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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> and good morning, everyone. let's get this started because everybody wanted paychecks. it is a great occasion and historic when it is the first time the city is passing the two-year budget with all of the disciplinary things and others that watch our fiscal responsibility along with the board of supervisors, a great day to celebrate. i want to recognize and think, beginning with the board president david chiu, thank you
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for working very closely with us. for carmen, who was assigned by board president to lead the effort again this year on the budget. and for the other members of the board of supervisors that have engaged directly with us. supervisors avalos, kim, elsbernd, cohen. and the department heads that worked very hard with us. i see of they cisneros, who the police chief and our fire chief. barbara garcia and trent have worked extremely closely with us because of the tremendous pressure that we feel at the state level and the national of
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bochum, trying to get a really good conversation about how we can make sure that the community based organizations that provide invaluable service to us are taken care of and working in collaboration with us. hall of the a jar work that she does with all of us. i want to thank her for her tremendous leadership. again, i can say about about my good friend, someone who i got the chance to work with for many years. you have taken up so many complicated challenges this year, we're going to keep you busy. thank you for your wonderful team. our new city administrator that is no longer new, your diving in there at every opportunity and helping all of the city department get ahead. thank you for your leadership
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there, our libraries continue to be great examples of our commitment to the public on how to use our bond worth. thank you very much. the key to the rec and park department. it will be the less complicated and very united effort, the bond we're going to push forward. with realignment come and gone, the commitment we have made to the state into our own communities to keep them safe, i just came back from the sheriff's department and the new jails, visiting all the programs out there. we have a lot of work to do, but we have great faith in your leadership. thank you for leading the realignment efforts and making sure we do the right things. working with a juvenile justice.
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thank you for your great leadership working with richard and the former superintendent for keeping me focused on the education of the future of our city. your great work on our youth and the families, again, thank you so much for that. to emily, her work on the status of women, thank you for keeping us focused on the most important issues. our board of permit appeals this year, the small business commission, who m i forgetting? i remember the fire chief. i also want to give a very special shot out to someone on my staff that has spent not only hours, but i think her demeanor
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and calmness has brought us through another successful collaborative effort. kay howard and the wonderful budget staff. if i can also do something that probably isn't mentioned a lot, i mention the work that we are doing directly with each of the members of the supervisors, but i think they would likely -- like me to mention that their aides are working very hard. how to think they aides of the supervisors. when they come in and they are meeting with jason and steve and we are exchanging life lessons about each other about what is important that what is not important, how we appreciate the good work you are all doing with our supervisors, and we value the communication because sometimes you are the link homer
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critical votes and critical exchanges of viewpoints. i want to thank you for being here and keeping our purse strings there. thank you for collecting those taxes and making sure we got a healthy collection there. all of our elected officials, i hope i haven't missed anyone. we're working as a family. as you know, it is not a surprise to you that i work very hard with steve and my staff to try to build consensus with the board of supervisors, trying to create a ton of collaboration, especially on something as important and impacting as our budget. now we have a balanced the budget, a responsible budget that will cost our police and fire departments have to win so many of the rank is retiring.
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and keep our cities save. that is irresponsible budget. we have a budget that extends itself to the richness of our communities by investing in small businesses, in community- based organizations that help us critically to deliver health and community social services to those in need. it is also a budget that is responsible because it places monies that we need because we don't control the rest of the world, how we have to be prepared and we listened over the years to the ratings agencies to the various fiscally responsible entities including the comptroller's office. we must put away things in case things beyond our control happen and we have done that.
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we have done that in unity with the board of supervisors. i want to give a shot out to all of us that work collectively to make our budget responsible. it is the largest budget, but it is two years that builds on our success and reserves for dangers we have no control over. it also invests in seriously in our neighborhoods, small business corridors, that lifts up and gives hope to all of the voices that have registered themselves and we have cut ourselves very open to the voices coming out from our neighborhoods. i of the small-business applicants and the merchant residence, and no longer are they screaming. we want them to engage, and i think when we respond appropriately to their needs ha,
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ha that is how the city should work. the voices of our communities come forward, we listen, contemplate, and we make decisions. which challenge each other. i will say to the supervisors have those of you that were past midnight had sought each other, while the stories is that some of what people war was like the job was when we were trying to close the deal. i appreciate the special powers that were taken care of the close this deal. while we may not agree with every single thing and the priorities that have been made, there is a tremendous amount of agreement, and it is worth it to move this forward with everybody's participation. i want to thank the board of
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supervisors for their collaboration and for the excellent work that was left in this budget. if i may invite the board president to come to the podium to say a few words. >> i want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for being part of the village of san francisco that has helped to balance this historic budget. i think this year we have had a fundamentally different budget on a couple of different dimensions. first of all, as my colleagues know, we have had a number of years where we have had to balance massive deficits. because of the work we have done together and the work in the
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private sector, the task of this year was not as difficult. i also want to take a moment talk about the two-year budget and reminisce about the fact that in 2005 when the city comptroller has brought to us the idea of a two-year budgeting, five-year financial forecasting, we knew the theory of what it would take who both have fiscal discipline and to allow us to spend on the priorities we would all share. it is because of the work we did together in part that led us to the easier place we are in. i am very proud of the fact that this budget reflects our shared priorities. every single one of you is a leader in this city in some area, setting out for our parks, public safety, fixing roads, taking care of kids, seniors, immigrants, small businesses.
