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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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would be required to modify and convert three bus bays to two articulated bays. and if we need to notify it we can do it relatively simple without getting into a lot of the building systems and the drainage system and driving up the costs of making the kind of changes that you are talking about over the long >> my second comment is that i want to, i continue to believe that the park on the top is the area of highest risk for the operations of the building. and the world is filled with elevated parks that have failed. and only a few that have succeeded and i think that we
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need to delve at some point more depth in the design and the accessibility of that park. a final design when it opens and i think that this is just a high-risk, part of the building that could very much damage the brand of the transbay terminal if it turns out the way that most elevated parks and cities around the world have turned out. so i just want to flag it as an area that i think will need continued focus from this group. >> thank you, director. that is always a good point to make. and i do want to mention and certainly bob can follow up on this. in addition to have a connection from the transit tower to the park and we are going to have a connection of
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other developments to the park. there will be direct connections from the towers and surrounding high-rises to the park. we are also working very closely with our team on putting out at some point soon, a concept of operations rfp that will be looking at both the facility, as well as the park level. and how to best operate it, and to secure it and insure that it is successful. we are looking at high line park here in new york as one of the models. that park has been successful and it does not have the level of taller connections that our park will have. and in addition to that, whereas you know we are going to be having a number of programming activities and an amp i theatre for music and restaurant and cafeand that is something that we will be managing closely and we will be bringing that to the board and bob did you have anything that you wanted to add on that? >> i think to the point of the connections, earlier on in the engineering process, we were
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looking at where we knew that future development would occur and trying to plan for that. and have moved to in our conversations with the structural engineers, about a flexible approach. and so that projects that, like, 535 mission that have currently indicated that they are not interested in connecting to the park, if they in the future do want to connect to the park, how do we accommodate that in a manner that rather than saying, these are the half a dozen locations where we can accommodate connections? having done the work, so that we can accommodate connections wherever they may arise. so. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i will just say that i also just the one comment that i will make is the importance of the lighting. i think that is something that will be of great importance to
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the residents and the neighbor and what we here about the most is the lighting at night in terms of people feeling safe and allowing them to utilize open space as especially in the wintertime when it gets dark at 4:30 or 5:00 and we appreciate your thoughtfulness on tha. >> director reiskin? >> first of all i would concur with the previous director's comments. i think that those are good and important points. great presentation, very exciting to start to see the details and see how this is really going to look and feel. my two questions, one, part of what makes this exciting is that there has been a lot of thought that has gone into the design, this is a lot of features and elements both aesthetic and functional and structural that is part of what is going to make this a great facility that the flip side of which is being a lot of that has cost. and i know that there has been a lot of thought that has gone into ways to operationally make
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it as efficient as possible. i am wondering to the extent, do we have kind of a formal process, for soliciting value engineering and cost-reducing proposals from the different trade packages so that if there are ways to bring down the cost, we can encourage, if not ensensitivize them? >> we don't have anything formally built into the bid packages themselves. the next big one that is coming up is the steel package. as i said, we have brought on this casting consultant right now and we are actively engaged with the foundries with the dialogue about the castings and the types of materials that are being specified for the steel in terms of its availability and its workable. and so trying to bring those constructbility comments in
