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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 7:48am-8:18am PST

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and kevin barry. >> thank you. josh arces with a brightline. thank you for a lot of hard work. we need to recognize where we are with the twin messages. local hire, prevailing wage. we have seen partners in a labor step up to say let's do this together. the laborers, carpenters, engineers. it looks like we're on the verge of winning prevailing wage, and then they have already been won across the board. but we have not come to terms with local hire. we still stand here saying we want prevailing wage, and we want local hire. if you look through the document of the jobs plan, it has good faith efforts on just about every single page. he may not have heard it today, but this thing is good faith efforts which has failed. we developed in law. all of us in this room. we came together with you,
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supervisor, the board, and we're working with mayor lee to aggressively implement this law. and whether you have a debate about public, quasi-public, clearly they're spending public money in different avenues and mechanisms, but when we talk about the spirit of local hire, supervisors, we want to go one step better. that is what we ask the andorra -- the authority. let's use the community's local hiring law. that is there. no good-faith efforts. as my friend espanola jackson said, who cannot be here, she said "good-faith efforts and never worked for san franciscans, particularly blacks and franciscans," and a thing she would say this never work for any workers of color to advance this mission. [bell rings] or workers to come together in a community-labor partnership. we have groups here today asking the authority again. let's walk together. we have a great moment here. community-labor partnership. a new vision.
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we are so close. this is bringing in contracts under budget. $60 million in construction already. under budget. saves let's do it. thanks. >> thank you very much. >> if i can ask folks to hold the applause so we can get through the public speakers. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i have been in the front line for recruitment and referral. this all uses the good faith effort. the good faith effort at best is a catch up system and it takes a lot of money, a lot of effort to really deliver on. this local ordinance and goes
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through all of that. we have to promote this ordinance because this is the one that will actually accomplish the goals of the compliance program. if felix was done and see, it would be called the america's cup. that is how big it is a pen to we have the best financing, a technology. we have the guts, the will. most of all, this is about pride. to use a good faith effort for hiring is just bush league mentality. this local ordinance is the strongest ordinance i have ever seen.
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thank you. >> i represent the green party and local grassroots organization, our city. down in southern california, on the yacht races are not drawn in the crowds they are expecting and that we wondered about what will happen here in san francisco with the crowds. there was some speculation as to why this is happening. i can tell you why the numbers are not higher. the occupy movement has been out there for months reminded people that this country and even the planet is becoming a place where it is the wealthy people's playground and the working class and the lower classes do not get to participate.
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we don't get to play. when it comes to an exciting sport like this, it is really crucial that if you want to make this a big event, you have to show the people that they get to play, all the people. they need to participate. the first way that you show them that is you make sure the people of san francisco know that they are: to control what happens to their waterfront and they will own tehran waterfront, not just investors and mr. ellison. the other zero is to make sure that we pegged the agreement that we make with the authorities so that it is pegged. just look and put it in the hiring ordinance. you will be sending a strong message that this is something
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that we can be excited about and spend our money on. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. and the first thing i would like to say is that it is important for you to balance our budget and make sure that we have money circulating here in the city. if we are investing any money into america's cup, the residents, the taxpayers need to benefit from it. me, as a resident of san francisco, i need to be able to work so i can continue to pay into our city's tax base and we can support this a event. i am in support of the america's cup and also me working said that i can benefit from that.
