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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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campos: if i could get you to go back to section 7.3 h to i. the issue of the 15% subsequent assignment and sublease. i have heard a different times it was not included in the dda but as was noted before, it was included in the original host and the new agreement that the board of supervisors approved in december, december 14, 2010. i wanted to make sure that is an item that is identified by something that has been left out of the response. supervisor chu: thank you.
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we have asked a number of questions of support staff, the oewd staff and a budget analyst. we have heard a number of presentations. we do have a number of people who have come out to speak for public comment on this item. what i would like to do is open the item up for public comment and we can return back to the issues at hand. i will call from the cards i have received. eddie on, jackie fund, orion willis, josh, if you hear your name, please line up. michael williams, patrick kim, ramon hrernandez. each speaker will have two
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minutes. we have a few that stepped out of the room. they should be back soon. i would like to ask permission to give some statements. supervisor chu: you can do so if that is from your two minutes. >> this is a statement. i am the executive director of the a. phillip randolph institution. thank you for ensuring the america's cup event will be economically feasible for the city, beneficial for its residents, and for an overall great event. i support the america's cup but even more, i support the adoption of the local hiring language that is proposed for the dda. i look forward to not only
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helping to construct and prepare for the event but i will -- look forward to preparing to participating in the event as well. i would like to make a statement on behalf of myself and my organization. i would like to ask if you would support signing of the basic craft agreement that was discussed earlier. i would also like to ask the porch in the proposed amendment to the dda that contains the local hiring language, we do want to see the america's cup happen and we are willing to find a solution. we're approaching deadlines to finalize this agreement. if this item is continued, i would like to finalize the local hire issue so we can appreciate and enjoy this event. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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i represent iwu 175. my members guard the shipping terminals as well as the cruise terminals in san francisco. in april may of 2011, local 75 was hired by oracle racing to guard and protect their equipment at pier no. 80. this would -- was welcome new jobs for our members. there were no incidents reported in this two months. june of 2011, or locals dismissed for a recent -- was dismissed for a reason. when there is no cargo ship at the facilities wide open, there is no security at the main gate or port of entry. the gates are left open. a tractor-trailer with explosives could be driven in, explode, blow of the ships on the dock, and destroy the pier.
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that would be devastating. i am a native of san francisco, born and raised. the union has been in talks and they have been in -- committed to hiring. there is a problem now. there is a security board that needs to be addressed immediately. we're asking the pork to acquire -- require america's cup event authority to employ security at the entry points of pierre didi as soon as they signed their lease. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. i will call a few more names. david santorey, javier florez jach berkowitz, john platt, paul
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mcdonald, stephanie dalton. >> a lot of issues have been discussed of hard work. one of the issues we worked on for six months now is local hiring and prevailing wage. there has been progress but this is the nagging stepchild of this project that we cannot seem to resolve after 16 or 17, this might be the 18th revision of its workforce plan. has no support in the community. we have heard from dozens of folks who want to use the local hiring policy. moreover if you can go to the overhead. i will give this a shot. right there, i want to go back to the day when america's cup agreed. there is some great points are returning to this original document. in the original document can see
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highlighted america's cup open plywood regulations. that is the local hiring a law that passed the week prior. the community's local hire urlacher it is what we want and proposed in a change 24 hours ago. we got a change five minutes ago. 24 hours is a lifetime in this process but we proposed a community amendment to the development agreement. you may or may not have copies. i will provide them to the supervisors and the committee. this is what we want. this has support of community members. we have that it with our partners in labor. we feel strongly this is the way to go. there is the basic craft from a proposed by the unions that are doing the work that will incorporate the mandatory local hire. we called the city's policy. it is about results. this work force plan, i got the newest copy. it has commercially reasonable steps on page 20.
