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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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our committee members at this time. we will be opening up for public comment on this item. if you'd like to speak out on this issue, please do step up. >> good afternoon, rules committee. thank you for your time and i'm glad to see there's so much representation in the room. i'm an dwazor at san francisco state and i got to meet daniel when he came to my office looking for an internship and since i had been on the executive board of the living wage coalition, i recommended daniel and he already has done an excellent job there and his passion and his interest for workers rise and labor issues and help his students was so apparent, he even was able to start -- which is very difficult at san francisco tape. he went through the red tape, got me as an advisor. got off -- all his offices lined up. he's a very good leader and
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organizer, not to mention as a latino, a representation of our youth. i think we're craving for the diversity of different neighborhoods, particularly those of color. i have come today and written a letter of support for daniel that i'd like to submit. supervisor kim: actually, we got the letter already. thank you for submitting it. >> thank you. i just want to say i'm here to support him and i hope you select him. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you very much for being here. >> i'm glad that the young people are getting involved but this is also a lesson to the so-called representatives who are young and we expect them to have standards and accountability as we will be discussing later on in the
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other agenda. and here you have a young man who can bring in a lot of experience from his native country, but -- where there's a lot of suffering, where there's a lot of discrimination, there's a lot of disparity, and the young man will notice that if he lives in the united states and as the years go by, the 1% and the 99% and how the middle class is eroding and how , for a long time this happened because of outsourcing. how a lot of rich people made millions of dollars on the blood and sweat of people in the third world countries so it's good that we have some young people coming forward, and i hope he does the right thing, that he doesn't fall into a trap at some point in his life. it's very, very important that
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young people know what is right and what's wrong, just like our representatives. they should know what's right and what's wrong. not all of them are bad. not all of them are ugly, but some of y'all that fall into the pit -- into the pit -- and if you make some mistakes, you have to -- you have to say sorry and get back on track. supervisor kim: thank you. >> so i'm happy. i've got 12 second more. ok? why do you say thank you? supervisor kim: i'm sorry, i thought that was the end of your sentence. i wasn't trying to hurry you. >> ok, thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? >> pastor gavin.
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i'm a little perturbed by the statements made by the young lady heather. because i think she said that she had experience with universities in procurement and i'm concerned because there was a recent survey done by cnn and it discovered that a huge portion of universities, something like close to 70% or 75%, purchased their merchandise from china and for that to be true, sweatshops -- sweatshops. so i'm very concerned if she has experience with universities in procurement, this is contra active to what we're talking about here. you know, we're saying sweat-free, and to save a book,
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many of these universities have gotten their linen, the dorm furniture, so on and so forth, any place cheap that they can find it. so i would like to recommend that this be continued because this is not what san francisco is about, sweatshops for anything or taking taxpayer dollars reporting any kind of taxpayer activity. so i would like to recommend that it be continued. thank you. kim kim any other public comment on this item in seeing none, public comment is now closed. we do have two seats. i have two applicants for seat two and seat three. heather and daniel and i wanted to say personally that i was very impressed with both of your applications and happy to see you here today to hear you speak about your experiences and your interest in serving on this committee. heather, i know that while you did work on the procurement side, which is actually a
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requirement of the seat, that a lot of your work was on ensuring sweat-free procurement for the companies that you were engaged in. and daniel, i'm really excited to see a young person who's engaged on this issue. we also did receive a letter from paul kramer. and we had a public member speak on this already but we do want to see more young people serving on our committee and so it's great to see someone like you and also to be able to speak spanish is a great asset as well. it's important to have that language diversity capacity on this committee. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you, madam chair. i want to thank both applicants for a willingness to serve the city of fran and i, too, have been very impressed with both applicants.