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through both web core, as our cmgc and the cast connects and some of the other consultants prior to bidding. we have had some conversations about future packages and where we will be able to incorporate incentive clauses or value engineering proposal clauses, but we have not incorporated that in any of the packages to date. >> what we do do director is prior to issuing a bid package, we do quite an extensive value of engineering beforehand. and we brought web core obayashi to do the work for us so that they are working hand in hand with the design team to make sure that they are looking at these costs and they are as realistic as possible and if there is a way to do this better, if there is a different methodology or material, and prior to doing anything out to bid we are doing value engineering. >> i understand that is one of the great values of going with a gmgc approach is that you
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have that view both for constructbility and design up front working with the designers, we just have had other experience in the city, using cmgc even with web core with the new pec building where we were able to use a formal ve process as part of the bid process. and you make a bid and you submit your ve proposals. the structure and situated that even that you could take my ve proposal and put it with her bid and still get the value of it. and so it is something that because you mentioned the complexity of where the structural connections enter faced with the architectural systems and they are a good example of where, there is one detail that you going to ultimately rant on for design but the contractor who is going to win they have a different and better way of doing it. i encure j us to think about formalizing that process because this is an intricate
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and complex design and it seems that the costs will be going up in the construction industry and we want to encourage and ensentivize folks to identify savings. >> that is a good idea, we will look at that director. >> the other question was just the dollar amount. my suspicious when i see a lot of 0s. the roundness of the dollar amount seems like it is not based on a fee proposal kind of an allowance approach? >> yeah. the contract has an additional services limit authorized by ntp's ready executive director. and the modification is to raise that allowance to match the aamount or the budgeted amount. we have a number of proposals that are under negotiation. for additional services. so we didn't have a hard modification to bring to you. but this gives the executive director the capacity to
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authorize those as they are fully negotiated. >> okay, thank you. >> i will second. >> do we have a motion and a second? >> are there any other questions or comments? >> seeing none. we roll call. >> members of the public indicated that they want to address you on that. >> dr. lloyd? >> we actually i am sorry. okay. >> we will take public comment on this item. actually that was a separate question that we had called up earlier but please do come up. >> >> my name is jim patrick and we own an adjacent piece of property and i wanted to address what mr. metcalf said and you agreed about the access to the park is critical to what we are talking about and it is stimulated me to come up here and say, tj pa has designed an exit way that occupies a third of our joint property line and thes a stairway that goes out. and i made three or four
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proposals to prove that someplace else so that we could have an entry into the park. to date i have been successful in achieving that goal and i would like to encourage the board to sort of rethink that west end design so that we have an exciting west end design. right now we have a stairway and a elevator and i think that is the wrong decision. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> and i am going to close the public comment on this item and move to roll call. >> with that director lloyd? >> aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> ortiz. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. as well. that is five ayes and item eight is approved. >> item number nine. >> approving the minutes of the september 13, 2012 meeting. >> so moved. >> a second. >> we have a motion and a second to approve item number nine, are there any comments or questions? >> seeing none, roll call.
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>> and any members of the public that indicated that they wanted to address you. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf. >> abstain. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> ortiz. >> aye. >> kim, aye. >> as well, four ayes and item nine is approved. >> thank you. at this time we the board will convene into closed session. before we reconvene back into regular session, before before we do that i did want to allow members of the public if they would like to comment on an items that we will be discussing at closed session. >> seeing no public comment, at this time, we will close that. and we will take a motion to convene into closed session. >> so moved. >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. at this time we will convene into closed session.
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>> can we entertain a motion not to disclose in >> so moved. >> all those in favor? >> aye. >> nothing to report from the closed session. >> that concludes the business before you today. >> thank you, meeting is adjourned.
