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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2013 3:00am-3:30am PST

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>> january at this time we ask that everybody turn off your cell phone.
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thank you for city halls support. (taking roll). mr. president, we have quorum >> item two the explanationy documents draft 2012 minutes. >> we have a motion to approve the minutes. >> a second. >> all in favor. >> any opposed? next item >> now the draft 26th draft.
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motion to approve? any opposed. next item >> approval the 2010 draft minutes. >> all in favor the december 12th minutes? >> any opposed. >> commissioner are you now on item number 5 general comments allows public to give opinions. >> decision items. do we have anyone in the public who would like to comment? seeing none it is closed
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>> discussion by nicholas on live performs permits. mr. king was unable to attend today so i recommended do we have any comments from the public? seeing none? public comment is closed. next item >> we're going to taurth the next item he. thank you. commissioner item 7 is presentation demonstration from the office of small business were welcome. don't believe my microphone is
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on. now it is >> as you remember i was here back in july of 2012 and introduced a business portal so, now i'm going to give you the real item here. so we're very excited. let me go through a presentation and i'll question any questions at the end. so introduction and background of the obsolete i have as i mentioned before. there is so many permits in the city of san francisco how do we
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make things easier >> so a product was slicked called product 1, 2, 3 and the mares office and other city department we're able to put together a product. and we're kind of going through the first phase. we had a small budget but we're going to try to make it work. so when useders come to this website which will about in our office. the banner is the same as the city's website so there will be a page that comes from the small business website and when they
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click on the website. what the user will do is it's very self-explanatory select the story. so i'm going to pick food and drink. and with that we'll select food trucks as an example. so 3 concludes i select my story, my business type and click on see licenses. so we're going to encounter a page where we try to take the use users information.
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we're getting the users information so type in your name. i'm going to type in my name. and we're going to use some gener genetic data >> first name, last time, city, state, zip code, phone number, e-mail address, and i can select if i'm a new business and if i have any estimated annual revenue.
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this takes me to the next page which is the report. open this report our office works closely with this vendor to customize his product so you -- our business owners have to connect the tax collector. as they scroll down you'll see the permits and licenses you'll need. f a business property register. public health, department of pickup health has any requirements as well as if you locate your truck on a piece of
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private property i have to interact with the planning department. so all these permits are all listed here and when the yours concludes on view details they'll see what they need to complete and the fees. i can download the form. this is our tax collectors application. and i can go back to the full report to see the rest of the forms with the county there's a fictitious business licenses we are providing information for the state and federal government
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whatever it's applicable. and some of the other things that are unique to starting a business in san francisco. for example, let's see someone wants to do a consulting business there are certain rules and guidelines to starting a business in your home. we've made easy links so the users can find it easily. building permits should they do any construction work or wait water charges >> and there's another link on how to start your business in 10 steps. those will take you directly to our website to give the user
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more information. so the goal again is to simplify doing business in san francisco and this product is not the answer to everything but we're going accomplishing a lot of >> and also again, the product was an off the self product we worked hard a custom misses to meet the needs of our consumers. traditionally the user who wanted to start a food truck would come to city hall, they would have gone to pick up department of health but now, it's all in one place and
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hopefully, this will increase the efficiency at the counter. the counsel can pull up the forms all in one place. and our other intention to capture those users who are more internet savvy on the computer but in case they need more information the information is there. we're also talking about a phase two of this project.
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i guess - just to make this product even more powerful wore continuing to work with the company that put the permits together. as our economy changes we get a lot of business owners who come to us who have a new concept like a restaurant and a motorcycle club. it's actually a real case i'm working on >> we want the user to have the abilility to be able to submit these applications online where we have one place for us to reroute the information. we'd like to have the abilility
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to save user profiles. and just a big pie in the sky goal is to have someday where the owner could build their business and i'm like thinking about opening up 0 restaurant and maybe a motorcycle. we have to be more flexible. and this out of the box we start custom fizzing this application and we've been working very hard on doing data clean up and data
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testing began last week. the feedback has been positive and people have suggested a lot of good ideas. is goal is to launch the product on the week of february 4th. any questions? >> that was great. do any of the department's have any of the forms that could be filed out online >> i don't know. >> i think right now to my knowledge some have the smart pdf where i can fill in the information but can't submit it. the entertainment commission is one of the department's i know that is really moving toward
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online submission of applications and payments >> since nobody has these yet nobody can do this now; right? and the individual departments have implementing their forms as and see fit and we would like to be able to reroute applications. and this ties into the concept of - and moving forward how do we budget this to be efficient and the user - we need to have
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the budget to facility that for all departments and that's part of the discussion we've had and we'll have a retreat around this to - so we can have a unified deliver of the product >> commission reeling. thank you do i have to go on the small business commission website in order to go to this business 1, 2, 3? yes is reason why we would like to be able to send people to this website to all the various information. we're going to have a link on the main business line .