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with respect to the application of miss fransiz, i actually think that the work that she has done with fair trade u.s.a. where she led in the development of standards around fair trade and making sure that you have -- that you ensure that you're buying purchases from companies that are not exploiting workers, to me that's the kind of background that you want and not just the recent work there but also with other companies so i think it's precisely the kind of individual that you want to see working on these issues, and with respect to mr. maroquin, i think that his presentation speaks for itself. i'm more proud to see that we have that level of caliber in our community and that we have
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someone who is interested in these issues. the fact that nickey is here speaks highly of him and it means that you're extremely highly recommended and, you know, i say this completely objectively. i'm not surprised that two amazing candidates have this connection to the mission district. makes sense that they would. so i make a motion to move these two applications forward with a positive recommends. supervisor kim: we have a motion to move forward. these two applicants for seat two and seat three with positive recommendation. we can do that without opposition. thank you very much. madam clerk, can you please call item number four? >> consider appointing four members to the san francisco health authority. there are four seats and four applicants.
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kim kim thank you. and i believe that we have three of the four applicants here today and i will first call up susan curran. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm sue curran. i've been a nurse for over 34 years. i am currently the c.e.o. at san francisco general hospital and frahma center. formerly i was the chief nursing officer and c.e.o. for 10 years before that. i've been on the san francisco health plan board for the last three years and i've dead crated -- indicated my professional career to providing health care services to vulnerable population in san francisco. supervisor kim: thank you. i could you please speak to what you are proud of having worked on on your term and what you continue to make your priority?
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>> we have been working very diligently on getting ready for health care reform and providing health care services over the last year to people in the category of seniors and persons with disabilities, and developing health care access for the bomber will patient populations in san francisco. -- for the vulnerable patient populations in san francisco. supervisor kim: thank you for being here. i know mr. gressman could not attend today's meeting, but we do have mr. north dakota -- mr. eddie chan here. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the current president and ceo of ne medical services, a federally qualified health
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services center, one of the largest in san francisco, currently taking care of about 50,0 unique patients, of which we have about 32% of the healthy san francisco population. some of the things i have been proud of working on the board, having access, the ability to improve our customer service, and definitely preparing ourselves for 2014 when we had a huge expansion in medical. supervisor kim: great. i know you also have been serving on the health authority as well, and we talked briefly about what you think the authority should be focusing on, which i think is huge, the changes coming down the pipe line. >> those of the three things i have probably been working on. we're never quite thereet. the next few years, those will be paramount because of the increased population of patients we will need to cover with our
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medical population. supervisor kim: what are some of the key things you hope to work on in the next two years through the health authority? >> the coordination of care across all the various partnership groups we have within the health of 40. supervisor kim: thank you very much. next we have david woods. >> good afternoon. my name is david woods, and i am chief emergency officer for the san francisco department of public health. my experience is about over 20 years as a pharmacist working in san francisco almost entirely throughout my career. i have large hospital experience, small hospital experience, experience with formulary management for the
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community health network in san francisco. i also have seven years long- term care experience in my time at laguna honda hospital. most recently, i have been working on a number of things where i have oversight of the public hospitals -- san francisco general, laguna honda, public health allocation system where we manage the prescription drug benefits for the healthy san francisco program, for the s.f. path program, and for the workers as well, the 50,000 members we manage drug prescriptions for. my interestin the position is that i strongly support the ethic of providing high-quality health care to low-income members of san francisco. i think universal coverage, high-quality care, and access to care are important components that i share along with the health plan. areas that fit where i think i can help in be of use are in cases where the city and county
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of san francisco is the largest provider of the san francisco health plan network, said there is a symbiosis there between us and them. san francisco health plan is the ird-party administrator. i think the innovation and collaboration that we can work together to provide better health care for the patients that we serve. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. i see no questions from our committee, but thank you for applying. i know thisis a new seat for you, so we appreciate your application. thank you. at this time, we will open up for public comment on this item. >> if you paid attention, each of the candidates that came candidates that came before you needed a residency waiver, okay?
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now, this is what i am is saying. we have a population in san francisco of about 800,000 -- some say 811,000. we should encourage san franciscans take this position. recently, i attended a task force, a health task force -- espanola jackson and some of the others were there. i believe it was initiated by one of the supervisors who spoke very eloquently at that task force. what i am is saying is san franciscans -- this is a $1 billion-plus type of operation -- talking about san francisco general hospital. we need san franciscans to be a stakeholder. we also appreciate the hard work of tom ammiano.
