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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 6:18pm-6:48pm PST

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speaker, let me read the rest of the cards i have in hand. anita venevedes, christina carniverale, jennifer cleary. >> good evening again. my name is antoinette. i am representing 124 gallery, located in bayview hunters point. the america's cup is a great opportunity per helping to support small businesses, especially local arts organizations, to provide activities, entertainment, and fun for people after each day of the america's cup event. as we know that san francisco really prides itself on small businesses, which are asking you guys to look at putting together the program for the arts community, so these hard-
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working artists can benefit economically. again, we do support the america's cup. we just ask delaware to progress in. -- we just ask you to plug us in. san francisco has so much to offer in the arts and cultural community. we have restaurants. we have entertainment. for example, in the excelsior, they have a wonderful annual festival the host. in bayview hunters point, the fifth annual arts festival is coming on board. the have amazing blues artists and lots of visual art work for children and their families. we have our dog patch community, which hosts many salons and bars. there is also the sunday streets event of the mayor's office posts on an annual basis.
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the all be going on during the america's cup in 2013. we urge you to support the arts during the america's cup. thank you for your time and consideration. >> my name is lauren chavez. i am managing director of wee players, a performing arts company based in district 1. we create large-scale traveling site-specific theater that transforms public space, support community engagement with local park resources, and encourage dialogue on history and pressing social issues. mcchrystal the partnership out on alcatraz island -- we created a partnership on alcatraz island
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and are looking at creating an adaptation of "the odyssey" this spring. we are currently finalizing our agreement for creating a new work utilizing hyde street pier, the historic vessels, and all of a pocket park, including the amphitheater and maritime museum, for performances occurring in parallel with the america's cup races. we're doing our own research and creative work. we are doing our own fund- raising. we will do our own our presentation during america's cup. my other artistic colleagues have spoken to their ideas forward as well. san francisco has an opportunity
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to create a world-class arts festival capitalizing on the work we are doing. i am here to encourage you, in your final negotiations with the event authority, to include an arts festival and the funding for an arts festival. we could use help with promotions and logistical support and managing larger audiences. thank you. >> good evening, committee members, chair chu. speaking to a specific issue, the issue of local hire in regards to infrastructure financing and its workforce development plan that is also being in tessellated by the -- encapsulated by the dda -- the supervisors have mentioned the need for local hiring an apartment on this front. while there have been changes,
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not enough has been done. there is a long way to go. before the presentations, there was a letter from assembly member tommy nano -- tom amiano. ne construction done by america's cup would be subject to the local hire ordinance, specifically section 6.22 of the ad in code -- admin code. we should make sure the provisions are included within the dda. there have been a lot of work force of a woman draft circulated around. a request is there should be more time spent on this and this specific resolution is kept in committee until this issue is resolved. >> good evening.
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i work for chinese affirmative action, a chinese civil rights organization in san francisco. we have a long history of providing services to job- seekers and financing policies to create more equal opportunities for minorities, women, and other underserved populations. there have been many expressions of good faith with respect to america's cup hiring locally. however, our research in the city -- our research and experience show that good faith is not enough. to deliver on its promise, in our view, the landmark local hiring legislation promotes compliance instead of good-faith steps. this must be fully embraced. otherwise, we anticipate the promise of local jobs will be empty.