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>> director's meeting of october 11th, 2012 is now back in open session and the council will report on the announcement
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>> thank you, everyone, for coming. i welcome to the opening of scoots san francisco network. [applause]. >> thanks. today, we are opening our beta program to the san francisco public and with that, we are opening the world's first network of shared electric scooters. [applause]. >> there we go, we're back, okay, so before i tell you about our s*frs for san francisco, i want to introduce someone who has already made san francisco an even better place to live, mayor ed lee. there are two things about the mayor's work and his
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administration that are particularly important to scoot, the first is that mayor lee is working hard to make this city an even better place to start and grow a new business, and second, he's been a toothless support of electric vehicles to improve san francisco's environment and the global environment as a whole so please welcome mayor ed lee. >> michael, matt, congratulations to scoot, yes. scoot and san francisco, well, let me first of all put this in some little perspective that i know, i know that we just announced last week, eb week in san francisco to the delight of so many people who want to just have modes of transportation, multiple modes of transportation in a city that are also environmentally friendly and to contribute that reducing our fossil fuels, we are in san francisco world citizens after all and i know
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it's exciting for ed risken, our mta manager, he and i were excited to talk about different modes of transportation as we create all these exciting events to come to san francisco. i know it's exciting for board president david chiu, we tried to put pods for car sharing in neighborhoods on public streets and began in russian hill on his district, he's a vibrant, vibrant avid supporter of car sharing as i have been, i know ed riskens, well at the hub, knowing that that's an incubator for great ideas came the idea of scooter san francisco and the scooter network, and it's the latest contribution to an ongoing
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conversation that board president chiu are having in this society, it really is when you come to automobile and or multiple modes of transportation sharing, scooter sharing is the latest contribution for people having access in our economy rather than just offered ownership and to me, that's really what wha* the shared economy is about and this great incubating idea of scooter sharing is wonderfulfinger these are all electric, you can power this up on 18 cents worth of power as compared to what gasoline prices are. it takes, if you want to go around the city at 30 miles an hour, it will be less than half of the power of a toaster. it's equivalent to 850 miles a gallon to be on one of these
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electric scooters. i think it's safe, obviously we're going train people in the right way to abide but all the traffic regulations that we have, but as i sit in my car on days where i have to wait and 7, watch these scooters go by, it's kind of like where am i and what am i doing and can i contribute even more, so it's exciting to see this happen in san francisco, to see its launch, it's exciting that it's an idea that incubated out of the hub, it's exciting to not only see that it's fun for people to get around, to be more efficient and to kind of stralgts the lanes, but it's exciting to know it contributes so much of the goals of this city, the goals that i know our department environment is leading the effort and our city is leading the effort, the
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board of supervisors working with my office to show case every opportunity we can to have alternative modes, and getting off of oil, it's going to be explained to you in simple terms how you get on these things but i'm so excited already, matt, or mike, that i am presenting to you my personal membership to the scooter network. alright. [applause]. >> there you go, thank you very much for starting here. >> thank you, mayor lee, this is a huge vote of confidence, we're happy to have your support. i would also like to introduce another leader of our city who is a fellow two-wheel rider, board president david chiu is a dedicated bike commuter, he knows how to share the streets of san francisco with different modes of transportation, he's a
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tireless advocate for improving the transportation option sos we're happy, david to have you here supporting us in the opening of our public beta. >> good morning, is everyone ready to scoot? alright, thank you, michael, i am really excited to be part of this announcement for three reasons, first of all, san francisco, we need to be the leader in how we fight congestion, at this moment, we are the number 2 city in the country when it comes to congestion beside l.a., we have some serious issues we need to tackle and the neighborhoods we live in are the densest neighborhoods in the east coast, in the district, i have the densest neighborhoods in the city where one out of three residents do not own a car and as someone who doesn't own a car, two of my favorite modes of transit are car sharing and my bicycle, car sharing because it's convenient not to own a car and my bicycle because
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it's easy to park, scoot allows you to pick up a bike when you need it but leave it and park it in ways that are easy and i want to thank michael and his team at scoot for innovating this, i'm excited about this for a second reason, we are the city of innovations and where great ideas start and continue, and as someone who ran a tech company, i'm excited that we have the best entrepreneurs, thinking about how the take a great idea and sell it to the rest of the world, the third reason i'm excited has to do something, and i'm going to call out to the chinese press that are here, this is an idea that came from michael's experience in china, he saw on the streets of cities he visited scooters everywhere, i can tell you as a kid of immigrants, every time i visit taiwan, i don't get into the
