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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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information? >> as we said at the beginning, the commission cannot respond to questions. i will give you a quick answer, yes. >> i would like to report a crime. i have been to the police station three times, once under the suggestion of a prosecutor at the d.a.'s office. i have written your office letters, i have written the captain that the police station letters. i have already spoken to -- and they called me, a gentleman named john keane of domestic violence, i was accused on july 20 of striking a woman with a door, threatening to strangle her, and yelling at her for being late. i did no such a thing and i have an eyewitness report stating that i never left the basement where he was working on the automatic garage door opener.
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i was arrested, but that -- booked at the station and a spent three days and two nights in jail. i have contacted over 50 attorneys, none of which are willing to represent me. i have contacted the lawyer referral service and even the aclu. i want to know what the police is going to do about it. this woman needs to be arrested. let her get a dose of what i have been through, the indignity of what i went through. she lied to the police, i get arrested. i tried to tell the police the truth and nothing has happened. what does the police department intend to do about it? they won't do it with a subsequent investigation, they want to knock on her door. i sent it to your office when you passed it on to sgt yamaguchi.
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i don't know where that is. where is the justice? in the pledge of allegiance states, "and justice for all." i want justice. [chime] will i get a response from somebody? >> officer, can you get him a phone number? >> sgt. yamaguchi right there. >> next speaker. >> very polite, brief, professional men i might add. >> go that way, we'll have our next speaker. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening, clyde.
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>> boy, i have a sweet spot. these are impressive. bay view, tl, players, rapists. oh, that federal grants to really helped hire extra homicide detectives. i did some work with the video. i went up to boston globe, detroit times, comments on police stories. i posted the video. i got e-mail from all over the country. a total of 1400 hits in the new york times alone. who came up with that idea? it is really impressive, thank you so much. >> next speaker. emile. >> commissioners, good evening.
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for the record, very briefly, not to get into a combat givive -- this is what citizens get, approach in city hall by meter maids trying to do our citizens duty. they watch you and write a ticket as you walk to your car. very briefly, i would like to bring up the most of you on this panel are attorneys, at least half of you are. you understand we are in an adversary system. your job is not to patronize the police department, it is to help them by asking them questions and guiding them along some certain agenda. to see where we are going in 2012. looking over some past takepes, you, mr. mazzucco have done
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nothing but patronize the police department. that is not your job. your job is more of an investigator to ask and answer questions. it becomes adversarial in terms of being an advocate when i am not supposed to be one. this commission is supposed to analyze and talk to citizens about what the problems are in the county related to the police department. we are lucky that today we have a police chief that is capable of doing his job. unlike the past number of police chiefs that were incapable of doing their jobs. you said back there and patronize the chief. i read the newspapers, i am one of the few people that read the newspapers in the city and county of san francisco. the chronicle, the examiner, various other papers. if you read the articles over a
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number of months, the population at large is not happy with the police commission. there are all kinds of problems that they never answer or go into. i don't stand here to get you to answer all these questions, i just want you to help the police department and the new chief of police do the best job possible in the city and county. that is what i asked. simple things that bother the residents are simple things like this. coming here to give a talk or talk to the police commission and ask questions, and a meter maid sees me walking to my car and still writes a ticket for $65. when 1/3 of this county doesn't make $35,000 a year, i leave you with that. >> next speaker.
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public comment is now closed. a call line item 3. reports and announcements. >> we have a couple of presentations of appreciation, the first one i would like to color the captain of missing station and i have one to make myself. -- call up the captain o f mission station and i have oen to mak - -one -- one to make myself. >> it is my pleasure to present a certificate to master matthew carlson this evening. i would like to tell you about his actions that led to the certificate on december 7, 2011.
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shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon, a number of code and were playing outside a school located on valencia. an individual began to scream at the children and command entry, threatening to kill them. he turned his anger towards a parent and her small 10-year-old daughter. mr. carlin was at his nearby cafe when he heard the commotion. he saw the subject places face into the little girl's face and began screaming. he turned his anchor to the girl's mother and struck her. at that time, he exited his cafe and escorted the mother and young daughter to see the. -- safety. officers attempted to take the subject into custody. he ran from the officers and threatened to kill him. he violently resisted and attempted to buy one of the officers.