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local hiring legislation must be clearly agreed to in writing by the event authority and the city. thank you. >> good evening. my name is jackie flan, with the randolph institute. we are a community-based organization focused on improving lives and traditions of residence in disadvantaged communities by providing educational and employment services to san francisco residence. i appreciate the communication with the event authority through jennifer and mike. they met with us last week with community representatives as well as labor representatives to hear our concerns are around the proposed workforce plant. although we have made some progress, i am here today to ask if this item could be continued
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to work out a local hire provision that the community can accept and appreciate. i would like to see local higher on this agreement. thank you. >> i worked at mission hiring hall, south of market employment center. the areas that will be impacted by the production of the america's cup -- i am a person on it probably everyday basis who gets asked what is going on with those america's cup jobs. working in the construction referral programs, construction workers are concerned about those jobs. they will have an opportunity of looking at the workforce plan
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america's cup authority has put together. take another look at it. our organization has worked for 40 years to mend a local hiring. with the public works money being spent on this and they support of tom amiano, you need to revisit this and see if we can make it a local hire ordinance project. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am with a bright line. -- with brightline. i want to reiterate the importance of keeping this package in committee until everything is resolved. on local hire, i appreciate the assemblyman weighing in. it is clearly a public works project. i do not think public money being spent changes that. that was the message when about 60 folks came out two weeks ago.
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there has been progress. i think we are at the stage where, until we have a local hiring policy and the dda -- until it is in the dda, we're going to ask this day in committee. we are ready. we love boats. we are excited about the race. but opportunity does not just a trickle down without having equity components. when it comes to jobs, the community local hiring policy is the ultimate a "tool. i have got a son. he is 4 months old. i am looking forward to the time when i can walk with him and look and say this is the legacy. we all come together to do the right thing to enforce and put into the dda the local hiring policy. we have prevailing wage. we have a partnership between
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community and labor to do that. hopefully with the authority, we can get the language we want, the community labor agreement, which would be truly historic. moreover, i am really taken by this idea that from the beginning, december 31, 2010, america's cup said they would comply with mandatory local hiring programs pursuant to chapter 6.22. i have a copy here for the board and everyone who wants that reminder. thank you. chairperson chu: this will be the last speaker unless there are other members of the public who have not spoken. if you would like to speak, please line up in the center aisle. >> >> i apologize for sending a late letter, but it recaps from a few weeks ago as part of this ceqa appeal, and the big issue in the big risk of the of that
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authority and the city and the port is pier 30-32. we heard the presentation they are prepared to do that, but you also heard the port say that pier 30-32 was not on their party list for the capital plan. by approving this, you are saying that we will spend that money on the 30-32. my suggestion is -- and i know it is light and difficult, but is there a way to take 30-32 off the table to make this a more reasonable of that and find a pier that is in better condition and take less time to retrofit and move the boat activities for 30-32 to that pier. then you'd have a more reasonable level similar to what they ought incurred when the
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giants stadium moved in, when they had to demolish a series of buildings, relocate tenants and the maintenance facility, and in return the giants pay rent every year. it seems to me there is a lot of work to be done. supervisor chu: thank you very much. this will be the final speaker. >> willie ratcliffe. i published the "san francisco daily" newspaper. one of the things that we want to do is to make sure that the dda includes the local hiring ordinance that was passed. i'd like to congratulate the people who worked so hard on that argument. but going back to 2009, the city
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has a lot a lot of people down, especially people of color, let down in the city, whether it is education or job opportunities or whether it was contracts. and i think it is time for us to turn that around, and i think this would be a good opportunity to do it, and i'm glad to see the board of supervisors standing up to make sure that we are protected. we're running a lot of money up here that will have to come out of our budget in some kind of way, and there is not going to be money left to do other things, so i really appreciate that and i would like to congratulate you all on really making sure that this city does not get hung out here in this. because we know about rich people. they look out for the bottom line. so, but anyway, the community is
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getting antsy. there are a lot of people out of work, especially mission bay, chinatown, people of color are suffering. we don't need no problems with this project. well, it is not a project, but i support it anyway. i really support at coming here. i want to make sure that people in the city benefit, and we can include neighborhoods in that happening. supervisor chu: thank you. finally, are there any other speakers who have not spoken yet who would like to comment on it item number 8 or 9? seeing none, public comment is closed. ok, colleagues these two items are before us. supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: thank you.
