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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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not think we should break our indexing policy. i have a concern about passing on the court house freee, but if we need that to close the budget, i would probably vote on it, but let me state the concerns. if we keep passing on every fee without any discussion, guess what is going to happen. that is going to keep happening, and producer in a parking ticket is going to be $100, even though we have lived by our indexing applies to the citizens, so at some point this has to come to a stop, and i am not sure how to communicate about other than to say we will not pass it on, but
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i have a concern that if we just keep passing on these visas we get them, a political body is going to keep doing this because about a political body has no repercussions. bagging of meters, we have received a convincing letter about this, and i think it makes sense to wait and mixed up with our new program. i think it discourages use, and it is not a great idea. i am not in favor of eliminating it passes for muni staff. the costs would be marginal at
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best. we discussed it, so there may be a feeling we promised them. the other thing, i want them to be invested. i give my friend credit for anticipating this. it is very tempting to avoid reserves and rebuild its, -- reserve rebuilds, but i would say to watch for the diligence of previous accords come to fruition, that enables them to save critical services, and i think we need to really remember that and not violate our reserve policy unless it is this
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essential. >> you want to speak to the youth pass? >> once we see the funding reports and how it will work, i know some people are referencing my comments. >> i agree with almost everything he radioed -- everything he said.
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i think there are some things we need to look at, and i athink or employees could afford to pay for their rights and on our system during road -- our system. it would encourage them to encourage others. i am not convinced doing away with employees' taxes is a great idea.
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now that i have heard everything about it, that is a question. what were the employees thinking? i think the savings or the revenues but will be generated, i do not think it would be announced -- enough to risk a moral issue. i think we have an issue if we take something away that is not going to benefit costus.
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i think it is time we realized set free parking is no longer feasible. if we are going to contribute to the city, we should not have to pay the going rate for parking, but we should pay something for parking. i am not sure what i would be, but we need to look at that. we need to do away with transfers.
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all it did was caused people to throw it out the window, operators tossing transfers out the window. i know because i saw it happen, so but is not going to work, and so i would rather not see it go away. i think that is a bad idea. we need to start charging in downtown business scenarios parking on sundays. we need to look at how about is going to go, and we need to explore every possible avenue to
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kill the revenue the is going to keep our system not only saves but driving. i am not going to ride a system i cannot rely on, and we need to maintain our system. we need to fix what is broken. our system is in need of serious repair. we need to make sure we provide money to repair what is broken so we do not have an unscheduled service customerts because we dt have the equipment to put up.
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budgetary concerns should not include safety. as our equipment is not maintained, it is not going to be safe. i can guarantee that, and i am not going to vote for in a fare increases of less i know our system is safe and reliable. with that, i will stop for now. >> first, i would like to thank the director and staff for this comprehensive budget report.
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i think they have done a great job, and it is great to hold these town hall meetings so people can see what you are doing, and i applaud you for that. after looking at maintenance, i need to applaud you for related taking the initiative to look at maintenance. the budget shows we are really concerned, and this shows the investment we are putting in. i will not cover what we have already talked about. i will address some things we have concerns about. i will start with a parking citation increase. i agree the passing on fees continuously sends a bad signal.
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goowhat happens when you keep passing on the fees, where is the ceiling? do we end up at a place where parking citations take us to the wrong place in time? you increase the fares, parking citations, so where do citizens have to go with that? the parking meter on sundays. goothe rev. made a crucial point that the faith based community will be impacted with this issue, and i know it runs the gamut.
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some run three hours, but i am sure various -- sure there is a safety net. we really should look at where we can reach a happy medium, because parking is very limited. did they do not have parking garages, so there is no way we can compromise -- there is the way we can compromise, so i would love get some compromise. youth passes, i want to applaud the yougth community. they showed solidarity. loi understand their plight, sot
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is something and now i said i would support, and i would like to show the weekend and not supported -- when i think we can support it. we have been to the other meetings were it has been cut, but if we can augment some kind of way where we can provide this service to our youth, that would be great, because i would hate to see them impacted because they cannot get to school or their parents cannot make a decision whether to feed them or by a muni pass, so i think we should take a harder
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look an offer something to the youth. it is something important and something we owe to the community. >> if i could add to that, i have made it very clear that i am not going to support any sane, -- support anything because we run of of money. but if i am going to start a program, i want us to be able to continue. if we are going to provide opportunities for youth to ride our system, and we need to sustain the program so it never goes away. i do not want it started and taken away because we do not have any more money.