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it has a bunch of stuff. it doesn't make sense. we proposed an amendment. if we're not going forward, let's fix this. that put this on the list of something we fix, whatever we do. thank you. >> good afternoon. i worked as a program counselor at the mission hiring hall. we have always supported local hiring and prevailing wage across the board. one of the main things i do have is i work as a liaison between our out of four construction workers and the contractors that would work with them are trying to meet their local hiring goals. the problem that we run into is that on the contract they're working with if there is language written into those contracts that does not mandate, they hire locally, it is just goals or good-faith effort or
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whenever. they never hit those goals. that being said, we obviously strongly supports this proposed hiring amendment. -- be put into thed dda. there is a bright way and an easy way to do things. we should go forward with the right way. thank you. >> good afternoon. there has been a lot of revisions to the workforce development plan. i think some of the revisions are taking a step in the right direction. unfortunately it is not enough. supervisor avalos pointed there is a lack of change on consequences for just failing to be part of the steps to monitor local hire. that was characterized as part of the summary. it goes to show why we should incorporate a local hiring
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amendment into the this position development agreement to make it legally binding and to make sure it is something we can be clear about, the consequences. the hiring percentage themselves. also the basic agreement as expressed earlier has been a critical way to get to the local hire ordinance. it is the cleanest way to do it. until these issues are resolved, we ask again that this be kept in committee so that local hiring is guaranteed for san francisco residents on the america's cup event authority predicts. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. our present the industry association. they wanted to give it their 100% support. i have done consensus reports for 1000 districts. i would like to bring out one
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thing. david chiu was kind enough to come and cut the ribbon at the murrah building. we talked about allocating 2200 of those jobs to veterans. it is not enough to say that we're going to give local hiring priority here. that does not include veterans. local hiring including veterans must be written into the dda. it would help funding efforts to say they could receive tax benefits for hiring each and every veteran, a vietnam vets or younger bets coming back from iraq and afghanistan. the veteran research center is repaired and ready to go. they have computers and the staff over there now. what i would like to see and what the community would like to see is to write specific sent to this local hiring program that include hiring veterans.
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veterans it helps in the fundraising, and helps cushion the deficit problem that you talked about earlier, supervisor, and in addition, is good business to hire veterans. there are more than 100 jobs in the military that translate into civilian life, and that includes the trades. i would like you to really consider this and not pass it by. you have to write this amendment and make it very specific, otherwise it will not work. it is not enough to say it is a local hiring policy. you have to say veterans in the program itself. thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon. my name is the sap berkowitz. i live in the marina. we have been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime stimulus package, and opportunity to fix
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dilapidated piers, and present san francisco to the world on the grid is stage. as alaskan oil an athlete, i look at this differently. -- as a local and an athlete, a look at this different. all we have heard about is the risk and not the reward. the deal should be based on incentives for oracle to win the cup and stay here in san francisco. when that happens, it is win-win for everybody. it is a win for san francisco and it is a win for oracle. every time that oracle wins, san francisco wins better. we voted un to make san francisco a better and safer place. under your leadership, we have now lost the forty-niners. let's just hope that we don't lose the america's cup. supervisor kim: next speaker?
