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tv   [untitled]    August 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the earlier hours and teenagers hughes the field after school. they need the lights. then there are those that have the unlimited to an hour of play we theory of how that is likely to avert leader practice of because we can't practice in the city. the premier women's team in the city, we have the drive over the bridge to practice over there. please light of these fields. we are inadequate in terms of how many fields we have. we need 154 to be adequate and we have less than 30. if you do this, it will help us greatly get more hours and. adults pay taxes and they play soccer.
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handoff when ingrains if -- keit>> if it rains, i can play soccer. the fields are too crowded the plate because there are no other fields of play on because they are all closed. like three months ago, i got hurt their and the slick and a gopher hole. if i think that you should the support -- i think you should change the valleyfield to turf. >> our children need places to play in the city so that families will stay in the city. where my kids go, we are
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homeowners and the outer sunset and there has been a soccer explosion. a think we feel that the four teams. the need for soccer is growing immensely, especially in our side of the town where we don't have many places to play. turf fields are so much better and we will have so much more playing time. not even came practice but my husband kicking around the ball with the kids. we were visiting some friends and they wanted to go over and kick the ball around. it is closed because it is gracile and never open. the argument that is taking away nature i honestly feel is ridiculous. nobody says, let's go have a great nature experience today, if let's go to the gopher ridden soccer fields.
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he does not were we're going to explore nature. there are plenty of other places we can go and have made your experiences. we just really want to make it safe for our children the place of the they don't get hurt and who want to give them an opportunity the play with their teams and with their dads. >> i am the president of the riptide. and the parents of two teenage children. the lacrosse club, that has approximately 300 children sign of the play. we're the only lead in the city that serves both boys and girls. we went to 15 teams, the
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fastest-growing sport in the country right now. we have gone from one girls' team to five in the last five years. i have been told that we cannot field a single mortar team next year, which means i can't let a single mortar will play because there are not enough fields in the city. we already have well under half of our games at home and it will probably be less than that. we take children from any dakota. we can't do it because we cannot grow due to the lack of fields. right now, it is the only field of four lacrosse. it has been a huge of benefit to
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our program, from the only team to have zero practices on turf this year, the small children had half of their practices cancelled because hamilton field is closed. i urge you to except this decision by the prior panel's and move forward with this much needed project. >> my name is andrea, i am a 22- year resident. i have raised funds that have been very active. and they serve in a leadership capacity with veal across fluff. if i am here as a resident, a parent, and is fourth at the fifth. if i know from personal experience how hard it is to meet the extraordinary demand for fields with the
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constituencies. this project of fax 7 acres of a 1,017 acre park. it is 7 acres that have been used for over 20 years but under very substandard conditions. i respect the opposing arguments to this project and firmly believe the renovation and enhancement of these fields is extremely important to the future of our city. i think it is a project that as long overdue and i urge you to move forward and a positive manner ha. -- in a positive manner. >> hi, i'm a lifetime resident of san francisco. it is a short block from golden gate park and ran across the street from the beach.
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i find as dialogue rather inspiring. i am deeply in support of approving the soccer field. we feel that there is a lack of any reasonable dialogue. we are troubled by the lack of integrity and i can tell you that there is a long road of from beach shall let up until the zoo of life, it goes up 50 feet. there is no way -- when i hear
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that kind of reasoning, i want to distance myself. last time, i stayed home and watched it and i was mesmerized. we watched it until 11. i saw the supervisors that initially were not going to support the ier come aroudnd and make a hard decision for their constituents. what is happening now is what we tried to teach in sports, not allowing poor sportsmanship. when you hear something you don't want to hear any refused to hear it, it is happening now. there has been a process of people trying to us make decisions for the city. that is something that i beg you
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to continue letting this -- thank you very much. >> that was my wife. hello, i'm john szalinsky. we live about a block from beach shall lead. we lost track of the number of times we have been to meetings like this. it is pretty clear at this point that we are not going to get everybody together to agree that those dilapidated the fields are not wildlife refuge. the plans for their renovation to not call for a vast sports stadium. there are three things that all sides should be able to agree on. it has been a rich experience and i feel grateful for the
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offer affinity to participate. both sides have had many opportunities to express to appointed the fifth and elected officials. we have been heard many times. and in most cases, these officials had after careful deliberation have decided it is in the civic interest to move forward with the renovation project. i have been frustrated myself over the endless number of gambits to block or stone wall this project. but i have respected the right to a process. but at some point, participating in the process becomes a supporting the process. if we are dealing with the project by any means necessary and i will ask you to give us the opportunity now to move forward with the renovation.
