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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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in front of my eyes. s@zwhat is happening, this is turning into a circle. what i am asking you is please do not be part of this. i think there are better things to do in san francisco and all over the united states. what you are doing right now, you are destroying this man's life. you are tearing his family apart. you say, i have been hearing about criminal violence, what we
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are doing to him, it is a violent crime. destroying a family, destroying his career. please, i am asking you, do not be part of this. i am sorry i feel nervous. god bless it. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i have been a grass-roots organizer for social justice and for 18 years. i know the vagaries of city hall. i am here to ask you to send a strong message to the board of supervisors. it to reinstate ross mirkarimi -- it should reinstate ross
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mirkarimi. i am happy to report i am sfgreen party. even though ross left the party, we had the wisdom to realize when a serious breach of democracy was taking place. we put a statement up on our web site. i would encourage you to look at the statement. it is at let's refocus. we are talking about a misdemeanor case in which the court decided the remedy is family counseling. this does not by any stretch of the imagination rise to the level of removing someone from office. i watched this today. what i saw from the mayor's attorneys was an attempt to take a large industrial sized pot
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of spaghetti and throw it at the wall to see what would stick. i have never been so appalled. please, your job as ethics commissioners is to consider the politics. that is what you do when you address campaigns. if you go with this nonsense, who is going to be next? what is the mayor going to do to the moderate? this could open up a ridiculous can of -- [mic turned off] [applause] >> my name is tracy brown. i wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak. it is hard for me to come out
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and speak at a 11:00 at night. there are a lot of other people who would love to be here. i worked on his campaign. it was a great campaign. we were successful at getting him collected. when he did win, all of the kids i work with, they said, finally, you won an election. [laughter] i have campaigned my life -- my entire life. it is my folly. -- value. crime reduction, the way we deal with homeless. the way we deal with this is also a san francisco value. i am pleased with how the session went. i have faith in our system. ross has been there for the people. he has heard our voices. i do not have to explain that.
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there were some voices that were not heard. as a woman, i have to say, if this was my family put on trial, i would be devastated. i hope that you, as people to support women, you look at what she is going through. hear her voice and allow her voice to a marriage. you heard a lot about ross. you have not heard about his former wife and how she feels. you have not heard from her. a lot of people have not heard from her. she is -- she just delivered a baby. i doubt she will be able to come in. you should listen to the voice of women. [applause]
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>> good evening, commissioners. my name is maria. as they say, it is about who you know in city hall. that happened to be my union member who was a custodian here. she happened to have some extra fried chicken because we did not have dinner tonight. bless his heart. a want to be here. it is as simple as the three r's. that is redemption, restore to justice, and reunification of families. redemption is much more positive and proactive. i think it is something that san francisco was all about.
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we all are human. we all have our flaws. i have always thought that a person's worth his -- when you know that there has been a challenge or a moment of shame that they have had to face and then make amends. i think that makes for a much stronger individual and also much more compassionate. that is something that we will all lead at some point. in terms of restorative justice, that was explained earlier tonight. let's restore peace, not just punishment. punishment itself will continue the cycle of violence. i also want to speak on the importance of family. that is without question. i do not know one family without some form of dysfunction. i know that families must work hard and sacrifice family unity
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among themselves. you consider when an intrusive or -- or overpowering outside entities it comes in. >> thank you, ma'am. [applause] >> good evening. i just want to speak briefly about the politics of political assassination. that is at state operations. this has not been mentioned. when that video was obtained, the call went to fill up. that was day one. day two, he had plot -- lunch with willie brown.
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on day three guitar chords him again. the decision was made to call the police. then we get our district attorney. they end up with tainted evidence. he has to strike a deal to get it out. that is done properly. and then passes on to the mayor. here again i believe we have the influence of willie brown where they were at supper with their wives. it he said that you would have to dismiss the mayor. all of this is to deprive the people of the decent sheriff who
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was the champion of the people. >> i respect how difficult this is going to be for you to make. the thing that is clear is misconduct. i hear people making accusations that have not been found dead. if a man loses his job because he makes a mistake, it is a poor day in america when the cycle of abuse is continued by depriving them and his ability to provide for his family. [applause] >> good evening. i work at san francisco general.
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my first meeting, wait for me. i do not even remember what we were marching for. wait for me. what a great guy. he has shown me what an ethical, humane person he is. he has really taught me that lesson. just last week i was talking to him. is that what you did? i am so guilty. we had many fights on the way to the mall over 10 issues. i turn the car around and went home. i like to call myself a good parent for that. he said that this was not a laughing matter. what i did was wrong. by and never going to forgive myself for that.
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not to treat this like it is a laughing matter. to take this as seriously as i can. that is a true ethical person. that is true humility right here. how do we not let something like that happened in our share of tax from the city side we heard this over and over. it is the city's will to have him as our share. give us our sheriff back and give theo his daddy back. >> hello, commissioners. i served for 10 years on the relocation appeals board under three different mayors. four years as its president.
