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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> this project and that project we need first to take care of our can citizens. thank you very much. >> we'll close other comments. can you call the next item please. >> this is an information item. good morning commissioners. the chair covered a number of the remarks and indicated a
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sequestration. there might be something optimistic coming out of a crisis. we're about to run out of the federal appropriation for the current fiscal year but in the short-term the funds for transportation projects but also in the longer term we have a presidential administration very supportive and it continues to re-i reiterate for an ininvestment program however we do see coming forward as we expected continuing options to expand the tool box of financing. infrastructure projects
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something that the folks in la are pushing and we're keeping an eye on. it's always good to have more opportunities available to finance large infrastructure projects. the one bay area plan 2 years now the association of bay area governments are about to release the environment impact report on march 22 nd a 55 day public hearing period there will be a public meeting around the bay area one scheduled in san francisco that we'll make you aware of and perhaps an authority board likely here in april there's information available on the one bay area dot org website and we'll post information on our website as well once it's available. it's
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critically important for projects to move forward this is the 2013 transportation plan and improvement up date this is basically like your driver's license. particularly if it's a significant project the last was updated in october 2010 so this is a really big update to align the projects to match them with the draft regional transportation plan that's going through the works and i just want to call it -- we spend hundreds of hours working with our city operates making sure that every project is in there. now we actually have a
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little money. we have released our annual call for projects for the newer members of the board. sponsors can come in at anytime of the year. provided funds are available for that project. the city agencies like to have the allocations made by june 30th. applications due to the authority on april 1st and because we get so many of them and they are of high interest -- one is an information in may and the second time in june we're in the last year of the five year preservation program. because we had interest expressed in this we encourage you to contact your offices to
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get your input as soon as we receive the list of applications from everyone on april 1st we will send the full list of the projects that we've received and will help follow up on your questions. i see a lot of calls for projects going out. we have the agency portion of the -- this is the regional portion that's meant to deal with the -- education and out research efforts san francisco is expected to have about 1.4 million of the 20 million that's available to the region we're currently working with the san francisco school coalition and we'll bring that to the plans and programs committee in april i believe with the idea of coming back in
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june for a funding action on the recommended project. the san francisco transportation plan a great deal of work continues to move forward on that. recapping the needs assessment work and presenting some of the potential framework for the draft investment scenarios. we're getting to the critical part strategic initiatives and so forth. there's another round of the technical advisor committee for the sstp and related to this goes back to one bay area grant program. we are working with the planning department on the land use transportation strategy . the last 3 things we want to highlight 2 are the neighborhood transportation studies. awarded to the authority. the first one is
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the mobility study this is looking well the vehicle sharing pilot program is one of the recommendations coming out of the study. transportation working group and many city agencies particularly the department of the health and the heel zone initiative we hosted last month a vehicle sharing workshop. to share experiences community run vehicle sharing programs to give that feedback to the bay view community group who identified that as their top priority this group had six meetings our final meeting on march 12th where the final deliverable will be a draft business plan for a vehicle sharing pilot program to seek
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discretionary grants. on february 13 we have a first public meeting that was very well attended there will be an out research summary on our website short ly the next public event meeting late spring early summer. the very last thing i want to mention is we've been developing i think since last year a web based portal that helps us streamline -- we have just added in the past quarter i believe the capacity to also manage the proper vehicle registration fee program and now the sponsors can request grant extensions and it's all online we're trying to get rid of paperwork.
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so a special acknowledgement to our administrative engineer who has worked at our agency. and commissioner carmen chew we wish you luck on your number appointment. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your presentation. any comments or questions? we can go on to public comments. >> i would like to address 2 issues. the first issue is traffic lights on san bruno avenue. even though in 2008 we had the economic down spiral that corridor was thriving and the people that live around the area home owners pay taxes. and i brought up this issue again
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and again and i would like one very similar form on the website so when you fill this form you can send it to the supervisor in this case supervisor david campos and he can do what needs to be done on these programs because many people do the right thing nobody gets back to them i put about 6 or 7 of these applications and have not heard from anybody. i remember once i brought this up and a supervisor by the name of carmen chew also was addressing it in some way but we never ever heard from those people who talk the talk here but do not walk the walk. the second issue as the director of justice advocacy we talk about our carbon foot print. the tons and tons of methane gas
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that spews in those areas that are land fill so that factors in to when we say because you know gases travel and that factors into any type of add jude indication and contaminate nation in the area. we tend to focus on the millions and millions of vehicle but we do not -- we forget about methane gas. one kind of methane gas one pound equals 22 pounds of carbon doks dioxide. our children -- a wellness center that's a toxic hot spot and one of the reasons is it's
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contaminated. they want to put our children in harm's way thank you very much. >> thank you. any other public would like to comment? none we'll close public comments. next item. >> authorize executive director with the san francisco department of public works. authorize executive director -- next item. >> any comments or questions this is a finance committee item. okay let me go into public comment. oh commissioner --? i can wait for public comment for a second. if you don't mind -- actually if you
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want to go ahead and start your public comment -- is that ready now? >> you have priority. >> i heard the microphone is not working. so we'll take public comment right now and come back to the commissioner's comments. >> we heard this item at our last month's meeting and because of the time constraints there was one item -- one thing that i was not able to bring up at the meeting but i brought up 2 weeks ago at the finance committee meeting and that is number one if you could -- it's ridiculous to put -- on 19th avenue for the simple reason
