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tv   [untitled]    March 9, 2013 10:30am-11:00am PST

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i know that international women's day comes on friday, but at the california supreme court oral arguments began today on the murder convictions of richmond district resident claire joyce tempanco. she was the victim of killing -- a domestic violence killing october 22. a [speaker not understood] struggled to achieve justice for her children. she was killed in front of her young children 13 years ago after a major failing of our criminal justice system which failed to protect her from her batterer and abuser and ex-boyfriend. i know that many women's groups from gabrielle a to san francisco women against rape to the filipino women's network and the san francisco domestic violence consortium have been working on this issue for many years. ms. timpanco claire joyce made at least five 911 calls during violent episodes that allegedly
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perpetrated by her killer and while he was mandated to attend counseling after one of the attacks he failed to complete the batterers's program. police unknowingly released him after a subsequent attack on ms. timpanko. her case thankfully led to -- led to improvements in how we handle domestic violence cases in san francisco. but it's because of the hard work of our antidomestic violence organizations and women's groups and community organizations that we've made progress. but there is so much more to be done and we cannot stand for this conviction to be overturned at the california supreme court. so, i urge you to check in with the women's and antidomestic violence groups as this case moves forward. this decision could have a huge and long-lasting effect not just on san francisco domestic violence cases, but those throughout the state as well. on a more positive note, i wanted to say that this week is a celebration of our incredible school district's arts program
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formerly called young in art. it's our school district's arts festival being held across the civic center plaza, the asian art museum this week. i don't know if any of you have been enjoying the art and the performances, but i have as well. it's a celebration of student creativity, visual literary media and performing arts in our schools. and it's running through sunday, march 10th. i'm really excited that the richmond district schools are participating from frank mccoppin elementary [speaker not understood] as well as many others. as my colleagues, supervisor yee and kim who are also former presidents of the school board know, we couldn't do enough or we can't do everything to support arts without the support of the public and the passage of prop h or the public enrichment -- public education enrichment fund or peef and also our arts master plan that
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assemblyman ammiano was championed in many ways of prop h and many of you and parent leaders have been over the years. i'm very proud of the work that our school district has done to support the arts and continues to do in every way. i think you know the quote by pablo picasso that every child is an artist and the problem is on how to remain an artist once we all grow up. i think the school district through this arts festival shows they are providing opportunities, regardless of income and background, for every child in the district, but of course we need to do more. so, reauthorizing the peef funds and the rainy day funds as well and other efforts to support our district are critical right now as we celebrate the youth and young people's arts festival at the asian art museum. so i look forward to seeing some of you at the performances and checking out the art in the asian art museum on behalf of the youth arts festival. lastly i am producing an
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imperative item or i have introduced an imperative item today that i urge your support. it along with supervisor london breed who is an alumnus of rosa parks elementary, formerly raphael we'll. but it's the 40th anniversary of rosa parks japanese bilingual program. ~ and this imperative resolution will declare march 9, 2013 rosa parks jbbp day in honor of their 40th anniversary. jbbp has been an integral part in preserving our city's diversity by promoting the rich legacy of the japanese language and culture and the japanese community since 1973 through their internships and teachings. and i wanted to thank [speaker not understood] and others from the parent group for being a tremendous support for not just the jbbp program, but for many community institutions. as a unique elementary school using japanese education taught by [speaker not understood] or
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japanese mentors with credentialed teachers standard chi curriculum, their goal which was part of the civil rights movement years ago, 40 years ago, was to protect the japanese culture and japanese american culture that had been lost during world war ii. march 9th will launch the program's 40th anniversary with a celebration entitled [speaker not understood] honoring our founders, and it takes place at 4:30 at the st. mary's cathedral event center. as we near this date, i ask that you join me in recognizing and honoring these contributions by making march 9th, 2013 rosa parks jbbp day in san francisco. the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor tang. >> today i am introducing a piece of legislation that really deserves to clean up our planning code. ~ really just serves it is very tick any kalla justments and i wanted to acknowledge the planning department and our city attorney for their work on almost 300 pages worth of technical corrections that serve to make our planning
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process as clear as possible. on another note, i ask that we adjourn this meeting today in honor of cameron chang who was a student at laurel high school. supervisor yee actually made some remarks about her as we were taking a vote to improve funding for more pedestrian safety improvements on fort boulevard. cameron chang was a lowv high school junior and she was killed by an alleged drunk driver this saturday, saturday night in a crosswalk near her home. she had actually been celebrating her 17th birthday and was just gotten off the bus, crossing the boulevard to get home when she was struck. they remember her as an excellent runner on the lowv country and cross track team. a happy person, great student and good friend. so, today i thought we'd adjourn our meeting in hon ore of hamran. >> thank you, supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i'm introducing a resolution calling for the mta to implement a city-wide full