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i want to thank everyone for this work on the america's cup event, dda, and all of the work negotiating. it is a very complex and rich project. i'm not going to say that the event authority is not going to have any risk. i understand what you feel your risks are, and i also feel like it is a great risk for the city. the port has been working very hard to minimize that. at this point, i don't feel comfortable that the risks to the city have been minimized as much as they can be. i do appreciate the recommendations that come out of the budget analysts report. i believe they offer a great deal of recommendations that we can achieve, that i hope we can achieve. i think some of the finances of
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the transfer of sales and condos could be stronger. actually, it would be great to be if the transfer was on the for sale at a 1% mark and not the third sale, which is what is in there right now. also, we look at the recommendation around -- i think all of the recommendation should be enacted through negotiations between the port and the of that authority. i especially like the idea of capping what are reimbursable expenditures from the authority. supervisor kim and i were talking about what could be a good cap. possibly throwing out $75 million as what that cap could be. that is up for negotiation, certainly, but i think that as a recommendation i would like to make moving forward.
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we heard a lot from people in the community about the parts that could be made it -- about the arts that could be made as an adjunct to the america's cup, and i think that is something that needs to be better addressed. it is something it would be great if we had some acknowledgement about how we could support neighborhood businesses and neighborhood arts in san francisco related to the event. we will have some of the tourists coming, we could attract more tourists if we had a stronger arts program, and will be real beneficial to neighborhoods and neighborhood artists in san francisco. that could be what the planners want to have, but i am not sure how strong it is. and if we are coming back next week, perhaps that could be addressed at some level. the local hiring, as i
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mentioned, i think there has been a lot of movement on that. i appreciate the work getting better language and agreements on the local hiring. of like to see where we are in that. i think there is perhaps some disagreement around definitions in the language, and i am willing to look at that, but hopefully the spirit of the local hiring ordinance was passed in december, 2010. i think it is not asking a lot, because we have had a lot of great projects in san francisco mou ford that are meeting the look of hire requirements, and i think given that opportunity for this advent -- this event would be dramatic for the city and residents who are in need of work. i appreciate the difficulty around fund-raising, and i understand there are a lot of
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challenges with that. i do feel i have responsibility with the language around how much we were gone to raise. it is not as strong as it could have then what does the new agreements, -- with the venue agreements, and i think we need to look at how we are reaching our fund-raising marks and how we're looking at this fundraising marks compared with what we are spending going forward as a city as the of that authority is betting on this event. those are some of my thoughts, and, really, i feel what we have before us today is not something that i could support at this time. i would like to see it -- the port says they feel they have presented something that is ready to go, and i am not in that position. i don't believe that is the case, and there is a lot more i think can be done, and i think it is my responsibility as a member of this committee to
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ensure we are getting the best negotiated settlement that weekend, and i am not at the table, so i leave a lot up to the port to make that happen. i am hopeful that we get to a better point. i appreciate the difficulty of that on both sides, of the city and the event of the board, and i just ask for your patience and your thoughtfulness and this matter. supervisor chu: thank you for your comments. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: thank you, i share with supervisor avalos his thoughts. at minimum, i like to see harvey's amendments incorporated into the dda, in particular his recommendations of a hard cap and third-party evaluation on the actual expenditures. that is importing ec prior to approving the dda. -- that is important to see prior to the approving of the
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dda. i suggested a hard cap of $75 million without peer 39. i think that is a good goal to aspire to, to see if we can minimize the cost and picture we're talking about the real needs and the most cost- effective construction to ensure that we make the improvements that we need to make. next, clear language on the mou schedule with the organizing committee is important. that should come along prior to was approving the dda, and i think we need stronger language. i don't think any side is at fault, given the tentative language that was put in place around endeavors and the polls. i think we need to make clear the outcomes that we can commit to ensure the risk with the of that authority. i think i have some very clear reservations about our general
