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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2012 3:18pm-3:48pm PST

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in the 99 and 2003 election, it did increase. if the goal was to maximize turnout, you should focus on the strategy on how to do that. if that is the goal at the end of the day, let's bring run off and back to the male role election if that is really our goal. the second thing we talked about is the cost to the city, to the residence and candidates. the greater the cost of the city, that is something we already know. march, october, november, december, that was incredibly exhausting. both in terms of money and time. and speak of the folks that come
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out to work on all these elections. we're having them spend time on elections. at least it was a consideration for myself. i think that we can debate this point over and over. i think intuitively, runoffs make more sense. i think people understand ranked joyce voting, and i definitely spent a lot of time -- i never met a person that didn't understand it and the measure to increase -- it doesn't necessarily have to be in the charter.
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i think we have to have some sharing agreements of what you're trying to accomplish with this. if you want the must democratic and the most widespread opinion in terms of the type of elections, we should put these before the voters in november. if i am not sure if it is a progressive or moderate issue. i have talked to progressives who are ambivalent to rank choice of voting. the dialogue should be saved for an election were more people turn out. i appreciate this point that it was brought to us in a march election that shouldn't have happened. when we have matters of this gravity, which always go for maximum turn out in general and to be consistent with that.
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i think the data is pretty clear, we have been pointing out data on different types of races. i don't see voters coming out to vote twice. i certainly don't see them coming out twice for the city attorney's race, the public defenders, etc.. if you want to reconsider the mayoral race, it is a worthy consideration. the issue we are really trying to address his elections were we have multiple candidates of equal strength. we usually have two or three fairly strong candidates with money and support. how we have had a few races where we have had more than that, seven or eight candidates of equal strength. it becomes incredibly unpredictable verses local pundits and the candidates themselves. i am not sure we can address
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that with any type of election system. i think < turn out, how they are really looking at that as the main issue. again, that is my opinion. and of course, the engagement of the democratic process. i appreciate the thoughtfulness that came from the multiple authors today. president chiu: colleagues, i realize that supervisor kim has stated a lot of my own perspectives on this issue. we have to think about this beyond partisanship. the debate has evolved a little bit into a moderate verses
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progressive debate. they have both been elected under rehnquist's voting and i think it will continue. i agree that i don't think either measure should be considered in june for the sole reason, not because we haven't thought about it enough, but it is better to put this on the november however we have likely the highest number of voters in an election considering this at that time. someone like many of us who have been students of politics, i believe we have had decades of lack of diversity on many city legislative bodies because of the run off type systems. this is why i also think that the diversity we have on this body is very much a function of the fact that we have had a right choice voting over the past decade. i am open to amending itch. we can support and outright
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repeal a reckless voting, but the second measure that we have that i do know is attempting to sort of fix some of the issues and ranked was voting, there are other ideas that might be able to come out. the idea of thinking about male world races differently was intriguing. i think the right thing for us to do today is not move either measure forward for june and continue to think about this and build more of a public dialogue around this for november. supervisor campos: i just want to make a couple of comments about what happened within the mayor's race. i understand some of the points made about how maybe having a different system, a runoff system will change the nature of
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the dialogue. i do think that in the end, no system precludes a candidate from engaging in that type of discussion. i think that likewise, no system will force candidates to engage in a substantive discussion. a lot of it depends on the actual campaign, and i don't think that having one system over another is the ultimate solution to that lack of dialogue. i think the proposal that we have put forward as the wright proposal. listening carefully to everything that has been said, my suggestion would be to move forward with the idea of bringing this discussion back to
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committee so that we can take into account some of the points that have been made. i know the number of us share the sentiment that it would be wrong at this point to eliminate range troy's voting. i would make a motion, since the prior motion did not succeed, we send item 13 back to committee with the understanding that it will give us an opportunity in the next few months to have the discussion to have the right choices and even better. since the prior motion did not succeed, a move to table item 12 and send item 13 back to committee. supervisor olaguepresident chiue
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is not debatable, so we will move to a vote. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor olague: aye. supervisor wiener: no. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: no. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: no. supervisor farrell: no. supervisor kim: no. >> there are six aye's and five no's. president chiu: to the motion to continue. >> to refer back, a little articulation, there is nothing that we are referring back that needs to be in the charter.