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scale bike sharing program by 2014, next year. bike sharing gives residents access to publicly usable bikes at stations spaced throughout urban areas. they are especially effective in places like san francisco with expensive public transit and other ways of getting around. these programs not only get people out of their private automobiles and provide people options other than driving their car, but they also free up seats on overcrowded bus he and trains. bike share programs have been proven to lower personal automobile use, for example, in paris. there was a significant reduction in traffic within the first year of the implementation of that city's bike sharing program. and 78% of car owners use bike share for trips previously taken by a car. bike share programs are also good for local economies. and starting this year, san
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francisco will participate in a bike sharing pilot program that will serve as a small portion of the downtown score of our city. this will include an initial 35 stations and 350 bikes located from mid-market to the embarcadaro. i want to thank and acknowledge the mta staff for helping move this initial pilot forward. it's good that we're doing this pilot, but we need to move forward aggressively from this small pilot to a full city-wide program. we cannot rest on our laurels once we get this initial pilot up and running. other cities around the country are also starting bike share programs with significantly more bikes. and i want to make sure that san francisco keeps pace with our brother and sister cities around the country. new york city will include 300 stations and 5500 bikes in its pilot. chicago will include 400
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stations and 4,000 bikes. portland, a city with two-thirds of our population, will include 75 stations and 750 bikes. this pilot in san francisco needs to move aggressively to the next step and i look forward to working with the mta and with the bike community and others to make that happen. one of the issues that we must address, of course, is funding. we all know that transit funding is scarce. bike share programs offer an opportunity to engage private partnerships with businesses who can help underwrite these programs. for example, barclays bank ha sponsored london bike share program and that has been an extremely successful program throughout that huge city. and new york city and los angeles will be launching their city-wide bike sharing programs with no public funding by engaging private sponsors. we in san francisco should be
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looking for a sponsor to help us move forward aggressively. this is a critical aspect of being a transit-first city providing people with viable options other than driving their car, whether it's muni, whether it's biking, whether it's bike sharing, car sharing, using a cast system, it's about providing people with options. so, the resolution does call on the mta to move forward quickly, pass the pilot, to engage the public so that we can identify locations for bike sharing pods throughout the city, to find the funding including exploring private sponsorships, and to make sure that we move forward and make this a reality. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you, madam clerk. by now probably everybody has heard about the 16-inch water
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main break in my district. at 15th and wawona street on february 27th. this was a major break that was severely impacted many of the residents in my district. we have had city crews and emergency contractors on-site since day one working with residents to resolve their issues. we've replaced water heaters, repaired sewer lines and more. our shared commitment is to be out there helping people until the job is done. unfortunately, due to this area's being a former creek bed, there are now soil erosion issues. on saturday, march 2nd, three homes were deemed unsafe for occupation, meaning they were red tagged, and two other homes were deemed limited access, meaning they were yellow tagged, which means residents can't occupy their homes for the yellow tag, but some areas
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within the home have limited access. ~ this soil movement in this area is likely to continue for months and the geo tech specialist has been retained by the city to help the ongoing investigation. i have spoken to mayor lee, sp -- san francisco puc general manager haar win kelly and others to figure outweighs to provide critical resource he to help residents get back on their feet. ~ because of the current process -- because the current process usually takes an extended period of time i am pleased to announce through the city attorney's office we have developed a two-step process so that the residents will not have to pay significant sums out of their pockets for immediate expenses like replacing washer/dreyer's that were damaged, clothes, and other essential item to get them back to work. ~ this is separate from the work already being funded directly
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by the city as part of the initial response to the accident. the city was out there immediately cleaning out the street and so forth. this was basically a lake that was four feet high in an intersection that was at wawona and 16th. this is really a new territory for us as a result of the city's thinking creatively out of the box to help our residents get back to their feet. as we get the final settlements i will be working with city attorney to expedite final settlement agreements. i hope to count on the board's support in order to expedite these payments. i would like to again acknowledge the hard working people that have been out there since the main break has occurred. san francisco puc general manager harwin kelly and his staff, [speaker not
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understood], dpi and others, thank you everyone for your continued efforts and attention and look forward to the support of the board of supervisors to help these residents in the coming weeks. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. along with supervisor kim i'd like to acknowledge the life and legacy of president hu go chavez. there are very few people in this world have used the power of their resource he and governments to really challenge the world order and promote self-determination in their country the way hugo chavez has, and that was a great beacon of hope for a lot of countries around latin america that were able to bring forward new forms of government that would actually look at self-determination, free of u.s. -- [speaker not understood] that has been something that's been a blessing for a lot of places