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it got a lot of static, but the whole nation is looking at those type of programs. but again, supervisors, be fair, okay? i can understand one or two of the candidates having residency waivers. we need san franciscans to step up. just like earlier the students step up. we need san franciscans to step up to be stakeholders so that they participate in the deliberation of quality of life issues, and one of them that is very, very important is held -- health. thank you very much. supervisor im: any other public comments on this item? >> good afternoon, rules committee members. i would echo the sentiments of the previous speaker. i am struck by the tremendous experience that the previous
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applicants have spoken to. it is very impressive, and clearly, they all have tremendous commitment to the city of san francisco. however, i would love to see our seats on these bodies come from san francisco. i am share great outrage has been done to try to find great people in san francisco, but i would always encourage more outreach, more thought, more community-wide stretching to ensure that we can have community representatives who are so committed to san francisco that they figure out a way to live in this very expensive city as well as work here. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you, ms. hanson. >> i would have to get good the statements of the two previous speakers. and passionately -- as passionately as mr. da costa spoke about san franciscans,
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really, after watching the videotape of the rules committee in regards to the sunshine ordinance task force when we are talking about diversi, as a san franciscan, i cannot -- i cannot condone this behavior and gentrification of all of these waivers for people who do not live here. i mean, if you are spending a billion dollars on general hospital, that is a lot of people. there should be veterans of in here. there should be people from the district, bayview, hunterson point, visitation valley. i do not condone -- i do not condone these fee waivers for people who do not live here in san francisco who are involved in making policies that affect san franciscans. this is unacceptable, and you yourself are always talking about diversity.
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this motion needs to be continued. supervisor kim: thank you. was there any other public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is now close. supervisor campos. supervisor campos: thank you. let me once again begin by thanking the applicants. i appreciate anytime someone wants to serve in any capacity. as was noted by one of the speakers, my office has spent a lot of time on the issue of health care, and i am imprest with all the qualifications of each applicant. i think they have a lot to offer, and i do believe there are times when residency waivers are appropriate. that said, i do have a concern about the entirety of the applications requiring residency waivers. my implication, -- - danny,
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unless i'm tilt -- my understanding is the individual serving in the six continue to serve in that capacity. in light of that, i think it would be appropriate for us to continue the item to provide an opportunity for current residents of the city to apply for any of these seats. again, this is not about the individual qualifications of any of the people who are before us. each of them is exceptional and has a lot to offer, but i do think that on something like health, it is important to have the perspective of someone who not only works in the city but actually lives in the city. these individuals -- not to say that these individuals do not have the insight that can be helpful, but i think that as a matter of policy, it would make sense for us to give san franciscans an opportunity to apply. it may be that there are no other applications. i do not know what would be inappropriate time. i do not know if a month is
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sufficient, but i would continue this to the call of the chair. so that we have enough time provided and then bring it back -- expeditiously, of course -- once the opportunity has been given. my motion is to continue this to the call of the chair. again, without meaning any disrespect to the individual applicants. supervisor farrell: i echo the comments. the applicants here were terrific. we are lucky to have you applied. i have been one who has been outspoken in the past about making sure have san francisco residents on these commissions, but i appreciate the sentiment and will have listened with the motion. supervisor kim: we have a motion to continue. my apologies, i wish i had thought this earlier. i only got this this morning that all four required residency waivers. my apologies for that. it was something that did strike me when i saw the agenda today.
