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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PST

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he is very engaged and very active. that is very impressive. i think he would also do an excellent job. but at the end of the day, i am going to get deference to the district supervisor with this kind of appointment. in light of that, i will be supportive of supervisor kim and what she has indicated. my hope is that for those of you who do not get an appointment, there are other opportunities down the road to serve either on the same body are on a different body in a different capacity. thank you. supervisor farrell: thank you. i will echo what supervisor campos said. mr. nulty, you have the most support here, for sure. i will follow supervisor kim, given this is a never the organization. i will make a motion to send mr.
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forward recommendation. >> thank you. recommendation to the full board. i want to thank both of our applicants who are here today. again, mr. nulte, i would love to support you for something that is more of a general residence seat on this cac. there'll be other seeds over the next couple of years. i want to thank and recognize lj cirillo who previously served on this seat and has been active on the issues in our neighborhood. i am is rg see that she cannot continue to serve. but i am glad we have these applicants. thank you to both of you. we had a motion. we can do that without opposition. thank you. madam clerk, please call item number two. >> motion appointing supervisor christina olague, a term ending february 4, 2014, to the san francisco local agency formation
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commission. supervisor kim: thank you. any questions or discussion? seeing none, i will open up for public comment. any public comment on item number two? >> good afternoon. douglas yepp. i would like to speak in favor of supervisor olague for this position. she is the newest member of the board. i think she should be given every opportunity to prove herself. also, i noticed that it says here that the term ends in 2014, so i would like to say that i hope she serves the full term. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. any other public comment? >> ♪ look at the appointment for lafco strangers in every way will take a lifetime to say we will know you well and then we will know you will
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do just swell and the good appointment will go for all lafco we know and love will grow for lafco ♪ supervisor kim: thank you, mr. paulson. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. supervisor campos: motion to for the positive recommendation. supervisor kim: thank you. i want to reiterate, this was the seat formerly held by supervisor mirkarimi, who is now our sheriff. so he could not finish his term. moving forward with the motion of christina olague 2 san francisco lafco. without opposition. can you please call item number 3? >> item number 3, hearing to consider appointing one member, a term ending june 6, 2014, to the immigrant rights commission.
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one seat, one applicant. supervisor kim: thank you. we do have professor bill ong hing here today. thank you so much for coming here and for your willingness to serve on the immigrants' rights commission. >> thank you, madam chair and supervisors. first, i want to thank the staff of the committee and program and other members of the current commission in urging me to apply. years to know that i am probably one of the original anchor babies. my father had a questionable claim to u.s. citizenship. when he came in 1915, my mother's citizenship status was also questionable. when i was born in superior,
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arizona in 1949, i had an automatic claim to u.s. citizenship. if current proposals against birthrates citizenship had been in place at the time, i probably would not be standing here. i grew up in arizona, but i have been a resident of san francisco since 1971. over the course of my career, i was a founder of the immigrant legal resources center, where i continue to volunteer as the general counsel. although my academic, literature seems to be centered in -- the truth is, everybody who has ever taken a class for me knows that i am is centered in the community. i firmly believe that any change that is going to take place, either nationally or locally, has to begin within the community. that brings me to where i am interested in serving on this commission. honestly, there are two major
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things. given the political environment in the u.s. today that has shifted to an attempt on the part of local and state officials to legislate in the immigration field negatively, it is very important for cities like san francisco to maintain very, very strong sanctuary policies, and also to maintain very strong programs that welcome immigrantsit is for thom interested in serving and i welcome any questions. supervisor kim: i do want to acknowledge how closely you worked for the board of supervisors -- i was working on the sanctuary city which supervisor campos lead. many of my students have taken your class and i appreciate the
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scholarship and the work you do on behalf of the san francisco community and immigrant community broadly. supervisor campos: thank you for your interest. i think san francisco is lucky you are interested in serving in this capacity. those of us who have been working around immigration issues and immigrants rights are familiar with your work and it is impressive and i am delighted you are interested in it serving and thank you very much for that interest and everything you do. >> thank you very much. supervisor kim: are there any other questions? we will now open it up to public comment on this item. i see some of our commissioners are here as well. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm the vice chair of the
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immigrant rights commission and i am here to show my support for the professor. everybody knows him. , he's an excellent advocate and has been all the time fighting for social justice, for emigrants, and i believe he would be a wonderful asset to the commission because we can have all this expertise and knowledge. i would really appreciate if you appoint the professor to the immigrants' rights commission. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you and thank you for your service as well. >> i currently serves on the immigrants' rights commission as well and i'm here to speak in support of the professor. i know you are familiar with his work. i want to reiterate what an honor it is he would consider joining the commission.