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we have come together in a wonderful way i want to echo the mayor and the thanks to all of you, to all of the city departments, to the budget office have their leadership. all of the community stakeholders' coming together. my colleagues at the border, and one person without whom this would not have happened. how to take a moment into trouble with one saying about the dress of the board of supervisors. i believe all the men were still in business suits. our board of supervisors were not dressed in pajamas, but there was one change of attire from our budget chair that slipped out of her high heels and were flat at 5:00 in the morning. i want to thank sister carmen chu for her leadership and for dealing with us, helping to
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balance the incredibly diverse needs in the wonderfully diversity that we live in. i know you probably age of the last couple years. but you don't look as if you did. without further ado, i want to thank the budget chair. thank you for all your work. >> thank you very much to the mayor and board president, it has been my honor to serve as the budget chair this past year and the year before. i of the mayor ran through the partners that are here today. allow to a department heads and all of the staff. i see a lot of budget people in this room, and this rotunda. and all the department heads and us, we would not be able to do what we do.
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i want to say thank you to the folks that make this happen. overall, there was a lot going on this year and many issues are coming out is still being discussed. our goal was to make sure that the budget was the least of everyone's worried. it was a low-key drama-free budget. we had a unanimous vote to pass the budget and with that, i think we really have put together a consensus budget. in addition to the key areas where we made investments in supporting small businesses and focusing on the economy, invest in opportunities to train individuals for the work force, who think the budget is reflective of a two-year budget. this is the first time the city is embarking on budgeting over two years and we are looking at the consequences of our decisions today and what that means for the future.
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i think that is a very important step for the city, having a solid footing going forward. i am happy to see where the reserve levels are going to go. always when we have this conversation and we say what you want in the budget, he never asks for a single thing except to increase the general fund reserve. i have to say to supervise ouor elsbernd, it will grow to over 40 million next year. we used a budget only $25 million. on top of that, we have a stabilization reserves. a state reserve, and for the first time, we put in rate stabilization reserve to anticipate your water and sewer rate increases that all of us will have to face. the city is looking forward at
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key investment areas, and we are making sure we are being responsible for the future. i want to thank the partners that have been involved. our own staff, the clerk, the budget analyst, k. howard and their amazing staff, had a special shot out to my aid. if you can join me in a round of applause for them. they are truly amazing people and if you don't know them, you want to. how to say thank you, and for the mayor, i know you're going to give hence to us, but we should get to this year for the two-year budget. >> the cost of the second pen is in reserve.
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>> ok. >> free and.
