. i need to go to them or somebody outside of their organization. i cannot talk to lisa blakely. i have been having a have the ability -- a habitability problem for over a year. they want their money. the problems are all to do with their money. i definitely believe there is a culture of silence at the essex , and at continuing partnership housing. when somebody tries to address it, they pass apologize the people making the claims, and they start playing word games --
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they pathlolgize the people making the claims. i need someone to take seriously my complaints about habitability issues. i would like their name and address. it seems nobody is doing anything. president chiu: would any other members of the public wish to speak? seeing none, general public comment is closed. >> items 30 through 35 are considered for immediate adoption without committee reference, using a single roll call vote. if a member requests discussion, it will be called separately and considered. president chiu: i would like to sever item 30? supervisor mar: i can 31. president chiu: -- item 31. >> on items 32 through 35 -- supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye.
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supervisor kim: aye. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor olague: aye. supervisor weiner: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor cohen: -- supervisor chu: aye. >> there are 11 ayes. president chiu: the motion passes. >> item 30 is a resolution opposing the united states supreme court interpretation of the constitution in citizens united, supporting an amendment to the constitution to provide that corporations are not entitled to the integrity of protections of natural persons. president chiu: colleagues, i want to think supervisors -- thank supervisors cohen, weinr, and olague for co- sponsoring
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this resolution, supporting an amendment to the constitution to provide that corporations are not entitled to protection of natural persons. the u.s. supreme court in the citizens united case moved in favor of the unlimited corporate spending to influence elections and policy decisions, which in essence granted corporations the same free speech rights as human beings. two years later, this past week, there were demonstrations against this decision that took place in over 130 cities across the u.s., including san francisco. over 35 cities and municipalities have introduced similar measures as the one we are considering today, to call on congress to limit corporate reach. most recently, the city councils of los angeles and new york city passed almost identical resolutions to the one we are considering. i offer few resolutions that touch on national issues.
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but i think this is so important we need to show solidarity on this nationwide call for change. as you know, we have discussed the impact of this case on our local public finance structure. we have to do all we can to ensure our democratic right to free and fair elections is protected. supervisor farrell: i was the colleague who continued this item last week. i am in favor of it today, but want to explain my point of view. these resolutions -- it has nothing to do with my point of view on the underlying discussion. i completely agree with president chuy. nth - -chiu and think this is affecting everyone in the country. my objection has to do with the board of supervisors. i believe we should focus on local issues, meaning on their face that areoc


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