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he has pursued social justice throughout his career the route -- through his scholarship and has written dozens and dozens of books and articles on immigration policy. he has been a distinguished emigration professor at stanford, uc-davis, uc-berkeley, and now at the university of san francisco. his expertise in asian americans and a lot and on sanctuary cities are on the country would be a tremendous resource for all of us on the commission. not only is he an expert but he has deep at the bought -- deep and abiding commitment since he moved here in 1971. his wife and children are native san franciscans and he served on the board of the aclu, the asian law caucus, goodwill, and others.
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thank you. supervisor kim: thank you, and thank you for your service as well. great to see you out in support of him. >> i want to thank you very much for considering the professor's appointment to the immigrants' rights commission. on behalf of the staff and commission, we are enthusiastic in our support of his appointment. i've known him for many years personally and professionally, first as corporate funder when he was running the ilrc and as a member of the asian law caucus family. we could have packed this room with supporters, students, admirers, etc., but there's plenty to do that. his record, expertise, integrity and compassion it -- and compassion are well known.
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we would be honored and thrilled to have someone of his caliber and character be part of the immigrants' rights commission and we urge you advance his candidacy to the full board. we need his help on behalf of the immigrant and vulnerable communities. thank you very much. supervisor kim: thank you for being here. >> ♪ it is that night. your horse is quick. ♪ they are up for appointment and they have to ride like the city went to be free ♪ again. but they've got such a long way to go. ♪ so they ride, ride like the wind. ♪ pick the best one to win.
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supervisor kim: thank you. any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor campos: i make a motion to move this forward. supervisor kim: we have a motion to move this forward with recommendations. we is have one applicant for this seat, we do have a very qualified applicant and i'm grateful you will be will take time for this commission. thank you. we can do that without opposition. thank you. madame clerk, can you please call item no. 4? >> the public utilities bond oversight committee. there's one seat and three applicants. >> i do believe our third applicant sent an e-mail to let us know he will no longer be able to be eligible to serve
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because he got a project in new zealand. i am sorry to see that because i've heard many good things about him. we did already here mr. sheehy, so i will call to see if karen donovan is here. thank you. >> i'm an attorney with the east bay utility district. proper legal career which spanned 20 years, i've worked with its borders players. i have worked with pretty much all of the major water suppliers in the bay area. while at the public utilities commission, i worked on issues related to planning for city
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projects and challenges to the city's rates as well as broader water supply and rights issues. i work on legal issues related to the planning for the east bay mud project and work on an array of issues related to the capital projects we undertake for water and waste-water utility at east bay mud. i've lived in san francisco for 14 years. i have been active in issues in my neighborhood and have been active in nonprofits that operate citywide. environmental issues are a passion of mine and the planning that goes on in the city is of great issue -- great interest to me. i come from a family -- my father worked in pensions and financial services and i've been exposed to issues related to bonds and the financing of projects for a long time.
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supervisor kim: thank you very much. the we have any questions? we have no questions. joseph is here. it you did not get to speak before supervisor farrell, so if you'd like to speak about your interest to serve on the board. >> thank you for the opportunity of addressing again. i spoke about my enthusiasm for water issues and had ceci in particular. water is not that interesting -- hetch hetchy in particular. i remember my grandmother talking about the 1906 earthquake. people were living in further burned homes without water. hoarding water was a shooting event.
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-- shooting offense. that convinced your forefathers to build the cleanest water system in the country. san francisco citizens have historical -- historical used 88 million the to 90 million gallons of water per day, the lowest in the state. san francisco is the only city in california with a combined sewer system that treats both sewage and storm water. unfortunately, there are threats to this system and the san francisco repairs to support it. some will affect water quality and quantity in the future. the seismic upgrade is behind original's dental and there is concerned by the oversight committee with the internal reporting and whether the project may be further delayed and over budget. i would like to investigate further and help if i can.
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audits are starting for the waste water treatment program. our waste water system is a national model but it does produce an average of 10 overflow events per year where walt -- where raw sewage is released into the bay and in the beaches. as a chemist, have the knowledge to review and reveal the wastewater treatment system for the committee and the people of san francisco. the allotment for san francisco would be cut by 12%. we are frugal water users and the water would have to be replaced by finding other sources more expensive than a quantitatively inferior, such as the sun set aquifer or the water treatment and recycling center. these views chemical purification processes the public utilities commission has to rely on a previously and they come with a risk. i would like to be involved to make sure these changes are not impacting the public health and
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safety of our residents. lastly, the united states house of representatives passed a partisan bill yesterday that would override california's state water rights and water compacts. while bill did not specifically address the reichardt act or the hetch hetchy system, some republican members talked about their intention to attack it in the future. i disagree with this because the city paid to build the system in the first place and is paying to refit the system now. but most other water projects and california have been heavily subsidized by federal and state governments. these are a few examples of the threats to san francisco water users. i'm asking you to appointment to the -- appoint me to the board.