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that 19th avenue is not only a residential street but also a commercial street. people living on 19th avenue where the bus stops are they have their cars parked in the drive way if you could -- [inaudible] at every bus stop -- you will diss franchising those home owners because they will not be able to get out of their homes and number 2 even though the [inaudible] are good it's a shorter distance for someone to walk -- with a right turn on red the way we have it in this city when someone sees the bus stop they see a red light oh i have the red light i can turn right on red if there's someone like myself or someone in a
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wheelchair or using a stroller carrying packages they almost get hit by cars. another thing too. i also brought this up -- leave the bus stops they were put where they are for a reason they should be left alone and the [inaudible] should not be there at all thank you very much. >> thank you any other member of the public would like to comment? agreed. >> thank you. i just had a question i know in the resolution it mentioned that this is a carry over from the previous mou in terms of the amount but in our notes page 17 it says that the amount carried over is -- they are requesting 120 thousand and i just wanted
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some clarity. >> the 120 thousand is the amount not to exceed i think it covers past work that's already been initiated most of the remaining work the total budget is consistent at 120 thousand. 78 thousand is carried over from the previous -- the new will be completed by 2013 and that's the subject of the update. >> so the 78 thousand -- so an additional -- so that's included in the 120 thousand? >> correct. >> okay thank you. >> okay if no other comments, can we have a role call vote.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> the item passes. >> okay item passes our next item please. >> state and federal legislative program. >> any comments or questions? let's go on to public comment. any member of the public like to comment on this item? close public comment. this resolution is adopted. next item please. >> adopt a position on state legislation. >> let's go on to public comment. public comment is open and we will close public comment. this resolution is
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adopted. let's go to the next item. >> reappoint joseph -- to the citizen's advisory committee for a 2 year term. >> okay we'll go on to public comment any member of the public would like to comment and we'll close public comment. this resolution is adopted. >> evaluation of funding applications transportation fund for clean air program as an action item. >> public comment? >> this gives us an opportunity to inform the public and give them critical data on the contamination. we just got applied for these funds in many areas we have toxic hot spots. we are aware
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of this and we need the empirical data to share with the about the period department of public works the department of the environment the mare i mayor and board of supervisors and shared in a manner where the board of supervisors and the key people write some comments a lot of them sit on their fat asses and don't do anything. harm our children, seniors and those that need help if you or others or other entities have harmed the environment and i say this because i represent the first people some people know about it some do not so when the strange ers came here all they did was steal the land and pollute our environment so when
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you are getting these taxpayers money make these so-called representatives take some notes and send back to you and if you can put that report on the website it would be good. some of our advocates will continue to blog if not. thank you very much. >> thank you. if no other members of the public comment we'll close public comment. this resolution is adopted. next item please. >> [inaudible]. >> thank you very much i simply wanted to appreciate the allocation that would go towards helping to improve the line it's one of our most
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heavily utilized lines in the city. overcrowded issues that happened midway through the line and i'm thankful that this allocation will be happening to help improve that line. >> and i would say good timing for you as well. [laughter]. >> any other comments. >> again this gives us an opportunity on our light rails to address the camera issue. the camera issue is not going to go way. maybe it will go to court but when things go to court nobody ever hears about it but i would say because our inter um director is forth right i've known her for a long
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time but somehow we need to have a hearing on our light rail and critical lines we get the funding from the federal government that's okay but we need to pay attention in this hearing and address the cameras and the safety we had a chinese coming who were beaten very badly. there was a camera on that box but no camera on the bus somebody got stabbed on the 9 no camera on the bus it goes on and on and on because we just -- the camera or recording system that could help the law enforcement in this case the law enforcement doesn't seem to care so chief, i'm putting you on notice i know i'm your friend but do the right thing.
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mayor -- we can talk the talk time to walk the walk. those supervisors who come up and back the mta for the sake of backing the mta be educated on issues and to the public at home be very leery when you take m u.n. i is there a working camera before you board the bus thank you very much. >> thank you. if there are no other members of the public to comment we can close public comments. okay our actually -- this resolution is adopted. next item please. >> amendment 2009 strategic plan. this is an action item. >> any comments from colleagues i see none we'll go onto public comment public comment is open
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and if none come forward we'll close public comment this resolution is adopted next item please. >> this is an action item. >> colleagues, this resolution came forward unanimous consent from the committee to look at an executive recruit er firm and to have a director in by july 1st hopefully sooner than that. any comments from colleagues? >> i want to thank you for the comments you made earlier about also at the same time that we're doing a new search for executive director to take a step back and really take a review of the cta and sort of what we're doing and whether there are either examples of
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other jurisdictions that we can look to i know that a number of us thought about the opportunity we have right now to think about the most efficient and effective way for the san francisco transportation authority to be run and managed. i look forward to working with you and other colleagues and staff as we move this forward. >> thank you. >> thank you actually this is just a budgetary question i know that it was recommended that there's available budget in the administrative operating expenses because there's a vacancy i'm just curious i know this comes from prop k and i know prop k was set aside for transit needs and i'm not saying this is going to facility transit needs but i want to make sure this is an appropriate way to spend our
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taxpayer dollars. correct me if i'm wrong -- this is from the operating budget not from personnel salaries i'd clarify the authority's updating budget we don't receive general funds. this is probably coming from saving within that portion of the budget. >> that is correct this is actually coming from the line item where we had for the commercial paper we're taking this from the financial advisors . >> thank you for that clarification. >> commissioner. >> thank you mr. -- i'm really happy that we're moving forward with the process and it will be a really good process i know there's been a discussion
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earlier in terms of the committee that over saw the process would be a five person committee to make it as broad based as possible on the board i know right now on this resolution indicates the personnel committee which is the committee defined in our administrative code -- i think it would be good to have -- it can be the executive director search committee that would include the members of the personnel committee plus 2 additional members i'd suggest that we proceed in that manner everything else about this i think is completely good and appropriate and i support and so i guess my question for i know for staff and counsel is how we would go about creating