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>> thank you for your service, and thank you for the opportunity. i think your hard work shows that you recognize the urgency of this matter and the need to get it done and the surface amount -- the shortest amount of time possible. i will speak to the direct benefits of this campaign in the city. san francisco is to sailing like new york is to seeder. if you can do it here, you could do it anywhere. if we bring of this race successfully in san francisco, we will establish san francisco as the premier destination for sailboat racing on the planet. for the long-term effect, nowhih we hope and bring back, it will bring back more sailboat activities and races on our waters, and these are direct impacts we cannot possibly quantified today. i hope it will be in consideration and should move this matter along as soon as
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possible to give everyone the opportunity to use that certainty to go forward in their efforts and to take great heed with incredible work this city staff has done, including the department of city planning getting its environmental record through in record time, paying great attention to the hard work that has been done with your approval. thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank-you. next speakers? >> thank you, supervisors, for having all of us here. i am the commodore and director of youth ceiling at the golden gate yacht club. you already know what the cup is. i hope that you do. it is the oldest trophy in all of sports. we are the city that knows how, supposedly, and i would think
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that you guys would help the america's cup find its home here, or at least tell. we are known as a sports city, but right now we have lost the forty-niners. but we have a baseball park and team, which has made the city proud. also, that part has improved that area of the city tremendously. we're talking about the same thing on the embarcadero. i know that some of you asked what is going on with the piers. they are a wreck. we could just improve, it could not be worse. there is other good that comes with the cup. my wife and i run the sailing, the youth sailing, and i am finding more and more kids are getting a greater cross-section of high-school sailors, from
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balboa, galileo, instead of just sacred heart and other schools. it is making a difference with the kids, and the kids are showing it by their support. supervisor kim: thank you. >> my name is john. i work for port supplies, a wholesale marine distribute later -- distributor. i have been reading the press, and i'm a little worried we will lose the america's cup. i have listened to a lot that has gone on today, following the newspapers and the press. i really appreciate all the work that you are putting in, the staff, the america's cup folks. there is so much work to bring to this city, but i am worried that we're losing the vision of what the opportunity is here. i was on pier 40 yesterday, working on a large charter boat with the year, in anticipation
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of taking people out to see america's cup races. i saw the two catamarans go by yesterday, and it was a beautiful sight. the piers are not in great shape. this is a great opportunity. in 1989, we had the earthquake, ripped out the freeway. i thought was a crazy idea. it was brilliant. at&t park. i go to the south end of the city, all of the medical stuff. so much great stuff happening in the city, this is a great opportunity, and this is a big project. there's a lot to be done to make them ready to have a world-class event in our world-class city. you are doing a great job trying to make things happen, but this really should happen. it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and i hope that it comes back again in three years. thank you for your time. supervisor kim: thank you.
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>> supervisors, my name is stephanie. i am a resident of the valley, and my office is in david campos's district. i am here with a group of organizers that have been meeting with various people concerning the america's cup. about 11 months ago, we met with the port of san francisco, we have met with several people. what we are trying to do and what we have been saying for nearly a year is we represent the 99% of the artists that represent the diversity and the committees of san francisco, and we would like to organize an arts festival to help implement what i think is a very weak memorandum. actually, some of the language that have taken straight from what we presented to them, which i find amazing, because we are not at all -- the san francisco arts festival, a core group of
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compassionate, committed arts citizens who have tons of experience raising philanthropic money. in 2001, i presented the port of oakland jazz festival. i know how the arts can leverage sponsorship and grants. i think we need both. what we can bring to the table, in addition to helping your sponsors feel more secure, is we can also bring the grants to help put san francisco on the world stage. so thank you. >> hello, my name is paul mcdonald. there is very little i can say in 120 seconds to change everybody's mind to make the sign and pass the bill, but i am here to say i was in auckland when they had the america's cup and i got to see their fixed up
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waterfronts, with bustling businesses and restaurants and condominiums. we have an opportunity here to make this incredible city incredible on a global set scal. i know you have the city's best interests at heart, but i want you to look at this on a global scale, so you can see this is an opportunity for the entire world to look at what we have here and not get too caught up, and have a little faith we can pull this off. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. next speaker? >> good afternoon. i am with the u.s. japan culture trade network. i'm here to speak on behalf of the ideas of oracle racing be amended so the arts and entertainment component of the 34th america's cup will be led by the san francisco arts community. this amendment needs to take place before going to the committee. i support this idea for the
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following reasons. there has been a great deal of speculation around the economic benefit to the city during the america's cup races in 2013. the forecast remains at $1.4 billion of total impact. despite the projected numbers and the anticipating teams, generating visitors. visitor spending during the america's cup and the city is in the financial interests of san francisco, not so much of oracle racing. san francisco should control those aspects of the event that are in its own economic interests. arts and cultural programs are great, powerful tool to increase visitor numbers and spending. as such, we should stage a complementary arts festival that is worthy of san francisco and that simultaneously caters to visitors and to our own people.