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mr. carlin began to assist the officers taking the subject into custody who was biting one of the officer's hands. he was able to pull the suspect away and help hold them until the officers could taken into custody. mr. carlin saw a large, very deranged individual. without fear for his gun safety, he exited his cafe to protect a woman and her small daughter. he then exited his cafe without fearing for his own safety and came to the aid of two officers that were struggling with a violent suspect. mr. carlin is truly a hero and ever since of the word and it is my pleasure on behalf of the police commission and on behalf of the chief to present the following award. certificate of appreciation from the san francisco police
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department submitted to matthew carlin for performance of the outstanding bravery in the service to others at great personal risk. it is worthy of the highest esteem by the san francisco police department awarded on this day, the 22 of february, 2012. [applause] >> not what you like to say a few words? please come ford. -- forward. [laughter] mr. carlin. [laughter] you can start by introducing your family, how was that? -- is that? >> [inaudible]
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>> please, come forward. [applause] [laughter] [laughter] >> my parents are here. for the first time in my life, i am of loss for words. i thought i had something to say, when he was reading everything, it brought it all back, how it went that day. i was glad to be there at led to help the little girl and her mother. it was cool. a great thing, i felt good. right now i'm choked up. thank you very much. [applause] >> your family should be proud. commissioners, anything you would like to add?
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>> thank you. >> last week, our good commander was under the weather. i am going to have her do this and have her bring up shawn, two people have spoken up for. shawn has become one of the best friends of the police department overnight. behold "it gets better" endeavor. i don't know that it can get better than this. >> i am truly honored to be here tonight, and i am sorry i wasn't here last week when some of you had the opportunity to look
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firsthand that the work of this man. there were a couple things i wanted to say, i was blessed to be asked to be in the command staff. one of the first things i brought to him was the idea of doing the video on behalf of the police department. no other law enforcement agency in the country has done such a video. today, i don't know that i can be prouder working for this man. i am horribly proud of the police officers that participated in that video. when i left to come here tonight, we have close to 150
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people that looked at the video. it shows that is truly already making a difference in the lives of kids. and really just people in general. when i started down the road and started to think about doing this project, i reached out asking if anybody knew of somebody that might be able the help us. and so i e-mail them, and we talked about this project. they said, count me in, i want to do it. it took five months of filming in hundreds of hours of his time to edit i don't know how
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many hours. a video down to 8.5 super compelling minutes. i have now found a friend for the rest of my life. the work that this man has done that on behalf of the police department and on behalf of lgbt kids across the country is remarkable. i am so blessed to call him among my friends. this certificate is awarded in appreciation of your commitment of your talent. on behalf of the san francisco police commission and the entire police department, we wish to
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extend your sincere and profound gratitude for the time, effort, her professionalism and exemplary performance you have put forward in producing the "it gets better video. presented his twenty second day of february, 2012. [applause] >> i don't have a lot to say. i usually stand behind the camera and let the subjects do all the speaking and i do what i do. i am in front of the computers. i am so grateful to be here in this city that i have waited so long, meeting the people, being
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so safe and happy that i made it home. [applause] >> that video has gone viral amongst kids, schools, people i talked to want to play it throughout the state. when people join the police department, they joined have impact. hated to have an impact. how we are moving toward the academy awards and a weaker to for movies that who knows what impact they have had other than make money. the impact you have done this commission, the city, kids, officers and the police department, there is not a person that has not left crying , so what you did have impact.
