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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2013 7:30am-8:00am PST

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that have the permit are blush, wine bar between 18th and 19th. >> belaruge cafe. and the cafe divine and two jacks restaurant. and those are just a few of the venues, so the restaurants, cafes and there are other odd ducks in there, that are not restaurant and cafe but those are the types of places ta we are talking. so far it has been a program and we are excited to want more people to apply and we get good food back from the people that have it and have been able to solve some swabblewise a couple of neighbors. due to the out reach process. and in the future we hope that more people pursue it. so that is the basics and do you guys have any questions? >> commissioner questions? >> commissioner white,. >> no question, i am glad to
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have this in place, i have a restaurant and i had to go through the process of the entertainment commission just to have a trio and so this is great. push i just want to say that i have seen it now for example, blush wine bar and it has helped the business and it is actually bringing new people into the neighborhood which i love. this is positive for the city sw he and we talked about this a year and a half ago. >> and about a year, year and a half ago. >> almost, 2011. >> and i think that this is great and i am happy that you came back and reported. i am a pronight life person and so this is like the stuff that i need, so thank you.
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>> i am from north beach, and i think that it is working out really well, it allows people that don't want that larger impact to have that little bit of entertainment and i agree, i think that it has gone very well. >> could we have public comment on item 9 in >> seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you, nicholas and thank you for staying late and. >> no problem. >> this was a great presentation. >> any time. >> next item? >> thank you, nicholas. >> item 10,, the discussion and agenda planning for the small business commissions 2013 commission retreat, schedule for thursday, february 28th, 2013. in the back of the report is
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the initial draft of the commission retreat, and i just wanted and i will be speaking with each of you over the next week. and i met with president adams, and we are going to have a very similar format, in terms of the first half of the day, kind of an update review, interest, objectives that the commissioners would like to achieve over the next year. i always like to have the city attorney come and do a quick refresher. it will not be nearly as extensive as last year's retreats since last year we had new commissioners and so we needed a more extensive briefing but we will have a quick briefing and then after the break, we will get into taking a look at the committee work that we are doing and set out goals and objectives and take a look at other pro-active ways that the office can be working such as we have
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demonstrated with the mobile retail being out front on items and then, of course, get into some discussions about the budget plans in relationship to the out reach for proposition e. and actually that is... i left that off. but we will have a presentation on property and the transition from property as per your request. and so there will be, there is information for you for that, but then, to take a look at what is the commission going to recommend and see needs to be done to help our small businesses transition from to the payroll tax to the gross receipts tax. if there are any questions to have the opportunity to have any discussion now, but also we will be talking with each of you individually of things that you might want to see and want to accomplish in the retreat, coming up.
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>> it is your opportunity to have some discussion or not. >> any questions? >> no? >> the retreat starts at 2:00 >> it starts at 1:00 >> we will have food. >> and offering more food. >> okay, next item, please? >> just for the record, if you could call the public comment, please? >> public comment on item number ten, agenda planning for our small business commission retreat? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 1 1, please? >> commissioners, item 11, director's report. update and report on the office of small business and small business assistance center, and update on the department programs and update on legislative mat and hers make announcement regarding small business activities. >> commissioners, so last meeting, you received a
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presentation from jane on the license 1, 2, 3. and that is now, ready, live on our site ready to go. and jane provided a presentation to the mayor and the small business group that met with the mayor last friday. and so, we are just in the next week or two, we will be looking sort of to do an official announcement as an official launch date. but that is up, ready to go and it is live. and it is on the home page under the section that says, small business assistance center. >> are we going to do a press release? >> we ever we are working out those details. >> okay. >> so i will keep you informed as to exactly how it will be announced and launched. >> great, thank you. >> we have received an inquiry from the commission on the status of women to do a joint commission meeting and their interest is to take a look at
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small business women entrepreneurs. and to have presentations from different entities such as the small business administration, woman's initiative. and other areas just to get some information about the status about small business women entrepreneurs, so, i want to bring this to your attention because this, we had a discussion last week, and we are looking at april 8th in >> we are looking at their availability. >> so what i do think that what i would like to do since this falls, i think, appropriately under the out reach and education and out reach and economic committee to we are working jointly with that
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commission to sort of outline just exactly what our, what is the intent, since they initiated to do the joint commission meeting, what are the interests of out comes that they would like and the areas and the presentation and the areas that what we would like to get the information on. so, i would like to work with the out reach and economic committee on just drafting up the specifics of that. do you have any comments on that at all? >> okay. i will not go through the... you can read the legislative updates. and in terms of some additional policy matters. the 415628 area code, the state lobbyists will be our city state lobbyists will keep the city apprised as to the developments, as to what is happening at the california pec
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on this matter of which then they apprise the mayor's office and the mayor's office will keep us apprised and so we will provide you updates when we have them. and, then, the affordable care act, so at our last meeting, i mentioned that i was attending a briefing with tangerine bring am from the department of public health. and so it turns out that there are some funding, there is small pot of funding that is available to do out reach and education. there is a short turn around time to do, or to put together a grant proposal. and so, we are having some discussions about what that looks like in terms of out reach to our small business and exactly what small business populations we will be targeting. because we do have small businesses that are sole
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proprieter and they fall in that pool to mandate to purchase their own health insurance and we have a small business that has a workforce that may qualify for medicare or medicaid and a partially insurance plan under covered california and covered california is the exchange program, so how do we do out reach education, let businesses know, and individuals know what is ahead? i just wanted to, what was very informative, was actually the time line, while we think 2014 is the implementation date, but actually, there is an out reach in consumer phase that is to start on in may first to run through the end of june, june 30th. and then, and this is part of the state program's schedule. and then there is the get