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most people are not interested in water, on the other hand have fascinated with it. thank you very much. supervisor kim: any questions? we will open up for public comment. >> ♪ and you can fill our city light and point that, point it right to flood a million streams of the motion ♪ you can fill our city wives and a point to point it rights to flood a million streams of emotion. ♪ bring on the appointment like an ocean. supervisor kim>> this is an intg
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appointment because it deals with bond oversight. in my opinion, i feel the example shows you need to have independence between certain parts of the bureaucracy that oversight's the whole system. since this is an oversight the point, that becomes even more important given that the water system is undergoing a lot of changes and might be going for more changes of certain people pass the initiative. i feel some of the qualifications for the position as a person that is independent and without political influences. i get hesitant when i see people go from one side of the aisle
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and crossed to the other side of the aisle and say it is a different position and i will not be unduly influenced. it's like me seeing politicians becoming lobbyists and that they say we are independent. this needs a person that is truly independent and if there is any suspicion of too cozy a relationship than it should be discussed publicly. thank you. >> good afternoon. spoke at the last hearing. regardless of which applicant you choose, and they both bring different and good skills, karen has already sat on a citizens' advisory committee. i hope mr. will continue to be
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involved -- mr. sheehy will continue to be involved. are not enough people are concerned as he is and that very happy there is more than one qualified applicant for you to choose from. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor farrell: my great contribution today was to say that i have some strong connections with both mr. sheehy and mrs. donovan. this is one of those situations where we have to applicants that are incredibly well qualified and we would be lucky to have either one. i don't know who comes out here but i will actively pushed for whoever is not appointed today to be on whatever other committee want to be part of, for sure.
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i have had a number of people contact me on your behalf, both of you, and we have a lot connection's i've seen for your application. hicka lot of folks i trust in a great way, so we will be in great shape. there is no motion right now. i want to see what my colleagues have to say. supervisor campos: thank you very much. i am probably in the same predicament as supervisor farrell. i think both candidates are excellent. it's one of those things where you wish you had two seats to fill. i don't know which way to go.
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i'm wondering if you can tell me about the differing makeup of the body in terms of who is on it to make sure we have a diverse group of individuals as we can. >> i'm the assistant general manager for the san francisco public utilities commission. this is comprised of seven numbers and is only one vacant board seats. there is also one vacant seat appointed by the comptroller. the qualifications are diverse. with waste water experience and financial experience in particular. this is one where we have a lot of very talented people and experience diversity.
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we also have a very active citizens advisory committee. we are blessed with many good candidates. supervisor campos: are there any openings right now? >> there are or there will be soon. the focus is on waste water, power and water. there is many opportunities. >>supervisor campos: mrs. donovn is on the committee right now? >> she has been in the past but this would be a new exposure for her. i don't know if the other candidates have been involved but it would be a wonderful opportunity.
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supervisor kim: thank you for being here. do you know when the other board seat expires? >> you had previously appointed larry lieberman and that expires on january 12, 2013. supervisor farrell: the controllers peck -- that has to be someone with a heavier financial background? could you say of one of the two applicants today had that qualification? >> i could not, but the controller has to have that specific background in experience in auditing and product -- project finance. >supervisor kim: are there any
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further questions? we often find ourselves in a situation where we have more than one qualified applicant for this seat. i am incredibly impressed by both candidates because water is not necessarily an issue the average citizen understands very well so i'm impressed we have such highly qualified candidates who care about the system and have detailed knowledge and want to serve on the revenue bond oversight committee which can be an esoteric subject for many community residents. diversity is something that is important to me and but we have two equally qualified candidates, that is often my tie breaker. we only have two women serving on this committee today, so with all things being equal, i will provide support behind karen donovan, but i think mr. sheehy,
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you are qualified and i'm impressed by the amount of work you have done and your background in chemistry is a huge asset and i look forward to you applying again and hopefully there will be a position on the advisory committee. if there are strong thoughts on the committee, i will consider. >> -- supervisor farrell: i know you have been an attorney for east bay mud -- could you squeezed herself into those qualifications? >> i wish i could say that i could, but having heard the way they were recited, i do not believe i could purport to have that experience.
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supervisor kim: not hearing from my colleagues, i will make the motion to move karen donovan with recommendation by the board of supervisors, acknowledging how tremendously difficult that was considering we had two great candidates. >> i will be supportive of that motion. if the motion had been the other way, i would be supportive as well. i am being very -- i will be very happy to support her and oppressed by the level of knowledge and the specificity with which mr. sheehy spoke about the issues here. i would ask the public utilities commission to let this committee know if you can follow up by sending information about when some of these openings may be coming up because it would be a shame not to take advantage of the kind of


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