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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2012 10:18pm-10:48pm PST

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-- i am a senior san franciscan. i went to two prestigious universities. i got into a trade and was able to work with the tools of the trade every day here in san francisco but i am now an anomaly. i never thought i would see a city, a place where black brothers and sisters were no longer welcome as a result of the fact that they cannot secure work. make no bones about it, private developers are all for local hire. the problem is that when it is down to the contractors, we know how to take care of a local hire. someone with a nod and a wink, they go about displacing folks. it is always a specially the communities of color. good faith does not work.
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as a member of the carpenters' union since 1967, having been an executive for close to 30 years, i can assure you that most of the contractors will not comply with good faith efforts. we have watched that fail time after time. we have had this challenge in town before. certainly, i need to talk to the city attorney, not the deputy city attorney, but we have taken the position on public lands where they require the payment of prevailing wages. it is the only way that we can maintain a presence, making sure that this city becomes a city where it is only the poor and the rich? let's keep putting our faith and trust in the folks to keep singing as the same song. i commend you, supervisor, for having moved the local legislation forward. i say that 50% is not out of the question. thank you, supervisors.
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supervisor chu: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am walter. ♪ if i could, i would like to be a great big american workforce man we would have a great big budget and an amended plan i would call a meeting for the press to let them know these things i do because we need good work force from you because we need good work force from you i am just america's cup work force of man doing everything the best i can
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if i could i would give the america's world cup budget to you if i could i would like to be we need good work force from you and i hope it comes soon i hope it comes before june these things i do because we need good work force from you these things i do because we need good work force from you supervisor chu: -- from you ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. and i would rather be a hammer the nails. [laughter] >> that is -- rather be a hammer of van a nail. -- than a nail. [laughter]
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. the basic craft proposal must be commended. i am disappointed that i never got into -- there was a disagreement over the semantics of good faith and mandatory. i believe that we can still make this work. good faith is a failed policy. i am not so confident that it will work on this particular project. but i will leave that up to you. i am positive that discussions will come out of it to benefit all involved. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> been afternoon. -- good afternoon. you have heard in the discussions that there are
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public works projects on going, such as pierre 27, and significant public resources being committed. specifically on their website, stakeout financing for being necessary to the actual village and spectator seating that is constructed. as a lawyer, i was very interested in these discussions. whatever else it might be in between, it is besides the point. it is the principle that matters. the principle of managed way local hires and good faith not being a part of the sustainability workforce development plan. in multiple drafts, they have talked about inclusion, sustainability, and diversity. fortunately, the prevailing wage ordinance, it looks like there have been positive steps toward that. however, the supervisor has
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excellent follow-up questions regarding the requirements and mandatory local hires. at one point it was reported back that the consequences of not adhering to the requirements would basically be not writ -- not adhering to their requirements. if that is not good faith, i do not know what is. the local hiring requirements, there was the subject of there being a penalty for steps not to monitor or not meeting the goals. again, that is good faith. special thanks goes to our labor allies, for understanding this. thanks also goes to the supervisor for pointing out those particular points. finally, thanks goes to the members that have expressed disappointment, outrage, and unwillingness to accept this. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you very much. next speaker, please.
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>> thank you very much, supervisor avalos, supervisor chu. at this time i would like to thank my brothers and sisters from the carpenters' union for showing up. i would also like to thank the america's cup people that we recently met with. also, for the apprenticeships language that is important. for the language that works, we are moving in a positive direction. i cannot thank them enough. seriously. we will continue to dialogue the nuts and bolts and are confident that we would get there. on the issue of the residency hiring policy, i know that an agreement can be reached. i am positive on that. all parties coming together, something can be worked out.