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i have to tell you, it is incredible. thank you for lending your artistic talent. >> i would like to also -- the words that the commander said the, it is profound and they some of my feelings on this. thank you to you both for your wonderful ideas, your vision, the creativity and the hard work. to do this in five months is amazing. thank you very much. >> for obvious reasons, the work that you did with the police department and all the men and women and the chief that participated had a moving and profound effect on the
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community, i wish i had been exposed -- exposed to something as powerful as that video. thank you very much. >> i will say thank you to the chief and commander. chief and commander. i have never been prouder to be go>> i truly wish we could start off each meeting with a story like this. it literally does not get any
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better than that. back to the rest of our report, homicides continue to be down this year. year-to-date, i am at 13 violent crime down 4%. property crime down 7%. although those numbers are gray, and i think the officers are doing a great job, i want to caution everybody that as the data warehouse goes live, we get more in line with the uniform crime indexes, we would like to be reporting to get our lives matched up with the index. the investigations bureau had a spectacular week in the area of
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homicide clearances. for homicides were clear this week. in 1998, the suspect was arrested on an outstanding warning in kentucky. ia 2011 assault that ended up in a homicide. the first, side of this year was a stabbing at sixth and stevenson. last week's stabbing, sadly, the gentleman -- and that suspect was id'd and booked at county jail. on activities, we met with the
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asian heritage month at city hall. advancing these direct kinds at garfield park, wi wth captain -- with captain mosier. continuing to work with occ on the lepdb for training. mlu is kind of the cit thing that's really starting to come home. i was on my way to the gym on sunday morning as president mazzucco was on his way to a nicer gym on sunday morning and a gentleman walked out of saint francis crisis care and the laid down on the middle of bush street and covered himself with a blanket. i pulled over and an officer from northern station pulled over. we escorted the and the men back
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-- and gentlemean back in again. we met with moe magic and the president came in and out without incident. there was a lot of work done by everybody to make sure that that happened. finally, today, we deputized another member of the san francisco police department. a 3-year-old springer spaniel that is operated by an officer. he has been responsible for the seizure of a 3.7 $5 million in narcotics related -- $3.75 million in ncnarcotics related funds.
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he wears his star proudly and that concludes my report. president mazzucco: i know that the new structure has been put in place, and we are basically having to attack the mid with different entities in the police department -- tag-team it with different entities and the police department. what you mentioned earlier with crisis intervention, there was an issue where someone was killed in the city this week and nobody dialed 911 for quite some time. again, people saying that they hear these crimes all night long and nobody responded. unfortunately, we have another homicide. what are we going to do about that? people like you -- i was behind the chief and i was concerned. i saw an ambulance with the police chief driving off, it generally means an officer has been injured.
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he explained the story. it was somebody that should not have been released. it is time to put the book back in the library. he was out in the middle of the road, and nobody dancing but the chief. what are we going to do about that situation? >> it goes back to the video that was aimed at bullying. someone has to call, someone is going to come. at the woman that saw the struggle, she was afraid for her own safety. unfortunately, we will never know if we could have saved the life of the person. we believe we have a lead on the case, we believe it was a robbery-homicide. once the officers are aware of the situation, they are operating almost beyond belief as far as the scale of
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professionalism, the knowledge of the neighborhoods, the players. in all honesty, we will take the good luck we can take, too. it is easier the sooner we know, rather than coming in after the event was over. it is better than any intended victim. commissioner marshall: any questions for the chief? thank you. call item 2b, please. >> occ director's report. >> good evening president mazzucco. members of the audience. you have in your packets, citizen complaints report for january, 2012. and for comparison, january, 2011. i gave you these statistics so i will not repeat them. but i will discuss with you the
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occ outreach activity. and adjudication of sustained complaints by the chief of police from january 1, 2012 through january 31. this month, the staff has participated in two outreach activities. two members staff the table at operation home was attacked and provided information to participants about the -- homeless connect and provided information to participants about the commission. students were completing their mediation training. they provided a volunteer mediators for the program at no cost to us. moving to adjudication of sustained complaints, the city charter provides for the occ to
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forward to the chief of police complaints in which it finds a sustainable allegations for the adjudication on the imposition of discipline. this only applies to cases where i indicate that the discipline to be imposed in my judgment would not exceed 10 days of suspension. discipline in excess of 10 days of suspension up to and including termination are adjudicated by the police commission. on january 31, 2012, the chief adjudicated six cases investigated by the occ and determined by me to have sustainable allegations. he made the following findings and impose discipline on these cases. in the first case, it was neglect of duty sustained finding. the officer failed to enter an incident report for a complaint that was a salted and injured by a stranger -- assaulted and
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injured by a stranger. all six of these cases are neglect of duty sustained finding. a member forgot a service revolver, ammunition, and handcuffs and a hotel room. the housekeeping staff observed the locked room safe and called hotel security. an engineer unlocked a safe and discovered the officer's loaded service revolvers, ammunition clip and handcuffs. the hotel contacted the officer at the officer made arrangements to have the equipment retrieved by a superior officer. the complaint also complained about the conduct in retrieving the weapon, but the conduct in forgetting his weapon and equipment was neglect of duty equipment was neglect of duty because he lost control of them


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