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>> good evening, board members. i want to thank you for your time tonight listening to all these people. there are arguments on both sides. she wants to balance things out and the main thing is to focus on safety. we had a tournament in san francisco in may, and we could use all the fields. one of them was actually closed. the safety is the main concern out hereeverything that you seet here, we want to get rid of the environment that we have away
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from the fields. like some people have said, you have lights out bear. i don't see how you're going to see the stars at night when is foggy. you might have some glow, but i am not really here to talk about that. we don't have any water project in san francisco. does the biggest environmental impact when. and so with that said, i want to thank you for your time tonight when i am sure you'll make the right decision like the other board members have in the past. >> how are you? i am here if as a director of the vikings soccer league. thank you for listening to us
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and the people that we serve. i am a casualty of beach shall lay. -- chalet. people have said incredibly eloquently. and there are safety implications that i think are the most important. there are capacity implications which are massive for us, not just from a soccer perspective or from an adult perspective for a community perspective. if i don't think there is a of project have the interested in in a long time as much as this one has as many people. it has been of throw and a pleasure to meet with them and see people in the middle of the civic center. thank you, i hope that you will consider overturning the appeal.
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>> my name is don collins, and i have assured microphone here. i am the commissioner of athletics for the san francisco unified school district. i think it is vital to support this project. i think it is vital to build of the fields off. we truly do have a shortage of fields. i have 12 high-school and they've playboys and girls' soccer. the program is expanding. we put a strain on the fields, but the children need a place to play theory if for this field will be located if lax quality fields. the athletic and that you have heard, that also have the other
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impacts, had a severe educational impact. our children and of having to travel to get a quality fields that traveled with them out late at night and take them out of school earlier than they need be. if it discourages some participation. all of our national studies, the recent studies and my mouth have shown an axis of the flame athletic participation and academic performance. unheard we want more of soccer fields because it links to education. we also have an economic impact on lights. public school kids can't go to berkeley. we can't do that. i urge you to support this for athletic reasons.
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academic reasons. and economic reasons. thank you very much. >> good evening, commissioners. i am a resident of the outer sunset and a strong supporter of this project. i urge you to reject this appeal. i was disappointed by the additional delays caused by the process but i was hopeful that the transparency in due process would allow the merits of the project to shine through and ultimately get approved and built. of believe that the people have spoken on this project with approvals at the board of supervisors level, if he reckoned part commission. now we have is a small majority playing -- a small minority playing every car they have at
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their disposal. so i believe the reason we are here tonight is to discuss the coastal zone permit him the coastal zone jurisdiction. i am no excellent on law, but i am a surfer and live a block away from the beach. from my perspective, this is not a coastal zone issue. we're talking about the renovation of existing soccer fields that lies across the sandy beach that is essentially a man-made constructs with a large sea wall. it separates this field from the beach. other governing bodies have ruled that there are no coastal zone issues associated with this project and i urge you to reject this appeal.