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cultural programs don't just spontaneously collect at the last minute, they take a great deal of work and planning. over 100 parts groups and individuals have been meeting for more than a year to organize an arts festival. we must create a program that reaches out to and represent as many segments of our own population as possible. if we are successful, many of our own community members will identify the america's cup not just by watching boat races but reports defense. -- but through parts of events, and it will spread the economic impact in all of the districts. we should be able to make this as great an opportunity as possible. supervisor kim: thank you. i will read a few more cards. braden farmer, fred barnes, terry mackey, sean, julie smith,
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janeane antoine, kevin carol, valerie, norman pierce, james, and chrsistina. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is andrew would, with the san francisco international arts festival, and i would like to oppose that not be part of the amended resolution. i think this is our last opportunity to require the america's cup event authority to actually work with us. i don't think that we can have lots of different things happening. there has to be a guiding idea, there has to be something that is holistic and works with us. i think it will be in the interests of the city of the arts committee ran all of the entertainment and cultural
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activities that went on during the america's cup, and were part of a holistic, whole. it cannot be that the america's cup is doing one thing and the city and other. that will not work for a number of reasons. the terms of the economic benefits, crowd safety, and transportation. all of those things have to be done as one and looked over as something that is a cohesive and event. i think once we get past this, this is the last chance we have to have to contribute or work with it. what we get to march 12, it is too late. they are off the hook and i can do is exactly as they like. what makes it worse is getting a memorandum from the city which says what their ideas are. i would not expect to see such a deplorable document issued by a city department in terms of what it plans to do for the arts and culture in the coming 18 months for the america's cup.
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it completely disregards all the work we have done. there are over 100 different organizations that have been part of the programming, and what we set last week beats this to death. we gave a package, a program we have put together, and it is really way ahead of this. i would not allow the city or the america's cup to have this. i would advocate that is a whole and it all works together. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. eric brooks, representing the san francisco great party and the local grassroots organization of our city. how many development deals have we seen where this happens? we get to the end process, we are at the 0 hour on a huge to the bad deal, and at the very last minute, repeatedly during the same day, we're seeing amendments to the agreement. i would just suck at what many
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of you have already said that as supervisor. i would just second what many of you have already said as supervisors, we need to see what is written on paper and make sure that the parties have signed on the dotted line. the environmental community has already been asked to accept a lot of impacts that it does not agree with. the people of the city of san francisco are being asked to accept billionaire developer is controlling large swaths of their waterfront for the rest of the century, essentially. the budget analyst is being asked not to have all of its amendments approved. you are being asked to go with a whole new deal that came up after the one that you voted on in 2010. and you can tell from the response is that you got from the authority that this is a game of hardball right now. by all means, keep up what you
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were sing and play hard ball. to me, the place where you really need to draw the line as to local hiring, we need to make sure that is sacrosanct and that happens. i did not get why we cannot just go by the city and local hiring hall. you heard the authorities say just a few minutes ago, we don't need to nail this down in the agreement because we are confident that we can do it. well, if they're confident they can do it, nail it down in the agreement. let's do it, make sure that happens. >> good afternoon. i am the president and commodore of the pacific yacht association. we were formed an 1896 to foster communication between not clubs. there are over 100 yacht clubs in northern california. one dozen of them are in san francisco, and we represent about 20,000 boaters.
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i am also on the board of the recreational board of boaters and part of the tour guide guild. i am in support of the america's cup coming to san francisco. on the tourism and all, i believe san francisco is one of the best cities in the world and i am excited to have us in the spotlight of sailing. i want to teach some of you and remind others that boating is a multigenerational activity. contrary to many beliefs, it is not only a rich man's sport. did you know that you could take a two-day maritime sport class at cal state? sailing and boating is an activity as a personal family can't afford, being together, enjoying nature, is in maps, science, of physical ability, and having fun together -- it is a sport that a family can


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