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as a member of the coalition of black trade unionists, this is a nationalization, we need to create opportunity for people of color here in san francisco to be able to obtain the skills in the construction industry. we need to be able to live and thrive here as well. that is all i have to say. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> get afternoon. -- good afternoon. i want to thank you for bringing this discussion forth today and knowing how critical and important local higher is. the america's cup is truly symbolic for the city to be able to hold an international sports event. we have hurt the economic development it will bring. it will mean what than 8000 jobs
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in a variety of reasons whether it is construction, labor, skills in building. although we want to recognize that it has been a good start and a good process in working with the event authority involving commodities, we want to recognize that this is an important step to commit the prevailing wage across the board. at the same time, we believe that good faith has failed and the best way for america's cup to meet its goals is to embrace the city local hiring policy. we know that local hiring works. between strong partnerships with the community, labor, all elected officials, the city, and most importantly, the owner, is really critical. our concern is even with the best intentions of the event authority, the policy of good faith has no teeth. at the end of the day, who will
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be accountable if those jobs are not realized and what are the consequences? what motivation will contractors and businesses have? we really are urge the event authority to work more closely with the city in the kit that adopted the local hiring ordinance. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i and the program director for the nonprofit center and our goal is to make family more accessible to the community regardless of economic background. every year come of the partner with over 20 different user groups. they have gone sailing with us for free. some include the life learning academy, the boys' and girls'
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clubs, the ymca. we try to go into neighborhoods and get people involved in sailing to have a positive outlet in their lives. i just want to talk about how we are in preliminary talks right now. we are excited for the potential like this. this can increase our throughout reach. we hope that this will benefit our classes and used leadership program which is something that we have had in place and teams can get access to job training and community youth organizations. a major component of the leadership program was to work with students that come from underserved backgrounds and give them opportunities to gain experience. in conclusion, we support what the event authority has been doing and we are excited about
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what they have been drafting out and they will continue their strong efforts with the workforce development plan. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i need second director of the san francisco conservation corps. we've established in 1983 with civic leaders and the help of its mayor to provide low income and a very low income will -- very low income adults the community to earn their high school diploma, and prepare for the world of work for post secondary education. 80% of our young people do not have their diploma and most of them have little or no job experience. more than 4000 adults have performed more than 4 million hours of community service projects all of the city. since 1988, we have helped the
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city reached its recycling and waste goals with a grant from the state of california. since 2008, we established a program to provide the zero waste and recycling services as well as education of the public on these practices and the out large-scale venues. we're thrilled to be in conversation with the america's cup event authority to provide these recycle and educations and zero waste services to the public. providing the services will provide training jobs for our members. we make a commitment to gain skills, the diploma, and improve san francisco's neighborhoods. as a training program that helps for living wage jobs, we also
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support the local hire and prevailing wage proposal before the board. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i deal with community organizing and i want to speak in regards to the prevailing wage. the union efforts can organize the working conditions of how this is going to be. i also want to speak to the people that are not able to speak, the men and women getting out of prison. i want to be able to speak to those who don't have the opportunity to participate in
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this process. here, you have a trillion dollar process. everyone would like to have a piece of it. unless you push yourself to the front of the line, there will be a lot of people left out of the process. unless we have the opportunity to deal with getting into these jobs and being able to have job training, being able to be afforded the same economic opportunities that everyone else in the city takes for granted, then we will constantly be left out. this has never worked for people such as myself, such as the people i speak for. i would kindly recommend that we deal with trying to deal with the prevailing wage and make certain that everyone is part of this process. >> thank you very much.
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>> i represent the alliance from bayview and visitation valley. they want jobs, they want job training, they are san francisco residents, and they want to be a part of this event. notoriously, they are left out of these. according to the america's cup, public taxpayer dollars are being used on these projects. we want san francisco residents to be working on these projects. we want prevailing wage and local labor mandate hireling to be a part of it. i thank you. please pay attention to my clients who usually don't come up here and have a voice.