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we'll have others links on others websites >> you mentioned that we have to put in their names and their information what happens when the person opens the website but they don't have the business name yet. >> if you don't have a business name you can put down their home address and this is wonderful how can we introduce this is the public? >> we will be doing some sort of a press release with the mayor. if not we might be able to have a pickup address
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>> and we will be reaching out to 0 our neighborhood development organizations, you know, renaissance and the enter center. >> so all those entities that we do business with - many of their clients can ulysses this information to find out what information they that need. >> and also having a partisanship of these sites will drive people back to our website and linked to the product. >> that's great. >> that was in my question so you are working with the department of public opinion
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health and we can all like? >> yeah. >> any other questions. >> thank you jane what a great job. >> public comment? a no one. it's closed. i feel like we're coming into the 21th century >> this is a really good job, long overdue. >> one quick question are you still looking for data testers. >> no, but send them to me we're ready to a launch. >> and when you're ready to launch i'd like to do the press
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conference. >> we'll keep you updated. >> and we maybe can bring the chamber into this - yeah, and other - that would be great. >> i i want to bring it to everything's attention jane has done a good job. >> under for a second and drink all those categories we have to review each one and making sure u making sure it had all the licenses and permits that were required or removal of some that
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inadvertently got in. >> we going to came back the media on these things and we're starting the discussion on this so i'll keep you, you updated on this. but the thought the commission should see a product presentation friend of mine us >> how many preparations are there? how many forms are required >> it would be nice to know how many forms would be on the site and i think that would go along way in the presto express how
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big a job this is and how much this brings together in one place. how many categories of business. people like to think oh, small business owner but it's maybe 55 categories and this may be a complicated one and fin facts but they write articles about this >> great job. >> next item please. commissioners item 8 discussion on proposition e this is a discussion item >> so commissioners we've been fielding questions through our office and other business organs of wanting a review about prop e
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i thought today would be a good time to go over some basics. if there's any concerns, what's ahead because i'm sure you'll be fielding some questions as well. and while there is a good deal of work happening in the background like the transition of the different payroll tax incentiv incentives. the tax and treasures office is beginning their implementation but the basic concepts are we we need to help business prepare for a transition. so in your binder is a - is
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information that we've put together so that if i go to a business association that i hand this out to walk them through. some of this i'm going to highlight on some of this. let's go to the first slide. next thank you. so as your well aware that now we have a 1.5 percent payroll for businesses in the city that have payroll over $250,000 i should say 2 hundred and 50 thousand one dollars. of a business is under 2 hundred
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and 50 thousand they don't pay the payroll taxed. so the grois receipts will phase over a 5 year period starting the tax year of 2013 so next year. and this phase is is to low both businesses and the city to have a smooth transition so that if for any reason the gross receipts is not bringing in as much money we are operating as a deficit but it the gross receipts is coming in a herself we might phase in in a shorter
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amount of time. thank you. and the schedules are broken out into four tiers there's a zero to one million and it's exempt and 2 had the to million and above. so businesses will be taxed at the progressive tier so if you're a business that has $3 million in revenue your first million is not taxes your million to 2.5 million is talked at the 2 to 2.5 million taxable followup u amount eaten the last $500,000 will be taxed.
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so here's an example i mean chris has provided a good example so one million will be taxed? one million taxed the 1 tier rate did i misquote that i miss stoke so once you reach over one million that first million is taxable. so correction. and then as i noted there's a small business under one million gross receipts is exemption in the gross receipts. the one is particularly for the
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business fee will increase in 2014 for all businesses and i think what i'd like for you to do is flip to page 2. where i see the charts. and so for 2014 to 2015 the base payroll there will be a new business fee and then two 15 the set business register fee will be under two schedules so businesses in schedule one >>


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