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just to inform my vote, there is nothing in this measure that needs to be in the charter. the law as it currently stands allows us to rank as many candidates as we want. it is just adding verbiage of the charter. supervisor campos: with respect to the voter education peace, supervisor elsbernd, that is something we have been working on with the city attorney's office. it is my understanding that if we want a voter education plan to come before the board of supervisors for an actual approval of the plan, it would have to be an amendment to the charter because as it presently stands, it is entirely up to the
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department of elections to decide what that looks like. and the reason that we include this way is that we wanted to make sure that we had an education plan that was fully vetted before the public, and we have as much input from different neighborhoods in different communities. one thing that i will say is that my hope is that between now and the time we have to decide whether or not to put something on the ballot, the measure may actually look different in the sense that some of the points could be incorporated. another are a number of people support of of ranked joyce voting have believe there should be a different approach when it comes to a mayor's race as opposed to a supervisor's race. i am certainly open to discussing the possibility. i think it is something that we should be open to.
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i know that there are a number of other ideas that have been raised. i think having an item open allows us to have the opportunity to have a starting point for a discussion with the understanding that the final outcome may totally different. this option, i move to send it back to committee. supervisor olague: i was going to comment, i am open to the idea of discussing structural reforms to the issue, it is just i am concerned about the september runoff date. in minessota, they moved it -- minnesota, they moved it back to august.
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i think it is possible that a lot of what is on the ter amendment being introduced by both supervisor campos and others do not require a charter amendment. i think it would be good. supervisor wiener: point of order. i thought it was a combined motion and we already sent it back to committe. e. president chiu: we did pass the table, but the motion to continue is on the floor. >> in the most recent past, a total of 22 candidates in the race. one of the things that certainly
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took away some valuable lessons learned, when thing i do want to speak to supervisor farrell's issue about votes being tossed out. i agree, i am uncomfortable with a vote being tossed out, but i believe it is more of a correlation to people being not entirely educated on the exact messthod and the correct way to fill out ballots. it could also be a correlation to literacy rate. i don't believe it has to do with ranked joyce voting, i liken it to the tax cut. we file taxes on an annual basis, there are things i do
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because i know that it is the way things work. i know if i jump off the desk, i will hit the ground. if it goes to the theory of relativity and gravity, we can educate ourselves and learn more about the systems. i am concerned about the money spent in elections, i believe that rank choice voting helps, t o some degree, minimize the impact of a high donor. or many donors turning out and trying to influence the money. i would support supervisor chu and supervisor kim speaking earlier about putting the issue
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on the november ballot. the greatest number of people to weigh in on this very important item. president chiu: supervisor farrell. supervisor farrell: thanks. a few points of the questions that have been raised. we have had 10 years, how much more education do we need to do? people remain confused. second of all, as we have seen, mr. hill has disgraced himself at the board of supervisors. cherry picking data from my point of view is disingenuous. if you're going to talk about these issues, you have to get a
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comprehensive point of view. i would love to see the people in the elections, and bring it into these chambers and tell them that it is working. it is ok hold your votes were tossed in the garbage. to me, it is not working. we talked about money. having another alexian costs more money. -- election costs more money. protecting the right to vote is something i will spend money on every single day. i think it is a shame that we don't send this to the ballot. supervisor kim and everyone else's rights. moderates and progressives come to me that leavitt and moderates
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and progressives come to me that don't like it. it is a shame that we don't send it to the voters and we try to play parlor antics. we will live to fight another day, but i want to be clear about some of my arguments. supervisor wiener: we are now only on item 13, is that correct? i am not going to repeat the argument, i do not support item 13, the campos-avalos measure. weather we eliminate or modify it, i don't think it is the right direction to put this item to the charter. the sentiment i am hearing is that we need to go back to the drawing board.
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i move to table item 13. president chiu: roll call vote. >> do we have a second? president chiu: by supervisor farrell. supervisor mar: no. supervisor olague: no. supervisor wiener: aye. supervisor avalos: no. supervisor campos: no. president chiu: no. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: no. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: no. >> four aye's, seven no's. president chiu:motio motion fail. on the motion to continue.