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back of a car, i get on to a scooter, this is house people travel in densely populated cities, this is to bring a practice in parts of the world that even more dense than what we have here in san francisco and as american cities grow and become more populated, we're in that forefront to do it in a way that's safe, easy and economical and ensure that we are continuing to innovate our 21st century city, thank you for being here, i look forward the scooting with you on the roads. >> thank you, supervisor chiu, the transportation authority makes all modes of transportation possible in san francisco, and sfmta garage is one of our corner stone location partners for the launch of our public data, we're very happy to have director of the sfmta ed risken
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here to say a couple of words at our launch. er >> thank you and good morning, as the city's transportation director, i have the privilege of managing the mta which is the agency in san francisco responsible for implementing the city's transit first policy. in order to implement that policy, there's two key things we need, we need strong leadership and innovation and what we're seeing today is the manifestation of just that in san francisco. what we need to do as the government and the transportation agency is make sure there are good choices available to people in terms of how they get around san francisco. we want people to feel like they don't need to get in their car, they don't want to get in their car, maybe like supervisor chiu and i, they don't own a car because there are other good options for them to get around san francisco and there are ways they can get around that aren't going to clog our streets with traffic or fill our air with pollution, and i think scoot represents
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just one of those options and we're very happy to welcome them to san francisco, we're happy to do our small part in facilitating their launch here, i want to thank our director of off street parking manages all the mta parking garages and lots, we want to be through the management of those lots supportive of better ways to move around san francisco, cleaner ways to move around san francisco, so congratulations on your public launch, i look forward to seeing these red vehicles scooting around our streets safely and efficiently. thanks. [applause]. >> thank you, director. scoot isn't just a better way to get around the city, when we started scoot, we believed that giving people an alternative to driving could have huge benefits for the local and global environment, we're dieted that mel knee muter, the director of the san francisco department of the environment
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is here with us in our opening of public beta in san francisco. >> good morning, everyone, it is an honor to be here for scoot's public announcement. this really does have great promise for helping to reduce carbon emissions in the city and county of san francisco. as some of you may know, about 40% of our carbon emissions in the city come from cars and trucks so we need to find alternatives for getting people out of their fossil fuel powered cars, this is going to be a great option for residences and businesses in san francisco to find an al -- an tern t*if, we're rolling out the electric vehicle infrastructure for cars so this is another electric vehicle option that we're happy to support. we also implement the commuter benefits program and help employers provide options to their employees for getting out of their cars, we're happy to
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add scoot and electric plug in scooters for people to community in the city and county of san francisco, so i'm here to be in support, we look forward to expanding the options for individuals and residents and businesses in the city to help protect the environment. thank you very much. [applause]. >> thank you, director nut nut t*er, we are so lucky to be launching scoot in san francisco. this city has everything that we could hope for, san franciscans are the early adopters, they care about living healthier lifestyles and making the planet safer, and in our increasingly accelerated economy where every minute counts, they don't want to be waiting around for someone to pick them up and circling for parking, they want an option that's faster and more affordable and more convenient and graenbacker greener and as
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we can see, our city's leadership feels the same way. we are today opening the world's first network of shared electric scooters that you can activate with your smart phone and your phone, it's not just a key to the scooters, it's really a key to the city, it brings everything in the city closer to you, it opens up new neighborhoods that you may not have gone to before and it makes the places you get to every day more fun to get to. for those of us who ride, life before scoot is sort of like life before mobile phones, once you have a short-cut to anywhere in the city in your pocket, you don't really want to go back, so we give you scoot, the world's first network of shared electric scooters and the perfect mode of transportation for the city
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that leads the world in what's coming next. thank you. [applause]. >> alright. >> we are ready to begin. welcome to unico i'm albert and
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i'm very pleased that today we have a number of distinguished guests joining us from the ribbon cutting ceremony, so allow me now a few moments to introduce our guests first of all please welcome san francisco mayor mr. edwin lee. [ applause ] >> >> next please welcome singer, song writer and unico cast member, quopola. [ applause ] >> we also would like to welcome the director of the san francisco zoo, miss tania peterson. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, let's please welcome unico, ceo mr. tabashi yani. [ applause ] >>


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