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again, i want to thank them and thank the supervisors union. anyone else that would like to comment, please -- supervisor chu: thank you. anyone else that would like to comment, please line up against the wall. >> i want to say that it is very important that we be sure that legal residents have the opportunity to do the job for the america's cup. we, the people of colors, one to be a part of this historical moment. good faith is not apply, so let it fly. supervisor chu: thank you very
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much. >> hello. i am here to say what everyone else is saying. how many people need to get up here and say that good faith is not working? local hiring is not working in this city, so i think that we need to raise the bar for this very event. if we plan to have this event come here, we should plan to put the reins to work. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you very much. if there are no other members of the public that want to speak,
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we will close public comment. if our other speakers, please come forward. supervisor kim: supervisor avalos: avalos -- supervisor avalos: thank you. i want to thank the community labor organizations and members of the public for being here. i know that these are not easy discussions and i know that this has been going on for quite a while. there are many aspects of the event that still need to get worked out. that is more than a full-time job and this is a critical issue that works across the board for san francisco. the spirit of the ordinance is alive and well in this room. really, it gives us a demand
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for this america's cup event. it is not asking a lot to be able to do that. we have seen, over the past year, for the local hire ordinance, a lot of our projects have come in under-bid. that is exciting news. it means we are putting together a plate -- great quality of work and are doing it in a cost- effective way. we are making huge benefits for the local residents of san francisco. we are paramount in applying the principles of local hiring. there are many ways that local dollars are going into the america's cup event. while we might not have the legal basis to extend the law the way that it is written, we do know that there are local dollars going into the event. we also know that we had our
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environmental review before us last week and there were going to be cuts to look at mitigation across the city. what can we get for that? we also know that the development authority will be getting rights to develop in the future. there are these relationships that we have that are of mutual benefit that we can extend for this to go forward, which can wring out to the neighborhood organizations and community members here. i hope that the authority can come together with these groups, to come to the last part of this agreement and work force development plan to get the local hire ordinance to come through here. something like that, i think it is critical. it would be a great question going forward. this hearing we have already had twice.
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i can continue this to the call of the chair. buhopefully we will have a hearg before the budget committee comes, but if we could have a recap of where things are in negotiations, hopefully we can get to the local hiring ordinance extended throughout the event. i know that we are very close to seeing that happen. >> thank you. >> i would like to thank the supervisor for calling this hearing. this is one of the most important pieces i will be looking at, when it comes before us. i certainly agree that -- look, although this project is not currently under the purview of local hire, it would be great to see the event authority voluntarily agreed to mandates. we have heard loud in clear
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today that good faith efforts have worked on previous projects. we would like to see more teeth than a promise. one of the selling points that was passed by the board in the over one year ago was that it would bring much-needed jobs to the city of san francisco. the economic development that we want to see. i certainly look forward to working with the event authority on the neighborhoods and -- in neighborhoods that will be impacted. supervisor chu: thank you. i hope that we will get there. for many of us, we want to see the america's cup be successful. we want to make sure that this is an opportunity to broadcast and showcase this wonderful race. one good way to do that is to make sure that we are involving residents on many levels.
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i hope that it will get there in agreement. i want to thank you in advance for your work. we have a motion to a continue the item to the call of the chair without objection. thank you. item number three, please. >> item #3. ordinance amending ordinance no. 218-10 to revise the findings supporting the waiver of chapter 6 of the administrative code for a conditional land disposition and acquisition agreement between the city and the san francisco museum of modern art for the design and construction of the new fire station to be located at 935 folsom street, san francisco, california. supervisor chu: thank you very much. for this item, we have 10 and chief." -- ken and the chief. >> good afternoon. you have a small amendment approving additional land
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disagreements and acquisitions. as you remember, this document established a transfer agreement in which the city agreed to transfer the fire station number one property on howard street to the museum in return for the agreement to build a new fire station and transfer that facility to the city. the documents included the exact specifications of the facility, which sf moma would be obliged to grant to the city. there was all for all -- also a waiver, as it would be determined by a private entity and turned over to the city. over the last year, discussions have brought a few components of the facility as identified and left out of the agreement. after discussion, it was agreed that the museum would pick up
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additional items and others would need to be paid for by the city. it was also agreed that it would be far more efficient to rebuild these items while they were constructing the new fire station. the estimated cost of these items is $350,000. for this reason, we asked the board to put an amendment on the ordinance, asking the city to pay $400,000 to the museum for the scope of work force contractor. before concluding, i want to set the record straight on one item. the analyst's report that you have indicates that the city agencies, namely dpw and fire, did not participate. i think that this is the result of some kind of new communication. indeed, fire and dtw did review
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progress designed along the way. as part of this review in those discussions, the missing items that we referred to were identified. staff commenced discussions with the museum, resulting in these amendments. i have a few words from the perspective of the fire department as well. after that, staff is available for questions. supervisor chu: thank you. >> thank you and good afternoon, supervisors. i am the chief of the san francisco fire department. i would like to echo what mr. rich stated. as i continue to say, it is a great opportunity for the city. the museum of modern art will continue to expand. we have at the conclusion is a brand new fire station, one that we have not seen in years. we have come to you many times
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from a budget perspective to talk about those challenges. within about one year we will have a brand new facility. we have seen these items, additional items that we feel are very valuable, if we were to repair the floor, it would have been a $900,000 affects. we were budgeted for that a few years ago. it was one of the things that we gave up as a mid-year cut. basically, we are getting a brand-new facility. we find that there are additional items that we would like to have. some of them are necessary.