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>> good afternoon. citizens of the great city and county of san francisco. my name is james bryant, i am the director of the randolph institute. i cover stays from colorado to the coast. let me give kudos to those who have agreed to supporting labor and providing the ability for wages to be gathered by the laws that allow workers to have the
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fullest account of human numbers. -- account of union members. the union part is done. we don't feel that the community has been represented in this process. we have brought forward -- my colleagues have not brought forward the issues of how local hiring will work. let me tell you how it will work. you passed a law to make sure that local hiring was put in place because we know that the disadvantage will not be treated right, no matter what we say. we encourage you all again to put in some considerations for local hiring and this does apply
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to those of you from the america's cup who are doing prevailing wages. i look forward to the next three days that we can get an agreeable agreement. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm the second director of the -- the executive director of the randolph institute of san francisco. we have served the bayview hunters point area since 1994. i'm here to speak on behalf of the community and the dozens of qualified out of four construction workers from the view hunters point that come into my office every day. apri san francisco, and many of
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those you see here today are supporters of strong and fair wages. this would to be a win for labor. i look forward to seeing those beautiful works of art that will sail majestically through our san francisco the. why not leave a positive effect on our community by a honoring bill local hire ordinance that many of us in this room have worked diligently to approve and preserve? the reason san francisco has a local high lot is that we believe that good faith efforts
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have historically failed for women, for minorities, for the colored community is throughout san francisco, and all of the disadvantaged residents that live here. the america's cup event authority has the opportunity to have a positive effect on our city. i implore you to honor our work, honor our mayor, and honor our laws. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the program rector of -- last month, the city and county enacted a local high ordinance. the intention was to protect san francisco jobs for san francisco residence. a good chance, a better plan
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must meet or exceed a lot in san francisco. as supervisors and lawmakers for the city and county of san francisco, i am sure that you have read or have been briefed on the reports regarding good faith. be aware of the wordplay and semantics and in force san francisco law. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am president of the south beach mission bay business association and the founder of tax central sf which is a
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community across biotech committees. i am here to acknowledge some of the great work that has been done in the out reach so far. the office of economic and workforce development and the office of small business, especially with the tech community. they have reached out very early on to make available data so that developers and start a companies can develop a new app leading to the growth of their company and jobs. they have so far come out to our business association and presented business to business opportunities and also job opportunities. third come on their working very actively with us are around an event we will too around the america's cup, the taste of
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south beach and mission bay which really gives great exposure to our local businesses in the hopes that they can grow and higher. i am looking forward to continuing the dialogue with the america's cup team and to support jobs and business opportunities. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. i am a member of the mothers committee for environmental justice. i just wanted to say that i am here to support local hiring and the good faith effort. we need positive hiring techniques and not just words on
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paper. i think that we should put it good faith efforts to bed and come up with something else. >> good afternoon, supervisors. ayman executive fellow at the green line institute. thank you for holding these hearings, 1st and foremost and making sure that the families' and it worked in the community. we know that good faith efforts do not work enough to get the residents of our community jobs. we recommend that america's cup in share that san francisco ends benefit from this agreement. secondly, we want to reiterate the importance of including women and minority businesses in
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the plan. we appreciate the efforts made to include these unique businesses but we want to make sure the goals are aggressive and clear and that they meet them as well. fed, we want a greater means of accountability penn too want to encourage greater accountability for the goals that are set in the plan. america's cup knees to make the quarterly report accessible to our 20s and not only include data on local hiring but also at the gender and ethnicity of the businesses they get contracts from. thank you for your time. >> more cards.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here with local 261. i want to say thank you to my friends in the local craft. today, i am here about the good faith efforts. the importance of to give us access to the trade that can provide a skill set area which would include those that laid off from construction. this is a seasonal job. i'm here to say that good faith efforts to not work. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm here on behalf of our members. our members not only make up part of the unemployment rate but they also make it part of the higher unemployment rate. the is the part of the changes that have consistently failed. the plan of active out reaching is not enough. we are asking that the america's cup apply local hiring to all jobs created including but not limited to construction, then income the installation. thank you. -- vending, installation. >> i am here to echo what cristina just spoke to. i want to highlight a few stories of members that are not able to be there today.
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freddy's father who works in the building trade it consistently has to drive over an hour away from his daughter to find work in construction, thdespite the fact this massive construction in his community. he has experience working for years in retell but has not been able to find consistent work in san francisco. christie is struggling to create opportunities for our future. there is no question that the need for jobs with prevailing wages exists in san francisco. america's cup looking to be a large scale of and which is being hosted in our city has a responsibility to give back to its hosting city and local residents.
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thank you. >> could afternoon, supervisors. -- good afternoon, supervisors. local hiring tends to help local businesses and local residents. they have helped to get them more business. well good faith efforts would drive down the actual participation. if you look at the actual figures in contrast to that we have, it tells you that the good faith effort is not really up the participation. we have projects, i saw the project in stockton, they project in stockton, they applied 65%-75% local work


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