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around the world. so, i just have to acknowledge that. today i am introducing an ordinance -- i have two co-sponsors. i want to thank president chiu and supervisor david campos, [speaker not understood]. it's legislation that would remove from our police code language that authorizes the police department to use proceeds from the gun range to pay for membership in the national rifle association. i think this is fairly symbolic legislation, but i think it's important that we align our values as a city, that promote gun control and gun regulation with, you know, our police code. and i just believe that the nra is such a force, a negative force that's out there that has -- does a lot to limit local
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governments and state and national -- our national government from actually enacting real meaningful gun control. and i think it's important that elected official at all levels are able to stand up to the tremendous power that the nra weilds in this country. a lot of it comes from gun manufacturers that fund the national rifle association, that trickles down into a membership base that we saw today in our e-mails that we got over the past few days. i sidev probably over 2000 e-mails people urging us to vote against mayor lee and supervisor cohen's legislation regulating ammunition. i think it's important that we can make this small statement at the local level and hopefully that can lead to folks at different levels of government taking action as well. so, i want to thank my co-sponsors, president chiu and david campos, for their co-sponsorship and i welcome other members to co-sponsor as well. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. >> thank you.
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i have another nuts and bolts kind of thing to introduce today. last week i introduced legislation to create a neighborhood commercial district in the divisadero corridor. and today i'm introducing similar legislation for the fillmore corridor. as you know, the fillmore has this incredible history of moments of pain, of moments of suffering, and sadly moments of destruction primarily due to the san francisco redevelopment agency, and there is still a lot of work to be done in that corridor. redevelopment agency is now long gone and there are still efforts to try and really make this area what it needs to be for the community. it's been branded as the fillmore jazz preservation district. it is still unfortunately not realized that as of yet.
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and high rent and other factors are contributing to the deterioration of this area. and i think that it's important to move forward with a commercial district that ban formula retail so that the businesses that are in place there now, and hopefully the new businesses that come, have the ability to compete especially with the rent and other factors that come into play when trying to do business not only in this corridor, but in san francisco in general. ~ bans so, i am committed to really revitalizing and making sure that we work as hard as we can to concentrate our efforts in support on the fillmore corridor to make it what it needs to be for our city, for our community. and, so, i'm really excited about this particular legislation for the fillmore
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and looking forward to bringing forth others that could really help compliment this and make this area the place that it needs to be for the community. thank you. ~ complement and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor breed. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam clerk. first, i want to echo president chiu's comments and welcome supervisor tang to her first board meeting and look forward to working with you. and i want to just thank my colleagues for a number of item that they have introduced and certainly supervisor wiener, like to co-sponsor your resolution the bike sharing program. i think that is an important project that needs to move forward. and speaking of pilots, i do want to acknowledge the work of the mta, the free muni for youth coalition, and so many partners who attended the launch of the free muni for
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youth program which supervisor wiener, you might want to note that the mta held it at everett middle school in district 8. but it was great to see the number of young people who came and the level of involvement. and i also want to thank my colleagues who were present at the, at the launch. supervisor avalos, supervisor kim, and supervisor yee, thank you for being there. the next item i have is a -- an ordinance that authorizes the san francisco public utilities commission, specifically their general manager to enter into a long-term interconnection agreement with pacific gas and electric for the purpose of conducting a small renewable energy project at university mound reservoir. and just as a point of
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information, university mound project is a small renewable hydroelectric project which is located in the portola neighborhood which i am proud to represent. [speaker not understood] and [speaker not understood] streets. it will produce electricity derived solely from excess hydraulic energy and the water that's already flowing in the puc's water pipelines that deliver water from crystal springs reservoir to the university mound reservoir. so, it's a very exciting project. and this project will continue in a cost-effective way to our renewable energy portfolio and i'm very excited to see this and it's consistent with prior interconnection agreements that we have passed at this board of supervisors. the next item, and this is a very personal one -- and i want to thank supervisor avalos and
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supervisor wiener for co-sponsoring this. you know, normally we don't introduce these kinds of resolutions, but any time we're talking about impacting national policy, which in turn impacts directly what happens in this city, i think it's important for the board of supervisors to weigh in. so, this is a resolution urging the united states congress to pass an inclusive comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes all families, including same-sex partners. and i want to also thank president chiu for his co-sponsorship. every american is entitled to equal protection under the law, and one of the goals of our immigration laws is to create and provide for family unification. unfortunately, that does not currently apply to same-sex couples. federal law does not currently recognize permanent same height
