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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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outside. that is wt i saw. i did not see that you did that. >> occasionally we are out number. we definitely do our best to secure the safety of our patrons. >> it is important to manage you have to have training in managing people. anybody else? >> can i ask the central station officer? party buses, they allowed? i thought there was no stopping. i am just curious about that. >> that area is of no stopping zone. occasionally they do stop. that is something we are working
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with m in general. as far as never going to recess, there was a report that i gave to the staff were we had a loaded weapon on one of the party bosses, and is said that aroximately 0140, a large crowd were accident and walking back to the bus. the crowd spilled onto the broadway streets. there were numerous officers trying to advise the crowd to moveback onto the sidewalk, and the crowd refused. they continue to yelp profanities. i heard the lieutenant telling them to moveby from the curve.
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i told them several times to move back. one of the people refused to move back and yelled. it was warned he would be arrested if he struck the officers. these things can really escalate. art ofwhat i w to ta about as far as the party bus. >> to you have any other comments and? >> i like a lot of the recommendations, and the commission is going to evaluate them. it is such a big thing on the front. we talked about it on new year's eve. one club next door did not have a huge crowd in front. not just seat away in frontof recess, there was. i have met with the owners.
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they are nice people. hopefully you can give them the tools to help them improve what is going on. the crowd in front are not being managed. >> i want to open this to public comment. >> the incident described on new year's,that particur incident as we watch the sidewalk claudog, one patron was issued as he hopped the barricade and ende up being taken away by an ambulance. >> is there public comment on recess? nobody?
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you have three mites. >> i actually owns this building. i sent them numerous e-mails. they ignored me. they do not know how to manage this crown. good >> i have one question. do you have a clause that regulates the behavior of the business? any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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commissioners, i direct you to look of the suggested recommendations by staff, one through 14. this would further condition the government -- a permit. this would further condition them. item number one is of importance because it would limit their hours of operation, which would force them to stop entertainment early, and the probability that there crown would exit early, so we have often talked about staggered exiting on broadway. also item number nine, is it true there has been no sound complaints? >> there have been sound complaints in the past. they have done a pretty good job
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when their doors are closed. ive latelyany complaints democrats lately, no complaints --pricte complaints, >> and lately no complaints. >> i am not sure if we want to attack in -- to put that in, but i am open to discussion on these conditions. anybody have any comments? if not, i would entertain a motion to adopt these. >> i have a question. oint no. 8 it says the permit holder will install cameras to monitor the van your -- the venue. are we talking about the entire club and? yi -- and exit.s try d exit we only carebout the streets.
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>> is the doors entrance. stree do not have an > that is right.rivacy >> the cameras are perfectly legal. >> item number one, explain that. >> they are giving us either or? it is their recommendation. >> i am against one. whether it happens at 1 or 1:30, it is really more security training, so obviously the new security plan, i am all for that. that is the on thing i have. ritie staff is, opini
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eyo not know how to manage people. they'dneedto train their security staff in managing people. >> this recommendation for closing down a clove -- closing down the clubhous cannot be controlled so there is a time limit. after a year or six months, we can review, and if they have got their act together we can let >> if we put his condition, how long will they have to wait to come in for an amendment? >> you have wide latitude in
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putting conditions in these permits, so you can construct any language you feel is useful to you. it may be cleaner to not necessarily indicate a number of months or a date in the permit, because this is one that goes on in perpetuity. you can request a return to the commission in a certain length of time. the staff will do our best to make sure they do return for review without unnecessarily putting it as a condition. >> anybody else? on motion please. >> to the permit holders, have you been able to review this,
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and do you contest any of this hammond -- any of this? >> going ck to commissioners, going back to number one, limiting the hours, they are on a tough streak. they are next to a much larger club that has issues. if you really want better security ve them go and hire a security company. i think if you tie their hands behind their back, i am not going to say my client will be there, but the more you hamper an owner and take away potential revenue, the less likely you are to havebetter cros or better security, and i agree that problems with security are going to happen at 10:00 at night, after closing, and i would ask that you strike it because it is not going to help the situation, and the situation is we want better security and
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on broadway everywhere, and i also agree that number nine should be struck because i think they have done soundproofing already, and i would also ask hat the 14 days because they already have an expensive video system, but to go to 30 days is going to be economically unviable, and there is going to be an issue, andi askethem to protect the data. do we have any otheco and? thank you. we require them to have security and a security plan. we cannot require them tovea security company. that is a business decision they make. we cnotell whoo hire. i think their security is ill- trained. if ey ctie toavsome problems they will continue to
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have citations, a hopefully no one will die during that process. >> ok, commissioners. how about i suggest the motion and somebody moves? i move to condition the permits for doing business as recess and adopting staff recommendation to excluding #9, amending #eight to be 15 days instead of 30, and to limit the hours of entertainment to end at 1:30. they can still stay open until 2:00 but to limit the entertainment to 1:30. that is my motion. >> you cannot move that. >> that is my suggestion motion.