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>> you can pull the microphone down if you need to. >> i've put pictures on the projector here. this was taken on the twenty sixth this week, and it is a gopher hole. the results of these gopher holes are injuries to our children. that is why i am here. nothing is more important than the well-being of my children. these other broken bones he received as a result of the gopher hole. that is why i am here. they are a dangerous place in
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several ways. also, i wanted to get a real perspective, so i went for seven days and i took a video documentary is of who is utilizing the field. i did not get one family. on the twenty fifth, i spoke to a prostitute. the other pictures were not appropriate to bring. on the twenty fourth, there was a transient i am here and because this is not a safe place for anybody, and we need to change that she said, patricia, you have to fight. she said no where is if any good
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if you're if he was the director of space at nasa. additional lots of the central part the fact, when the birds, the soccer players, and the population can coexist. and that is what we should do. some of them are open, the lights on. we can and should make this work for our population hereinafter >> any other public comment? >> i am a native san franciscan and i've played soccer in middle school. we had a enough to do the job. 1973, they were playing soccer on real grass.
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i don't remember the kids getting hurt because there were enough gardner's to do the job. 1995-2010, a city gardener for san francisco reconed parts department. which don't have enough gardners, but there were enough people at the top. at last count, we cannot do what i told people even then. the as one of the reasons why we can't do the job for properly. for if we were able to keep the gophers out and i didn't have to work on that myself here if this gentleman and not have any trouble. i know what it is all about. they are crying about gophers. if gophers if serve their purpose. we have still not our bodies.
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that is the way that it is with this plastic garbage. it is a lot more painful than falling on grass that is softer and stuff. i am sick to see what this part has come to. the people that may have never worked like i did in the park, it is good in many ways but is lousy and some other ways. if you destroy this field, that his full fields, whatever. get rid of this garbage hand and make the right decision. author thank you very much. >> any other members of the public that would like to speak? please step forward.
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>> good evening, i barely made it. i am trying to convince the board held important the soccer field was. basically, we are a group of immigrants and we have a need for both children and adults off that are very important to us. i am a certified professional theory of i am aware of that grass off. the most important thing is the right to information and the right construction. making sure he that it is not a harm to the environment.
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i am in a rush, my mind is everywhere. i apologize. it is very important to the community. there is a serious shortage in the small area. it has no impact. if it is good for water runoff as well as low maintenance cost to the city. the long-term sustainability, please consider the option and allow us to have a soccer field. >> would you like to state your name? >> [unintelligible] thank you. >> any other public comment?
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public comment is closed. >> i suggest we take a break before we start the rebuttal. >> we are resuming our hearing of the plo's no. 12-074 and 075 regarding the athletic field coastal zone permanent. we are about to move into rebuttal. we will first hear from the rep. you'll have three minutes of rebuttal. >> the planning department has focused -- but pointed out that we have focused our appeal on two policies, in the rigid
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conformity is not required and agencies have discretions to construe its policy. it is true that there is some flexibility in interpreting the plan, but when the plan contains mandatory language, the city must comply with the plans directive. this is not an ordinary general plan the interpretation matter. this is a coastal zone permit appeal. the product must comply not only with the lcp but with the coastal act itself which is more protective of the coastal zone the than the simple lcp. setion 30251 of the coastal act provides the scenic and visual qualities of the coastal areas shall be considered and protected as a resource of
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public importance. the project visual and lighting impact of the project will violate the coastal act. since it will degrade a scenic and visual qualities of coastal areas. including dark skies, it will interfere with the views along the ocean. it will be visually compatible with the character of the surrounding areas. the eir acknowledged the project is incompatible with the current setting and that provided exhibit five. the eir appeared c-24. i also would just like to also
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point out that when the california coastal commission reviews projects that involved bright lighting that they provide a highly circumspect reviews of those type of projects. i mentioned the project in malibu. it really restricts projects that only allow night lighting after 7:34 p.m.. and that was one condition of a list of many other conditions. if for example, the california coastal commission has admitted lying to only three days a week until 7:30 during daylight saving s time were lighting can be kept up until 10:30 p.m. but never on consecutive nights. i recognize i have run out of
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time and i like to respectfully request the board of appeals to overturn the approval of the coastal zone permit application because it is inconsistent with the california coastal act ended chooses soccer over nature, a result not intended by the law of year-and-a-half -- by the law. >> you have three minutes. >> and golden gate park preservation alliance. you're being asked to ignore the fact that this project is not naturalistic. you can't possibly call it naturalistic.


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