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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> thank you very much. you folks are also in agreement with them. good liketo a have a motion to e recommendations on the general budget as well as project close out? we have that motion, and we can do that without objection. let's move to the next apartment, the ethics commission during goo. >> you are receiving a one-page summary of our budget request. i apologize for not having a power point presentation, but i cannot afford juaone.
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>> at this point we are happy it is just one page. >> funding for a fix is relatively stable -- for ethics is relatively stable, and the majority of our funding is staffing. we have one major program under way in terms of trying to convert to a program where we do all the electronic filing, which we hope is going to save staff time and money. i will be testifying tomorrow. give we have high hopes for this. there is a relatively minor change in our fte level. in terms of internes and job creation, it is not something we have a budget for, although we
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do have talented intern's. we do offer services in spanish, cantonese, and mandarin. i do want to point out there was a lot of paperwork going around that indicated we have $4 million in revenue expected for the year, which is not the case. i think everybody is working on the same page as far as that goes, but i have to say we spend so much time going back and forth we never had a discussion about recommended cuts, so i did not learn about the proposed cuts until the close of business on friday, so we have not had much discussion on those. i oppose those cuts and with all the drama i can create, and i am willing to have those
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discussions as necessary. good >> thank you very much. and we are not in trauma, but why don't we ask the budget analyst to provide your report? a wax our budget has totaled $59,000. they are ongoing savings. in 1314 it has totaled 80,000. they are savings. goowe will work with the departt and report back to you in next week. goo>> if there are no questions, we'll look forward to seeing you for a drama-free presentation. our final department, department of elections.
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>> good evening, supervisors stere. for our budget, the main cause drivers will be free elections region will be free elections. -- will be three elections. you can see about half of our cause is a professional services. git is pretty consistent through time. as far as revenue is concerned we will have reimbursements for
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the school district elections. good we are seeing such a large increase for the fiscal year. >> the increase from 1213 to 1314 is for an additional election democrats for the revenue? -- >> for the revenue? we have won election. it is a presidential election, so the costs are higher for th at. >> when you have an additional election you are paying for additional violencballots as wes
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temporary salaries? >> our costs are fairly consistent. it all depends on the election cycle. the you have questions on the pie charts? for revenue we have more chances for reimbursement. that is why you are seeing a higher total your ego -- a higher total. the contract who retires at 2014. good and we will watch that as we move forward. also our lease runs out in 2014
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, so that is something we will have to of a conversation about as we go forward. i would like to replicate that in the future. on job creation, every election we get around 1300 high school students, and we are very fortunate that school districts and teachers work with us. good they received a small stipend. as far as summer employment is concerned, we have interests throughout the year -- intern's throughout the year. goowe have been doing this for about 10 years.
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we will have about 1000 workers at the polls. if everything is translated in at least chinese and spanish. we do not rely on an on-line translator. gall of our documents are translated online. we work closely with the media to get the word out in activities. we have 26 people we have go through the certification process, and they serve as points of contact for the chinese and spanish-speaking community, and we have year round dedicated phone lines.
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we have a plan in place for how we would inform people on the cancellation or some sort of impact to the process. did the department is in agreement with recommendations. >> wonderful. given that the department is in agreement, is there anything you wish to add? but nothing. >> do we have a motion to except the recommendations? we have that motion. give we will do that without objection. thank you. we will not require you to come back to reagan we have heard all of the budgets for the most part your give we need to take a
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couple of items and move them forward. give with regards to item 5 n- seven, -- and item 7, do we have a motion to continue those on the 20th? >> we have a motion. >> item 8 through twelve, we have heard about them but we cannot act until we have heard public comment. do we have a motion to continue item 8 and 12 on friday. we have a motion. finally, there is a technical adjustment you have submitted to us. generally we simply accept them, but can you speak on that? >> i am submitting first technical adjustment.
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it includes violence in for a number of departments, correcting some projects to allow the planning committee to reflect capital projects, updating the expenditure and support of housing for city programs curi. this is what the director mentioned earlier this morning, and reducing attrition to reflect current staffing levels in the apartment, and correcting some attrition-related entries in the sheriff's office. did the overall cost is zero in the first year and $90,000 in the second year. we are continuing to work with apartments to ensure we have correctly captured everything in the budget, and we will likely
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introduced a second technical adjustment next week you're good >> -- next week. >> these items we have heard. there is no action on the board for that item, so we have heard all the items. i believe we have no other items before us. >> item 5 and 6 are continued on june 20. >> we took a motion to continue on the 20th, and if i can ask to reason that, do we have a motion to reason that both -- rescind that vote. if we can continue item seven on the 22nd. gwe have got that motion and wil do that without objection. >> that completes the agenda.