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>> that's it. what's next? >> -- and what is left of this parking lot. obviously, i wanted to congratulate out here all the people who have blood in such incredible effort to come up --
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who have put in such incredible ever to come up with this master plan. that might -- let me put my personal history on it. when i was introduced as public works director, this was one of the first things i had to pitch in to do. we had severe erosion in the last part of the 2000 decade, and> the sewer pipe was threatened. the ocean was undergoing serious erosion because of the el nino years. out here and try to figure out. previous efforts were made by different agencies to cause different kinds of revetments across the beach to try to stem that tide. that was my introduction to laura at the time, and i think she was just opening her cafe down there and trying to organize the people who used the
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beach. of course, my introduction to java beach house coffee shop at the time. so we went through some intense -- ed dpw, and want to thank the staff that continues to be here. mohammed nuru, you have got it now, but i think we have moved a lot of sand already. and what we did in those earlier years, at least to me, was to begin on what we could do to contribute to a larger picture, and this is what i got introduced to, the germans -- the tremendous diversity of people and activities that are taking place along our ocean with these new -- the zoo across the street, the ocean waters, the dog walkers, the kite gliders. people love walking our national
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parks. seniors, elders, and a diverse communities. and, of course, people who fish once in awhile, too. we also realized it was a we also realíp30 on as a great highway, infrastructure for our public utilities commission. certainly fantastic in very important transportation infrastructure to get in and out of our wonderful parks. it is a link. and it is our ocean for the city. it is our touch of the ocean in is such a remarkable part of ours is -- our city. so beautiful. i know our twoté$%v(qñ supervise greatly appreciate that diverse use of this, along with the small businesses and our zoo and everything else. some time ago,ñs
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wonderful agency of hours -- taked a wonderful agency of hours, spur, to -- we have already known about their leadership for many years. i think today, this is a remarkable results of your leadership and effort and your collaboration with all of the agencies here. rec and park included, national park service. all of the agencies. all of the different groups of users. today, we're announcing that the master plan has been completed, at least this phase of it, with this representation of the work and a lot of groups and conversation, engagement of communities out here, and the different interests to produce a plan that will suggest to us
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innovative ideas to go forward with decades more of how we continue the vibrant spirit out here that we call ocean beach. i want to thank ben for your leadership. i want to thank all the people standing here and the agencies they represent. as you look at them and understand who they represent, it is reflective of the has to be balanced and how much of viewpoints have to be weighed in. this plan here does do that. we are going to take a good deal of time studying it ourselves, understanding it and then placing its ideas and priorities, but in terms of funding and so forth, but we do have to go through our government processes of adoption and review and make
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sure that the ideas here also meet the various legal requirements that we are obligated to carry forth on behalf of the public. i did want to be out here as a signal of my appreciation for the tremendous effort reflected in the completion of this plant. it is important that we are guided by all the viewpoints and all the research that is done so that not just san francisco, but our partners, can all engage in the right direction, do the right thing, discuss among ourselves, and then with our federal, state, and local partners as to the funding priorities and the permissions that we have to gain from each other as to the right things to do. of course, i am always reminded that the most important voice is the snowy clover out here. some bird that i learned to respect very completely.
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but it is my joking way of saying that something that i learned in those early years at dpw -- you get out here and you cannot fight nature. you have to respect it. we had these tremendous issues occurring around the world. we're more sensitive to in now with the climate changes and the weekly news that we see of climate changes, the sea rises, the el nino that occurs that caused a lot of erosion. in fact, some parts of the beach reseeded some 40 feet as a result of el nino inthn the 200- to a dozen 10 years. y just the responsibility of an agency. one week give ideas on how to protect the nature and how to manage it, we also have to keep in mind that in the long term, there are things that we have to do to respect nature.
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we cannot keep fighting it. that is also something that, if we have a special attention as well. but we have got graded for a stretcher. we have the zoo that has recovered and is very successful. thousands of kids every year. thanks to tanya in your great leadership there for bringing this institution back to life for all of us. and one of the diverse uses. again, i want to thank spur. i want to recognize the great effort here and let you know that this work will be appreciated by all the agencies, certainly by me as we prioritize and engage in theaters around what we can do to continue this work and implement the great ideas. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you so much, mr. mayor,
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for those kind words. my name is benjamin grant. it has been my extraordinary privilege to manage the conversation about ocean beach over the past two years. we're going to hear from quite a number of -- really, a remarkable collection of leaders here who have been involved in the process, which is very exciting. i wanted to mention a few other people who are here, including brian perkins, bill[goo)ru mclan from surf rider, and the county transportation authority. thank you all very much for being here. thank you, mr. mayor. i went to mention one thing -- as you look in this direction, we chose one location because you're looking at a taste of the future. if you look in the background behind you, you see the results
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of severe coastal erosion and our intent tos -- attmepts to address that on an emergency basis. ocean beach is the tip of the spear. what is being experienced at ocean beach today is going to be experienced in all coastal communities in the future as climate change and sea level rise sets in. as we continue to do our best to prevent climate change by changing our patterns of behavior and our patterns with the environment, we have to be preparing to adapt to the climate changes that are already locked in. a great deal of change is coming, and one of the first places that expresses itself is on the coast as sea levels rise. k÷d÷e5eocean beach is very impon itself. but it is also very important because it gives us a view of
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things to come, and we hope that this process has helped us develop the interagency dialogue and community dialogue that gives us the tools to engage in this kind of climate adaptation planning in the future. so we're very excited that you are all here. this is the second taste of the future that you're seeing which is standing behind me up here. that is the leadership of this city that has been so incredibly receptive and warm and coverage of in working with us as a process and engaging with the different voices in the community to make the different plan come together. i do not want to take any more of your time because we have a lot of folks to hear from. i want to bring up some folks who have been a credible leaders in the process. first we're going to hear from supervisor carmen chu. thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you, ben,


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