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i realize what a lofty decision you have in front of you. i work on similar matters of displacement for 10 years. i have been a member and an officer of the localization of the naturalization of women for the last 30 years. i am on the equity advisory committee for human rights commission. i have r knownoss mirkarimi for more than 30 years. i have known lopez said she moved here. i was there for the baby shower and the birth of theo. your position as such over reached. it is so beyond the pale of what a commission or board
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should be doing. it is political payback. one thing i am taken by, i have been involved in san francisco politics for 30 years. i apologize for my brooklyn accent. the folks in this room come gay, latino, the labor council come se upnioers and disabled people like me. they are all here tonight. they have been here for five hours. they are pretty much unifying saying that this is over reach beyond what anybody can imagine. i hope you take that into account when you look into your heart and your soul. [applause]
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>> hello, commissioners. i will be very brief. it has been a long afternoon and a long night. my name is josephwe. have been small business owners for over 27 years. i consider ourselves more civic minded. i even considered aspirations for politics. seeing what is going on in this city with this particular case is really in nauseating. it is the same that is going on in the country with the right wing trying to steal the next election. i will ask you and plead with you to do what is right. to reinstate this man to his job. i am very upset by the fact that one of a vote and i do not want somebody to disenfranchise my vote, as has been done with the second term of george bush, when
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the u.s. supreme court -- excuse me, the people's vote was set aside and he was appointed by the u.s. supreme court. i know on a social level it is very liberal. politically speaking with what is happening now with the hijacking of the sheriff's career is the same old backroom politics with what has happened before. politically speaking, san francisco is not progressive. you have the illusion of being the progressive minded city. i recommend that this man be reinstated to the job of sheriff and let the people decide. we are the ones that voted for him to be sure of. but him run his term. if we are satisfied, we know
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what to do. [applause] >> online name is rebecca. i am here to support these gentlemen right here. you have a family like everyone have family. what we do in this country is horrible. we see a lot of police killed and we do not do nothing. he is holding his wife and you guys are judging nothing. like he has no values. you guys look at him. his family is not here. we have to do our part. we see what is going on. it is spending five hours and spending our taxes. we are judging him.
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its is just fighting. it is not time to be here spending time and doing nothing important. we have better things to do. our economy is horrible. we do have crime. let's do something else better. time is precious. >> good evening. i want to thank you all for being here. i am a constituent in district 5. i worked with ross mirkarimi 4 several years as a supervisor. we have several people in the overflow. the room was filled up in overflow. we are speaking for people who
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cannot be here. i will speak for one of them. he is a professor. he is an adjunct professor. he is a professor of ethics. as a professor of ethics, sound judgment must include the basic principle of law, making the punishment fit the crime. taking a job and a career related to a misdemeanor unrelated to job performance is not right. i believe this obvious fact should result in the ethics commission resulting that there are no grounds for dismissal from office. the lack of journalistic integrity in the media has clouded the community standard and judgment making any truly fair hearing is doubtful. this is setting a bad labor precedent. [applause]
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>> my name is larry. i am probably the first out black person that ran for mayor in 1989. i know that a ba mayor brown will get an award for what he'd did forlbgt. i never wanted children. it scares me what you would do to a great man like this in the city of san francisco. you will make everything that we ever stood for look terrible. one little incident on new years. you get drunk and do something on new year's eve. i graduated this june.
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the violence in c is aycle. this is not a cycle. if you are going to make this world a better place, we have to do the right thing in san francisco. we have 108 people on medicare in the city. we have 800,000 people in this city. you are harming elders. our future depends on thisi. f you don't do the ethical and right thing, it is time to move forward. women cannot vote 207 years ago. you would have been burned as witches. move this ahead.
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[applause] >> my name is jerry. i am a member of sciu. four years ago i was laid off of my job. when i am listening to these lawyers, i am listening to what she is doing up there. the cost of keeping all of this going. we had a contract and we were trying to keep our insurance not too long ago. imc and all of this money for something that i don't understand. it is like a circus. this should be done. we don't have money for the
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people working for us. a lot of people cut down on their pay. luckily, we were able to keep our insurance. maybe in 1914, we get a raise. then we have to pay into our retirementp. aying them a lot of money, i do not understand it at all. i know you have a hard job. it is a circus. we fought for everybody in the city. i thank you very much. i hope you do the right setting. >> thank you all very much. it has obviously benefit all night. i thank all of you who have been
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here. the lawyers for advocacy and the court reporter who has worked very long with very little break. before we adjourn we want to do this. >> i want to thank everyone for your respectful comments. because it is so confusing, i want to explain that we have this job because the vote her'spass --voters passed an initiative that approves this process. it created teh checks and balances. we believe we do not have a choice to cut that short period we have to do what the voters created. the one thing that we would be
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unanimous about is that we are all doing the right thing. we have to go through the staff to figure out what the right thing is. i want people to know that we cannot walk away from this. this too is a voter-passed initiative. voters thought this was the best way to protect the city and county. >> we need to make a motion to pass the decisions that we made this evening. i am not going to recount them all. assuming the motion passes, we will issue a press release that
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fully explains the decisions that were made. >> s i willecond it. all in favor? opposed? hearing none, the motion passes. is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> the meeting is adjourned.
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