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looking beyond the applications, and it was going to be my request that we get more nominations, which is something that we just did recently to ensure that we do have more resonance serving. on an issue such as public health, it is essential that we have people who live here in sentences of. it is not to say that we will not appoint non-residence. in some cases, we have to, given the current expertise and the lack of residents that may be able to fulfill those needs. personally, i know the work of a couple of the applicants and i know that you do incredible work on behalf of san francisco communities, but i think in fairness, we should continue these seats. i am happy to get it about a month and more than happy to work with the health authority to enter a greater diversity of applicants that live here in san francisco. we do have that motion, and we can do that without opposition. thank you. madam clerk, can you please call item 5? >> charter amendment to amend the charter of the city to
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change the election cycle for the offices of city attorney and treasurer so these offices will be elected in the same years as the elections for the offices of mayor, a district attorney, and sheriff, and to amend the definition of general municipal elections other such elections occur only in even-numbered years and every other odd- numbered year. supervisor wiener: thank you very much. this charter amendment would consolidate the city attorney treasurer election with the mayoral, sheriff, d.a. elections. we elect those with those of the only offices on the ballot, sometimes with additional ballot measures, of course. it is historically a low turnout election. i was reading coverage of tuesday's election, which was a
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quite terrible turn out. this would consolidate with the mayoral election, would encourage a larger turnout in electing our city attorney and treasurer. it would also -- every four years, with the election does not occur, it would save a little over $4 million, it averages out at $1 million a year. we save money, get a higher turnout, higher participation for these two offices. and i think that is it. supervisor kim: thank you. supervisor campos. supervisor wiener: i am site, but just to be clear, this has been in committee before, but i do not want to assume everybody remembers everything. next year's election would
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proceed as normal and again in 2015, the synchronization would occur at that point. supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor. supervisor campos: thank you. i want to thank supervisors wiener for introducing this charter amendment. i actually introduced something identical as part of a different charter amendment. i think it makes sense to do this charter amendment as a way of saving the city money. i think that we want to make sure that we did everything we can to get as many voters out to vote and consolidating elections were a breed is one way we can do that. i support the concept and thank the supervisor for his work. supervisor kim: thank you. at this time, we will open up for public comment on item five. seeing none, public comment is the chief -- public comment is --
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>> i disagree. unless you could actually show me how it would increase voter participation. i think if nothing else, you would confuse voters, with putting all of these people who have high positions in the city on the same ballot. it is bad enough that the democratic process is flawed and that people are not able to see what the sequoia and machines are doing. now, the city family wants to do everything simultaneously and say, "thank you for showing up and we all 1 the same election." no, i think there was a reason why it was put into the city charter the way it is. as they say, if it ain't broke, do not fix it. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. i know this item has already been hurt by this committee.
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it will be continued to later dates we can have the charter amendment to ballot for the november election when we have a greater turnout, and i appreciate supervisor wiener of holding off on that because we know we have notoriously low turnout for the june electn, and ideas of what we have voters weigh in what i disagree is turnout possible and we have a presidential election this november, some members of the public will have an opportunity now to weigh in on this item on the november ballot. this simply puts this charter a minute on the ballot. i support this, and i think it is important for us to consolidate the elections. i think we will see a greater turnout, and frankly, kind, on these of years, we have very low turnout. i think it is important that we consolidate, if we can, and of course, there's a great cost to every election cycle we run, and also, election fatigue that
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many candidate organizes experience. i want to thank supervisor wiener for bringing this forward. supervisor farrell: in a similar vein, i wholeheartedly support this amendment and i think it should have been done a long time ago. i am happy to be supportive of that. >> we have a recommendation to move forward with positive recommendation, and we can do that without opposition. thank you. madam clerk, could you please call item 6? >> item 6, hearing on the efficacy of the campaign finance reform ordinance and the ethics commission's enforcement of the law. supervisor kim: my apologies. supervisor campos dataquest this hearing. campos -- did request this hearing. campos thank you.
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i requested -- supervisor campos: thank you, madam chair. i requested this hearing a few weeks ago in response to a number of items that have come before the different committees of the board of supervisors, including the government audits and oversight committee, which is a committee that i chaired last year, specifically questions about the performance of the department of ethics, the ethics commission, and i really do not want this hearing to be about necessarily criticizing or bashing one agency. put simply, to do this hearing, the concept that we in san francisco need to make sure th we have the most effective and efficient set of rules when it comes to governmental ethics that we can and we want to make sure that our system works as well as possible. that is the spirit in


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