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>> we are adjourned.
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>> five years ago here in san francisco, and i was toque -- joking with the mayor that it only took us four years to realize the error of our ways and move back here. it did the warriors 41 years. on a day when the city is excited about the basketball team coming back, we are thrilled to have the mayor here to help us open our san francisco office. thank you very much for all you have done. want to hand it over to you. [applause] >> congratulations. i wanted to come by. my staff let me know the background and history of this company, and i'm very excited for it and not only wish you success, but it is our success as well as the success of the city to have you here. you're so glad to join our friends at pg&e as well as the
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department of the environment. their staff. we have some past commissioners as well that have served in various capacities. we are excited about clean energy, and we are excited about the reason you started here. actually started back in virginia, but you came back to san francisco, and we are excited to have you here. the model you have about the ability to communicate with people, using the social media platform, and getting kind of a personal relationship with our environment and with energy savings -- that excites us because it has been a challenge for us to talk to people. i know the department of the environment has had that challenge. how do you educate people about helping themselves as well as help the environment? the q you canuote -- you can quote all kinds of information,
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but it does not become relevant to their lives, and by old power having tools to allow -- to become personal, for me, it becomes personal. do you like tequila, or do you like champagne? [laughter] i happen to be a tequila guy, but anyway. that is part of the excitement here for the staff. i love your bike racks and the way you are conducting yourselves here and growing, and by the end of the year, talking about 75 or 80 people working here, that relevancy for my neighbors, me, the residents of the city, who actually, when you talk with them, they all want to do better. they live in a city where they want to feel they belong to the whole movement. that is why i moved to san francisco. there were a lot of movements i wanted to lead and others i wanted to join. when it comes to improvement of the environment, we want to be
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part of them -- the movement. we want to be part of the best city in the country. how do we get there? we personalize it. we go about every week. this is where we are saying what goes in the green and blue boxes, and we personalize our challenge making sure we know the things we use where it goes so we can get to the 100% recycling, zero ways. we talked about it to our friends in china. do you live in a city that is committed to zero ways? you are not up there yet. when it comes to energy efficiency, when it comes to clean tat, -- to clean tech, we would like to talk to people and make sure it is personal to them. that is why i am excited about personalizing it, making it relevant, creating a competitiveness to it, but also
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a friendly, social environment where people can say, "i am part of san francisco. this is what i do to live here." when we reduce energy consumption, that will meet other people and more people can live in our city. it becomes expensive and unaffordable if we do not start thinking about shared values and shared living standards. that is why i am also excited about the movement about our shared economy. you are part of that. we can reduce the footprint of our people, and more people can enjoy the richness of our city. i am year for all those reasons as well as what you mentioned earlier. they are coming back, and we get to celebrate that with you. five years from now, 3000 employees here at full power celebrating an nba championship right in our water from rita. this will be great, right? first of all, thank you very
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much for being part of a great company. thank you for so many of you living in our city, and thank you, alex, and the whole staff for having such a great model for clean tech, energy- efficient, and thank you for partnering with the city. we will find those opportunities to partner with you. you have a great model, and we are going to search for ways to do that. already been educated about what i do not have, which is digital thermometers in my house. i have a baby thermometer. that is how i feel warm, but thank you very much, and congratulations for being part of a great, successful -- now i know why president obama came to you back in 2009. this is that great feeling. he had a vision there to share with you. i get to share that vision now, and hopefully in the next four years, we will do a lot of work together. congratulations. [applause] >> i want to introduce steve,
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the vp who oversees all of our work at piccinni, oversees the service is brought to you, who are customers of the utility -- all of our work at pg&e. thank you, steve. >> let me just say -- welcome to the neighborhood. thank you guys for choosing to come out here and join us in our home city. we are proud that you are here. we are proud to be part of this city and a partner with you and we look for to achieving those goals you laid out. we talked about making energy personal for our customers. you have to make it personal for it to have an impact on your life, and there's probably no better example of that then the relationship you have an old power and the work you help do for our customers. i heard this morning the commission from thecpuc -- the
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cpuc was making a speech, and she was happy to get her report and had one smiley face and was committed to getting to two. that is one great example of making it personal. there is the work we do with social. we have the opportunity to engage people. we have a passion. we give them the information so they can help accomplish their goals. there is another aspect of this, which is really important, which i wanted to thank you all for. i have talked to a lot of our other customers, some of whom are less fortunate in terms of their income and what they have the ability to do. they may be struggling on a monthly basis to pay their bills and to do the things they want to do in their lives. i was speaking to one customer in particular, who was excited to get their report because it helped start them on a journey to use less energy. they did simple things, they