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>> so moved. >> further discussion? >> i am trying to understand how that works. they can remain open until 2:00, but all music stops at 1:30? >> what we would define as entertainment must stop at 1:30. music coming out of the house or through an ipod is not considered entertainment. did a coolow and thefere dj bartenders through an ipod into p left, they would the be in compliance and -- ended the day -- and the dj packed up and left, they would be in compliance? >> i do not see how that makes a difference. >> what is does is at 1:30, the
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music stops, and they turn on the front lights or whatever. they start drinking water. they can still drink, but some people will start leaving on their own, and it will not be such an intensity. unfortunately, it has to be this way, but this is an easier cool down, so i think it is a good compromise. >> i did not understand how that works. >> any other discussion? iraq's call the roll. -- >> call the roll. [calling votes] >> next item on the agenda is a consent calendar.
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all the items on the consent as one item unless one of you wants to sever one of them from the consent calendar. holicommornybody in the audience objects to permits for polk street, cafe maria,lt liv for amance, interfot is thereny public comment? can you tell me which item? e coent calendar.seveitff to >> i was here to speak on item a.
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>> i am the executive director, and we are in support, and if i could speak, we are in support with one condition that they install -- >> there is no item e. >> later. your >> this is a consent calendar for abc and see. -- a, b, c comm, and ad. can i have a motion to separate? >> second. >> a motion to approve the consent calendar? >> so moved.
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>> item b, doing business as cafe maria. nicholas? >> just to be clear, the commission just approved those permits. that does not mean you are done. it means you need to talk to me whenever you can tomorrow or after, and i will let you know if approvals from other agencies have come in, and if you have, you can go to the tax office and make it active. >> everybody understands that seminar -- understand that? anybody must contact a staff ocurtoov forward to obtain your permit.
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we are up to cafe maria. >> i just want to clarify something from the last meeting, which i think was the second time we were considering this. it is still relatively new. i miss spoke, because we said there was a requirement that no windows and doors be closed. i think dianne must be -- i think that must be from an earlier draft. it is a restaurant. staff recommends approval of this permit. >> anybody here from cafe maria? arf hello. good -- >> hello.