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ready, get set and so from... so that is another sort of out reach and start getting small businesses ready and informed about enrolling. and then, actual enrollment starts in october first 2013. and so it is coming a lot quicker. and, there are certain enrollment periods that businesses and individuals have to be enrolled in. time frames, so, it is, it is employ understanding that 2014, you know that people would just kind of get enrolled. but, there is very specific time frames of which they are saying, you need to be enrolled in. so it is almost like working for an employer that, you know, you have your, you know when you are hired you have your sort of period of which you are elible for enrollment and if
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you don't enroll at that point then you have to wait until the next open enrollment date. so, it is still, what is interesting to me, is the fact that even though this is coming up fairly quickly, there is still a lot of unknowns, from at the state level and even at the local level to be able po impart and start informing our business and individuals. but, which is why i have been working with dph and other departments have also too, and other entities in terms of how we are going to work with this grant and do out reach and education. so i just wanted to mention that because that information is coming, this will be part of one of the initiatives that i think will be part of our office in terms of education that we do with businesses, also, work with the invest in
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neighborhoods and job squad folks since they are going to be out in the neighborhoods. and so, i would imagine by early early to mid march. we will have a better idea. but, i think that it is going to be complex and then, there is a certain amount of complexity to it. and then, how and then also, the in addition to out reach and education about the program, how is the covered california and the exchange program and the affordable care act, how is that going to intersect with the san francisco healthcare security ordinance? and you know, how are businesses going to comply and how does that effect businesses complying with the healthcare security ordinance? so, more to come on that. and then i just wanted to let you know that the wage tax force we, the february meeting
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we will be taking a look at businesses and what businesses do encure in terms of what, around hiring an employee, everything from having to provide workers comp to filling out i9 forms. what are all of the state, federal, and local requirements, of the business, needs to go through to hire an individual and so we are going to be providing that presentation to the wage theft task force. and then, just a quick announcement. we just got an invite today from the contract monitoring division. and maria cordero is the director from the contract monitoring division and they are having an open house on february 19th, next week. and if you are interested in attending. >> so that concludes my report for tonight. >> and i will send that invitation to all of you in the morning. >> what is that?
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>> so, the contract monitoring division used to be there was a... there was a division within the hrc that monitored the contracts around the lbes and so that is now, the contract compliance component has been taken out of hrc and it is now under the city administrator's office. because all, you know, our, the office of contract administration is also under the city administrator's office. the risk management. so the idea was to bring all that have kind of under one house. so, the division is relatively new and it has taken the time to get up and go and so they are having an open house open their doors and present themselves to the public. so to speak. >> great. >> thank you.
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>> okay. next item, please? >> commissioners, item 12, legislation and policy committee report. >> and as the legislation and policy committee, we reviewed two of the items that we heard this evening, the folk street, alcohol and tobacco and paraphernalia restriction and we voted on that with comments. and we also heard the ban ordinance, which we voted to pass unanimously and it was. so. that is it for that item. >> next item. >> commissioners, item, 13, president's report. >> i attended the council of district merchant's dinner and
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my fellow commissioner brian was there and we had numbers of the small business commission staff and i am really proud of what the staff does. and i hear a lot about you know not only christian now, but you know, jane and martha, and chris, we are not forgetting about you, and it was good. it was a good dinner. so, and then, also small business week, we are pretty much close to meeting our financial goals for small business week. so right now, we are firming up the plans for the flavors of san francisco the award ceremony with wells fargo and board of supervisors recognition, and our workshops. so, our bus ads are being printed, i believe this week.
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or next week. and we hope that we get those out i want to say by the end of march. >> yes, the end of march. >> yes, by the end of march. >> so that is it. >> the item in >> commissioners, 14, vice president's report? >> nothing to report. >> commissioners, 15, commissioner reports? >> commissioner riley? >> i attended the planning meeting with the small business group. and then also attended the mayor's quarterly meeting with the small business group, it was well attended, the president adam was there and the commissioner dwight was there as well. so it was a good discussion and also jane did the presentation for the license, 1, 2, 3. and everybody was very
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impressed and happy to have that on-line. and then also, jordan from the mayor's office of economic workforce development also made a presentation for the investment of the neighborhood. and i am interested to hear more about it, for the resource and we could invite them to make a presentation for the full commission. that is it, thank you. >> any other commissioner reports? >> and i want to add. could i still add, the commissioner reports? on that presentations and i talked to jordan afterwards and one of the things that you wanted to do is tact on the vacancies in the neighborhoods that had vacancy problems in working with you know, land lords and brokers, you know, doing broker tours in neighborhoods and i have been
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talking about, i have already started the discussions with jordan and i want to get this office involved. a lot of it has to do with the education and educating small business owners, what you need to do to get into a brick and mortar building in some of the neighborhoods i think that is important. that was one of the things that came out of the meeting that i was excited b >> he mentioned a tracking system and that will make the life easier. >> yes. and the office too, one of the things that we talked about is working with martha and jane do and they get people in there that say where can we open up for business and we can keep that repose torrey with the office of small business and so it is a win/win for everybody. >> he also mentioned emerging the loan fund and i think that exciting and i would like to know more about it. >> any other commissioners? >> next item.
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>> commissioners, item 16, general public comment. >> do we have any members of the general public to discuss any items going forward with this commission? >> seeing, none, public comment is closed. next item. >> commissioners, 17, new business. >> and i would like to add something do that based on what i said earlier, i would like to have a discussion going down the line about vacancies, and what our office can do in working with other city departments. because i really like that idea about having us do the repose torrey of the vacancies in the city. >> okay. >> next item? >> commissioners, item 18. is adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn. >> i would like the motion to adjourn in honor for chris for
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his birthday today. >> i second that. >> thank you. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> should we sing? >> who was the seconder on that one? >> nobody. >> 7:25 p.m., commissioners, thank you.
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