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took civil actions, they became more aware, and as a result, they were saving about 20% on their bill. that has a huge impact on their life and what they can do. that is another way we can make it really personal, and that is another thing i get excited about. energy has the opportunity to power our lives and help us achieve our goals. i'm excited about where we can go with the partnership. again, thank you for joining us. thank you for the partnership. i know many of the folks in this office have probably work some late nights to deliver for us and deliver for our customers, and i want to thank you for all that commitment. i also want to say how happy we are to have you as a customer year in san francisco. i have a feeling you are probably one of our most efficient customers in san
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francisco. i saw your groupon, the facebook atp -- app to see how you were doing, and you kind of put us to shame. thanks, and welcome. >> thank you. to bank a few more people and provide more context for why we are opening this office here in san francisco, we started this company five years a po intrero hill with the notion -- in potr ero hill with the notion that most customers all over the world think energy is boring and the only time they think about it is when something does not work or when a bill comes that is unexpectedly high. we realize -- we thought, anyway, that if we provided people with more compelling information, took the phenomenal data that was coming into utilities, that we could begin to drive behavior change and drive changes in everyday lives
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of ordinary people. earlier this month, we celebrated having saved a tara what our of energy in partnership with utilities and customers. et al. what our of energy means practically nothing to anybody, but it is a lot of electricity, enough to power a city of 200,000 people for a whole year. what is just as exciting -- more exciting than saving the first taro hour of energy is we are going to save another tarawa of energy over the next 12 months. it took us five years to get to the first tarawa hour. it will take less than 12 months to get to the next. to put that in context another way, the entire solar industry in the u.s. produced around 1.7 tarawa hours of electricity last year. this small company in partnership with really phenomenal large companies is having an impact that is approximately 2/3 of that, and we feel like we are just getting started. i feel confident that our
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ability to have an impact will grow strongly because of the partnerships that the mayor has highlighted, the partnership with facebook. the partnership with honeywell. to be imagine the thermostat. particularly the partnership we have with utilities like pg&e. i think there is someone here from the city of palo alto utilities, and we have worked with for a long time. utilities like back -- you guys are brave. utilities have had the same business model and the same basic delivery for a very long time. to recognize and appreciate that your customers could become real partners is a really brave thing to do in an industry that has been understandably risk averse before. we are thrilled to be your partner in that change and to be providing better services and tools to your customers, to give them more control and in doing so, to build a stronger
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relationship and help them save. the one thing i wanted to thank were our partners. the second group to thank is government. diane is here. she was commissioner on the puc. have beenn 0 fromrdc -- we have people from nrdc. thanks of great regulation -- regulation gets a bad name these days, but when implemented correctly, it can be a phenomenal force for good, and the state of california has led the way. local governments -- this is a phenomenal city to do business in a, a city which has attracted and under the mayor's leadership accelerated the attraction of other tech
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companies and built an ecosystem. when you want to start a business, you want to open an office, you need to go to where the talent is, and there is not a city in the world that has more talented people than the city of san francisco. we are thrilled to be here and to have your leadership. i do not know if we will be at 3000 employees, but if the warriors win the championship, we will be there to celebrate and to help in any way we can. we look forward to being a long- term partner of yours and the city's for years to come. of course, the third group to thank here it is it is great to have a beautiful office, but what's most important it are the people who come in every day. i feel phenomenally blessed to have such wonderful colleagues. we started two of us at a desk
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five years ago. there are now 250 of us that the company. 50 people worked out of this office. we plan to double that in the next 12 months. the mayor already met our lead recruiter are here. when president obama came to visit our offices in virginia, we were 60 people. we told him we would double the company in 12 months, and he went to donny and said, "i understand you are the job czar." and she was, and we did. it is really special to be part of a community of people who are incredibly talented, who are hard working and who work those late nights and come from different industries to work together on such an important issue, an important issue for our city, an important issue for the state, and an important issue for the planet. really appreciate you guys all coming to celebrate our opening of this office. i know there is a ribbon for us
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to cut. i am ready to cut it. [applause] supervisor avalos: good morning. captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor avalos: welcome to the plans and programs committee. transportation authority.