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>> to send back to committee. president chiu: sorry. roll call vote. supervisor mar: aye. supervisor olague: aye. supervisor wiener: aye. supervisor avalos: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. supervisor chu: aye. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. supervisor farrell: aye. supervisor kim: aye. >> there are 11 aye's. president chiu: the motion passes. it is now 3:38, i would like to move to a special order because we have a lot of guests to help us celebrate as we do every year, a wonderful celebration of black history month. to celebrate leadership and our community and a community that
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has a wonderful history, a set of amazing contributions to san francisco. each of us has nominated an individual in our district to a knowledge. since we usually change of the order, i would propose today that we start with an even number supervisors, starting with supervisor farrell then odd number supervisors. supervisor farrell: thank you, president chiu. today, i am honored to recognzie ize a great district 2 resident, a reporter for channel 7, carol anne tyler -- carolyn tyler. [applause] colleagues, members of the public, her face is familiar to many of us because she is part of our lives.
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and our living rooms as the award winning anchor of abc's seven news programs. today she is the anchor of the morning news at 5:00, 6:00, 9:00. and a general assignment reporter on the weekdays. during her 20 years of broadcast experience, she has a number of professional awards. multiple emmy nominations for her work governing the citizens of the city, the impact of the civil rights movement, had a series on the homeless crisis, and the contributions to the abc 7 6:00 p.m. newscast. she shares two of the highest awards. including the edward murrow award.
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she is known for dedication to the community and received the rosa parks award from the randolph institute and received the media award from bay area -- 100 black women. she worked with her closest friend, a ground-breaking in barrier journalist and other leading women to found the friends of faith. and this is an organization for a devastating disease. they worked tirelessly and support awareness. she is one of our favorite people in city hall and the bay area. i think of dino's pizza on
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filmore. we can't be prouder to have you as part of the great city. [applause] >> thank you. very nice words, supervisor. i got to city hall today and i saw the red carpets, i have touched so many people's lives. i realized it was for a guy named tony that wrote some song called "i left my heart in san francisco." [applause] [laughter] i love district 2, i do my
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grocery shopping there and i tried to keep the neighborhood thriving. i am pleased to get this commendation who through black history month. the african-american community here is really slipping away. they're still able to stay. i was here for the job, but i would not have accepted it if i had not had family here. i come from a huge family of 11 and i like to have a little bit of family with me. the first one to come was my brother ronald who came to work in silicon valley. i would like for them to stand in the chambers today.
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[applause] and also cheering me on is my guy, gary love, what a perfect name for valentine's day. it really is his name here a -- name. [applause] i like to thank my station for allowing me to cover city hall. i love that and i am happy to be able to come in here. it does not mean that you get any special treatment. i hope i can take my commendation in use it to keep from getting parking tickets today. [laughter] thank you very much. [applause]
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president chiu: congratulations. our next commendation will be provided by the colleague from district 4, supervisor chu. supervisor chu: i want to thank everybody for being here today and congratulate all the honorees from every one of the district. i look forward to hearing the stories today. if i can ask you to come forward, and also as principal beverly to come on up as well.
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my hon. today is also known as b.j.. we learned about her from the alternative school, but her story is so much more interesting than that. she grew up in beaumont texas with a mother that strongly emphasized the importance of education. if she always said to do what is right, not what is easy. her teacher noticed that b.j. had a very talented athletic potential. she instructed her to sign up for all sports, including tennis, a sport that she knew nothing about. she began to teach yourself hitting balls against the wall and by the time she was a senior in high school, she was ranked of the state's no. 1 tennis player in her age class. this led to a successful career were she was trained p byancho go -- by pancho gonzales.
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it was billie jean keaing that dubbed her b.j. notably, she toured with the united states tennis association, and she served at a time when there was a segregated system. certainly we have come a long way since that time, and b.j. has come along with that. at 50, b.j. had a change of careers and also started to work as a substitute teacher. she was immediately hired to be the key test coach. and almost there came to alternative school. it has blossomed with championships in many of the sports areas.


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