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~ same-second partners for [speaker not understood] law. [speaker not understood] and his or her foreign-born partner. right now those couple are not allowed to have the are department or the u.s. citizen sponsor the foreign partner to apply for immigration benefits. ~ resident and as we are trying to enact comprehensive immigration reform, it is imperative that we include every, every individual. the inability to sponsor a same-sex partner has created many problems. it has led many couples to choose to remain in a costly long distance international relationship, to choose to live abroad in the foreign partner's country so that they can be together. and if permitted, to seek a visa independent of the partnership for the partner and then go through very
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antiindicated and very cumbersome process to allow the person to remain in the country. ~ antiquated sometimes the couple have to choose to allow a foreign-born partner to return -- to remain, actually, in the country undocumented. and sometimes it has actually led to a termination of these relationships. we have to do better than that as a country. the limited legal options for same-second partners to keep these relationships going exact an amount of -- tremendous amount of financial, emotional and mental toll. quite frankly, it's staggering when you think about the fact there are 40,000 -- it is estimated 40,000 lgbt american citizens that are in same-sex financial relationships that are impacted by this discriminatory practice. beyond the personal challenges that it imposes on these couples, we know that we are
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losing -- we are risking losing tremendous talent of foreign-born individuals who want to have the opportunity to be here with their loved ones and to be a part of the society. right now, pending before congress is the uniting american families act which was reintroduced in february of this year by congressman jerald madler. and on february 2013 by senator patrick leahy with bipartisan support. the bills call for simply amending existing u.s. immigration law by adding three words, "or permanent partner" wherever the word "spouse" appears in the law. we are urging congress and the president obama to ensure when we pass comprehensive reform it includes every family. this allows for the san francisco board of supervisors to express he its support of including same-sex couples and we ask that our country
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finally, you know, do right by the lgbt citizens and their loved ones who are impacted by this level of discrimination. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, as your board representative on both the planning -- capital planning committee and the committee on information technology, i'm introducing today two items with mayor lee, two plans that reflect the work of these bodies in recent months. both of these plans will guide us as we work to improve our city and our city operations in the years ahead. first, regarding the ten-year capital plan, it is hard to walk around the city and not notice a revitalized park or rec center, new or renovated library and better roads. and other improvements taking place in other districts in the city. these investments have not only made san francisco a safer more resilient city. they have contributed to the economic recovery by producing thousands of local jobs. the citizens of san francisco have shown their support for
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these policies. over the past five years r voters have approved $1.9 billion in general oply gaytion bonds for hospitals, parks, police and firefighter and our streets. ~ obligation this is equivalent to the previous 22 years of geo bonds combined and we're doing it in a responsible manner without increasing tax rates. the proposed plan continues the commitment to the built environment by recommending $25 billion over the next 10 years to address critical seismic repairs and long-standing problems. these include identifying a permanent source for street repaving, funding critical muni infrastructure, replacing essential components of our city's 150-year-old sewer system, investing in our waterfront and relocating staff and prisoners from the seismically vulnerable hall of justice. in addition to the numerous department heads and staff members who have participated on the capital planning committee, i want to take a moment to give a special thanks to our outstanding capital
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program staff including director brian strong as well as [speaker not understood] coner, elliott chang and until his recent departure, brian benson. i am also introducing today, colleagues, ~ our five-year information and community technology -- i'm sorry, five-year information and communication technology plan. several years ago i passed legislation to require every other year that we update a five-year ict tech plan to provide a framework for how our city thinks about plans for and invests in technology. as i know you have heard me describe before, i think we need to be doing better about moving our technology out of 1999. we're making progress, but we have a long way to go. the plan identifies four strategic it goals, making government efficient and effective through technology, improving public access and transparency, strengthening security and disaster preparedness, and maintaining and supporting critical city infrastructure. the plan identifies significant
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information and communication technology needs which will need to be prioritized by [speaker not understood]. in fact, there is a $175 million gap over the next five years between the funds that are likely to be available to fund i-t and the projected needs of the city. including major projects such as the replacement of our financial systems, the replacement of our tax system, and the replacement of a number of public safety radio system. for that reason the plan recommends several strategies to reduce the gap between proposed projects and available funding. these would include improving collaboration and planning between different departments and among different projects, finding alternative funding sources, and reallocating our budget to support i-t projects. in addition to the members of [speaker not understood] and its subcommittees i want to take a moment to thank the department of technology as well as the mayor's budget office, kate howard and [speaker not understood] in particular for making the ict plan into a better do