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funds being used to fund this event when we have some in the service needs and gaps already existing in the city. some of them were discussed earlier today at the budget committee, but we continue to get cuts from the federal and state of all. i don't think i need to educate anyone about that in this room, but we have difficult decisions to make in june, and i would prefer that the america's cup is not one of the bourbons at the table the next three years. i would still like to look at the 11% interest rate. i am not sure if that is the appropriate interest rate of return. i would like a re-evaluation of the economic benefits so we have a better understanding of the jobs that we expect to gain, the short-term jobs we expect to gain from this, and what specific economic benefits are, the range both at the lowest kind of felt tuition and the highest a valuation of the event. i have concerns about the long-
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term marina least for the bradstreet open water basin. i would like more discussion on that. and the last to which supervisor avalos mentioned, higher wage and local higher ordinance and working with the venues. if we want to reap the benefits of all of the many members coming to the city of san francisco, it is important that our local arts community is engaged in putting on advance with the event authority and making sure that we have members coming to these events so that we have long term future clients. what we're talking about is a long-term benefit to the city and a long-term benefit connecting these folks who are attracted to the city by america's cup, making real and meaningful connections with the arts venues here in san francisco. supervisor chu: 90, supervisor
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kim. -- thank you, supervisor kim. i think we have come a long way in terms of getting to where we are, i want to thank the port, oewd, acoc for doing all of the work they have done. at this juncture, i think many of us understand the economic benefits, what that possibly be and potential, but as supervisor kim alluded to, i think some questions have arisen as to what that actual benefit is and whether there is a range to it. in terms of our responsibilities at the board, i think though it is very tempting to get caught up in what the america's cup event could be and to try to move it forward, our responsibility is not to get caught up in what it could be. it is really to evaluate and
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make sure that it is physically -- physically feasible and to make sure that we are protecting the port's long-term viability. these are fundamental and key things that i think our foremost in our responsibility as supervisors here. i want to say that i have heard -- stephen, you talked about appreciate we have gotten there so far together. we appreciate where we are so far, and we hope we will be able to get to that stage together, through negotiations as well. again, with a mind that it really needs to be something that is fiscally possible with the general fund and that is protecting the port long term costs of liability. i also hope that the of that authority that appreciates in addition to the risks you are taking, we are also taking a risk. if the fund raising does not come through as we expected, we
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would be on the hope for providing some of the services. if the attendance does not come in as we hope that it would, we are still on the hook for some of the risk. there are many things that think both of us are seriously considering, and i want the authority to appreciate that, as we appreciate your risks heading into this deal. i think as supervisor avalos and kim mentioned, i think these are worthwhile in terms of pursuing. i think some of these items are frankly easy to implement and get into the deal, so i would hope that we would be able to direct the port and our staff to go forward and get as much of this accomplished by the time it comes to us at our next meeting. with regards to some of the items that i want to pull out, item number one, the first
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recommendation with regard to controlling the city's cost, i think the idea was being based on a third-party engineer rather than actual expenditures is really the idea around how it is we're making sure we are spending. lake, that we're not over- expanding when we don't need to. if there is a way of the port and the of that authority can come up with a way that we are guaranteeing and doing our due diligence and expenses are what they should be, i'm open to looking at that. i think the spirit of item 1 is not necessarily the exact definition, but it is to make sure we are capturing how it is we're looking out for the expenses being undertaken by the of that authority. the recommendation of item three, eliminating the provision, i think it is specifically speaking to the talent of some of the development of long-term leases, i am concerned about how to
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accomplish that and i'm looking for a hearing from the port about that. with regard to some of the other items that a think are very important, the issue of participation and condo sales, that is very important i think for this committee to understand and try to get this in terms of helping to make sure the court is going to be viable on a long- term basis. i like to see something come back in this area to address this. in terms of early return, as much as possible, and delivery of port property, absolutely we would not want to compromise the delivery of the offense, but i would hope that we would be about to make that as tight as possible. that would help alleviate some of the general fund liability we have, which is important. finally, in terms of fund- raising efforts, i think it is important for us to look at the mou, as you indicate it would be


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