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there is some money from capital projects from last several years ago that we have identified and we will continue to work with the office to appropriate. thank you very much. i know you will have a beautiful new station in the district. >> we did submit a draft copy to the department, but we will go back and clarify. but additional costs the need improvements to the stations. it is detailed in the table of our report. the museum has agreed to pay
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for, as indicated, $44,318 of that total cost. so, if you approve this legislation, it would authorize the fire department to pay the balance. that money would come from funds that were previously appropriated. capital funds from the fire department, we recommend that you approve the ordinance. supervisor chu: in terms of the items that have been itemized on page 4, some of those items look pretty standard. telecom data, infrastructure, these things. i am just wondering, did we not imagine that we would be asking for these items?
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finding out who pays what. >> on your first question, in terms of how those items were or were not part of the original estimate? >> i am with dtw project management. they did their best, i think, to anticipate all aspects of design for the project. in truth, as they get underway, there is an iterative process that gets flushed out that, arguably, could not have been understood at the outset. some of them are apparent. window coverings, for one.
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the smart solution would be to have the builder do much of the work under their mantel. trying to gear up the effort to do that work, i think it is more efficient and more effective, and probably more cost savings regarding having it under one authority, service beat, rather than splitting it up. regarding the telecom aspect, there are parts that the city allows others to do. supervisor chu: we need your read it makes total sense.
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i want -- i wonder, did we realize the standards that we had negotiated previously were not up to the standards for the fire station? >> when they suggested that the idea of shower curtains, like when you buy a place and decide to upgrade, the amount of shower is taking place, there are glass doors that are more efficient and easier to clean and so forth. we, after the fact, decided to upgrade. we will have a fitness center in there. having a rubberized floor will add it to the numbers -- the
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members ability in the long-term aspects of this facility. the heavy ticket fiberglass reinforced for item, i have been persuaded that that is something that will add to the extension of the building lots of heavy in and out extending the life of the floor going in again. this would be a good template to use. we would further specify exactly what we were looking for, assuming that there would be shower coverings. because the wanted the glass door in the shower curtain. we are upgrading and we learned
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a lot from this process. supervisor chu: some of these are special requests that were anticipated above and beyond what was originally intended? items to your folks have originally looked at to say that there was a rational need to extend the life of the facility or the floor? >> this was very much a learning process for us. we were guided very capably by the office of economic worse for -- workforce development. it was a very productive working relationship with at the museum of modern art as well, of which we appreciate. supervisor chu: thank you. supervisor kim: i just wanted to say a few words, as the sponsor of this legislation.
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i did have some concerns, given that the board had previously passed this project with the understanding that no city funds would be used to pay for any of the contract work between moma for the new fire department. i feel pretty good that we were able to find external funding sources for these new additions, with a better understanding of the items that feel like they should have been included in the original that they were not. i understand that we continue to learn as we move forward. i appreciate the work that went into this and am happy to support this today. i am also happy to have a brand new firehouse. it is a beautiful design and i appreciate the work that went into it. supervisor chu: let's open this up for public comment. are there members of the public at which to speak on this item? >> ♪ i hope that you consulted
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that they are all right with fire all day and night constructed all right for fires night and day i hope you construct it there all right with budget money you paid i hope you construct it there all night for all of the fire's night and day i hope that you construct it there just fine and i hope the money you will be kind ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. are there other members of the public that which to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor chu: we have a motion to send the item for recommendation. we will do that without objection. item #4. >> item #4. resolution approving site access and use agreement with motorola
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for the san francisco sites to be used for the bay area 700 mhz public safety broadband spectrum to be managed and operated by the bay area regional interoperable communications systems for a term of 12 years; and making findings, including environmental findings. supervisor chu: this is a carryover from the meeting last week. we asked the department to come back and explained through the coordination work behind the scenes, further explaining " we were thinking regarding the two systems that we had, potentially this other 700 mhz system. i know that we have a good representation of departments who will be impacted by the system. we have the department of emergency management, the fire chief, the san francisco police commander, the of dt director -- who can


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