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good evening, commissioners. i am here to represent the applicants for cafe maria. the applicant also owns the building, and he has a fabulous and background. he used to own michelangelo on columbus. dodi he came back and opened cafe meridian he came back and opened cafe maria. he wants to add an accordion player, perhaps a vocalist and guitarist. before, the restaurant was empty. i am very familiar with this because it happens to be one of my favorite places. they used to have somebody dancing, and they tried to apply for a permit, and they have a lot of problems with the people who lived next door, and consequently common they spent
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thousands of dollars soundproofing the wall between the house next door and the restaurant. they have moved on. the owner of the property and wants to add this low-level amplification. i do not believe he understands that this has come into being since the previous issues occur, so we tried to communicate with you but were not able to secure a good -- but were not able to. i will leave that to you. >> we have a question from the next out the carrot -- from the next applicant. what kind of entertainment new
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plan to have democrats and accordion or a guitarist. >> you have a speaker system? >> yes, it is only until 10:00. gootracks does everybody know wo and -- and does everybody know what an accordion is? i bet there are some people who do not. next speaker. >> my parents and i reside at stockton street next door to cafe meridian -- maria. both of my parents are senior citizens. the restaurant was formerly occupied, and they did have a weekly samba dancing and music
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shows, and the shows created major rockets because loud music was heard throughout our house, especially through the kitchen areas. since then, the building owners attempted to soundproof the premises, but it was only partially successful. even after the installation, the sound technician reported that it could be as high as a maximum of five decibels. >> did you say nine? >> it was in the report i submitted previously. to my knowledge there has been
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knows soundproofing installed. therefore, i feel that any live music performance will cause a disturbance to our house and my parents, and therefore, and we k yoagainst a peit >> do you have that report? >> please go on. >> i am a consultant to the project. the owner of the building also lives upstairs. he happe to be 72 years old. he would like to offer a limited low-level amplification. the prior speaker mentioned he is more concerned about potential noise. i think the scope of what was being offered with private ownehip, he may very well have had some concerns about.
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whether it was to permit it or not, it was much higher energy te of establishment this guy who owns this is looking to offer something very limited. i amla the speaker is here, but i do not think he is going to have to worry about an acoustic guitar or a singer or accordion player on occasion. i think the oer thing is it is going to be of on a fine restaurant and remain that. the music is going to be enhancement, and i do not see it having any adverse affects. we will be in good communication. i do not think is going to happen, but if he has any concern, we will keep a good communication. i think this is going to be a no-brainer. >> any other speakers?
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simenon, public comment is closed. >> these limited live permits are new. there is a latitude for you as a commission to impose conditions on these, as you would for any other. while these you require sound testing, and it is something you could consider adding in this case if you felt about was a concern for the neighbors. in addition, if you do have questions, i was certainly working on that is sheer -- on that issue years ago. if you have questions, i would be happytoweose.
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>> a different applicant? >> correct. >>you take your microphone and reflect nine decibels? make a noise that is nine decibels. >> excusee. >> make a noise that is nine decibels. is it a whisper emm? >> [whiers] >> that would be if nine decibels >> it will reflect an increase in the cilleve -- in decibel level at has got to be
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correct. is a decrease. youmust have misquote did it in some way. whpe.decibels is below a >> a motion to approve this permit. >> we have a motion to approve. >> second. >> we have a motion to approve and a second. commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> vice president joseph? >> aye. >> limited live ends at 10:00 p.m. at night. >> ok. thanks. moving on to our regular hearing and possible actions for permit. 7-a, chris lamotte, doing business as blackthorn, 834 irving street, place of entertainment.
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nicholas, you are up. >> jocelyn is handing out some large eight by 10 feet as i did not make copyies of because they didn't come out well because they're actual photographs. look over them as you discuss this. blackthorn is a bar at 834 irving street. it's primarily a sports bar. this item was first on the agenda in december of 2011. then again in early january, 2012. i was continued twice at the request of the applicant so that he could work with residential neighbors adjacent to him to try to mitigate their concerns, and he'll speak to that and staff recommends approval of this permit. >> ok. >> marsha garland. my company is representing blackthorn at 834 irving. i want to be really clear what we're asking for here. they're asking for an
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entertainment permit for the bar itself, not for the outside patio. the outside patio is offlimits as far as the entertainment is concerned. however, the outside patio has become the issue. and we feel very strongly that all the municipal agencies that have a say in this matter should be handling their own injures dick. the patio area is a concern because of smoking and that needs to be addressed by the health department. they have instigated a program to be self monitoring at the moment to tell people to be quiet after 10:00. their abc license allows them to use the patio and serve alcohol there until midnight. they have reached -- done an extensive amount of outreach and they've just


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