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i want us to be able to provide rides for our youth. they need to know that we care about them a. >> the other thing i would say is you save on one side but you spend the money on the other side. i would say you to look up both sides. you look up one side where you are saying you cannot find it here, but we are going to find it on the other sides. you want to prohibit a kid from going one way or the other or help support donthem. i want to look at data on the budgetñgn8d
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looking at everything else, except the free employment pass thos, the other thing is the moe issue is so bad. it is a big issue with employees. the first thing i heard about in every garage was a free employee passes and eliminating some of the benefits. it seems like it affects some 100% when it comes to free parking, so i think there is a happy medium we can find, and if you want to encourage employees, you have to offer something, soup. i looked around, and it was empty, so i would love to see
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something about the actual versus the production -- projection. i do not support of see on -- a fee on transfers. >> i want to thank the community members for coming out this afternoon. but i want to thank the organizers and the other folks but provided translation. i see that some day we would be able to provide that service. you're able to work twice as hard, and i would like to coordinate thought, and we are having an effective meeting, so thank you for taking the time of of your busy day.
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i think it would be a wonderful thing if we can funde it. that has always been my direction. i think by april 3 we should have something we can often rally around and support your good -- and support. i am confident we can support anything as long as there is money to pay for it, and i do not see why anyone would want to oppose that. there is no ideology as far as not being able to help folks who need a hand. there is no ideology, and i personally would disagree. once we can get a pilot project going, we set a precedent, and
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if we can demonstrate that is a value on this board, we can assign staff and supervisors but would need to get into motion to make this a permanent program, so i am looking forward to discussion on the third. good there were some points made that implied we do not know what it is like to have kids to ride transit. i want to make it clearer the families that are here to ride transit. we know what it is like to go without eating and not taking the bus. i used to walk to school hoping i could find a soda bottle i could read seem to get my fair to ride to school, so i know what it was like, and i would
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hope this community would take time to get to know us before making assumptions, so please be careful in what you are saying, because we want to build a spirit of camaraderie, but thank you for coming out. with respect to the budget, i do agree with the comments on everything she said. your the things i particularly want to talk about is my interest in finding revenues from parking and increasing parking meters on sundays and after hours. i think it is very ironic deaththat we can continue to gie free parking on sundays and after six, but we cannot find the funding to give free passes
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for youth. i think it is backwards. i hope you understand if we are going to instill a sense of value, and buildings future transit riders shift, it has got to come from everybody. it is upon us us of all city of demonstrating what we value, and by charging people to ride muni after 6:00 are well cars get to ride for free after 6:00 or by charging people to get to church well the people driving are contributing to congestion and greenhouse gas reductions, slowing down our transit are parking for free on sundays, i think it is a backward and we need to straighten that out, and i hope we will keep these things in mind as we find a way
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that does not impact on low- income communities but works out in such a way the communities will benefit. i know we can do it. i said a lot already. i not going to say much of. i oppose the idea of increasing any fair beyond where we have already committed soup. i think that we have made that commitment. i would rather see a reduction in service as opposed to increasing the affairs. i would rather see all these other fare revenue mechanisms approached first. aside from the past we give them
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as employees. i would rather take away parking for our employees. we cannot expect them to operate out of higher lovell than we expect community members, the most vulnerable members of our community, that are having to find a way to get home from work at 2:00 in the morning, standing on market street waiting for a bus. it is challenging, and i think it is important to understand all our employees understand the challenges, and we get free consulted because our colleagues are understanding what it is likely to be a burden trying to get around after hours, so i want to make sure i convey the. i think that is all i need to stay for now.
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i think we have given it another direction. good >> you have not heard from me. >> you did not mean to suggest that our service was shoddy. >> i have been there. the only thing i sense a conflict of opinion is this concept of not paying into the rainy day fund and recognizing that we are in on a horrible scenario right downow worse than any of us has ever seen, i think we have gotten unique challenges our generation has never seen, and i think it would be prudent to make sure we can sustain as much as possible, because i do not want to make it in a harder -- any harder.
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my brother was out of work for a year-and-a-half. i know what it is like to suffer and to pay more. it does not feel morally right to support something like the offering funding. thank you for much. >> thank you for your thoughtful comments. ithe bagging thing --i think there should be a place holder in the event of whatever that is does not have been sufficiently for this revenue source. all the other things are fine. i am still out somewhat of an
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open mind for employees. i think said points have been made -- i think points have been made about the city. i am concerned about the end of the trial. that would be a very difficult problem two years from now if we find special sources of property and they are gone. two points are raised. 1 is a college student talked about how difficult is that your
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your have 60 or 78. i will look forward to the financial analysis that will come from this. i came up with about $20 million. the most controversial was extending parking nights and
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weekends. if that is around $10 million, the only thing we have left is our serious service costuts. it was awful. i hated to do that. i would rather have qualities service people can depend on as opposed to promising things way beyond our means. i think we need to keep up in mind. i want to say i have great faith in the project as it goes forward no longer range. gooit would be very exciting, ad
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if we could go to 9 miles per hour we would be saving $7 million a year. >> can i asked about the cash fare increase? >> not too excited about that. >> can we circled back. it did not seem that was thought controversial. there was a gentle man who made a comment if we are going to have leaders were you can pay to park $8 an hour, about this not about revenue generation


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